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Windsor Castle, Marylebone

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Does anyone know what happened to the pub's collection of curios and memorabilia?
AlTrinker - 8 May 2017 10:19
HORROR!!! pub closed on 16th August to make way for luxury flats.
Is nothing sacred anymore.
This used to be a fantastic pub with loads of knick knacks to keep you occupied.
rpf1955 - 16 Oct 2016 14:16
Not bad - seems improved from previous posts. Good selection of ales and bottled beers, had three varied ales from Marlow and Windsor breweries and all were in decent nic
anonymous - 30 Apr 2015 22:25
Uhmm. I've been once before. The decor is superb. You could spend an age looking at the photos and knick knacks. I had a pint of 6x. I know its not meant to be this cloudy and should have taken it back. But the cask marque badge lured me into a sense of false security. I don't want to elaborate much more, other than to say I was grateful my train pulled in when it did. Worst pint I have ever had.
Mappiman - 14 Aug 2014 20:30
Lovely little pub - little being the word!
irishmark - 19 Oct 2011 16:50
Friendly local's pub with attentive bar staff. Apart from the Express near Kew Bridge this is the only pub I have ever across which provides snacks in bowls. Unusual décor. Four real ales - I had the Adnams which was in good condition. My only gripe is that my Thai curry was slightly disappointing. However there are lots of other restaurants and cafes in the area. Definitely worth coming back to.
simontheeditor - 16 Jul 2011 19:02
Great atmosphere in this "eccentric" boozer, definitely worth a visit if you are in the area, also the home of the Handlebar Moustache Association!!!
irishmark - 2 May 2011 18:54
Where do I start with this one? There is “stuff” absolutely everywhere, not only on the walls but the ceilings as well. In many cases you can’t even tell what the décor is, as there is literally not a spare square inch of space.

The first thing you notice is a full size model soldier stood on guard in a glass case outside the front door. Before you even step foot inside, you’ll probably also notice the rows and rows of jugs lined up in shelves just inside the window. I can’t even begin to document everything that’s there, but I did notice plates in glass cases covering one ceiling, photo’s of various stars such as Anita Dobson, and numerous photo’s and drawings of royalty, from a painting of Queen Victoria and her extended family to photo’s of Diana and a very young William and Harry.

Upstairs is a small restaurant area that has a slightly odd appearance with a narrow staircase to get to it and green plastic tablecloths, but you’ll probably be more interested in the royal pictures plastering the walls or the piano in the corner. The restaurant is a Thai and has friendly Thai waitresses serving. The menu was extensive, with most of the dishes being priced at little more than you would expect to pay in a takeaway. The two dishes of Pad Thai and Green Curry were both very good and we would certainly recommend the food here.

The barman seemed slightly indifferent when he served us, but waved a friendly goodbye as we left, so perhaps he was just a little perturbed about me questioning his selection of cider and then deciding to go with the one that was right in front of me. One bar counter had a copper tap, fed by a shiny copper pipe about 12 inches above the bar. Whether this was just an unusual feature, or for customers to help themselves to water, I’m not sure.

Beers on tap were 6X, Bombadier, Young’s Bitter and Adnams Bitter. The solitary cider was Addlestones which was a pleasant change from the sweet fizzy stuff you seem to get in most pubs round these parts.
Blackthorn - 28 Mar 2011 12:44
Like a museum...with its own curator!! Really interesting place with decent ale, recommended.
MrRick - 16 Feb 2011 17:51
To be frank one would not patronise the Windsor Castle specifically for its ale (the 6X is OK), though where else can you have your crisps decanted into a plastic bowl, whilst eyeing a photograph of John Inman and the aforementioned Wendy Richard playing cricket? A pub with unique character.
Dartitis - 19 Jan 2011 16:43
Worth visiting for the bric a brac. 3 ales on. £3.30 a pint. Choice of Adnams, 6X and Bombardier.

There is a wall dedicated to Princess Di, another to George Best and another to Wendy Richards. Ceiling is for the handlebar.

Wouldnt want to dust the place.
TheHorsesMouth - 27 Oct 2010 14:03
Intresting interior full of old photos of showbiz stars and royalty along with various bric a brac, old bottles ect. The Youngs special was fine, all in all a good boozer.
Picasso09 - 11 Jul 2010 22:58
Pub or mad collectors bedroom? Did like the pub, if everyone who has a reserved plaque on the bar shows up at once it'll be a laugh unless they're all six inches wide. Service bored and uninterested, at £8 for a strongow and fosters its the most expensive bar I've ever drunk in, and with that in mind, awful value.
camraman123 - 29 Jun 2010 00:04
I hadn't been in this pub for over 15 years but it was lovely to see it still retains its charm and its wonderful character. It's a Youngs establishment which I've never been that keen on but the Special was beautifully kept so it redeemed my feelings for the beer and the conversation with the two lads down from Brum was a delight... I'm only sad I had to leave!! To the staff and the publican - keep up the good work. You have a beautiful asset in an area that sadly is fairly devoid of good places to go. I hope to go back one day before too long!!
mikexley - 6 Mar 2010 13:49
This is a very nice welcoming pub just off the Edgware Road. It is effectively divided into two rooms with a central bar area and there was an open fire in the left hand side on my visit which made the whole place very cosy on a cold winters afternoon. The entire pub is covered with bric-a-brac relating largely to the entertainment industry and royal family. The walls are covered with picture and other mementoes (even some stuff about Norman Balon in one corner) and the ceiling is covered with glass cabinets containing assorted plates. Even the front of the bar is glass covered containing all manner of old bottles.

Although this is quite kitsch it does seem to work and I liked the atmosphere of this pub. Ales on were Adnams, 6X, Youngs Special and Bombardier.

Overall a good London backstreet pub.
murgatroyd - 24 Dec 2009 05:40
A very interesting place, its difficult not to like this place, however it isnt nearly as good as it was once upon a time, that said, it still retains a charm and the ale isnt badly kept. I will always revisit this pub as i have many fond memories of yesteryear.
Hobgoblin666 - 17 Nov 2009 12:52
me and my partner went in here in oct' 09 and found the whole place welcoming and very friendly. The food was excellent and i'm not over keen on thai but it was very nice and reasonably priced. Michael (landlord) and his wife were so guenuine and chatty, would recommend anyone to visit but they do get busy for food so you just may wait...but worth it.
jnr09 - 6 Nov 2009 13:37
Certainly one for memorabilia fans, with all sorts of stuff on the walls, shelves and even in the windows. Quite a few real ales on, but the Wadworth 6X was only just about OK. Taken slighly by surprise when my packet of crisps was decanted into a little bowl, but at least they didn't charge extra for this 'service'! Overall, an interesting place, but perhaps they should sell fewer but better real ales?
rpadam - 4 Oct 2009 19:50
Wendy Richard used to drink here (practically every night), holding court with her starstruck hangers on.

Was my local in the early 1990s. Last visit was summer 2008.

A very characterful pub. One of the best.
griffo59 - 14 Aug 2009 19:30
No need to add anything to Maldeman’s description of the pub below. I had a Thai meal there, and thought that £8.10 (plus tip) for a pretty basic chicken stir fry plus some plain rice was a bit expensive. I’ve had better Thai food in other pubs in the general area (e.g. Duke of Kendal) for a couple of quid cheaper. But let’s not go all foody – this is a cracking little pub, the pint of Adnam’s I had was excellent, and I would be happy to visit again.
RexRattus - 8 Aug 2009 22:30
One of those quirky pubs with all sorts of seemingly random paraphenalia to look at; there are however some themes, notably a Royal one with pictures of various royal family members through the years, some pub tables are marked with the various families, eg Stuarts, Tudors. The Royal crest stands above a mirror. Over the bar are numerous photos mainly of 1970's TV actors and names, there is also a hint of a military theme with a number of pictures and an aircraft propeller mounted on the ceiling adjacent to a youthful Prince Charles in uniform. The front windows are full of shelves of cups, toby jugs, plates etc, while a Union Jack and Stars and Stripes flag flank either side of the entrance.
The central dark wood island bar has brass plates fixed to the counter presumably in memory of former regulars. Upholstered banquette seating, carpeted. Details of the Cato Street conspiracy are displayed (Cato St is opposite).
Beers choice was unremarkable in Youngs Bitter, Adnams Bitter, Wadworths 6X and Bombardier. Comments about the quality on previous posts are acknowledged, but the Adnams was ok yesterday. Thai food is served and seems popular.

Maldenman - 8 Aug 2009 12:58
What a great place, stuff full of character . Great pint of Addlestones cider, sitting out the front in the sunshine. (adnams was on one of the ale pumps). Definitely worth seeking out, places like this should have a preservation order stuck on them.
rob372 - 29 Jun 2009 08:28
Great place. Full of Royal nick knacks dedicated to our glorious Queen and her family. Nice beer and frindly genial landlord. Worth seeking out.
nickthefish - 13 May 2009 16:24
Crazy little pub. An absolute treasure. An old man pub doing Thai food? Surely terrible? Think again, 7-8 of us had a meal there a few lunchtimes ago, service was excellent and the food even better. Definitely worth a visit.
sergio22 - 18 Mar 2009 12:48
A junk shop full of royalist memoribilla that sells beer and thai food!!! also home to the 'Handlebar Moustache Club'!!! obviously not a chain?
dalglish - 6 Mar 2009 11:51
In addition to last review, I currently live in Thailand and really rate the Thai food in the Windsor Castle.

johnreidy - 6 Dec 2008 16:21
Great little Pub, very good service and good thai food. The landlord (Michael Tierney) has been in the area for over 40 years...starting with the Prince Regent Marylebone High St..when it was a great Pub.
He has consistently provided an exemplerary level of service over all these years..
I ALWAYS visit when in the UK, and look forward with anticipation to my next evening or three there.
Keep up the great work Michael!!!!

johnreidy - 6 Dec 2008 16:13
This has got to be the best pub in London. I like to enjoy a few pints before playing football in the afternoon. Or on the champers while talking about the days game and how i can score direct froma corner with either foot long into the night with my good friends, Ramsey, Poole, Wittsy and VIP Haysey. I also here it was an official circle line pub of Reading Uni FC. Bar staff are superb and Michael the Landlord is the perfect host. I will definately be coming back.
Georgie68 - 5 Dec 2008 15:42
Visited this pub in November, looks really nice inside and out and the barman was reasonably friendly. Now he was OK but the landlord was a different kettle of fish. I really hate when people pretend they interested in you when all they really want is to dig deep into your pocket while looking over your shoulder for the next customer. All we want is a bit interest and a bit of light banter. The beer was ok and the locals at least said hello and goodbye. Think this pub needs management new blood, would make a big difference to atmosphere.
Innbusiness - 4 Dec 2008 18:17
really nice -lots of character (the right sort)
Had decent Thai meals in here. Good beer when I was there
Upton_Parker - 11 Sep 2008 16:20
visited late afternnon on bank hol sunday, beer was ok , didnt try food. decor was ok for a look around but not my kind of pub. went back up to the Duke of york for music and sports and a fresher tasting pint.
kiwiphil - 28 Aug 2008 16:26
A wonderful pub for character and charm. The interior is like a private museum, and you won't be bored in there unless you really want to. The landlady and rest of the staff are brilliant. Inside the Windsor Castle you feel like you are a hundred miles away from the big city.
Bard - 29 May 2008 23:30
Simply excellent. Enough gaudy royal memorabilia for every Daily Mail reader in suburbia and signed mugshots of celebrities that disappeared into obscurity when men still wore perms. The beer is average at best, the food is unexceptional Thai, but the place is top-drawer charm. Visit little but often for the best effect.
xyrion - 6 May 2008 13:58
Brilliant little place this. One to take the parents too I guess when they are visiting...
I went on Easter Sunday and the friendly staff brought us easter eggs and other snacks on the house.
Rayzer - 25 Mar 2008 17:49
Lovely little pub. Can be hard to get a seat during peak times but always managed to shuffle someone up. Good mix of tourists & locals, after a while they seemed to warm to us and were friendly. Beer was good but dont leave it to go for a cig or it may not be there when you get back. Lots of celeb stuff around the bar, if your into that.
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Innbusiness - 3 Feb 2008 21:41
This is a GREAT pub. Not noisy, no big screen TV (thank god), Wadworths 6X, Strange men with bald heads and huge moustaches, great value THAI food served by friendly THAI men, immitation log gas fire, millions of things to look at on walls & ceiling. What more could you possibly want in a pub?
Fullerspubcollector - 2 Feb 2008 21:09
The regulars do tend to take umbrage when a casual visitor waltzes in, they think that they are in a exclusive theatrical drinking club and the gates have been breached by the barbarians. just mention some luvvie names every so often and the ice will melt and no one will take any notice of you. As said before a nice pub in a nice part of town and their is the added bonus of a log fire, for those extended winter sessions.
theregent - 6 Jan 2008 15:04
Visited in the evening of New Years Day so pretty quiet. I would echo a lot of previous comments - it is a great quirky pub but the Adnams was really second rate. I had thought I would give it another try, but having read the other comments I wonder if it is worth it - the landlord just has to keep his beer better.
Tigerdrinker - 2 Jan 2008 10:59
Cracking little gem of a pub this one.
Had a drink in here after Scotland got beat by Italy on saturday. Full of trinkets and memorabilia, freindly staff and customers. Well worth a visit.
dgriffin - 19 Nov 2007 16:19
There's a lovely atmosphere in here, usually rippled by an overly loud American accent somewhere. The London Business School crowd do tend to swarm in and make it their own, but if you happen across a quiet evening or a slow weekend, this place is a real find.

Lovely, well kept beers.

The Sunday Lunch is disappointing (tough beef, dry chicken, frozen vegetables). You're better off at The Volunteer down the road, if you can get in.
surgecommodore - 16 Oct 2007 11:56
This pub is something else, full of memorabilia and museum artifacts. If you go there in the evening you may, unfortunately, meet this fat ignorant australian at the bar.

anonymous - 18 Sep 2007 09:13
nice pub, aimed at tourists on the heritage trail, nothing wrong in that, quite cosy in the winter, the barman pulls a good pint of Guinness and serves it in a dimple glass, a nice touch. A good pub to visit on an occassional basis.
theregent - 27 Aug 2007 13:41
Nice quiet pub away from the tourists, took my girlfriend here on our first date on a midweek day & it was lovely & quiet where we could talk without being overheard.
Old fashioned type of pub that is (Sadly) dissapearing fast from around these parts
zagreb - 6 Jul 2007 11:58
This is a marvellous pub - if only I'd known about it when I worked in Edgware Rd area. I like the fact that there's no TV.
glenfarg - 25 Apr 2007 02:30
No TV, No Music, a lot of intresting items but at the end of the day a large dust collection!!
anonymous - 22 Mar 2007 17:58
Went in on March 4th,and tried the Bombardier and the Adnams, both of which were served in good condition. I am surpised to read the reviews commenting on awful beer. It might have been a rare good night, so I will try it again.
jackvervacke - 6 Mar 2007 19:12
Interesting decor and friendly management, the food smells wonderful, thai, but the beer is awful, really, really awful.
anonymous - 6 Mar 2007 18:38
Interesting, old-fashioned, quirky, characterful, friendly.
Just a shame that the beer is never that good.
TheBeerMonkey - 22 Jan 2007 15:53
this is just a mad pub, and is definitely worth going to once. packed full of mad mid 70s london b list memorabilia. nice atmos tho, and you can always sit outside in some quite unusal seats.
stoichkov - 25 Aug 2006 15:12
Small local pub crammed full of interesting memorabilia of the Royal Family and other famous people who have visited ( Oliver Reed, Denis Compton, George Best etc - is there a pub that George Best didn't visit ?).

I regard this pub as a must visit place, just for this memorabilia alone, but the Adnams yesterday was desperately poor, as it has been on the only other time I've done this one. It's sacrilege to say so - but you might want to have a short or a soft drink if you do this one.

This is the type of pub that gets American tourists drooling into their coca - colas, but thankfully they don't seem to have found it in numbers yet
JohnBonser - 21 Aug 2006 14:03
Small local full of memorabilia. Plaques on the bar commemmorating the Fallen of various events. Adnams Bitter and Bombardier which seem to be the local standbys.
beeronaut - 1 Jul 2006 05:36
Interesting. Like waking up and realising you've been abducted and woven into a doily. Ask for crisps, and the world's most timid landlord will empty said treat into a small paper bowl. It is only then that you'll realise that most crips have been made from about a third of a potato since 1976. A genteel, friendly place. If you know an American, take them there. It screams quaint.
Ruby - 30 May 2006 21:44
Quite a nice pub and good food which arrived pretty fast even though it was rammed. There was nowhere to sit first of all, but the staff came & told us when a table came available. Most of the pictures on the wall are of the Royal Family, past & present, although I think the dates of Charles I reign on one of the tables was wrong since technically he was not King until after the restoration.
rlm - 13 Apr 2006 22:35
Very unusual and eccentric pub a little off the beaten track by the Edgeware Road. lot's of pubs have memorobilia which is generally pretty naff, but here whats on display is extensive and genuinley interesting. It has the feel of a museum although by no means a large place. The plaques on the bar commemorating regulars from years gone by are a nice touch and I can only assume that the current or previous landlord had extensive show business connections given the amount of signed photos around. Theres a great photo of Oliver Read and John Hurt beering it up in the bar area from some years back.
BobbyV - 3 Mar 2006 18:40
Strange reliance on low waged staff given its pretence at 'britness' with handlebar club (men with proposterous whiskas) and Charles & Di memorobilia.
Nice to be a republican and a boozer like this.
MilkTheImp - 24 Nov 2005 00:38
A great pub, full of interesting artifacts makes it feel like drinking in a museum. Great smell of thai food and a pleasant landlady called Irene. Last orders strictly enforced and glasses taken from your hand at 11:19:59p.m so be warned.
vera_shaw - 22 Aug 2005 16:27
went in saturday night and had lovely drink and the thai food was excellent will deffo go back,also found the same thai later in the week on crawford street called "two points" opposite the duke of wellington which was another good pub
I was finally able to get to this pub just last week (3/31/05).A delightful pub run by a very nice fellow named Michael.Nice atmosphere.I belong to a club called The Handlebar Club.The club has their meetings once a month there.I met up with other members and had a smashing time!Food is either sandwiches or pub foor or very good Thai food.make a trip to it if possible and sit in the Handlebar corner(except the first Friday of the month!).
n7myw - 10 Apr 2005 03:42
Disturbing display of Charles and Camilla photograph as I went in today (day before roryal wedding) but apart from that good pub, thai food upstairs is great and not too expensive
anonymous - 8 Apr 2005 13:28
Very small, almost claustrophobic, pub. But in general quite nice. Warm and welcoming staff. Thai food is excellent.
IvyIvyIvy - 13 Mar 2005 15:59
They serve Thai food 7 days a week.
cliff - 21 Feb 2005 13:50
Thai food on Sunday 12-3 & 6-10

Not sure about the other days...
anonymous - 20 Feb 2005 15:42
Very good Thai food, staff walm and welcoming
cliff - 5 Oct 2004 13:46
Very good pub, food/Ale excellent, Staff are allways warm and welcoming.
Cliff Rozee - 5 Oct 2004 13:35
Very good thai food.
anonymous - 1 Oct 2004 14:00
Been here on many occasions, staff a bit distant, touristy, local clientelle a little up their own rears, but the beer is always good, good selection of wine, worth a visit.
saggie - 27 Sep 2004 11:07
Absolutely insane pub - Crammed full of Royalist trinkets, this is where the Handlebar club meet.

Probably unlike any other pub I have been in, and therefore well worth a visit, even if it is like taking a tab of acid.
TheGP - 13 Sep 2004 11:17
Like wandering into the landlord's brain. This is how a pub should be, individual and idiosyncratic amidst a world of bland vapid chain outlets. Full of charm character and fine beer, this is a gem amongst pubs.
Agnes - 7 Sep 2004 12:05
Bizzare doesn't even begin to sum up this place. Mad interior but enjoyable place to visit.
Jack Knight - 24 Aug 2004 12:44
Great place - loads of character - disappointed not to see many of the Handlebar Club there on Friday, though! The food looked really good - must try some next time.
gilesd - 4 Jul 2004 08:54
A beautiful place with wonderful decor, however management is a little rude and service unfriendly.
vera shaw - 11 Feb 2004 14:58
Try the room upstairs and be amazed at the history it contains.
moet - 6 Feb 2004 13:32
Great landlord, Michael. Both he and the pub are full of character and traditional hospitality. A real find.

No ice - 18 Dec 2003 13:06
Great pub, with a warm and friendly atmosphere. Hosts the famous handlebar club on the first Friday of the month, fantastic.
macon - 18 Nov 2003 17:28
Nice Landlord and staff in this pub, when last visited (September 18th-24th). Well kept and served ale
Gilles - 29 Oct 2003 17:24
Know in Marylebone as God's waiting room due to the age of the customers!

But don't let that stop you. It a good pub.
Bollinger - 10 Sep 2003 18:51
loads of royal family memorabilia and old decor gives it a country pub feel. does decent thai food as well
alex - 19 Aug 2003 11:04

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