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Court, Tottenham Court Road

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Went in today for a lunchtime swifty - OK, i guess. Had a coupla pints of Limpix-themed Red, White & Brew which were OK (not my round so don't know the price). Three of my companions had food which they didn't like much - "bland" sausages and burnt offerings instead of a mixed grill! 5/10
zabadak - 10 Aug 2012 18:55
Sorry mate, but £2 for a half pint of Aspall's in Central London is NOT pricey.

Try £4.25 a pint, in SE15 and then I'll listen to your complaint.
Pat_Bateman - 28 May 2012 13:48
£2 for half-a-pint of Aspell's cider - Pricey!
90p for a bag of plain crisps

Loud muzak, not really suitable for conducting business in, if you intend to use your mobile phone.

Some, but not many power points for laptops. IMHO pubs must become more aware of 21st century business user needs.

Price list displayed for customer use, but difficult to read.

mycetes - 28 May 2012 12:08
Extremely loud and messy on my visit on a Thursday evening. Cheap prices and packed with young uns. They had handpumps on so fair play. Just not an ideal place if you're over 23.

Toilets very smelly with metal doors!
willesden_seadog - 10 Mar 2012 09:16
I work nearby and me and my co-workers come for a glass of wine or beer after work sometimes. It's OK to do just that, but it can get busy, and the pub doesn't really offer much else of interest..
HelenCarter - 9 Apr 2011 18:50
Street corner pub on Tottenham Court Road close to UCL and associated halls of residence. I visited on a Saturday afternoon when, apart from a few tourists, it was pretty quiet. On an evening I would imagine that it would become a pavked hellhole.

It is a "Scream" chain pub offering a standard range of keg fizz including three "ciders" catering for the student market. There are three handpumps, only one of which was offering an ok pint of Brakespear's Bitter.

The food menu was pretty basic, concentrating on burgers, all day breakfasts etc, but did seem remarkably cheap for central London.

The pub is reasonably tidy and decorated in youthfull manner to suit it's usually younger clientle. There is a small lounge upstairs with a pool table. The toilets have definitely improved since reddrinker's visit! The signs about pickpockets are there for a good reason: whilst we were there a punter's top was made off with from the back of one of the outside chairs. There is a video jukebox.

A pretty bog standard pub but worth popping in if you are passing and are thirsty.

flashharry1965 - 19 Jul 2010 11:30
Avoid this place at all costs. It used to be ok ( just ok ) but now it really is a shit hole. The staff don't give a damn about the customers and the beer is really really crap. The worst thing though about this place is the bogs. They really do have to go down as the worst bogs i have ever seen or smelt. The smell of stale piss is so over powering that your are retching as you do what you do in there. There are fly's everywhere in there and some of them have been there that long that they try and mugg you as you have a piss they are that big. Don't go
reddrinker - 21 Dec 2009 15:32
Bright, loud, full of students, no ales and service that could possible see you dying of thirst before you get served. In fact it was so bad that I left without getting a drink.

One to avoid - there are much better places in the area.
murgatroyd - 19 Dec 2009 09:08
My nearest pub while in halls. Always busy, and during term time pretty much dominated by students. If you have a 'Yellow Card' drinks are cheap for the area (starting at £2 for a Carlsberg and £1.50 shots), although there are Sam Smiths nearby in most directions which are better value, and less packed (The Fitzroy on Charlotte Street being a highlight). Cocktail night on Mondays is a laugh and the meal deals after 3pm are great value. The large signs on several of the walls warning of pick pockets should be heeded, two friends have had things lifted while drinking here; staff were great and ran through the CCTV with us both times.

As a student, a great local, not sure I'll still be drinking here 5 years down the line though.
edd.h - 13 Sep 2009 21:12
ALWAYS very busy (next to UCL hall of residence - full of students), and always very cheap with a Yellow Card. Don't even think of going inside if there's a match in progress on TV - you won't find a seat for love nor money.
gregatb - 3 Sep 2009 18:55
This place was heaving with students drinking standard lagers on my recent visit on a Friday evening. There are a few plasma screens that seem to be used to show music videos from the internet jukebox as no sport is advertised anywhere.

I made a hasty retreat when a group of long haired lads started singing along to the Scissor Sisters.
Strongers - 17 Jun 2009 13:25
This Is A Nice Pub , But The Staff Don't Care About There Customer's , Two Member's Of Staff Have No Life , And The Assistant Manager Is Going To Get His Head Kicked In (Jake)
lug_101 - 23 Nov 2008 23:45
an average pub. small but busy. the staff seam to be a bit too laid back for my liking to the point of leaving you waiting for quite some time at the bar. good selection of lagers though and the food at lunch is alright too. there are better bars in the area which may be slightly more expensive but more worthwhile from an experience point of view
pwb - 18 Oct 2008 04:06
student type hangout.
theregent - 2 Jun 2008 19:37
Seems to be the only place on Tottenham Court Road that's open till 12, which is about the only reason for going there. It's loud, it's garish, there's only lager available.
unoriginalname38 - 21 May 2008 14:33
If you want a very casual game of pool and a laugh with your mate(s) then the upstairs of this pub is fine. If, however, your sole intention is to destroy your nemesis at pool and enjoying yourself is of secondary importance or of no importance at all then think twice about choosing this pub. The two tables are smaller than the average sized pool table and donít allow for the more skilfull player to shine. The tables could offend anyone with any genuine talent and may create a level playing field for a much inferior player (much like American pool sized tables to be found in the London Bridge pool hall with buckets for pockets create a level playing field). A number of students (all of the nerdy variety for some reason) also congregate in the pool area which can be very distracting. All in all a very unsatisfactory experience.
thehustler - 12 May 2008 10:56
Nige3520 - 6 Jun 2007 15:46
Used to spend time in there with workmates after the pub we worked at round the corner would shut. Yellow Cards were great. Very studenty!! The no smoking section is a bit of a pain though when there is nowhere else to sit in the pub except that area! Great staff though, good times!!
i_like_pubs - 6 Jun 2006 10:39
Whilst studying at UCL, my friends and I would visit this place every Friday due to the cheap alchol on offer (Using the yellow card).
The crowd varies, from students, to mid 20's, early thirties. A good behaved crowd.
The ground floor area gets overcrowded, which does suggest that people think it is a good place to drink and socialise. Upstairs has pool tables and a reasonable amount of space to sit, drink and have a chat.
Toilets are in a decent condition.
Bar staff are generally good.....with a few exceptions.

GamerAsh - 12 May 2006 14:11
A typical yellow card pub; ok for your first few weeks as a fresher at uni but not much good beyond that. I think that this pub has been better in the past but now is quite poor; the beer is not up to much and the place seemed generally quite dirty to me (the toilets were remeniscent of trainspotting). My friend also had his bag stolen in here.
lennie384 - 2 Mar 2006 23:05
Rumours abound that the medical chap behind the bar is to leave after originally starting there on the first day of opening in Dec 2000. He's due to leave in April. Over 5 years service. Outstanding.
Only there one eve a week now.
anonymous - 17 Feb 2006 22:36
V. student pub! But you can always pop across the road to the spearmint rhino to prove you've got some roubles.

oldelondonmerchant - 12 Feb 2006 21:17
its cheap yeah, BUT FULL OF STUDENTS, the only good thing is if you have a GOLD CARD!!!!
owena1 - 3 Dec 2005 19:20
Unashamedly a student pub, its friendly and cheap here..The tables ouside are good on a sunny day, food good enough - i would recommend the fish finger burger...
me.dobson - 30 Jun 2005 15:42
Yuck, this place is almost as bad as 'The Rocket'. To tier pricing system means that people with a yellow card think they are getting a good deal. The place gets packed with oh so trendy student types swilling cheap lager (no good beer served). Not reccomended.
spleen978 - 4 Feb 2005 11:34
two words

bloody amazing.
Wazza - 31 Oct 2004 19:54
Full of bumfluffed tits, ropey beer, staff are hopeless, everything overpriced unless you hold a 'yellow card' -( as if students are not subsidised enough!). But hey, it's got pool tables, music and at least a bit more life than some of the grot-holes round here. Snakebites all round!
MATTHEW - 16 Sep 2004 21:33
It is a Scream pub so it is aimed at students - pretty much best avoided, unless you are well wasted. Does very reasonable and cheap food.
mike2004 - 3 Sep 2004 13:36
I have been drinking her for almost 3 years, and love every minute of it. If you aint got a YELLOW CARD, then theres no point in going there. Cheap, friendly and run by a fellow WELSHMAN
Adam - 26 Mar 2004 14:05
I have been drinking in this pub for two years and it is awesome. If you don't like students then go somewhere else. Friendly regulars, good staff, especially Jimmy and apart from the very rude sarah and the mute! Oh and pissed up females should avoid geordie dave and his alter ego red devil man!
Timmy - 27 Feb 2004 16:56
Both my friend and I have had items stolen from this pub, including Wallets and phones in the last two weeks without being careless at all. BE CAREFULL WITH YOUR STUFF, OR BETTER STILL, BUY A BUM BAG!
Nigel - 16 Feb 2004 15:43
student pub. cheap drinks. jukebox that plays the videos to your songs as well as the music an unusual selling point. hotspot for thieves - keep coats/bags in sight/on you
pusk - 17 Dec 2003 01:32
Without doubt the worst pub in Tottenham court road. packed with students, terrible beer.
Nigel - 21 Nov 2003 14:00
Good place to score some girls... actually great place.
Otter - - 19 Nov 2003 06:11
amazing girls with great arses and tits, fullll of laughs. male bar staff gone downhill over the last few months-but hey new term means new talent being employed!very fun during night, chilled during day.
alex - 30 Sep 2003 21:33
Cheap drinks, friendly staff, Juke Box with OK music, outside tables for the Summer. Friendly local drinkers. Great pub.
anonymous - 30 Sep 2003 21:23
Shocking chain pub with bland atmosphere .... zzzzzzzzzzzzz

David - 22 Jul 2003 12:40
7 out of 10 for an 'its a scream' pub? are you out of your mind? the fact that they have completely missed the irony of using that that painting as their corporate ID just proves what bunch of.... well anyway, suffice to say that every time i see one it ellicits the very feeling Munch was expressing
ferg - 17 Jul 2003 14:20
It's small and over-crowded with a bland atmosphere. The staff do thier best to look like they're having fun, which is quite impossible
Liz - 20 Jun 2003 15:29
Great location for UCL students and this is one of the most fantastic student pubs I have ever visited, whilst still catering for suits, locals and tourists alike.
The good pub food which is served untill 8pm every evening is very handy when going on a night out [Decent portions too].
The pub also hosts DJ music on Friday and Saturday nights.
The staff never fail to make that little extra effort to have fun!

dominic - 4 Dec 2002 14:30

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