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Glasgow pub and bar guide

Here's a guide to the pubs and bars of Glasgow - good or bad, we bring you the most talked about venues and the places you have to visit at least once. We've included a few user reviews, to give you an idea of what to expect when you get there. Or you can follow the links to see full details and all reviews for each pub.

Tennents Bar, Glasgow

picture of Tennents Bar, Glasgow

Address: 191 Byres Road, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, G12 8TN
Phone: 01413397203
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Nearest train stations: Hyndland (0.6 miles), Partick (0.6 miles), Exhibition Centre (1 mile)

Reviews by BITE users:

Good selection of well kept real ales at reasonable prices. I stuck to the Scottish ones. Good service. Roomy pub in a prominent corner site in The West End.

One of my favourites, along with the Pot Still in the city centre. Better than Babbity Bowster Bon Accord and The State for comparison.
19 Jun 2014 09:51
Famous drinking den & well worth a visit. However, was sad to see the sort of beers I can drink in London, so that drops my mark bya couple of points
23 May 2014 22:05
This is a large drinking den of the best sort! Lots of beers (though too many standard brands for me) and always rammed! If you find a seat hang on to it! Well-staffed and they do whisky offers as well as the beer. TV screens for sport and a good stop on the Byres Road/Hillhead pub crawl.
20 May 2014 10:46

The State Bar, Glasgow

picture of The State Bar, Glasgow

Address: 148, Holland St, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, G2 4NG
Phone: 0141 332 2159
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Nearest train stations: Charing Cross - Glasgow (0.1 miles), Anderston (0.3 miles), Glasgow Central (0.6 miles)

Reviews by BITE users:

Nice old style pub with a good selection of ales.

It is just across from Henglers Circus which is a very good Wetherspoons. So it must be difficult to compete on price when Wetherspoons have real ales at £2.35. State has comedy and music though and many just prefer a proper pub anyway.
19 Jun 2014 09:58
Has an old feel to it, although it most certainly isn't. Recommended. Good beer.
23 May 2014 22:02
A good solid pub with a range of ales (most of which came from South of the Border but when they are Oakham and Dark Star you don't mind!) Dark interior which gives it a bit of an atmosphere - central bar with high stools and window shelves as well as some tables and chairs at the rear. Pretty good overall - I jumped between here and the Wetherspoons across the road (they had more Scottish ales available)
20 May 2014 10:43

The Three Judges, Partick Cross

picture of The Three Judges, Partick Cross

Address: 141 Dumbarton Road, Partick Cross, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, G11 6PR
Phone: 0141 337 3055
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Nearest train stations: Partick (0.4 miles), Hyndland (0.7 miles), Exhibition Centre (0.8 miles)

Reviews by BITE users:

Just been in for a pint of the 10% Thomas Sykes Old Ale, from Burton Bridge. Any more of that and it will be a Happy New Year, what I remember of it.
31 Dec 2014 18:31
Terrific find. Row of handpumps, all with interesting beers. The pub was very busy for a Monday night, so godk nows what it is like at weekends!
23 May 2014 22:04
Take the subway to Kelvinhall - cross the road and go into the Three Judges. That's all I need to say!
20 May 2014 10:53

The Bon Accord, Glasgow

picture of The Bon Accord, Glasgow

Address: 153 North Street, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, G3 7DA
Phone: 0141 248 4427
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Nearest train stations: Charing Cross - Glasgow (0.2 miles), Anderston (0.2 miles), Glasgow Central (0.7 miles)

Reviews by BITE users:

This is a pub I've been wanting to tick for a couple of years now, and i finally made it here the other Friday afternoon.

I was not disappointed with this pub, 11 pumps dispensing 10 ales, many of the choices being from Scottish breweries, my first pint was a golden choice from Itchen Valley and was excellent.

I ordered some food as it was lunchtime, Scampi and chips, again it was very good & done the trick.

Busy with a lot of customers ordering food.

Plenty of pictures on the walls, and a very impressive selection of awards the majority for the quality of their beer.

Absolutely cracking pub that is well worth the short walk from the City Centre.
24 Jun 2014 12:47
Deuchars £3.50 a pint. Maybe I was a bit harsh on Babbity Bowster pricing.

£3.50 would not raise an eyebrow in London but we know there are far cheaper options in the city of Glasgow.
16 Jun 2014 00:37
Great range of beer - from all over the place - great range of whisky - good atmosphere and well worth a visit (take the train to Charing Cross and then get over the motorway!!) Split level drinking areas with a sort of "beerhouse" decor to it.
20 May 2014 09:45

The Horseshoe Bar, Glasgow

picture of The Horseshoe Bar, Glasgow

Address: 17-19 Drury Street, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, G2 5AE
Phone: 01412486368
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Nearest train stations: Glasgow Central (0.1 miles), Glasgow Queen Street (0.3 miles), Argyle Street (0.5 miles)

Reviews by BITE users:

I gather this is a text book example of a certain type of pub in Scotland where the bar winds right around the premises. To that end it is well worth a visit, but also for the beautiful Victorian features and stained glass. A wonderful place. My only complaint was the televised football was a bit loud. I still think any pub fan visiting Glasgow should at least come by so they can say they were there. Good well kept ales and friendly staff.
24 Sep 2014 12:22
You can't deny it's a unique pub & an essential place to visit when in Glasgow. However, the beer choice is very poor, one of which is the ever present Deuchars. I think the pub is doing business based on it's reputation, which doesn't bear any resembelence to current reality.
23 May 2014 21:50
This is a Glasgow institution! The largest continuous bar in the world according to the sign! A mix of Scottish and guest ales from "the South" although you have to look for the pumps as every inch of the bar is covered with beer taps! Don't miss the pie and beans. A very busy bar right in the herat of the city - so handy for Central station and only a couple of minutes walk from Queen Street. The only downside? - there are television screens everywhere (and I mean everywhere)and although there's generally no sound I found them intrusive! Having said that - I'll be back!
20 May 2014 10:16

The Pot Still, Glasgow

Address: 154 Hope Street, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, G2 2TH
Phone: 0141 333 0980
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Nearest train stations: Glasgow Queen Street (0.3 miles), Glasgow Central (0.3 miles), Charing Cross - Glasgow (0.5 miles)

Reviews by BITE users:

Sort out, having seen that a) it was recommended and b) is on the way from Queen Street to the Hydro - where we were going for Still Game.

What a Gem of a pub. 666 different whiskies. I tried to work out how much stock that was but gave up confused.

Too early for the water of life, so had a very decent Guinness. Super pub.
6 Oct 2014 20:55
Brilliant little pub that offers great beers and hospitality. A small but very reasonably priced range of food (I loved the Scotch pies) and more whisky than you could dream of tasting in a dozen visits. I must visit for me when I am next in Glasgow.
18 Aug 2014 13:48
IPA @ £2.50. Lots of whiskies. Characterful pub. Well worth a visit.
15 Jun 2014 18:33

Edward Wylie, Glasgow

Address: 107/109 Bothwell Street, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, G2 7EE
Phone: 01412295480
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Nearest train stations: Glasgow Central (0.2 miles), Anderston (0.3 miles), Charing Cross - Glasgow (0.4 miles)

Reviews by BITE users:

There appeared to be an Oakham Ales takeover tonight. After the travel issues I felt in need of a couple of pints of the Green Devil IPA (6%) and a half of Attila (7.5%), Wonderful stuff.
9 Jan 2015 19:53
Handy for the city centre. Had a couple of fine Isle of Skye ales while en route to catch a train from Glasgow Central.
19 Jun 2014 10:13
I liked it - the beer was good (Loch Lomond Ales being particularly nice stuff). I stuck to halves so that I could try a few - one of which was naff but the barman changed it for me without question if though it wasn't "off". CAMRA friendly with a little "information desk" in one corner. It's a good walk up Bothwell Street but a handy stop if your'e walking to Charing Cross from the City Centre.
20 May 2014 09:59

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