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Shaston Arms, Soho

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Dingy Hall & Woodhouse pub just off Carnaby Street serving below-par Badger ales to unsuspecting tourists. Never again.
plymouthpirate - 16 Apr 2014 13:24
Popped in with friends the other day for a pint. I havent been in here for a few years but I really enjoyed my visit.

Like so many central pubs they are no charging £4.10 for a Guinness which seems to be sadly the norm. That aside it tasted good and was well poured and the staff were friendly!

Will definitely visit again :)
Miker1234 - 19 Jan 2013 00:17
It's nice to find a Badger's house in the heart of Soho, and like several other pubs around here, small is beuatiful. Busy but if you persevere, you will find enough seating inside.
16jamesdoc - 2 Oct 2012 09:30
Lovely pub with little alcoves all about the place, interesting London history on the walls and decent ale on tap.

Gets exceptionally busy in the evening, though they let people stand out the front, within reason. Despite that popularity, in my experience it rarely takes long to get served.
cid - 13 Jul 2012 22:02
Decent enough pub with a reasonable selection of Badger beers. Worth a quick one if you're passing.
R.Swipe - 6 Mar 2012 21:04
Great central pub selling Badger Ale which was very tasty. Despite being quite busy, the bar staff were polite and efficient and was never any problems waiting to be served. Will return. A Goodun!
Don1 - 13 Dec 2011 16:24
Pleasant enough pub. Beer ok but not brilliantly poured.

Best to try and get seats near the door as it seemed a little confined further back.
willesden_seadog - 3 Jul 2011 15:00
Very pleasant pub just off Carnanby Street that does a nice pint of Badger's. Can get quite busy but service is good.
lambethdoylee - 2 Feb 2011 12:33
Popped in on a saturday afternoon and found the last available table. Me and my friends pints of badger did not taste right. It was on the turn, the barmaid would not swap for a different ale, only swap it for another pint of badger, was not impressed!
legionuk - 30 Jan 2011 07:36
Agree with Dementer. Great little pub selling Badger Beer. Great service. Friendly staff. Despite the fact that we were all "half cut" at best.

Best pint of a long evening. Recommended!!!
TheHorsesMouth - 27 Oct 2010 14:26
Cracking bozzer all the drinks be it beer or wine in our party were on fine form staff very friendly, so all in all a very good pub.
Dementer - 16 Sep 2010 11:23
Enjoyed several pints of very well-kept Lemony Cricket (3.25 per pint) last night. Also had Tanglefoot and First Gold on tap.
Deceivingly busy from the outside due to lots of people crowded on the pavement, but plenty of seats inside. Let the bar staff know you're going to be sat inside, else you'll get a plastic pint glass.
Anyway, to echo previous comments, it's a decent boozer, doesn't get horrifically busy as it's slightly tucked away, serves good beer and does close very soon after 11pm.
If you're looking for food, can't comment, but enjoyed a couple of packets of McCoys, if that's any help!
duchyjim - 25 Jun 2010 10:06
My goodness, what a delightful pub this - so out of character with the West End as a whole. I can't remember what the lager was - mono brow or something that sounded like that but it was perfectly palatable. My Guinness drinking friends had no complaints either.

However, what makes this pub is the friendly staff - very jolly they were, even when ushering us al fresco rabble out of the road and back onto the path for the 5th time.

If it had a late licence I'd be giving it the whole 10 but a very well justified 9 from me. Good work.
ronmanager - 5 Aug 2009 12:41
Fantastic pub ... has instantly become one of my favourite places to drink in London.

Tanglefoot on draught, and the HB lager is also very nice.

Good music and nice atmos. Was a huge crowd outside last Friday, but I still got served quickly and there was even tables available inside.

Friendly bar staff especially Sally the manager who is a diamond.

Can't praise it highly enough.

If you like this place, try it's sister pub at Charing Cross ... The Ship and Shovel.
Pat_Bateman - 30 Apr 2009 11:26
Seemed a good pub to me, First Gold on tap, and a friendly crowd - rare for Soho. It's a bit difficult to manoeuvre to the bar, but the clientele seem to accept that and don't mewl when you try to get past them.
nk74 - 16 Mar 2009 16:25
i go in here every couple of months when in london. excellent pleasant service , pleasant atmosphere ,friendly punters. and re previous poster masala zone 30 secs away!...excellent
canarly - 10 Jan 2009 12:08
A proper Hall and Woodhouse boozer selling a good range proper Hall and Woodhouse booze which is always a winner in my book.

Not sure what Quinno is talking about, certainly never noticed a particular proliferation of Independent readers or any kind of whiff of lavender whenever I've been here.
MrLash - 12 Jun 2007 12:09
A real ale gay bar, or so it seemed to me, or maybe there was a big gay convention there on Saturday!

Not too bad if you like Badger beers, it's a bit compact so getting a seat can be tricky. Worth a stop, but not much reason to stay beyond a pint - unless it really is a real gay ale bar, and you are a real gay ale drinker!
Quinno - 13 Dec 2006 22:55
I am a big fan of Badgers Beers and so enjoyed my visit here on Saturday. Only two real ales on offer, Tanglefoot and First Gold. I went for First Gold which I have only ever had in bottle before and it was one of the nicest pints I have sampled in a long while.
Found the service to be good. Everything good really.
giantelf - 31 Oct 2006 19:33
Been here a few times and find it a super little pub. We were there after a riverside walk on a beautiful sunny day and sat outside. Incidentally, outside is best for totty-spotting and the barmaids are all gorgeous! I drank the Stinger which was in good condition. Recommended for moving on to the Masala Zone a few yards away!
roobs52 - 30 Sep 2006 23:16
I don't have a problem with it in most pubs but some just seem to trap it. How smokeee a place is may determine whether someone chooses to go there or not so it's fair enough to mention it in my book, particularly on a review site and especially if it's made me feel physically sick.

I was definitely having a bad time with the smowke last night but there's an outside that I tarred this and the other pub I visited with the same brush as the Argyll Arms, which had already made me feel rough.

Best I get back to school now to do some lines and work on avoiding dodgy puns.
mitomighty - 21 Sep 2006 19:05
It was quite smokey in there and the Stinger I had didn't taste great. I've had a nice pint in there before though. The girls behind the bar were nice enough but it's a small bar and I wouldn't want to go when it is really busy. Overall, quite nice. It's a relatively new pub isn't it?
mitomighty - 20 Sep 2006 17:14
Good pub. Really nice, genuine, intimate interior. Good beer, but I agree with some of the comments about the service. Best to go during the day for a quiet pint. Go on a Friday night, especially in the summer, at your peril.
ChapmanBaxter - 5 Sep 2006 22:57
Small but perfectly formed boozer. Tanglefoot on tap which is a favourite of mine and I also enjoyed a pint of the Badger/River Cottage nettle ale, which I believe is strained through a pair of Hugh Fearnley-Wostits old underpants.
ChrisF - 4 Sep 2006 12:26
Great wee pub, Lovely for an early lunch time pint, as the street seems to catch the light beautifully at this time?
Inside is always welcoming and friendly with a nice unpretentious mixed crowd.

Good selection of non generic lagers as well.

Jesper - 31 Mar 2006 17:47
I like this place. Always seem to end up there when I'm meant to be present shopping 2 days from Christmas. Not too many meejas. A little haven.
patrickjsm - 11 Feb 2006 21:23
On the plus side - usually a very decent pint of Tanglefoot in here, on the minus - you could die of thirst waiting for it on a busy night. Basically one of Soho's better boozers though and a regular(-ish) haunt for yours truly.
tim_eyles - 30 Jan 2006 01:16
Had a lovely couple of pints of seasonal Festive Pheasant in here. Nice pub, good service, very comfortable. Nice music. Food looked good value but didn't eat here. Definitely will go back.
anonymous - 21 Jan 2006 21:10
This pub does the mighty HB lager, imported from Munich. Nowhere near as old as it looks... if memory serves this place was converted from a sandwich shop and one of those shortlived designer soup outlets. How ironic that a new pub has being created to look like a really old one, now nearly all the genuine old ones have been refurbed into blandness. Have to say, standards have declined a bit since it opened... tables not being cleared when its busy, and slowish service sometimes. There's also a bloke in a suit who's sometimes in there with his braying city-type mates who might be the biggest w@anker on the planet.

All in all, pretty good though.
Albert_Campion - 2 Dec 2005 17:45
Small and trendy Hall & Woodhouse pub lacking in character, but crowded anyway. Serving bar is in the right half of the building in a narrow corridor which is separated from the pub itself by a thick wall into which passageways have been hacked. Feels like an abandoned BR waiting room. Nice crowd of ordinary lower middle class 30 somethings.
SilkTork - 7 Oct 2005 21:52
Visited 14 Sep 05. This Hall and Woodhouse pub and their usual range of Badger beers. We had Tanglefoot, which with its revised recipe was marvelous. Luckily we caught the pub just after the lunchtime rush, and so got friendly prompt service, and managed to get a table.

This pub's charm is also it's downfall. It is tiny and compartmented. The space at the bar is highly restricted, and is no fun at all when crowded, but seems very quaint when just ticking over. I can't comment on the quality of the food, but it looked pretty good as it was brought to other customers.

Definately one of the better pubs in the area.
cackgsy - 15 Sep 2005 08:51
Great interior, dark and inviting, lots of booths lit by low-wattage bulbs and ancient red candles. Tends to get extremely busy during the week, frequently overflowing into the street. Food is pretty standard pub-grub, sandwiches and the like.
benr - 5 Apr 2005 11:52
A nice spot to go have a drink in. Can get overly packed during the week with annoying new meeja types in NHS specs but nice at the weekend when its less busy. Great interior.
Jack Knight - 24 Aug 2004 12:05
Better than the nearby White Horse in winter, but getting a pint on a summer evening can be a long and ardous affair!
Terrence - 8 Apr 2004 10:21

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