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George, Brighton

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My go to pub after walking the dog in the afternoon. Lovely bar staff and top quality beer with a regular brewery rotation.only draw back is that they have to always have a sharps beer on ...not my favourite corporate brew. Regularly have the veggie good and the portions are large and very tasty.
addlened - 13 Jul 2018 15:08
Having now tried the food (all veggie) I like this pub even more and use it quite regularly
addlened - 29 Sep 2016 11:54
A large pub re-christened the Prince George, possibly in an effort to steal some trade from the Prince Albert which is in the same road but in every respect a far superior pub. Lots of food was being moved around and anyone not eating was not particularly welcome.The beer was West End prices and about average. Not in the GBG and probably never will be,other than the Albert try the Laines Brewery just around the corner.
slerpy - 8 Mar 2016 12:17
Love this pub. Discount for camra members and they love our greyhound. Beer pretty good too.
addlened - 14 Dec 2015 18:56
Now rebranded as The Prince George. Vegetarian menu, more of a bistro/wine bar but pleasant. 6 pumps but 2 were not on and 2 had the same Burning Sky Plateau pale ale, also 360' pale and Langham Arapaho pale - spot the pale trend! Nice feel, pleasant welcome and worth a trip, but needs a decent copper coloured beer, Sussex does make them!
TonyMitch - 27 May 2015 21:25
Good pub. Great choice of ales, food looked good, nice staff. Always worth a visit.
pubking78 - 17 Mar 2014 13:52
Visited last week on a crawl with Billy boy, who was disappointed that they didn't serve his favourite beer - the evil's Abbot Ale, oh dear. For me this was a great place, five or six clips and a beer festival to boot with around 8 served on gravity. Food was pretty good too, it's all vegetarian and I had a very good veg curry. Excellent beer, good food and a pub layout with different areas on different levels. Very friendly and helpful young lass behind the bar, this is apparently one of a chain of pubs in Brighton and this one is in the CAMRA guide quite rightly and we'll certainly be back as will I with Mrs Monk. 7.5/10
Monkdawallydahonk - 12 Nov 2013 14:50
Very dissapointing after a good visit to the Great Eastern opposite,more hotel like than a pub,my pint of Hepworths Harvest was flat and uninspiring,at 3.50 a pint i would expect better,my mates pint of Pullman was in similar condition at 3.60. Wont be back.
Picasso09 - 17 Sep 2011 11:32
Down from London for a business meeting that finished at 2.30 we were delighted to come across this splendid pub. Great food - vegetarian moussaka and mushroom risotto - friendly staff, pleasant ambience and 3 good beers of differing strengths/styles that offered a real choice.
Will definitely make a point of revisiting next time am in Brighton.
stephenl - 17 Feb 2011 19:41
Once upon a nice pub with a beer garden, The George has apparently now become a petty, rude and homophobic pub with new management.
We went there with a group of about 15 and later at night, when the pub was less than half full, we asked the manager if he could turn down the loud, horrible music and he said it's company policy. When we told him it's bad customer management he insulted us by saying we have been there for a while and not getting many drinks and that I should go home if I want a lime cordial and soda water. Out of the 15 people only 2 had soda&lime cordial and the rest were drinking alcoholic beverages and two people had dinner. When we said we're leaving the manager acted very rude and directed homophobic insults, justifying it by saying he can say it as he's gay.
I have never seen such a bad customer service and will never step in this pub under the current management.
The Great Eastern across the street is much more friendly.
basakina - 4 Dec 2010 01:36
I used to really like the George. It taken over by new owners earlier this year. The burgers, home cooked fries etc are ok, but I found the other items (thai curry, chill etc) were pretty bland though. The old management was a lot more vegan friendly - it isn't now - nothing is labelled vegan on the menu, you have to guess/ask and I did overhear the chef moaning about fussy eaters in the kitchen when I requested a vegan version of the falafel burger. The new owners have a dog and seem to welcome customers' dogs, which I'm sure is great if you're a dog owner, not great if you're allergic and don't want to slobbered on my a huge, smelly hound whilst trying to eat.
rosie3 - 4 Oct 2010 13:52
I have visited this pub several times over the last couple of years ,normally on midweek evenings and it always seemed to be practically empty while The Great Eastern across the road always seems to be rammed.
On my most recent visit all the ales were off, so we did'nt bother staying and on the previous visit there seemed to be some new barstaff on as they had trouble pulling a pint.

Olaf - 27 Feb 2010 22:31
A great place for a vegetarian meal, but they could present it a bit better. The live music is usually good and the burger competition is a great idea for regulars. Nice selection of drinks.
robamy - 4 Dec 2009 14:59
I have visited this pub at least 50 times over the past 4 to 5 years, and I can concur with some that it USED to be fabulous. It's a real shame though - especially since it is the rarest of things, a vegetarian pub - that this place is now an utter hole.

Anyone who insists this place is still any good is, I can only assume, a plant, a member of staff or an utter glutton for punishment.

Their service is always unreliable to the point that I have rarely seen them get a vegan order right first time: most of the time your vegan meal may turn up initially with real sour cream, real cheese, or real mayonnaise. So, if you order a vegan meal - even if you spell out the fact that you're vegan three or four times while ordering - then make sure you get a veggie/omni to check that your food doesn't have the real thing in it.

Every single time I have ordered food here, either as part of a group or on a date, I have always received my meal at a different time to my partner/friends. On numerous occasions my partner has received their food and the waiter/ess has waited for this moment to tell me that - despite ordering my food half-an-hour ago - they don't even have the food that I have ordered!

Terrible! Terrible! I am not exaggerating when I say that they get orders wrong more often than they get it right. The quality of the food and its presentation, when you do get it, is much poorer than it was several years ago. It is now bland, poorly presented, and frequently missing a key ingredient. My Elvis Burger had none of the advertised peanut butter in it last time I ate there. They have served me uncooked halloumi in a club sandwich. My meals have frequently been near cold.
There is also no consistency in portion size and cooking standards.
Their nachos are tortilla chips from a bag.
I have received a garlic bread baguette so uncooked that it was white and some of the butter hadn't even melted.

Also, the last time I was there I noticed that the kitchen floor was ABSOLUTELY COVERED in old food, packaging and general detritus!
Shockingly dirty.

If you get a good, on time, correct meal in a decent amont of time, then you have been especially lucky! Fact.
JimmyTheSaint - 2 Feb 2009 19:05
Had a wonderful meal there last night, the food was cooked well and steaming hot. Went with about 18 other vegans and the vegan meal was first class. Well done to the staff.

It is a very popular venue as it was packed.
tails4wagging - 19 Dec 2008 05:36
What happened to the food??! This used to be a great place to eat, with lovely vegetarian food that even non-vegies enjoyed. The menu still sounds good, but what you actually get is extremely disappointing and tastes like it's come out of a tin and has just been reheated. The service was very indifferent as well, not at all what I've come to expect from this place over the years. A severe disappointment, but at least the Harveys was still nice.
teledu - 10 Jul 2008 12:35
vegetarian pub, again worth a visit.
alundra - 9 Dec 2007 15:00
Amazing food. I'm practically a carnivore but I have a great time whenever I'm come to this pub for lunch. The club sandwich with halloumi and veggie bacon is delicious and HUGE! The nachos are to die for. The drinks and atmosphere are great as well. Only samll gripe is that the garden could do with sprucing up to bring it to same standard as rest of the building.
Angelica_Demon - 24 Sep 2007 16:28
Several visits here over the last few years and it's great for lunch. When busy service can be a pain but ale good and Mrs Harlap is happy here so that's it really.
Harlap - 16 Aug 2007 15:56
What a change this pub has a had, great beer, great service, great staff, great menu...lookin forward to the new menu!
anonymous - 7 May 2007 00:25
Nice place. Bit suprised as it's a vegetarian pub! Never heard of one before but apparently it's been around for years. Great bangers and mash(yes veggie bangers and mash) Staff were pleasant, and it's quite cosy. Would pop in again next time im down in Brighton.
beanie1 - 5 May 2007 13:11
I read the comment posted bellow and have to disagree. I went to The George recently and I must say that the whole pub is looking so much better since the new management took over. However it is not only the new paint. They dont run out of beer by Sunday night, even though I never came to this place 10 years ago, the food was great and service outstanding. I will definitelly go back for a good glass of wine and a lunch and I will bring my family with me.
anonymous - 30 Apr 2007 12:35
used to be great ten years ago, now the foods crap, the servicce is crap and it's full of new-brightonians, best avoided, shame as it used to be my regular :)

As posted before their Veggie USP is sorely worn now - far better places to eat and drink in our fine town.
Tetsugaku - 24 Apr 2007 16:42
This place has possibly relied on being vegie as a USP for too long. Not bad, but doesn't seem to make the effort to be great either.
antmiller - 10 Jan 2007 18:46
Being vegetarian, thought I'd try this place. Unfortunately, the pub lacked atmosphere and my meal was awful (the chips were oily and almost raw). Sat outside in the courtyard garden - hadn't been swept in ages - cigarette ends, rubbish and broken glass. The loo was dingy too. I'll head for a veggie restaurant next time.
lesmac - 17 Oct 2006 09:10
This must be good judging by the number of people I know that rave about it but I tend to go to a pub to drink not eat, so my perspective may be a bit differant. From a drinking mans point of view I found the pud cold, lacking any kind of heart or spirit that I would expect from a pub in this part of the city. I guess they don't need the drinkers when they get the eaters. I will take my daughter there one day as she's a vegan but i wont be in any hurry to do it.
forresearchpurposesonly - 16 May 2006 02:06
Having enthused about this place for ages, my latest visit was no fun.

The staff were unsmiley and miserable. The food was average at best. My house red was a bit raspy. the draught cider was ok, though. Worst of all, it was absolutely freezing. We had to sit with our coats on all through lunch. When asked for the heating to be turned on/up, were told, quite bluntly, that it had been on all morning, but 'people' kept leaving the back door open.
Now, we were first in when it opened at noon, and the door was open then, so the people concerned must have been staff, rather than the punters I felt were being accused.

Luckily, decent pubs and veggie food aren't hard to come by in Brighton, so I'll stop going here for a while. Maybe try again when I don't have to sit and shiver.
Amanda229 - 20 Feb 2006 17:08
Get there early in good weather for a seat in the tiny beer garden. The vegetarian food is so good you wonder why you'd ever want to eat meat. A lovely pub.
Kinky_the_cat - 6 Feb 2006 20:44
We've had two momentous birthday celebrations there in the past year or so and it's been fun. The first, however, was marred by the theft of a handbag, so watch your luggage folks. The food is veggie haute cuisine without being nouvelle in the size of the portions. With big orders like our birthday-ones, some dishes arrive at the table cool. They're not so PC as to disallow smoking and, when it was my birthday, the champagne was lovely. I like how baby-friendly they are, with high-chairs everywhere and the odd chip on the floor - somewhere to bring the grandchildren if they get food-faddy. The loos (at least the gents') are fine, with soap and stuff, though they're a bit cramped. Larger gentlemen beware. The music can be carnivorous; the real ales sporadic but well-tended; coffee potable; ketchup unexpectedly Heinz; ethos Brightonly hip -- and yet they serve old gits like me. Run a tab on a numbered wooden spoon and you're everyone's friend. Turn 50 there and you'll get sweet smiles from behind the bar, where they held your reservation for 30 minutes and put up with raucous laughter and multiple mobile phone movies. This is dietary hip which, thanks to the conventional supply of drink, also broadens the hips. Middle-aged spread? Well at least it's made from goat's cheese rather than bits of the goat itself.
pauldanon - 26 Aug 2005 19:32
Excellent vegetarian and vegan food -- the menu even lists which drinks are veggie-friendly. The beer garden is so small that the sun only peeks in for the early part of the afternoon, but at least it's sheltered from the wind. Well worth seeking out for a pub lunch, even if you're usually a carnivore.
Granty - 19 Feb 2005 22:30
Dedicated vegetarian pub with a contemporary menu. The food is fabulous, and known throughout Brighton as setting the standard of quality in pub food. The tapas to share in particular will get your taste-buds reeling. They also have a great bar with some lovely organic wines. The atmosphere is relaxed, informal, and vaguely alternative. They have a tiny beer garden which has a canopy and heaters.
Lucy - 20 Oct 2004 13:33
once a year we sit on a train for four hours just to go here, the food and drink is second to non , the staff are lovely, and they play the Pixies and Radiohead. The best pub in the world !!!
Matthew Thornhill - - 20 Aug 2004 21:32
The veggie food is now this pub's main "raison d'etre" and mighty fine it is too. The standard of ale is OK too, but in this place the drinking is secondary to the eating.
anonymous - 5 Jul 2004 21:36
A veggie pub! Will wonders never cease?!?
anonymous - 8 May 2004 12:26

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