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Name: The Bowler Hat Hotel [CLOSED]
Address: 2 Talbot Road, Prenton, Merseyside, CH43 2HH
  • Posted as closed, nearly 14 years...
  • Been flats for years. ...
  • closed several years ago, site is still waiting for...
  • Now block(s) of residences for distressed gentlefolk in reduced...
Name: The Dell
Address: Prenton Dell Road, Prenton, Merseyside, CH43 3AE
  • A planning application has been submitted to the local council to build a block of...
  • A 1960's or 70's estate pub. Nothing to recommend it. Landlord fined 1,400 back in...
Name: Queens Arms
Address: 1 Storeton Road, Oxton Village, Prenton, Merseyside, CH43 5TL
  • i have visited this pub a few times lately. I have had food and found it ...
  • I visited the queens the other evening and was upset to find that the young lady that...
  • This is a wonderful pub. The have the best two chefs in Oxton and the menu is out of...
  • No cask beer, no atmosphere.Food basic Wouldn't bother. ...
  • New owners & now serving real ales for the first time - Timmy Taylors on my recent...
Name: The Swan
Address: 2 Holm Lane, Prenton, Merseyside, CH43 2HP
  • service excellent. food excellent. prices fair. overall...
  • Popular meeting place before gangs head for Birkenhead or Liverpool. Also busy for...
Name: Wirral Hundreds
Address: Noctorum Way, Prenton, Merseyside, CH43 9HS
showing 1 to 5 of 5
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