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Medicine Bar, Islington

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Albert and Pearl

This is a lounge/cocktail bar and I spotted Amstel and Kronenburg, but couldnít read the other pumps as it was too dark and the names on the metal etched handles are too feint.

I asked for a Guinness, which they had, and the friendly barman served me a decent pint, but Iíll not be returning as this is not my scene.
Strongers - 8 Sep 2009 23:30
No, it really doesn't seem much like a pub either. No real ale, high prices, all a bit chichi.
rainlight - 23 Aug 2009 09:18
Now back to being called the Albert and Pearl, hosts a night called Decline and Fall among others. The website is another Pointless Flash one and the drinks list includes cocktails, wine, but not beer. Cocktail bars have their place (how about overlooking the Mediterranean on a warm summer evening?) but this doesn't sound like a pub.
rainlight - 8 Jun 2009 07:56
I think the reviews below explain why it has closed down!
celt7 - 6 Oct 2008 16:58
more chavs and wide boys to wield a stick at!
o.huntersmith - 10 Jun 2008 14:24
Over-priced, over-rated over-blown just so... OVER. Honestly, I came here once when it was allegedly "cool", found it unbearably try-hard and frankly, naff, so vowed never to go back. A few years down the line, I ended up being dragged back for a "social". Oh, how I wish I hadn't bothered. The decor is depressing,I guess they are going for "lounge" but this is more Next Shop Front than Sanderson Hotel, the toilets are dirty and don't even MENTION the cheap, broken, plastic pound shop toilet seats. Ah well, I just did.
Don't get me wrong, I am no snob, I have spent many a cheery night in various dive bars, chain bars and hovels, however, what really really riles about this place is that the staff are so incredibly sullen and RUDE.And not in a funny Wonkei way, but just unpleasant and sneery...they will quite happily conduct a convo in full view of the customer, then fix a withering look as, 10 minutes later, they decide to serve you. Honestly, 10 minutes, no exaggeration.To be so incredibly snooty and up yourself whilst wearing a plastic Alice Band, is some feat. The glasses are not very clean, the drinks list somewhat limited, though they do have San Miguel on tap. But so what? The ambience is really dank,and the whole place feels simultaniously grubby,unwelcoming, cold and old hat. All at the same time.The type of place that wants to be Hoxton but is actually more like Southend. In an area with a host of establishments to choose from, it beggars belief this cowboy operation is still in business.The whole place screams out "fake". Do yourself a favour, and stay at home. Medicine Bar simply doesn't WORK.
anonymous - 21 Jan 2007 23:01
One of the birth places of ponce. Pointlessly rude staff who take themselves far too seriously. There's nothing to really recommend about it.
insekt - 28 Nov 2006 00:42
I was barred for asking why I had to take my tie off. I didn't refuse mind; I was asking why as I was removing it. The ponce became very uppity, and because I didn't say yes sir yes sir, he ended up asking me not to come back! That was in 1999, and from what I've heard it's become even worse.
anonymous - 12 Apr 2006 17:18
Really found it to be the best dj led bar in the area. compared to the big company owned robotic offers elsewhere, it's the tops.

anonymous - 12 Apr 2006 17:12
A great place! Awesome couches and chairs, as well as a nice atmophere to start off a night. Make sure you take in the sun on the roof terrace! Staff ok, nothing flash but you get beer.....very important.
Randy_Campbell - 20 Jun 2005 13:10
used be cool and interesting in here long before the Shoreditch bar explosion, as per below, it's run down, the staff are pretty affected rather than pretty effective. Upper street is a bit to touristy/chav for my tastes nowadays. Pity
danrkelly - 13 Apr 2005 15:09
The best thing about this bar stopped working behind the bar 3-4 years ago.

Agree with all below. Been going to this bar for 6-7 years. Had some fantastically memorable nights here only 3 years ago including a joint birthday for my sister and me upstairs.

Went there again quite recently on a Friday night expecting a good time. Instead all I got was a lame evening that finished at 11. Very poor.

As for the, what service?
Wastoid - 9 Feb 2005 13:02
Can't say fairer than the comments on this website. A once-great bar that now punts out mediocre music and doesn't have enough bar-space or staff to serve the large number of punters it still attracts.
anonymous - 9 Feb 2005 12:07
this place always makes me laugh. when you pay for a pint the staff give you your change back on one of those little silver trays. as if you're going to tip them for the attitude! the staff are consistently horrible and most of the chairs are broken. can't help feeling that somebody's running it into the ground deliberately just for the insurance money.
have given it one point purely on the basis that it's such a cliche of snotty service and customer disdain. which is slightly amusing in a spinal-tap kind of way.
podge - 7 Jan 2005 11:58
It's a bit different in here now with the new decor but it's not got reclaimed it's old status as the place to go for a hassle free and class night out. I was disappointed with the service and the crowd. It was a bit like the Angel bar down the other end of Upper Street but without the entrance fee! Medicine in Shoreditch was better.
anonymous - 21 Nov 2004 21:37
horible music i must say, if you go with friends you might have fun together but definately not good dance
mary - 4 Nov 2004 21:29
Dont bother. Snotty bar-staff who cannot serve a decent drink with a smile do not cut it any more. Not that that is unusual these days on Upper Street.

My advice? Give upper street a miss until there is a handful of half-decent bars, and essentially, a decent club. This area is in desperate need.

Unless you are a CHAV steer clear.

Dave - 1 Oct 2004 04:23
unfortunately the only people who seemed to be comfortable in here last weekend were the staff - far too preoccupied with themselves to give a monkeys about customer service! Really not what you want to be faced with when you're up for a night out.
stella - 11 Sep 2004 00:19
Not a bad place however made the mistake of going here after work and was told that i had to remove my tie- obviously trying too hard to be trendy-just on that alone won't be going again--"ohhh your ssoooooo exclusive!!"
Better get my hair in a stupid mullet and wear a rude/unfunny slogan t-shirt for my next visit!!!!
matthew - 28 Jul 2004 12:39
Lovely pub - shame about the service. Possibly the worst I have experienced apart from when i used to work at the Cafe Casbah in Covent Garden
Siobhain - 18 Dec 2003 10:54
Trendy and modern without being too poncey and up it's own arse. Retaining those rough edges was a wise choice.
Good for: just hanging out.
thenationofjames - 28 Nov 2003 13:52
Always packed on the weekends, with a late licence and a good mix of music, one of the most popular bars on upper st.
Ray - 25 Nov 2003 16:13

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