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Ha Ha, Ealing

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Now called Flava, it's extremely popular with the shisha smoking, sports watching, RnB loving crowd. But that's not me. On the plus side, they often show cricket on the big screen which you don't get everywhere.
normantonend - 18 Mar 2012 12:22
closed,new pub in place
pash - 23 Sep 2011 15:53
Not improved of late. Hasn't helped with the removal of Tiger, Amstel and San Miguel on draft. Owner felt it better to stick with "popular" beers. Apparently.

There was a salsa dance class on, in the doorway, when I visited. How this place stays open during the current climate is beyond me.
E1_Norton - 19 Jan 2011 17:31
A place for adults yet staffed by Gestapo and treat you like you are a prisoner,why?

1) Upstairs is shut for a certain time, when it did open we went up and were then told in an abotu an hours time to go down again.

2) You have to queue to go outside for a smoke, that's right queue, if you want to leave you go, but if you are a paying customer who is stying to spend some more and fancy a fag you have to queue.

3) if you do leave the day glo yellow jacketd rent a guard at the door barks at you if you are leaving or coming back in, if coming back in you have to do the above. You can't even leave in peace.

There was a cute polish barmaid though.
s9s - 19 Sep 2009 17:38
It's now called Flava after a re-vamp late last year. Hasn't changed at all inside. Awful place. Preferred it better as Ha ha if that's possible! It only seems to attract a certain crowd.. They have a shisha bit at the front outside of the bar and when me and some mates tried to go in the bar man got all weird and funny saying "No, no, no. Wait here, jst wait here" Tried to explain we had already been in the bar and wanted to go in the shisha bit but we seemed to be refused entry to this bit for some reason. V unwelcoming place. Running out of decent places to take my friends which is bad.
Tiny - 7 Aug 2009 12:54
BONCE BONCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, THIS PUB IS MY BONCE, DARREN COKERANS ARSE IS MY BONCE, YOUVE GOT A BIG BONCE ON YOUR HEAD, well there is a joke for you guys, for anyone who needs cheering up after visiting this depresing place, ha ha ha ha im laughing all the eay to the bank bonce.
eddygilroy - 28 Feb 2009 20:35
nothing haha about this dive
Argylefan - 23 Sep 2008 22:19
I didn't see anyone laughing in there when I popped in. I must not get the joke. Gash.
Pubbing_Billy - 12 Mar 2008 13:57
It gets way too busy on weekends and you cannot get a drink at the bar.
jinglebell - 15 Feb 2008 13:43
Only "Ha Ha", if you find intimidating atmospheres and pricey but average tasting beers amusing...

I think the owners are having the last laugh.
E1_Norton - 5 Feb 2008 13:30
It's nice for lunch although a bit pricey, but in the evenings it's just another one of those "disco without anyone dancing" pubs where you can't talk to the person next to you without constantly shouting "whaaaaat?"
blink - 24 Jul 2007 11:53
recently was served a deadful pint of heineken in here.I politely explained to the barman that I thought the pint was off, but he checked with at least two line managers before he would change it. There a bit up themselves around here; my advice would be too avoid this place.
weston - 4 Jun 2007 12:56
Went in here after many years, saw a fight , bloke bleeding and woman bystander having a glass hit her face. Apart from that, counld not find anything decent to say. Shite.
s9s - 30 Apr 2007 00:36
Rare to see any trouble in this place. Its loud and has urban music to suit the crowd, its not a funky place though as it gets too packed on Fri/Sat nights for a place thats not the best bar in Ealing. ALL ethnic backgrounds mix well in this place, so dont feel you cant go there due to your skin colour please!
MystiKaL - 16 Apr 2007 16:35
Ok in summer to sit outside. Outerwise avoid!
Strange layout inside. Needs more seating domnstairs and upstairs has no atmosphere.
garrybear - 27 Dec 2006 16:30
I live down the road from HAHA and while I agree there is for whatever reason Im not sure a large 'non white' customer base on Friday and Sat nights that would in no way put me off, no what puts me off is the high prices and bad food. Which is a shame as I have had many excellent meals in the HA HA near Embankment tube.
pantomimehorse - 21 Nov 2006 22:27
Impressive range of beers in a place that is designed for posers and prima donnas
weston - 8 Nov 2006 16:34
Why anyone would bring their child to a pub like Ha Ha's is beyond me, especially when Wapole Park is 200m away from there, seems a bit irresponsible. Also although I detest Ha Has on a Fri and Sat night it has nothing to do with the Asian people in there, you get good and bad in all sorts of people regardless of there ethnic origin. Surely someone who chooses to live in London would have gotten passed this small mindedness and appreciate our multicultural society. I am blessed to have friends from all kinds of backgrounds and race imaginable and this certainly makes my life richer and me a more tolerant and cultured individual. Perhaps you are just ignorant Bernard. This pub can be okay in the daytime when it is pretty much empty and you managed to get served but even then i would avoid anything on tap.
mitsy - 7 Nov 2006 14:25
A bit shite, really. Food took ages to arrive and the place was all to empty and soulless with it's huge room and hardwood flooring. The ladies I worked with seem to like it, mnaybe it was just me!
ye73812 - 17 Oct 2006 23:47
great during daytime hours and surprisingly child friendly too.nice food if a bit pricey,but the quality is worth it.Sadly a bit of a no go area after 10pm ish for white people as old orleans and this place are predominantly for people of indian/pakistani ethnicity.Both times my wife and i have walked through this area after dark we have been insulted and picked on by non white people.
bernard2504 - 3 Oct 2006 15:01
Liked it when it was yates's - it had a good atmosphere back then (hey I was 18 ok!), then they started pratting about with it. Harsh lighting and overpriced.
peggy_mitchell - 3 Oct 2006 14:17
ok this place is at the end of my road so could be considered my local, however I avoid it with a ten foot pole!!!!

The drinks are over priced, nearly 4.00 for a pint??? where do you think you are guys? and the fun we had when ordering food and the starters and main turned up at the same time. Upon complaining about this the barmaid said " ah I will tell the chef in'it" which was errm very reassuring ....NOT!
pantomimehorse - 1 Aug 2006 10:52
Oh My Oh My Oh My, The music is good but that is it!!! I waited 50 minutes to get served at a sticky bar with glass all over the floor, whilst watching the bar staff sticking to the middle of the bar and totally ignoring everyone waiting at either end, regardless of who was first. I have worked as a part time barmaid in the evenings on and off for years and it is not a difficult task to scan the bar and keep a mental list in your head of who is next and after that and so on. I would have walked out only we were a group of 18 celebrating a mates 30th. ( Bet he wished he went somewhere else for the big 30 huh!! ) Also I know in this situation you cannot be picky but try to avoid the small asian barmaid with the bob as she took 15mins to serve me 4 drinks, all JD and coke which she poured one at a time (eg ice in, JD in then coke in and bring it over to me, then repeated this process 3 more times, bless but duh!)
mitsy - 8 May 2006 16:22
This 'pub' is like a youth centre. OK for sunday mornings with parents, and the fry ups are pretty good, but for socialising pub fans, this is nothing like you'll want.

Quite like an airport pub. It's the fairest comment i can make. Too close to the broadway for 'getting away from it', too removed from the southern part of ealing to attain any kind of identity.

And very echo-y - get more soft furnishings so we can hear ourselves think guys! Cripes.

That said, the terrace outside in the summer is a great place to people watch.
kidsmoke - 13 Mar 2006 19:56
The idiots that run this pub think its a good idea to reserve tables for people. what A stupid Idea and here is why.

at 4pm on friday the will put a sign that says "reserved from 8pm" on most of the tables

at 5pm I finish work and want a drink with my work mates so we go to ha ha bar most the time we will be out the pub by 7pm but if we decide to stay we will have to leave the reserved table at 8pm as we dont know haw long we want to stay for what do we do? WE GO TO ANOTHER PUB!!!! to the idiots that run ha ha bar you are losing money big time its clearley obvious that none of you have a clue. why have empty tables when there are willing paying customers.

And another thing when customers expearance this more then once do you think they will try/have a look in ha ha bar after work or just go the another pub that does not reserve tables.

dont bother with the food here its too over priced
kevin326 - 16 Feb 2006 00:20
Don't know why this pub has such a bad rating. It's fine. Had a few meals there, a slight notch up from regular pub grub. Lagers are a bit more interesting than others places, but pricier too. Ok atmosphere, but overcrowded beer-garden. Bouncers are a bit scary occasionally, but not aggressively. Music can be too loud on weekends, so not a place to chat and catch up. Can't complain about anything specifically - still on my list to visit whenever I am out.
Rayzer - 18 Jan 2006 19:37
Good food,decent enough drink,barstaff a bit to daydreamy for my liking and serve whoever they fell like at the time ,no matter how long you have been waiting.
bernard2504 - 22 Sep 2005 11:28
Okay during the day/early evening, but the staff were useless unfortunately. The place was empty and I still waited 10 minuutes to be served. Saying that nice comfy atmosphere if not a bit empty in the day. The food is v.nice.
anonymous - 7 Apr 2005 22:32
A shockingly bad pub. 4 drinks for 15!! And the service was crap as well. Why on earth go to such a dreadful place.
The menu looks OK as somewhere to go in the day, but as an evening venue it ranks alongside Edwards as the worst in Ealing.
anonymous - 9 Dec 2004 09:57
Nice place but Rude Staff!
On a quite girls night out we thought Ha ha in Ealing would be a great place, and it was, till 11pm hits that is. It was our first time there we didn't know that it closed at 11pm, and we were also still being served at 10:50pm we were surprised when the staff became very rude with us, even to the point of yelling at us to get out. We asked for the name of the manager so we could lodge a complaint, which we were told we would get once we were outside. Once outside we were physically pushed by the bouncer out the front gate.

A very disappointing end to what was going to be a nice quite night. Will not be heading there again in a hurry.
ritzyroo - 29 Nov 2004 09:15
I kno it's a bit more expensive but Ha Ha! is the best food and atmosphere in Ealing. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Mona - 26 Sep 2004 22:09
Went to pub in last 2 months.
coffees took 30 mins to arrive.
We were then told we werent allowed to sit outside with our babies(6 months)old, due to licensing laws!
we only had coffee.
wont be going there again and will tell others not too either....
sharon - 18 Aug 2004 18:13
Prices in here are a complete ripoff by anyones standards.

A complete disgrace, which distracts from any other merits completely.
TheGP - 12 Aug 2004 13:26
this is a great pub in the summer when you can sit outside in those hazy warm evenings and HA HA with your mates. a bit pricey but a nice place to go, also some very fit people on the weekend.
Martin - - 25 Feb 2004 17:11
Quite expensive for a weekday lunch venue but peaceful and no riff raff! I almost forgot I was in Ealing!
emma - 2 Feb 2004 22:30
Just writing to say the DJ you had
on xmas eve and New year night was excellent well done
Bash - 8 Jan 2004 00:23
It is pricier and sterile compared with The North Star, which is staffed by artist-types.

It does come off as a wannabe.

However its not a bad bar and a welcome replacement for Yates, now all the up-and-coming toe-rags have moved on to the Green.

North Star for the masses.
Riz - 27 Dec 2003 15:35
the only place in ealing where your sure your little sisters posse wont turn up mature fun with a touch of class well done on shutting down yates.
anonymous - 30 Nov 2003 15:07
I'm over 20, so why on earth would i like Yate's! Thank goodness that now it's named HA HA and seem to attract the adults as apposed to the teens.
Fi - 3 Oct 2003 15:25
BRAVO! I hated Yates (since I'm over 14), but since it's been done up there's no little munchkin boys looking for a fight! You can sit in the terrace outside and watch the world go by with a surprisingly good pint...Go there most evenings now!
Mart - 6 Sep 2003 14:04
It's so much better there now. The kids have gone over to Parkview or the Green or whatever. The terrace out the front is lovely and there's a good choice of lagers.
Stuart - 27 Aug 2003 14:57
What a shame the old Yates's has gone, best pub in town, fun every weekend. loads of loevly ladies there to.
Jimbob - 6 Jul 2003 07:54
It has now closed down and is being refurbed into something called Ha Ha Bar and Canteen
Natasha - 1 Jul 2003 17:17
Great pub a good few years back but may be that was cause I was a tinnybopper then! Bit rough now I reckon!
Viking - 13 Jun 2003 15:06
This is a very dangerous place. If you don't have a black belt in karate don't go. Your get hurt. Windows and glass coming from every direction. Only go on week days. Bouncers and staff are nice and friendly.But can be rude sometimes.
ete,ottes - 28 Apr 2003 13:32
Absolute Dive - designer teen pub.terrible service if over 18 avoid you'll feel old
anonymous - 17 Apr 2003 16:05
How did this get a high rating? The pub is nice but the clientele is not, it's full of "Ben Sherman" types.
jonnytango - 8 Feb 2003 06:44

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