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Wrong 'Un, Bexleyheath

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user reviews of the Wrong 'Un, Bexleyheath

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This is the older of Bexleyheath's two Wetherspoon's pubs, which are at either end of the town. Mine was an early morning visit, in a bid to fit in as many of the town's pubs. I indulged in a breakfast, as alcohol is not served until 9am. It's a fairly typical Wetherspoon's interior, being quite dark, with mainly open-plan seating and booths along one side wall. Service was pleasant. The usual Wetherspoon's ales were on here - Greene King Abbot, Ruddles Best & Sharp's Doom Bar. There were also 3 guests - Nelson Admiral IPA & Nelson's Blood & Portobello Central Line Red. In addition, they also have Old Rosie as a real cider. Fairly average place. But, one of the better places in this town for a decent beer (or cider).
blue_scrumpy - 28 Apr 2019 15:26
The beer on offer here is good and well priced, but they can't get points for that as that's the chain's business decision and not their own. There's always a crowd of old, loud, men talking balls and it makes it hard to talk with anyone you go there with. It seems to have a few regular alcoholics and there always seems to be at least one person talking way, way too loudly.
Some folk bring their kids here so they can be ignored there rather than at home, and that makes drinking there even worse. The food is fine, microwaved to perfection, I would just say don't go there if you have a chocie but, if you do, get a booth and also take a fly swat with you as it constantly has little black flies buzzing in your face. It's also not fun having to walk through guffs of cigarette smoke to get into the place.
Pubs rarely annoy me, but this one succeeds admirably.
If you want to go to a Wetherspoons, go to the Furze. If you want to go to an actually decent pub, go to the Prince Albert or the Robin Hood and Little John.
lechaise1977 - 5 Feb 2017 15:44
Wetherspoons, but better than many of those nearby in SE London. On my visit I enjoyingly drank Old Thumper at £2.49. Like many Spoons sold shots like sambukas at 3 for £5. Was very busy, standing room only, but it was a December Friday.
southlondonbeero - 31 Dec 2016 12:33
Old style 'spoons that I haven't visited for over 15 years.

Still a decent pub with none of the plebs that frequent the Broadway pubs further up.

8 pumps offering ales with 4 of the pumps being given over to Adnams on my visit. I opted for the Fat Sprat Amber Ale and it did not disappoint. Again as expected a very reasonable £2.15 a pint.

All in a very decent pub / 'spoons...I understand the Robin Hood is the best, I'll be back on another day for that one.
lezford - 8 Sep 2013 13:42
not a bad wetherspoons, probably could do with some more lighting but overall a good pub
Alman66 - 12 Oct 2011 14:07
Not bad for a weatherspoons, good variety of punter, from suited old gents to youngsters mixing well. Dark inside due to lack of windows, alright at night but not on a sunny day. Built on the site of an old cricket ground, hence the name the wrong un (a type of bowling action). Once had a big staute of WC Grace inside but chavs slowly but surely ruined it, stealing the bat first, and like the great man himself it is now gone completely. Downside is that it can get very busy, if so abit of a nightmare getting served, as spoons never employ enough staff, to keep costs down. As with most spoons serves food and coffee, resturant and childrens section towards the rear of the pub. Curry night is on thursdays, I tried it once, as they dared me to try the Phal. What a let down, (wasn't any hotter than a madras in real curry house). The poppadum was bendy and the nan bread almost dislodged one of my fillings!! but then what did I really expect, you get what you pay for. Overall, serves a purpose, worth a visit but only just.
milo71 - 6 Jul 2011 14:39
Small Spoons with a limited real ale selection but they had two Weltons beers on our visit. OK as they go.
GuideDogSaint - 27 Jun 2011 22:42
Very nice pint of Orkney quaffed here. Friendly barmaid too, helped me out with directions to next spoons lol 7/10
fat_beer_badger - 20 May 2011 20:31
I've always found the staff friendly in this place even if they do seem to change every time I go there.

Always a good selection of ales to choose from.

The one thing I like about this Spoons is that the toilets are on the same level. The Flying Boat, Paper Moon in Dartford and The Turnpike in Welling all have upstairs toilets.
zapsincl - 5 Feb 2010 22:17
My wife and I frequent this Wetherspoon's watering hole fairly regularly, primarily for the budget if I'm honest (much, much prefer the Robin down the road!) plus my wife can't get enough of their Mexican spicy chicken wrap thing. I've given it a 7/10, because it does always have a decent range of beers on at low prices and the food's pretty good for the money too. I've marked it down though due to some of the more unsavoury gin-soaked regulars (not really the pub's fault, but they make the place look untidy) and on more than one occasion I've felt uncomfortable at the bar whilst my barman and his colleague exchange foul insults, in full view of their patrons. Not exactly professional, I'm sure you'll agree. But, despite this, I still come here so it can't be all that bad. I try to avoid it at night though, as the flat-capped chav element of Bexleyheath come out to play in all their loud-mouthed, Burberry checked glory.

Worth a visit for a cheap lunch and decent pint though.
PMA - 5 Jan 2010 17:47
Fairly standard 'spoons, but I didn't really like the atmosphere inside this place. Had a fair selection of the real ale festival beers on at a very reasonable 1.69. Unfortunately, the one I chose run out part-way through pouring, but the half-wit behind the bar went to fill the rest of the pint up with my alternative selection and then looked rather puzzled when I asked him to stop and get a fresh glass...
rpadam - 11 Nov 2009 22:33
Staff are rude and over stretched. Pub itslef is ok, quite a good range of real ales, but if you want more selection go to the Robin Hood and Little John
sturpy - 18 Sep 2009 12:47
watch the staff they try to overcharge
when the vouchers where in use still trying to charge the full price
you have been warned
bexleypete - 1 Feb 2009 15:58
Gets very busy during the weekend, and have never had a bad experience here. Bar staff seem more professional than the other Wetherspoons in Bexleyheath. Not too bad at all
drinkdrinkdrink - 7 Jan 2009 03:20
one of two spoons either end of bexleyheath, o.k. but the other one just shades it
vinnnie - 15 Dec 2008 12:41
Fairly typical town Wetherspoons, reasonable selection of ales although I don't feel that it has demonstrated the consistent high quality required to earn a GBG entry. The guide description says that CAMRA members are amongst the bar staff so maybe that explains things!
Islander - 12 Dec 2008 17:23
Not as good as The Furze Wren for service or beer, but it's OK. Clientel can be on the rough side late afternoon onwards especially later in the week and with people spilling out on the pavement outside.
Mike142 - 30 Jun 2008 14:56
Pretty much a stereotypical Wetherspoons with little in the way of aesthetic value but the usual excellent range of bargain beers and cheap food. The low ceiling and deep interior make it a bit claustrophobic and despite the largely glass frontage, the natural light starts to disappear at the rear of the pub. There is plenty of seating and along one side opposite the bar are a few intimate snugs. Lots of local historical snippets dotted about and the usual silent TV, fruit machines and a cash machine are present. I have never had any problem with the service and the Wrong 'Un basically does everything you would normally expect of a Wetherspoons without it being overly appealing.
RogerB - 30 Jun 2008 12:18
Haven't been in this pub for a few years and made the mistake of going in there to-day just after 12 noon.

Only one person serving although the number of punters would not have overworked him. The worst thing about this place was that there were NO guest beers on whatsoever. There was one waiting to come on and it eventually did at about 4 o'clock. Another had appeared at about 2.30 pm. When asked why the obligatory 2 guest beers were not available, the answer that they had run out - what before lunch-time in a very quiet pub!

Usual food and the service was quick due to lack of customers.

One thing is definite, we will not be visitng this pub again.
wyndham - 11 Jun 2008 22:35
Busy pub, but no rowdies. Good priced ale, and nice chips if you want to be fat. Usually get a seat ok, but plenty of standing room. No car park, so its on foot from the overpriced Bexley car park nearby.
middenmaker - 30 Nov 2007 20:52
After a visit yesterday evening (Oct 18th), Im pleased to upgrade my rating to a well deserved 7 out of 10 for Bexleyheaths The Wrong Un. It certainly seemed a lot more appealing than previous experiences. It was busy, yet the service was prompt and with a smile. The curry was excellent and washed down with a well-conditioned pint of Pedigree. I still prefer its Welling equivalent, but oh yes, here is much improved.
HTM69 - 19 Oct 2007 20:29
business has picked up a lot since the new manager has come in, very little in the way of trouble nowadays and it is non smoking which makes it great for a quick bite to eat, also the cheapes pub in the area. I recomend it.
GavinMcClean - 5 Jun 2007 10:41

I havent ventured into The Wrong Un in Bexleyheath for near on a year now, so cannot comment on changes since its gone non-smoking. However, I have found it to be a mixed bag on the visits I have made in the past. Interior wise, its very drab and a little dingy. I recall it being a little dirty (though maybe that has improved of late) but of course, being a Spoons, gets plus points for price and selection. The clientele have seemingly being of the usual mould for the chain and can add to the untidiness. This isnt one of the better establishments in the chain and the fairly nearby New Cross Turnpike (situated in Welling) is a much better, especially in the summer with its little beer patio.

HTM69 - 6 Feb 2007 02:48
somtimes go for a meal there saturday evening,foods a bit pot luck,but the no smoking rule seems to have improved the place, not bad as spoons go
vinnnie - 16 Jan 2007 12:40
My boycott didn't last long I have to admit. a friend insisted on going recently much to my annoyance but I was pleasantly surprised. It is now non smoking which seems to have deterred the chavs and young un's from the pub as per the previous users comments. service was still a bit slow but it was nice to be able to go home without smelling of smoke. It also allows us to take our pregnant friend out somewhere! If they improve the service I may be encouraged to go more often!
london_fox - 27 Jun 2006 14:39
Well done - stopped smoking and with that all the young chavs and the like have gone. You can now have a drink (cheaply priced) without putting up with all the wrong uns of Bexleyheath. I smoke but I have to say for this pub its a positive step.
anonymous - 1 Jun 2006 13:49
I went past this pub on the bus the other day and I noticed it's now non-smoking. I know every pub will be from next summer, but this is the final nail in the coffin of what was already, not very good pub.
HTM69 - 16 May 2006 00:29
Go during the day and the average age is 99.9 years old, go in the evening and the average age is 10.

Not quite as bad as in the previous comment, but a firend of mine got IDed on her 19th Birthday. That's not too bad, i work in a pub so i understand they have to ID everyone and there's no tolerance to those without ID. But it becomes rediculous when her younger sister (16), who looks about 17 (not the require 21) is a regular and has never got IDed...
Kaylee - 2 May 2006 12:23
Went to this pub recently for a catch up with an old school friend. was slightly annoyed to be asked for ID especially as I used to serve the guy when i worked in one of the other pubs in Bexleyheath. Got the drinks in and was then ID again by the manager later in the night but as my friend who is 25 and married didn't have ID on her we were asked to leave. Tim (previous landlord) might have been a drunk but at least he was more friendly to his customers and had some common sense when it came to ID-ing people who drank in there! I will not be returning. and i imagine the rest if the 30-somethings who were turfed out that night will also be boycotting this pub. Would rather go to the Lion!
london_fox - 7 Apr 2006 15:38
Not the best Wetherspoons pub. Badly designed bar can mean you are waiting ages to be served.

Very young punters as well who still think that redbull and vodka is fashionable.

Probably the smallest eating area in any Wetherpoons.

Still, if you are looking for a few cheap drinks and you get their early enough it maybe worth a shot before you go somewhere else.
anonymous - 7 Feb 2006 13:45
Don't mouth off to the locals and you should be alright. Seriously, don't.
Cheap drink, no noise, doesn't get too busy so you never wait more than 5-10 mins for service. Quality pub.
roryog - 2 Dec 2005 17:41
Good god. You get i'll in this place. How can anyone say gd about a pub where you can hear the generator from the kitchen over the conversation. Please knock it down and build a sewing shop or something.
cafc - 24 Nov 2005 15:43
It ain't anything fancy, the decor is shabby, the patrons mainly chavs and football shirt wearers, there is little or no atmosphere and pushing to the bar can sometimes be like wading through a fog of smoke but for drink prices this cheap who cares.

Ideal if you want to get smashed, or at least well on the way, before hitting another destination. When younger (and a little tighter for cash) I'd get wrecked in here for a 10 on ten bottles of Red reef before heading into the breeze bar and dancing it all off.
spoon - 15 Aug 2005 17:06
Name speaks for itself
anonymous - 28 Mar 2005 21:11
the wrong un is the best pub in bexleyheath you cannot complain, though some music would be better.the atmosphere is friendly most of the time!!!!!!!!!
john roboi - 14 May 2004 09:53
Good pub to start the evening in, cheap drink and no music so it is easy to plan the evening ahead.
Nick - 29 Mar 2004 11:42
Cheap but hardly full of atmosphere (apart from the thick smoke some nights!).

The booths are alright when there's a bunch of you out though, quite cosy.
Mark - 12 Mar 2004 19:26
Wrong un is good to go for cheap drinks! though it aint attractive you cant complain for a pound a drink! could do with some music though!
anonymous - 5 Dec 2003 09:52
Dont go on a fri or sat night..Sunday nights r the best!
Liza - 15 Nov 2003 16:16
If I see any more kids in here with there stupid nickelson tops and girls with their argos earings I will begin to think it is Zen in Dartford.
martin luther king - 14 Nov 2003 14:36
It's full of feckin' Wrong 'Uns. All smoking their little fags and asking if anybody would begrudge an old Wrong 'Un a quick feel.
It felt wrong, very wrong.
There are pictures of boys from the north of England on the walls.
Nelson - 12 Nov 2003 13:48
Wetherpoons bar with a good atmosphere and an excellent range of cask ales at very reasonable prices. There are many photographs of old Bexleyheath and surrounding areas. A mixed clientele - young too old.
Chas & John - 23 Oct 2003 10:31
Nice and relaxed although it could do with some music!
Me! - 16 Oct 2003 13:49

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