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Name: The Fleur De Lys
Address: 125 Rochester Road, Burham, Rochester, Kent, ME1 3SG
  • Sadly this pub has recently been...
  • Currently...
  • A relaxed and well kept village local. Two rooms - a traditional public and saloon set...
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Name: Golden Eagle
Address: 80, Church Street, Burham, Kent, ME1 3SD
  • Closed. Up for auction with planning permission to split into flats. ...
  • Really disappointing evening at this pub yesterday. When we asked if we could order...
  • More of a restaurant, in a village quite well served by pubs. Like the Toastmasters...
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Name: Toastmasters Inn
Address: 65-67, Church Street, Burham, Rochester, Kent, ME1 3SB
  • The Windmill and Golden Eagle not to your taste...
  • Moved to the area about 3 yrs ago, tried the Toastmasters a few times but it always...
  • Ex-pub? Still a pub when we visited there a few months ago. The rear of the building...
  • Shabby ex-pub-cum-restaurant with a small bar area by the door. Only worth a visit if...
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Name: The Windmill
Address: 292 Rochester Road, Burham, Rochester, Kent, ME1 3RJ
  • Had run out of half the beers they had on tap and had to settle for a bottle, yes a...
  • A surprisingly well kept, modern and decently decorated pub in this remote village...
showing 1 to 4 of 4
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