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Prince George, Hackney

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I'm not and most definitely not a hipster, but I have been to this pub a couple of times and I think it's great. A good selection of beer, friendly staff and a tasteful refurbishment. It most definitely not full of hipsters despite what earlier posts state.
kristianJ - 11 Mar 2017 20:01
My one and only visit so far to this pub was after attending a game at the Emirates.

We got the bus down to Dalston Junction and then walked round here later on a Summer Sunday afternoon.

Busy outside, empty inside due to the good weather.

3 ales on hand pumps, I had 2 different beers and both were good. The services was fine but I was made to feel slightly like an outsider while I waited to be served.

Not much more to say about this place, I probably will return if I'm in the area and wanting a pint of ale

lezford - 29 Nov 2013 13:48
We are close neighbours to this pub and occasionally pop in for a drink. We went there on this Sunday just past (15/09/13) and couldn't believe how badly we were treated! There was no queue at the bar and yet 3 members of staff managed to completely ignore us for 4 minutes, in spite of us being right in front of them. The two female staff were too busy having their own conversation to stop to serve us and the male member of staff just blatantly didn't seem to want to serve us. Will not be going back and will not recommend to anyone.
BillyAngel - 18 Sep 2013 18:06
"The artistic leanings of a young, upwardly mobile community"

You know, there are only so many silly haircuts/beards, wafer-thin cardigans, skinny jeans and plimsolls one can handle in a crowded pub of an evening.

The clientele of the Prince George are, in fact, actually a parody of themselves. Rich kids sporting charity shop ironic "chic" - I might just pop in next time with cream chinos and a cashmere sweater just to look alternative.

That said, it's a decent pub with an interesting selection of beers. Pints of Fullers' Honey Dew lager, for instance. Served (reassuringly expensive) in a large continental-style goblet. Sometimes, anyway.

Late opening too when I visited, which is always a bonus. Worth a visit, despite the proliferation of aforementioned arty weird beards.
shoegazer - 10 Jul 2011 17:25
A promising pub this one. Let down unfortunately by the rudest staff I've ever seen! I will not be going back, despite it being pretty much my local pub. I've given it several tries but after the hilariously bad service I was given last week by soma complete idiot dressed as a Specials wannabe who wouldnt know polite service and manners if they bit him...Im staying well away.
Stoker - 30 Jul 2010 15:06
If one were leaving one's bail hostel on Dalston Lane of a Summer's evening, it is doubtful that one could do better than this affable public house in the Hackney Central environs. It is set amidst the Georgian and early Victorian terraces between Queensbridge and Richmond Road in just about the only architecturally pleasant area of Hackney (De Beauvoir Square excepted). It has a Fullers range and others. The ambience is provided by dark stained wood and compartmentalisation provided by a pleasantly crowded arrangement of furniture. Good juke box of the flippy CD kind. Some of the music is good, some of it ironic. The clientele are much given to wearing stipped leggings, wool jumpers and other clothes that scream I am rich but wish to give the appearance of being poor. I was tempted to put make up on whilst crossing the room. It has a friendly atmosphere and, gasp, there were sufficient bar staff on so that people were not kept waiting.

Recommended. God knows where you would go afterwards, though. Perhaps the Pembury Tavern as we did, or a train somewhere else (Richmond to Woolwich line has some merit).
BitterShurn - 1 Jun 2009 18:33
Tucked away down a residential street, this was a pleasant find - a relatively untampered-with local boozer. Fuller's Chiswick and Pride and Gale's Seafarer on the pumps - a tad expensive at 3.20 a pint. Excellent jukebox (Nick Cave, JAMC and Scott Walker were played during our visit). Mainly young crowd and a good atmosphere. I'll be back.
holbornboy - 14 Apr 2009 12:17
Perhaps problematic as the gentrification of Hackey ain't to everyone's taste. This is probably the inner sanctum of that process - very white, very middle class and they are kidding nobody with the jars of cockles - luckily the brine ensures longevity in this case. All this said, an undeniably pleasant pub that combines the relaxed feel of a traditional boozer with the artistic leanings of a young, upwardly mobile community. Excellent.
BoehmBawerk - 25 Mar 2009 17:42
went a couple of days ago. great beer but crazily overpriced (3.20 for a pint of woodfords wherry??) for where and what it is. really nice pub, good rooms, pool table etc but what a bunch of chiefs for barstaff. the bar staff act like they're doing you a favour serving you. their mobile conversations are more important than anything else it seems. manager is a total lamb-chopped cheeseball. if it wasn't for the staff and prices this would be a great pub. as it is it's somewhere i'm going to avoid like the plague from now on... shame.
ihatetheprincegeorge - 3 Oct 2008 18:14
went a couple of days ago. great beer but crazily overpriced for where and what it is. really nice pub, good rooms, pool table etc but what a bunch of chiefs for barstaff. the bar staff act like they're doing you a favour serving you. their mobile conversations are more important than anything else it seems. manager is a total lamb-chopped cheeseball. if it wasn't for the staff and prices this would be a great pub. as it is it's somewhere i'm going to avoid like the plague from now on... shame.
ihatetheprincegeorge - 3 Oct 2008 18:11
this pub is effectively now the north edge of shoreditch - so you might want to check it out, or avoid accordingly
trappist_punk - 23 Sep 2008 19:36
Yupppie pub. I like the rooms and the decor. The beer is decent but narrow in range, and the price is somewhat prohibitive.
The Pembury Tavern is a short walk away, if you're looking for beer.
Dimple_mug - 17 Sep 2008 18:12
Nice enough pub with a good range of beers, but WARNING:

The Prince George is a magnet for bike thieves, bikes are stolen and vandalised on a daily/nightly basis (literally) and right under the noses of the pub staff. There seems to be no willingness to prevent this localised crime wave from the staff or management - who are disinterested at best.

This is obviously not a safe place to lock your bike up and would guess, because of the surrounding criminal activity of the gangs that carry out the thefts, neither an ideal place to leave your car, scooter or motorbike.

AlanHessky - 19 Aug 2008 00:16
bike thieves abound - hundreds of bikes have been stolen from here, every night. The Landlord is at best completely uncaring about this, if not complicit in these thefts. Anyone inadvertently disturbing a professional bike thief is at serious risk.
fredd - 18 Aug 2008 22:55
Simply average. The good jukebox and pleasant decor is let down by the clientele, bar staff and prices. I think the views expressed here are fairly accurate. It's one of my locals so I reluctantly spend some time there, but always get annoyed. The staff seem more interested in tweaking their moustaches and twisting strands of their asymmetric haircuts to put any effort into pulling pints and getting through the hoards of customers two deep at the bar.
Parfifty - 11 Jul 2007 12:16
I strongly disagree with M.O.G. - this is not a dump but a charming backstreets Victorian pub.

The juke box has decent music on & is not too loud.

There is a nice room out the back which is dark and cozy; you sit on a turn of the century railway bench, and a pretty Art Nouveau lamp lights the curve of the bar that extends into the room.

The beer is fine, but I'm ashamed to say I escaped buying a round and cannot speak for the prices - if they're high then that's bad (London Fields & around seems to have skyrocketed.)
AbeC - 9 Jul 2007 13:47
A dump.
M.O.G. - 30 May 2007 16:29
So the pints have gone down in price at The Salisbury? Funny, they seem to have risen at least ten pence at The Shakespeare and The Prince George. Apparently custom is down on Green Lanes, so drinkers in Stokey and Hackney get to subsidise the non-performer. Two pounds ninety five for a pint of London Pride in N16 is a bit of a premium for pubs that haven't seen any real maintenance for quite some time.
Time to consider some other options?
lowroader - 1 May 2007 20:12
Hmmm, The Shakespeare, The Prince George, The Salisbury...all similar comments:

Positive: Great jukeboxes and pub grub.

Negative: Beer too expensive, not great...lager cheap n czech, yet sold at West End prices.

Lack of maintenance and/or cleanliness

In short, pubs past their prime....what could the link be, Holmes?
lowroader - 6 Mar 2007 17:07
Gone right downhill sadly, I've been coming here for years. Popped in on Saturday evening with a few friends - place was absolutely *heaving*, not in a nice beery pub way, just plain overcrowded. Hot, sweaty and smoky. The beer is average - there are better pints of Pride to be had, and I've had to send back pints of Abbot Ale because they have been, quite simply, 'off'. The landlord can be rude, too.

On a quiet afternoon, perhaps, but I won't be returning here in a hurry. Try the Pembury Tavern instead.

lighterthief - 27 Sep 2006 22:02
Off you go to the Spurstowe (clone pub) for your nine quid burger and chips then 'hackneylad', AND DON'T COME BACK!
danrkelly - 31 May 2006 13:48
Once good pub now redeemed only by the regulars, many of whom are nevertheless slowly drifting away. The bitter is dreadful and the lager some cheap rubbish sold at massive profit. The place is filthy - the gents loos regularly swim with urine. The Monday quiz (where are brilliant quizmasters Mike and Simon?) is now pathetic and just about soaps. And - get this - despite the fact that like everywhere else the place has a later licence, the (very rude) landlord and landlady still lock the doors at 11 and pretend it's a lock-in, so you have to ring the bell on a side door to get in! Thank heavens for the Spurstowe just down the road.
hackneylad - 31 May 2006 10:21
On a summer afternoon/evening this attractive pub in a leafy Dalston back-street is a wonderful place to sit outside with a drink. Probably one of my favourite London pubs for that reason.
beermann - 7 May 2006 04:51
Best pub on the planet. Full stop.
boomshake - 28 Mar 2006 14:54
Handsome wooden bar, globe lights, bust of Brunel, three or four real ales, nice mix of customers (from builders to trendy young things). At present The Prince George is my favourite Hackney pub.
clissold345 - 18 Feb 2006 19:14
Great building, nice open fire, no food, no kids, extensive wine selection, great duke-box and the bar staff are superb. BUT the beer was crap and the landlord/landlady are crap as well. All in all nice venue/staff but let down by the managers and the beer(s).
BigSi - 24 Nov 2005 09:49
brilliant. wicked juke box too
tanderson7 - 7 Apr 2005 16:13
Still a good pub but sad to say the famous Monday night quiz has gone right down the bog since Mike and Simon stopped doing it, the new bloke is about as charismatic as a paving stone. It can also get unbearably smoky in the evenings, get some ventilation in for god's sake!
grr - 10 Dec 2004 16:37
Proper old skool pub with a genuine mix of locals and monied 30 somethings. Nice yard at the front for those barmy summer evenings. Quiz on a Monday is good as is the beer.
Dan - 7 May 2004 09:34
Fantastic locals pub. great beer. east end bar grub - cockles, winkles. esoteric jukebox. locals/arty bohemian crowd. great lock-ins.
Ben - 19 Feb 2004 17:31
Fantastic bar that lay hidden from me for 18 months of living in Dalston! A demonly hard pub quiz; exotic bar snacks and a nice range of beer...if you're lucky on a Sunday free prawns, herring and roast potatos too. Down side is the beer can be flat sometimes and the bottled beer too warm.
Dave Howes - 11 Dec 2003 12:11

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