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Princess of Wales, Blackheath

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user reviews of the Princess of Wales, Blackheath

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Had a pint of Wild Weather Ales Keyboard Warrior 3.9% which I've never come across before but was delightful. Cost £4.30. Several other ales on. It's a locals pub, but as a visitor I felt welcome. Located Just off the Blackheath common/green/park. I visited in November, can imagine it's great in the summer.
southlondonbeero - 20 Nov 2016 11:35
Quite a few years since I was here so with 30 minutes to kill before meeting a friend I popped in for a quick pint.

5 pumps in the front bar offering 5 ales, Black Sheep Best Bitter, Caledonian Deuchars IPA, Fullers London Pride, Sharps Doombar & Brains Reverend James. I went for the Black Sheep Best, drinkable but not outstanding, £4.20 a pint. The rest of the taps had a varied selection of local and European keg lager, including offerings from Meantime and Sierra Nevada.

18.30 and it was pretty busy and quite loud especially a group of 5 fellas who were very vocal!

Food on offer & it looked alright but not outstanding.

Nice neutral decoration but it’s a fairly bland pub which is just how I remember it, the large back garden and common to the front are the saving grace of this place.

There is better in Blackheath.
lezford - 5 May 2015 13:56
The great shame about this pub is that its ruined by lack of staff serving at the bar. Everytime I have been in there I have waited in excess of 5 minutes to get served. There only evers seems to be 2 barstaff on at any given time, even during busy saturday and sunday periods and a queue of 8-10 persons waiting.
As I say a great shame as the pub is actually very nice with a really great garden area.
Mattyh34 - 13 Jun 2012 09:17
Stopped off after rugby game and only drank beer and had snacks . The Pride was pefectly good, my colleagues all had Doombar which seemed to go down very well. Portions of thick cut chips were also consumed at the bar. These were v good too. From looking around it is clearly a wine and food pub rather than a beer drinker haunt. Great Location on Heath
milsonman - 2 May 2012 14:11
Since I have lived in Blackheath (only for a year) but visiting for many, management has changed a few times and it always starts good but then gets complacent. By far the best located pub in SE, especially summer as you can sit on the heath. I do think it's a victim of it's own success, due to location.

Food is hit or miss, although the last few times I have been, it has been perfect. Often there on a Sunday or midweek and have had various parties there too. The staff are lovely but always understaffed, they will hopefully get this right with new owners! In summer it can be awful, at least 30 mins to get served and then no glass collectors, and when it's packed, it can be unbearable. However, just need more staff on hot days.

I will always love this place and will always go back as it's just lovely when it's good, but just OK when it's bad, which is no bad thing.

londonanon - 17 Nov 2011 17:40
Burnt food, poor service, snubbed by manager on Sunday 13th November 2011 at 18:00 when very few customers in bar, and little

demand on kitchen at that time....

FIsh and Chips, with Mushy peas and a good pint of ale or 2.. Have visited many times being local to us and alway senjoyed the

fish and chips, unfortunately, this will be the last time we visit after dreadful food and very poor service.

On arrival, asking at the bar if the fish and chips are still on, knowing they are popular and sell out at times, and being 6 in

the evening, to our pleasure, they were still on.

Unfortunately when the food arrived, we both received a portion of mushy peas in a ramakin that had clearly been cooked, left,

reheated and left to dry out before being served as they had a crumbly texture!!! I returned the mushy peas to the bar and

politely advised of them that was not happy with these, and asked them to dispose of and not to replace them . At this point,

these were quickly hidden under the bar, i was blanked and then another customer served. I return back to the table...The fish,

looked a little over done, but decided to cover it with vinegar and lemon and dive in as was hungry, annoyingly, we realise we

should have just returned the entire meal, on turn the fish over, the underside was almost black, i had several charred chips

stuck to the underside of my fish and the lemon and vinegar did little to mask the taste of the burn batter from the fish.

We ate the chips and ate the Fish from inside the burnt batter, but decided to make a complaint about the poor quality of the food

tha previously has been very good, we were told that the manager would be alerted of this and would speak to us and we would be

offered some kind of compensation.

After half an hour of waiting for the manager to return to us, we left, We werent offered compensation, a drink on the house, or

even an apology or from the manager that we were expecting to see. We are resonable people, we were polite to all of the staff we

spoke to, we made it clear we were regular customers, and that the food was always good, such a shame that we had bad food, and

also had poor service from the staff regarding a complaint that was very valid, Total shame, will be a while before we go back,

PLEASE DO BETTER PRINCESS OF WALES , and to the manager, thankyou for not bothering to take our polite complaint seriously, all we

wanted was an appology, we got snubbed.

liamstarling1983 - 13 Nov 2011 21:19
A pleasant pub, deservedly popular and consequently often busy. Decent beer, reasonably priced food, child friendly (though this aspect may not endear it to all readers!). It's a place worth a look if you're in the area - it's convenient for the heath and Greenwich Park - but not one I'd go out of my way to visit.
earlydrinker - 2 Oct 2011 17:59
Nice pub in a great setting (overlooking the heath), but always wait ages to be served due to its popularity, so don't go there as often as I would like
milo71 - 7 Jul 2011 13:48
Tuesday night incredibly busy (quiz), but ensured a decent drop of Wandle in a decent upmarket pub with good views.
mtaylor40 - 28 Jun 2011 00:18
Visited the pub on the warmest day of the years o far yesterday. The fact that this might result in extra customers clearly had caught the management by surprise. The young (female) staff were struggling hard to cope with the crush and continued to be polite and helpful, There seemed to be a male manager of some sort who clearly was a waste of space just getting in the way. That said the beer was excellent (Thornbridge Ashford) and surprisingly good food. My American guests were impressed by the supply of free iced water - probably a first for a British pub. Could have done without the yummy mummies and the ankle-biters, but I suspect this sort of place attracts them.
simontheeditor - 11 Apr 2011 16:31
I was a regular in this place for a long time, but abandoned it a couple of years ago when the food and service went rapidly downhill. I recently decided to go back for the Tuesday night quiz with friends. Initially I remained unimpressed - sometimes I would go in and the beer would either be off or not tasting how it should, and service was sloppy.

But in my last couple of visits I have been impressed. The London Pride was tasting how it should - really enjoyable pint. And I had a Welsh rarebit sandwich which was delicious, even if the portion was a little on the mean side for the price. Service is still erratic - you always get someone coming up to your table and asking if you ordered a dish when you haven't (next time I am saying yes). But I can live with that. In the summer it's great to enjoy the garden and the heath, in the winter it's cosy. Yes there are lots of children but sorry folks, now the smoking ban is over you're going to have to live with it. I am happy with this pub again.
ooblyboo - 16 Dec 2010 12:09
Maybe no kids after 7pm....but sooo many before this, I won't be going in here during a Sunday lunchtime again, far better alternatives in the area.
MSE12 - 4 Aug 2010 10:30
In response to blue_scrumpy below, there is a no children after 7pm policy, rigourously enforced by the curt barmaid when we were there. Beer is usually well kept with Sierra Nevada Pale Ale on tap to fall back on if the cask range doesn't take your fancy. Food took an age to arrive and was unremarkable.
young_camra_collectiv - 27 Jun 2010 22:38
I echo the view that there are too many children in here. With the bar near the entrance bar closed, I had to negotiate around a few children and buggies to get to the side bar. The beer range is ok - Wandle, Doom Bar and Landlord. Addlestones and Westons Vintage Organic cider are also served. Service was quick and efficient, despite the place being busy with no tables available. I opted to sit at the front of the pub, where there are 4 tables with views over the heath. There are further outdoor tables at the side. Ok if you've got a family. But I was glad to be outside.
blue_scrumpy - 21 Jun 2010 18:31
It's getting worse in here..popped in yesterday (bank holiday Monday)....and straight out again...bloody kids everywhere.
MSE12 - 6 Apr 2010 15:22
Went with a mate who counts it as his local but I failed to see what he does. First time ever I got bad Doom Bar.
loveleedshatebates - 7 Mar 2010 20:05
Decent pub, food good beer usually in good nick, BUT like a few pubs in Blackheath there are usually a fair share of small kids in the place along with their 'huge buggies, toys and in general daft of 2-12 yrs old really don't want to be stuck in the pub all day.
carterse9 - 4 Jan 2010 17:18
Very nice in the summer - you can sit on the heath and drink yourself silly... food is bloody horrible though -
sir_adam_of_downham - 3 Nov 2009 16:30
I LOVE this pub, i am a regular drinker here and have been for 3 years, i do agree that the toilets could be better but I think the service is great. Sometimes it can be a bit understaffed but the staff are always as efficient and friendly as they can be. Definitely worth a visit
lady1975 - 9 Sep 2009 09:10
Visited bank holiday Sunday evening and, slightly whiffy toilets aside, not too bad. Service seemed friendly (barman wearing a Chelsea shirt always helps) and the Deuchars was in good form. The decor veers between posh and shabby.
Lovely views across the heath.
flashharry1965 - 4 Sep 2009 10:50
Popped in a couple of times in the last few weeks, and have to say the service and general experience was absolutely spot on, both times. Came in (just to use the toilet really) on Race for Life day, expecting the place to be a teeming scrum of bodies, but there didn't seem to be much of a wait at the bar, so had a couple of pints. The beer was good, service was quite friendly, but more importantly on a day like that, was very quick and efficient. Have subsequently been in to eat, and was impressed by the 5 specials they have on during the week. My gammon and eggs were absolutely delicious.

Toilets still a bit shabby, but clean and usable. I'll be back soon.
SamBebb99 - 6 Aug 2009 15:26
Here right now, sat afternoon and the place is run by space cadets!! In the 15m I waited to be served I saw one woman walk out having tried to book for a dinner party for about 30 minutes and then being told the manager was busy for another 5 minutes. Then a girl asked for two clean wine glasses as hers were both dirty. The girl serving couldn't find any! Finally just before I was served the guy served before me asked for a tray for his 4 pints. The barman didn't have one so instead of servin me the barman walked round the bar and helped the guy carry the beer to his table, despite the fact that there was a large queue. This place in my experience is always understaffed and run by people who really seem like they don't give a s'it. It also smells a little and glasses stick to every surface.
Millwaj - 11 Jul 2009 15:51
I visited on a Saturday night and the place was heaving with the pub and large beer garden being packed out until about 9pm when things started to thin out a bit.
There was a reasonable ale selection and I enjoyed a few well kept pints of London Pride over the course of the evening. The bar staff were pretty efficient considering the melee at the bar and went out of their way to assist me with the distribution of my round to friends scattered round all points of the bar.
I tried the food and thought it was pretty good, although maybe a little too pricy.
The little lounge area at the front has a couple of plaques comemerating the pub's role as a dressing room for one of the first ever rugby internationals, which gives the place a sense of history that otherwise isn't really apparent.
Worth a look, although previous comments about poor service make me wonder if I just got lucky on my visit.
Pubsignman - 7 Jul 2009 23:39
Had a lunch there on a busy Sunday, service was good and staff were friendly, helpful and polite. Food was quite nice, though the rocket was a little of the limp side!

It had a nice family atmosphere, will go back again

sturpy - 15 May 2009 13:18
I live near this one and one of the bar staff told me last week it was going to change into a 'bistro' in about five months time.
I'm a bit sad about this as the food is not of a high standard and while the beer and service often leave a lot to be desired it's an historic if rather uncared for part of the local landscape.
Would be great if they hired more staff and gave the place a clean up - although the new tables and (small scale) revamp of the god awful toilets was more than overdue and very welcome.
beerluke - 27 Apr 2009 13:39
Popped here again a year after my last visit and the beer was fine and the sevice friendly. I didn't eat here.
eveningall - 21 Apr 2009 21:09
I visited on Sunday evening with friends. While the pub was busy, it seemed seriously understaffed. There were glasses everywhere, service took ages and the staff all seemed exhausted.

4 of us ordered food, which turned up in the reverse order, slightly cold, missing elements of the meal on the menu (no cranberry sauce or salad) and not that tasty. When one of the party spoke to the bar staff about it we were offered 2 a head back, which seemed a bit of a joke really. In the end we were given a round of drinks, but the poor guy dealing with us was obviously taking the heat for a chef who could remain hidden in the kitchen.

I also ordered a Pimms when I arrived which cost 5.54, but when I ordered a Pimms and lime & soda later in the evening it was 5.40.

The pub is nice to look at, has a great location, good range of drinks and friendly atmosphere, but is let down by what I would assume is the management. Some of the party had been before and had a better time, but I wasn't impressed and I would be reluctant to give it a second chance.

LandGirl - 21 Apr 2009 15:31
One of the few pubs in the area to accept small childern, which is good for the many parents in the area. Only three real downsides to this place in my opionion and they are easily rectified (hint hint bar manager). The service can be really slow and the bar and tables are normally sticky and unclean. I've wiped my own table and returned other peoples' empties on more than one occassion. Both are seem daft as they appear to have plenty of staff.

Oh yes. The gents toilets are horrific.
Stan8 - 8 Sep 2008 17:27
I quite like this place. There is a fair selection of different beers (the now obligatory dark lager, different ales and lagers and a fair selection of Belgium bottled bear)

Bar staff are excellent. Fast and efficient and friendly enough. They served me a cloudy pint and without any prompting they looked at it and said "That doesn't look right", tried again and then declared it off = top marks. My mate ordered a Duvel and they went off to find the right glass.

The decor is pretty good and its got some outdoor seating. Friday and Saturday evening can be lively but not packed and with it being summer there is enough space outside to drink with the heath opposite.

Can't comment on the food but looks a bit pricey - but then what pub aint pricey.

Well worth a visit.
tonydowson - 7 Jul 2008 13:00
A very busy spot, having Shooters Hill opposite the place does prove very popular when the sun is out. Also popular with Charlton Supporters when I visited on a Saturday afternoon.

At first my girlfriend was wary about going in here because of all the supporters sitting outside, but once we got inside we were pleasantly surprised. Having found a place to sit, we ordered food, which was very nice. Though the chef seemed bad tempered having to shout to the bar staff when there was an order to go out. Getting served drinks was a task as the staff were rushed off the feet.

This place could do with some improvements i.e. more bar staff and the toilets need to be improved as they were not particularly nice.

Will visit again though. Hold on I have.
Kerrminator - 9 May 2008 10:14
Blackheath was my regular drinking place during the 80's and 90's, before many of the pubs lost their character, but rarely used this one, so when a friend suggested we met here on a Friday night, I was expecting the worst (especially after reading some of the reviews here). I am glad to say I was pleasantly srprised. First of all, it wasn't heaving and there wasn't a single Bexleyheath "lemon squeezer" in sight. Service wasn't slow, in fact the barstaff were very friendly and helpful (they even topped up our pints without prompting!). The London Pride was very good (the pub has never been noted for its Ale) and yes, it was a bit pricey but so are a lot of places. Didn't have any food but a friend says that he has been for Sunday lunch a few times and has no complaints. Perhaps last night was just a fluke but I will be returning to find out.
eveningall - 29 Mar 2008 20:29
Gordon Ramsay - please put this on Kitchen nightmares! The food is terrible, the Sunday roast is overpriced and pathetic - fatty beef and postage stamp size Yorkshire pudding. I've recently moved to the area and therefore have a fresh view of the place rather than the reviewer below who can't even spell...

Went last Friday for a drink with the girlfriend and we were shouted at by 3 drunk posh 40 year olds throwing crips at each other, while the bar staff ignored them. As it was a cold winter evening we tried the hot wine - tasted like a fruit smoothie put in the microwave with no alcohol. The 1 point is for location for when in summer you can leave the pub and sit on the Heath.
timd - 12 Dec 2007 13:42
Not quite sure what the previous 2 review relate to - This is my local abd I use thi splace a lot - the staff are top notch and extremely helpfull- the pub itself has an are for everyone, a cosu front bar with comfortable leather chesterfield chairs a good garden abd a nice quite conservative area -prices are fair (8 years living in Blackheath may may you a little immune to local beer prices.0 all in all, a great pub and a fantastic local !
jonnyh - 12 Dec 2007 13:17
Used to be a regular drinking hole of mine, but no longer. Went in for a quick pint with friends last sat night to encounter the crap bar staff, who point blank refused to top up our pints when asked, and tried to tell us that the clearly off (cloudy) beer was fine.
When asked for the manager none was available.

This place needs to train it's staff or clear them out because it's costing them big time. This place has previously had a 7 rating from me.....down to 0 i'm afraid.
mrse1 - 10 Dec 2007 10:23
A pub that is solely making money because of its location. A grotty, untidy bar with zero customer service the abrupt and confrontational nature of the staff has to be experienced to be believed. As with previous posts a bar full of posers, plastic wannabes and the sort of people you don't want to spend your evening with.Avoid visiting.
thebrownbottle - 12 Nov 2007 07:33
Lost its way big time. Should and could be the best of the heath. Dirty. Okay if you fancy sitting on the heath in the sun.
TheBlackStuff - 22 Apr 2007 16:09
Some nice stuff on tap, EXTORTIONATE prices and full of trendy little ponsey psued wannabes called tarquin and tamara who think because the pub is in blackheath its ok to talk like you're choking on the vicars cock.

Nice sitting on the heath in the summer tho.
KingsizeSilvers - 2 Mar 2007 12:31
I've had some great evenings in the POW. Food is good but a bit pricey. To be expected in Blackheath. The beers are well kept. Never had a problem with the staff or service. Its a nice place to go for a Sunday afternoon meal, or for a couple of jars in the evening.

Zaphod - 19 Feb 2007 15:22
I have not been to The Princess Of Wales in Blackheath for quite a while, but judging by some of the reviews below; it hasnt changed too much since I was last there. I actually rather liked it and on my few visits here, found it to be a friendly and relaxing drinking environment. I remember there been a nice conservatory for dining and although I never drank outside, I do recall a nice enough beer garden for the summer time too. However, I cant remember too much about prices or selection personally, though I dont remember it hurting my wallet too much. All in all, recommended.
HTM69 - 30 Dec 2006 15:09
a once majestic pub way back in the day. Now just another souless blackheath pub catering to the Chav masses. Beer ok, but not great. However the bar staff were superb - both pulling pints and as eye candy.

Last time I came in here was way back in 2001 and the intervening yesrs have not been kind. yet another refurb. I just can't for the life of me understand why every pub refrub now has to ruin everything that made the pub busy int he first place. Sad to say that the working man would not find any solace in here straight after work. Too many plastic hardmen a point highlighted by the fella who took a royal shovelling in the doorway from 5 muppets.

Crap. And I'll never come here again. Ever.
PigPen_in_the_Fens - 20 Nov 2006 15:20
Quality selection of beers, many of whic hyou wont find anywhere else in the vicinity and a pretty cool boozer overall, though it can get a bit rammed.

It is a bit pricey, but still a good laugh even if the evening can usually be relied on to be spoilt by the laziest selection of bar staff I have ever seen. Even in the afternoon when there are only a couple of people at the bar it can take upwards of ten minutes to get served as the stand around chatting to their mates.

Their workrate has to be seen to be believed and is still unbelievable when seen.
the_sarah_day_fan_club - 15 Nov 2006 13:12
Refurb in 2004 is now starting to look a bit grubby round the edges, which is great - because you don't feel like you're pissed up in an episode of Changing Rooms any more.
Location is unbeatable, beer selection is wide, wine is good, menu is good, and they've brought back some of the chairs they threw out when they tried to do the place up two years ago - the POW is turning into that nice boozer on the heath again. Result.
pascal - 7 Nov 2006 16:20
Depending on when you go, a mixture of lads post-Sunday football, or well-heeled Blackheath-ites with their buggies. Which is part of the charm of this place. Very good Sunday roasts and a hearty menu that seems to change with the season that shows it's a pub with its own menu and not standard all-year-round chain pub fayre. Cracking wallpaper round the side of the pub !
sidjames - 8 Oct 2006 19:14
Perfection! Excellent drinks on tap and in bottle. Huge wine selection (if you're that way inclined). Blackheath out front, large heated patio out back. Two seperate rooms providing traditional and modern decor. Funky music policy. Food looks top-notch for a pub (although admittedly haven't tried it - usually go to Zero Degrees or The Railway if I'm eating in the area). Walking distance from home. Minimal chav level (at least relative to other places in the area).........

Yet...despite ticking all the boxes for me, I don't come here very often, and I honestly don't know why. Some kinda negative x-factor I can't quite put my finger on.
topdog_andy - 9 Aug 2006 12:24
Superb pub to visit when it's hot, as you can take your drinks across the road onto the vast Heath to soak up the summer sun. Unfortunately, there are not extra staff when this happens or at least when I have visited, so you spend what seems like ages waiting for a drink. Always (female) eye candy on show on the heath, although this number had reduced when I last came here in June, as it was more families and lads playing football. Still if you can't get to the beach and don't fancy Greenwich Park when the sun is shining bright, this place is certainly worth a visit on a lazy Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Forget the H-File search, as this is just an ideal place to relax on a glorious sunny day. Quality. In fact, I have never come here away from the summer or on a Friday or Saturday night!
Searching_for_H_Files - 20 Jul 2006 16:37
Totally agree about the barstaff looking (and behaving) like they haven't been to bed, and some of them look like they could do with a bit of a wash too(!), but this place has a certain charm and is probably the best pub in Blackheath at the moment.

I've lived in the area for 5 years now and there's never really a wrong time to come here. It does good lunches, is good for an evening session or even a Leo Sayer, and is also a great place to meet friends or bring visitors to the area. It gets a little overwhelming on hot summer afternoons, but the evening barbecues are good, and they've certainly taken on-board alot of the criticisms made in the past.

My only outstanding criticism is of the prices - not so much for the drinks, although they are pushing it a little (especially on the wines), but of things like pistachios (they don't have peanuts - Blackheath eh?!) which cost 2 for a small glass, and crisps at a quid.

That said, the choice of beers is excellent and if you want somewhere to relax and read the paper on your day off work this is a fine spot.
Torquemada - 13 Apr 2006 15:02
Ive popped in from time to time over the last 25 years, but never really warmed to the place. Its big, but not accommodating; nor particularly friendly; at heart a commercial enterprise rather than a local. Fairly standard pub food; fills your stomach, although neither sophisticated or honest. Would help if they displayed the beers on sale a little more clearly. And whilst the ethnic (Eastern European?) barmaid is attractive enough, her description of the beers and food was difficult to understand. Guess Im prejudiced: too many limp-wristed types named Simon, Gordon or Rory.
Roballe - 27 Feb 2006 16:15
Best Sunday lunches in London! Drinks aren't the best value, but overall a good place to spend a weekend afternoon
VMan - 22 Feb 2006 14:41
Lived in Blackheath for a while now, but only visited this pub quite recently. Quite a big building, which I don't usually like in a pub but I thought this one was comfortable and cosy. Nicely designed - very simliar to the Gypsy Moth in Greenwich and the Railway in BH. Decent beers and staff were friendly enough. Had the roast beef for Sunday lunch - thought it was excellent, lovely meat and generous portions. Good to find as there seems to be a dearth of decent pubs in Blackheath for some reason.
anonymous - 15 Feb 2006 11:11
Excellent boozer with great range of beers. Friendly, helpful bar staff....which is a good thing, given the state my companions and I were in after a 'Leo Sayer' a few weeks back.
Also does a blinding (if a little pricey) breakfast.
anonymous - 26 Jan 2006 12:26
This place seemed like 3 different pubs in one. By the front door it is fairly old-school and football colours friendly, and as you move towards the back it gets progressively posh until you hit the well-heeled buggy-brigade, especially on a Sunday afternoon.

A pub that caters for everyone - what an amazing concept these days...
cardamom - 4 Dec 2005 14:53
It's in south east London and people are moaning about chav culture? Sorry that IS south east London.

Good for heath based drinking, if a little large for an intimate atmosphere.
BigPete - 30 Sep 2005 14:39
Sit on the heath with a pint and watch the sunset on a glorious summers day.

To all alfresco drinkers: if a football accidently knocks your drink over, it's probably one of Eltham Squadron FC's misfiring srikers during one of their training sessions.
kriekboozer - 18 Aug 2005 17:50
Potentially, and I shall repeat THAT word.....potentially, this could be the real gem of Blackheath!

It has a fine selection of beers,wines and ales.It has friendly staff,and it appears to have a fantastic selection of food-all of this in a wondrously attractive and romantic Victoriana setting (both inside and out).

Well, where is the let-down?
Call me a snob,(I don't care many people do!)but the last time I visited the pub, Chav culture had clearly embraced and reared its ugly head here(Burberry baseball cap and all!)

Instead of expecting quiet background music, I received a mega-blast of bass from Garage tunes,and incomprehensible lyrics from some unknown thug-like 'Gangsta Rapper'.This is a tremendous letdown,as not only is the loud music incongruous to the look and feel of the place, it made my partner and I (and I am sure many other people)drink up and leave immediately!

You should be able to feel welcomed,relaxed and reassured in a public house! Management, please take heed-A pub is a pub, a club a club; never the twain should meet!Thrill seekers no where nightclubs are in London!You do not have to turn this pub into another club! Turn down the volume,stop serving the pints in plastic cups and alter your playlist; you will get back the dividends with loyal customers!
markwilliamson - 3 Aug 2005 19:43
Best bar in blackheath.
Foods good (bring back the huge pies!).
Fruli is always a bonus.

Staff sometimes look like they havn't been to bed yet - but then I see that as a positive.

mnky - 10 Apr 2005 22:36
Sorry, let me rephrase that - it was a cosy traditional pub on the heath.
Thanks to a major refurb it's now a carbon copy of pretty much every poncey gastro bar you've ever been to (or avoided).
Lost much of its character, but there's a better range of beers to choose from now - so not all bad, but then what is after five pints of Leffe?
V disappointing.
Pascal - 8 Nov 2004 17:05
Excellent cosy traditional pub right on the heath. Beer is expensive but decent, atmosphere is comfy and inviting, staff are pleasant enough.
Taking beer out onto the heath is nice in summer, and the big leather chairs, low ceilings and open fires make it an ideal hidey hole when the rain/snow/gales start.
Pascal - 20 Oct 2004 15:25
I am Tony S. Thanx for comment 22/02/04. Gus Tavo, Sunday Lunch 23/02/04. I'd only been there a week, sorry! Comment 29/06/04 Thanx for that. I'm Tony the Asst Mngr. Pub due for a refit in September, nothing too major, just gonna make it real nice for Autumn/winter - Any suggestions welcome. Quiz nights on Tuesdays!
Tony - 5 Jul 2004 02:33
I agree totally with the person's comment below... Although it gets busy on hot summer days the staff are hard working, esp the young South African guy and the tall skinny blonde guy who wears the alice band like Beckham! Everyone seems nice though, nice and cozy in Winter too. Just a shame about the manager - bit rude and wanders about looking confused and dazed
??!?!?!!! - 5 Jul 2004 00:31
Big big pub, gets crazy busy on the hot summer days. Got some tasty bar staff. Food has improved over last 4 months. Bar B Q not regular enough. Got some real characters drinking in there(locals). Assistant Manager is a top bloke, everybody likes him !
?? ?? - 29 Jun 2004 15:07
pub has recently changed hands, so it remains to be seen if things will change on the food front. The staff are friendly though, and the clientel mixed.
Mario - 21 Jun 2004 10:14
Nice location, average beer, poor service and without a doubt the worst sunday "lunch" I have ever had the misfortune to pay money for. Will not be making the same mistake twice.
Gus Tavo - 23 Feb 2004 13:16
Really nice pub. Great beer garden, friendly staff, cosy atmosphere, nice to drink your beer on the Heath in the Summer.... Well done, Tony S!
?? - 22 Feb 2004 14:43
Expensive beer - ouch! But I like this place, because it's my local, the food is OK, and they let you take your beer outside onto the heath in summer!
Andy Warrick - 28 Jan 2004 19:52
A nice place BUT.... made a reservation for saturday night, eight people. When we got there they had written down the reservation but not told the staff about it and it was v. busy. Manager was sleeping upstairs. When he finally dragged himself down, he basically said they do not take reservations, which for some reason his staff did't know. He was not at all sorry, more rude and arrogant. The bar staff were happy we gave him a bit of a hard time, they obviously had the same impression.
Andreas - 13 Oct 2003 16:45
Good location on a sunny day but as a consequence gets too busy for there to be much prospect of getting served (30mins+ waits the norm). Good Sunday local though.
Billy Fisher - 16 Jul 2003 13:34
Go here on a date cos if it goes all wrong there are 5 exits!
anonymous - 9 Jun 2003 21:13
Nice pub had some lunch a few Sundays ago very nice sat next to the guy from the Ron Seal Advert. The only let down is you get a lot of Trevors on a saturday i saw one guy wearing a Yellow gucci traksuit with yellow nike's he looked a right idiot. apart from that the best pub in Blackheath

ian - 9 May 2003 11:31
Sitting on the Heath in the summer with a pint is great! What more is there to say...oh, and a top pint of Bass.
marchale - 28 Apr 2003 15:23
Was here one evening sat in garden,looked very nice had candles on tables. One member of staff employed to keep candles alight running back and forth all night, no one employed to collect dirty glasses from tables! The funny thing was was that this poor girl lit the candles inside and if the candles went out before she got to the table she would go back inside light the candle and repeat the process. It kept her occupied for hours it was quite a windy evening!
edmund keane - 1 Apr 2003 12:44
best pub in Blackheath but then not much competition. only one not trying too hard to be trendy too(sorry but the Crown has gone down the pan). sells beer thats not too pricey and the barstaff even seem to be able to serve and talk at the same time.
arturo_morales - 18 Mar 2003 16:34
Nice big boozer and yes, it is a bit more laid back from the ones in the middle of town. Pleasing barmaids, decent enough food - not bad.
Paul - 12 Sep 2002 16:10
More of a chilled atmosphere in here - but plenty of Blackheath Beauties to keep you entertained!
anonymous - 12 Sep 2002 14:18

got anything to say about this pub?

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