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One Tun, Goodge Street

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user reviews of The One Tun, Goodge Street

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This is not, repeat not, the One Tun where Science Fiction fans used to meet for their monthly pissup, er, learned discussion. That was in Farringdon. However. it has proper beer and apparently good burgers. I had some Truman Lazarus. It did not come forth later for which relief much thanks.
rainlight - 29 Jul 2015 23:22
Was in this pub last Saturday evening. On the face of it, a good selection of ales but all had run out by the end of the evening, despite the pub not being overly full. Within 15 minutes of calling last orders and serving our last pints, the bar manager had slapped a couple of plastic cups on our table to encourage us to get out, then started ostentatiously swabbing down the nearby tables with disinfectant. I understand that pubs need to close within a certain time, but is it really necessary to make your paying customers feel quite so unwelcome ? Surely a little charm is a requirement in this line of business, but sadly absent in this place. Won't be going here again.
garabaldi - 19 May 2015 11:03
Who is Grooge? Grudge? Stooge? It's on the tube. Worth popping one 's hesd overground once in a while to find this. You'd have to dig deeper, but, you're on the Northern line so it probably isn't possible. Other pubs involve tunneling sideways, or chance it, a risky journey overground. Probably one best taken in daylight hours, with them badgers around. Which brings me to the beer which is why we are here. But why are we here?Convenience? The path of least reistance? Entropy squaRED divided by pi, the radius of one's commute. Intesting questions, but none that I feel empowered to complete.
Back to the pub itself, it has walls, seels beer, I know Londoners are picky but reaallly. Park your barrows and Austins outside, come in, talkcockney, settlte down.
Jellied eels? You don't really like them anyway.
albertfox - 19 Mar 2014 10:40
The atmosphere isn't great, but the burgers are. They have a good choice of ales and a split feed for Sky Sports.
Foghorn1 - 28 Nov 2013 22:08
Pleasant if a bit bland and a touch gloomy Young's pub featuring their standard range of beers. Nice to see darts is on the go.
curioushistory - 11 May 2012 13:15
An OK pub, but no more than that. As is the norm with most Youngs pubs these days, it has been messed around with. Beer quality is good. The most annoying thing is that tables are frequently reserved before football matches. This is a pub, not a restaurant, so please stop this should be first come, first served.
beerlover666 - 11 Feb 2012 13:49
Nice enough. Spent a Monday evening here watching the football. Does the job but won't win any awards (apart from that of the award for the world's smallest toilets).
telephones_and_toliets - 20 Dec 2010 23:51
Whenever me and the missus are in the neighbourhood for a bite to eat, we always pop in for a few pre dinner drinks and if we still have time a few post dinner drinks. Always friendly service and for a pub which isnt blessed with the best layout it punches above its weight.
paddypint - 2 Jul 2010 00:56
Surprisingly quiet on an early Thursday evening, and there is certainly something rather sterile with the refurbished layout that seems to have stripped out much of the original character. However, the atmosphere was fine, with friendly and attentive bar staff. The Youngs Special (which quickly becomes an indifferent beer if not kept in tip-top condition) was excellent too.
rpadam - 6 Nov 2009 23:00
What a mess someone has made of this place :( What used to be a friendly Youngs pub with a lovely wooden interior has been largely gutted and modernised, in the process replacing a lot of the old wooden fittings with bland modern ones. Popped in for a quick drink on a Saturday evening recently, very few people in there, the Youngs bitter was terrible and the deafening, out of tune Karaoke even worse. The old fashioned windows at the front (as in the picture that is still on this website) have been replaced with large modern ones :( Thankfully, the nearby Northumberland Arms is still an old-fashioned place with good beer on offer.
fluiman - 4 Oct 2009 20:52
Single bar Youngs pub on Goodge St. The interior when I arrived (early evening) was pleasant enough but messy, messy, messy.

If I want to drink in that sort of environment there are numerous Wetherspoons I can frequent which are at least cheaper. It's a shame as the clientele seemed decent enough.

Maybe they were having an off night but it doesn't encourage me to return.
murgatroyd - 28 Jun 2009 19:49
I went on a first date with my now wife to the quiz in this pub (!) back in the day so it holds a fond place in my heart. It occurs to me it must be one of the only Youngs boozers in the West End - I can think of the Marquess of Anglesey in Covent Garden, and that's about it (probably missing some obvious ones). It's been refurbed since I last visited and I agree that the interior is pretty characterless now. However, I still felt the pub had a bit of atmosphere, and I didn't think the damage was as bad as it has been at some other pubs Youngs have refurbished. They always served a decent pint here, and I still felt that was the case - encouraged by a St George's Day special offer of £2 a pint, I made a rare purchase of Bombardier (not a pint I usually like) and it was really well-served.
grecian - 24 Apr 2009 11:17
Youngs Special and Ordinary were available along with Bombardier, Fosters, Kronenburg and Heineken during my recent visit. The barmaid was extremely polite and friendly and she served me in between another large order. Itís not difficult, but seldom seen anymore.

The pub itself is nothing to write home about, but the service I received and the Bombardier I knocked back would make me return.
Strongers - 3 Nov 2008 15:37
Can't see how this pub is listed as having disabled access. The comments made on this subject by an anonymous poster on May 11th 2006 during the refurbishment of The One Tun have proved incorrect, and having checked many times since then my experience has been that neither of the 2 doors are accessible by wheelchair users - nor is the open frontage when that has been opened in good weather.
Martinl - 9 Oct 2007 22:14
execellent friendly service and a good pint of waggledance.8/10
fat_beer_badger - 4 Aug 2007 17:49
A very busy pub at lunchtimes but I agree with a previous poster that it is a bit bland and full of egocentric business types enjoying an extended lunch. Youngs was very good and reasonably priced at £2.50 and the food was good as well. If you order the Steak & Ale Pie watch out for the peppercorns! Handy place for Tottenham Court Road and the tube.
ranger1485 - 11 Jul 2007 16:38
This pub has now been "Youngified" - all previous character and atmosphere has gone. The only sign of the pubs previous existence are the Finch's and Bass mirrors. This pub is now a typically bland and impersonal new Youngs pub with no redeeming features whatsoever - give it a miss if it's a bit of character and atmosphere you're after.

Desperately disappointing.
JohnBonser - 28 Jun 2007 16:55
Typical Youngs frozen food menu - awful
eustonflyer - 12 Jun 2007 15:04
Has a square bar in the American style and they never seem to make for a good atmosphere. Youngs was ok though and the staff were accommodating with the footy we were desperate to watch.
dyyony - 21 May 2007 19:30
Reasonable pub, above average for the area. Food OK. Beer good. Friendly staff.
seasiderMM - 8 May 2007 22:12
Came in here for lunch today. Great pub. Had a seriously nice fish'n'chips (with a truly odd rendition of mushy peas), and the range of ales was excellent. My pint of Waggledance was outstanding.
Greshon - 18 Apr 2007 15:24
Crow_valley sums it up. Pub lacks character but the beer is perfectly adequate. Standard Youngs pub
TheHorsesMouth - 5 Feb 2007 20:48
I preferred this place before the refurb - but I have been won round again and regularly stop for a pint when in the area. The reason is simple - the Young's beers here are consistently excellent. Each pint of Winter Warmer I have had here has been fantastic.
anonymous - 2 Jan 2007 14:34
Perfectly reasonable pub, serving the usual Young's beers.
Crow_Valley - 28 Dec 2006 23:03
Not sure what it was like before but it seems ok now. Interior not amazing but at least they have some good Youngs.
OldRogue - 28 Dec 2006 13:54
The last reviewer is only partially right... The beer is OK, and the pub is a good standard boozer. However, I am the Golden Tee champion for that pub!!
artanis11 - 12 Dec 2006 15:26
Donít really understand what the last several reviews are talking about, we go in there lunchtimes, Guinness is great and the Golden Tee golf game is now a great source of fun when beating the guys from office. Good and friendly staff as well.
mld - 12 Dec 2006 15:02
Recently stopped here on a Tuesday night for Clivey Boy's quiz for first time in about a year. Rather dismayed at the Changing Rooms makeover, removing any character that remained within. Thankfully, those in charge have some vestige of sense left - the quiz and Clivey Boy (and a few familiar teams) march on, despite the unnecessary P&P-ing that has swept throught the Tun. Clive's quiz and a Waggledance or two are the only things that'll bring me back here.
TheHofBear - 20 Oct 2006 13:50
Another old pub which has been poncified for the middle classes with brown leather sofas and olives and Jamie Oliver types drinking over-priced lager out of bottles.
TheBeerMonkey - 17 Oct 2006 14:13
This used to be the bestest pub in the whole wide world. I used to drink there yonks ago. Tell you how long ago it was...the landlord actually said 'sorry' when the Newcastle Amber (draught) went up to 38 pence a pint (yes...38 pence a pint) So that would make it...oh..around 1979 or so.

Now, whilst I appreciate that things can, do, and often must, change - I recently went back to the One Tun and oh boy...have they buggered it up or what? The old folk singer Donovan wrote 'Sunny Goodge Street' sat in this pub.

If he'd known what was to become of it...he'd have asked Marc Bolan for a lift home across Barnes Common.

anonymous - 19 Jul 2006 23:29
To be honest, not really.
anonymous - 19 Jul 2006 20:37
Gents, I hate to interrupt your fond reminiscences of Youngs pubs loved, lost and gone but is The One Tun any kop?
mooky - 19 Jul 2006 17:08
The Youngs pub in the High Street that you're referring you is indeed The Spread Eagle - classic Victorian glasswork at its best. Charles Wells beer is not too bad - the Eagle Bitter is very much an acquired taste - but yes, it's a shame the Wandsworth brewery is shutting up shop
JohnBonser - 16 Jun 2006 15:18
Yes, the big dog speaks the truth: just checked with my 1997 Evening Standard pub guide, and the Spreadeagle it is. However, there is worrying news for us Youngs fans. Have just this minute heard on Radio London that the Wandsworth brewery is to close, with the loss of 90 jobs, and that Youngs has merged with Charles Wells.

What will this mean? I have to say that Charles Wells is one real ale I for one have never quite taken to. Years ago I used to work in Lisson Grove, Marylebone, and behind the office was a Charles Wells pub called the Marquis of Anglesea, although the locals had several other names for it. Bomberdier, Eagle, could never get into either and tended to stick to Red Stripe Crucial - now there was a drink!

Just hope this has no effect on our beloved Special and Ordinary.
Martinl - 23 May 2006 13:37
Martin - it's definitely the Spread Eagle that you're thinking of on the high street..
big_dog - 12 May 2006 12:23
Cheers Stonch: trying to remember the name of the place in Wandsworth is driving me mad. Not the Alma though, that is a Youngs' pub but then they all are in Wandsworth! The big old place I mean is a good walk from there in the High Street; there must be Youngs fans reading this, as we're supposed to be discussing the One Tun, and I'm sure someone will know it.
Martinl - 12 May 2006 01:37
Martin, in Wandsworth I think you mean the Alma. I agree that and the Lamb are magnificently well preserved but not so sure about the Spreadeagle - I think it has been refurbed recently.

As for this pub - you will no doubt be very pleased with the way it is laid out now, wheelchair access which was doubtless very tricky before will be much easier. The entrance is unobstructed and the whole place is generally more opened out.

I would caveat my earlier review with the fact I havent actually seen the finished article yet.
anonymous - 11 May 2006 08:48
This latest posting by Stonch is good, good news if his comments on the refurbishment are correct. Why is that, I hear you ask? Please indulge me......

Just over a year I became wheelchair-dependent: this has tended to restrict my pubgoing largely to JD Wetherspoon places, on which I'm sure we all have our reservations but which at least provide disabled access and facilities wherever possible. Prior to that, if you'd asked me for a top three London pubs, The One Tun would always be in it. However, I was resigned to the fact that like so many other former favourites I would never get in there again: thinking of the size and shape of the place and the way it's laid out I could not think of any way it could be made accessible. To say I'm pleased to hear this has now been done is a massive understatement, but I'm also looking forward to getting there ASAP out of genuine curiosity to see how they've managed it.

Personally, one of the things that's always appealed to me about Youngs - and this goes against Stonch's experiences, it would seem - is the way they keep their pubs as they are rather than changing them for change's sake. Their London estate includes several gems that look very much as they did when I arrived in London 20+ years ago. I'm thinking here of places like The Lamb in Holborn, The Spreadeagle in Camden Town and the massive Victorian gin palace in Wandsworth High Street whose name unfortunately escapes me right now.

The One Tun has always had an intersting mix of punters as well as a superb range of drinks, and the refurb would have to be pretty damn radical to make it any different.
Martinl - 10 May 2006 23:54
Was passing on Sunday evening. They had all the front doors open very invitingly so we went in for one.

I must say I admire the management's balls for re-opening when the refurb is nowhere near finished - there are still several bare walls and patches of bare floorboards. There are currently no gents toilets - the disabled toilet therefore comes in handy, although that isn't finished either at least the plumbing works. The bar itself is finished and stocked.

I must say I don't like what they are doing to the place at all - looks like the work being done is a bit shoddy and all the character has been torn out of this formerly appealingly grotty boozer. A shame. Young's really don't look after their pub estate at all.
anonymous - 9 May 2006 09:52
boozhoo - 27 Apr 2006 20:23
one of my favourites in the area - great for a lunchtime pint, fag and game of darts. Never tried the food, colleagues have and pass off as 50/50. Strolled passed the other day and it looks like they are finally tarting it up.
big_dog - 20 Apr 2006 14:49
Nice littel Pub good food good drink, been there a couple of times if you are looking for a relaxing evening go to this pub
seanbig - 9 Mar 2006 09:48
A decent enough Youngs pub situated in the heart of Fitzrovia. Set out in a traditional style with a circular bar, wooden division screens, a few snugs, large mirrors and a few prints. Dart board area at the back and a basic TV for sport (they advertise a big screen but I didnít see it and it is hard to imagine anywhere practical to have it). Fruit machine / quiz machine. Quiz night on Tuesday. All things considered, a bit bland but decent Youngs beers and pleasant enough for a couple after work.
RogerB - 11 Jan 2006 10:35
Went here again the other day and had a good experience. It was quiet (3pm on a weekday). Had a lovely couple of pints of Winter Warmer and wiled away an hour on the quizzer with two mates. This place has grown on me.
anonymous - 3 Jan 2006 15:34
This pub has generally been a decent `one or two pint` stop off of mine for several years. If you want the drug peddlers and yarcoes - hop over to the Cambridge across the road. Most people i have met in here are decent types from all walks of life, generally attracted to the standard but good quality of Youngs beers. Yes, they sometimes lack staff in busy periods, and that is my only gripe- some people were getting very irrate at waiting for service. The quiz master/quiz on Tuesdays is a laugh too.
darloexile - 21 Dec 2005 10:53
what a minger , called in last sunday , place seemed very dirty , a few lowlifts in corner and coke on offer in the toilets. def not to return
kiwiphil - 14 Dec 2005 14:55
Good for a pint of Young's if one is in the area BUT they do tend to play rank rock music and have some pretty dreadful rude bar staff.
anonymous - 14 Dec 2005 14:46
A lovely place, and it always was. Youngs bitters up to the normal high standard, and even Strongbow is cold and liveley. Management and staff have always seemed to change regularly but are always efficient and polite.
Martinl - 26 Sep 2005 23:58
Decent sized one room Youngs pub with large island bar that dominates the room. Partitions form various sized alcoves which create a cosy atmosphere. Background music, small TV and a dart board provide diversions. A genial well worn feel adds to the general laid back atmosphere. Ordinary, Special and a seasonal (Waggledance on my visit) on offer. The Special was in good, fresh condition and served pleasantly cool. All in all a decent pub.
SilkTork - 7 Sep 2005 22:12
Do Not Try the food.
me.dobson - 30 Jun 2005 15:49
Great little pub. Good beer, friendly staff, and often quiet. A nice place to while away the hours with a good book and a few pints. Never tried the food though.
jcraf - 10 Jun 2005 17:37
This is a little gem of a pub, with a magnificent selection of fine ales, cold lagers and pert-bottomed European barmaids.

I don't know about you, but that ticks a lot of boxes in my book.
Slipperduke - 27 Apr 2005 12:42
This is a very sympa pub especially for central London. Disappointing rating overall in my mind especially as two Alls Bar One rate a nine on the list got searching 'one tun'. Keep at it Youngs and perservere with the fruity lager. People will eventually tire of the aluminium flavoured stuff.
andycollins - 8 Mar 2005 21:32
Went to this little pub in Goodge St last week. Did not expect much but was pleasantly surprised. Good wine list added to the yummy olives on the bar. Some of my friends said how good the Real Ale was as well. Friendly staff and Manager always smiling which is rare these days.Just a nice atmosphere, will be going back for the Quiz Night.
sherry - 28 Feb 2005 10:06
Good pub with great beer. However it would be even better if you could hold a conversation with someone sitting a few feet away - why play deafeningly loud music?
ian01 - 19 Jan 2005 09:07
Looks like any Youngs for interior decor (as mentioned by others).

Food was good, simple, well made and tasty.

Beer was good (got seasonal special now on - Winter Warmer).

Could do with a little tart'ing up, as well as was quite smokey inside.
Al - 1 Nov 2004 13:17
Jolly nice pub. I agree with Dom - the best in the area.
Has a dartboard, great beer, some great tunes, friendly staff and landlord.
The front opens out when the weather is nice so you can watch the world go by.
Stuart - 6 Apr 2004 16:40
This, geekily, is the first pub I've been to on a recommendation and it is bloody marvellous. Serves Young export lager - why does it taste of fruit?

Brass poles and wood panelling abound, as does a lively atmosphere amidst good music which is heard but never deafening - and a blast from the past, convincing me to buy the 24 hour Party People soundtrack. Mentioned this site to the barman.. now surely that's worth a pint mate!
Ruby - 18 Jul 2003 00:42
My dad worked there 50 years ago and this weekend we took him to see it again . He had a great time talking about old time .The managers and staff were lovely and very friendly .We live in London and will be going back again . Many Thanks for the time we were there .You made an old man very happy
Philomena.walton - 21 May 2003 14:46
definitly my favourite pub in the friendly and laid back, staff attentive and intelligent (makes a change)would recommend to people who like real pubs.
dom - domway' - 12 Dec 2002 22:27
Probably my favourite pub in London at present. Doesn't get too bogged down by tourists and has an excellent range of beers.
Alistair - 21 Nov 2002 11:07

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