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Name: Catcracker
Address: The Sorrells, Stanford Le Hope, Essex, SS17 7DZ
  • This pub has been converted to a...
  • Went there today to see if it was any better, Im very sorry to say the people who run...
  • i think it is a lovely place for a drink if you dont mind the smell, and that is just...
  • Filthy, noisy, smelly and generally unwelcoming. O.K.,so much for the locals. The...
  • What a dump - a modern type of pub patronised by people of low intelligence. the only...
Name: Railway Tavern
Address: King Street, Stanford le Hope, Essex, SS17 0HL
  • This is my first visit since I posted a review on 17 Feb 2014 and I’m not surprised...
  • After a couple of decent pints in the Rising Sun and with a wait for a taxi of around...
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