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Waxy O'Connors, Piccadilly

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user reviews of Waxy O'Connors, Piccadilly

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£4.60 for a pint of stout, £5.50 for a bottle of Doombar - way too expensive.

duchyjim - 16 Jun 2014 08:54
What a goodnite in here last night,the Guinness was great, staff and service very good,
blackdragon66 - 12 May 2013 11:52
monster of a pub
mont62y - 5 Apr 2013 16:20
Every time I have been in here there has been a decent band on. Makes a cracking mid week atmosphere. They just need some lit up beer taps so that you can see what alternative to Guinness there is.
Mappiman - 28 Nov 2011 19:55
Great Place, Great Guinnes, and a good selection of beers. So many hidden corners which is cool :P
mrbee - 4 Nov 2011 13:30
Popular nightspot seconds away from Piccadilly Circus. Bouncers on the door are always a bad sign for me. There appears to be a ground floor bar and a further bar downstairs. Our party was downstairs, where the atmosphere seemed almost akin to a nightclub, albeit with most people seated. The music was far too loud to allow conversation with all but the person seated next to you. Food seemed to be quite popular. Drinks were served from a cash till, with the selection not particularly obvious. Prices were quite high, but not unusual for the West End. This place serves a purpose as a party venue for young Londoners and tourists alike. But it's not a place I would return to.
blue_scrumpy - 30 Jan 2011 16:41
Echo the previous comment. It's big, busy, touristy and the beer selection isn't fantastic. Although maybe that's to be expected, being an Irish pub.
Easy place in which to get lost, and with no mobile phone reception in most of the pub either, you may never be able to call for help!
Expensive beer, cider was about a fiver a bottle, and not enough bar staff. But on the plus side it was clean and the tables cleared regularly.

duchyjim - 31 Oct 2010 13:50
It's a big, multi-roomed/levelled place with v.loud music, packed to the gunwells with young people and tourists of a standard Saturday night. The beer range? Well, standard lagers, Caffrey's (uck), Guinness as you'd expect etc but it's not what I'd call a proper Irish boozer as it doesn't seem to have any character, the place is too busy and impersonal to be friendly and I can't imagine anyone having the craic here without being thrown out for being rowdy. A tourist's idea of what an Irish pub is.
RealMcCoy - 17 Oct 2010 18:22
I booked an area there recently for my birthday. The band were playing and were wicked. Food was great, atmosphere was buzzing and the staff were friendly. Would def recommend this bar to a friend.
I had a fantastic night and a fantastic birthday. Thanks.
lemonheadmoose - 13 May 2010 15:54
Love this place, have been quite a few times over the last couple of years. My friends and I prefer Waxy's to some other traditional "girl firendly" pubs since the atmophere is always great and there is a decent wine menu. I noticed they are going to be showing the world cup but don't think thats going to put me off going since we can always get lost in one of their other areas.
JessGeo - 10 May 2010 15:56
As a Galway girl living in London for 5 years now I've always enjoyed going to Waxys. Was there for all the rugby and paddys day and even though it was really busy the staff were brilliant, serving up to 5 people at a time with only two behind the bar. That's what makes this pub Irish, it's speed of service. You go to places like o'niells and you'll wait half an hour to get served and they've 6 people behind the bar. If I'm out for the night I'll always drop into waxys for a drink or two there is nowhere else in London quite like it. Only problem I have with the place is I can't get reception on my phone.
walshyf - 12 Apr 2010 19:36
Can be great and not so great, Im picky I guess, but music makes a place and sometimes when they play traditional Irish folk music here it all comes together and I really enjoy it - but at busier times when they blast out junk pop music and turn the lights down so low you can hardly see your drink its a little annoying. But overall pretty cool place, dont know any other pub you can visit that has so many floors, no windows and a tree inside!! Staff always friendly though - just wish they would stick to the Irish music to go with the theme.
adamwalsh - 31 Mar 2010 22:34
Was in here at the weekend for the 6 Nations AMAZING. Love the atmosphere and the staff are great :)
SaraRo - 5 Mar 2010 15:59
A great place for a few drinks..and then a few more! Atmosphere is always buzzing, staff are friendly, music is great. All in all, a definite good pub to visit.
ruby.s - 16 Feb 2010 12:19
We had a great gig in here last night - lovely Guinness, friendly and efficient staff, international and up-for-it sort of crowd as you'd expect in the West End. Thanks for having us - I hope we'll be back playing here again very soon.
tim_eyles - 1 Feb 2010 16:27
Went back to Waxy's on Tuesday for Australia Day, with a bunch of Aussie mates, since the last time I went to an event there, it was a blast. Once again we weren't dissapointed. They had the same band on as before and the whole bar was jumping and my mates were happy when they were handed some Aussie cork hats from the barman so we were well decked out to fit the occassion. Plenty of VB, but Wednesday was a blur...
pjpeterson - 28 Jan 2010 11:34
had a great time here, good atmosphere good beer and all together a fantastic new years here.
LONDONASBO - 4 Jan 2010 00:46
Popped into Waxys on Saturday to get a couple of drinks before we moved onto a club, but ended up staying the whole night! Waxys has such a buzzing atmosphere, everyone is really friendly and I had such a good night out! Left at closing, feeling slightly tipsy but was all part of the fun! Will definitely be returning!
xchloeBx - 22 Dec 2009 13:16
Was there the other week for Arthurs Day (another reason for Guinness to have a party) and had a blast. The band that was playing were amazing, Bible Code Sundays, and the whole place was jumping. What a night.
pjpeterson - 6 Oct 2009 14:20
Great pub. Interesting 'Oirish' decor, good beer, always a buzz. Good place for meeting strangers/randoms. Friendly vibe.
billyindigo - 24 Sep 2009 14:42
I love waxy's! We go there after work all the time and I don't think you can call it Plastic Paddy at all because it's more interesting and makes a lot more effort than your average Irish pub! I always go for the GAA too and wouldn't go somewhere like O'Neil's for it beacause it doesn't have the same character. Food is also good, it's not the usual Irish crap - it's above the average pub grub.
Can't recommend Waxy's enough - it's always busy because it's great!
SaraRo - 26 Jun 2009 11:32
i disagree with our last caller, Waxy's is a fine pub (not the best) but all in all a good boozer. Always worth a visit when they're screening the All Ireland Finals.
clarkie08 - 27 May 2009 22:26
Not the best pub in the area but not too bad. As for it being a 'plastic paddy' pub, as an Irishman (called Patrick!) I can only say that the only criteria for an Irish Pub is Irish people in it! Doesn't matter how much 'Oirish' tat there is on the walls. Hence all the bars in Ireland are Irish Bars! Anyway, this hasn't many Irish people in it, partly because it doesn't seem to make any effort to show irish sport! O'Neills up the road is better for that!
Patsinbat - 13 Mar 2009 11:16
great place, always a pleasure to go to
tommy2009 - 11 Mar 2009 16:46
Plastic Paddys joint, naff.
rob372 - 7 Mar 2009 15:53
Terrible place. Went there to meet some people on night after work (it was their choice). The beer was incredibly overpriced and not very good, and it was so busy we could barely move. There are so many different pubs in the area that there really is no need to go here.
bananaco - 7 Feb 2009 14:53
This place always seemed crammed (i.e. you never get a seat) but the service is good. Although I assume it's supposed to be an Irish 'theme pub' it is certainly better than any O'Neills I have been in. Definitely worth a stop if your crawling around soho.
lennie384 - 4 Feb 2009 02:27
Young,loud as fck,busy in the early you'll like it or not.
EdgarBriggsMI5 - 1 Feb 2009 20:15
Had a brilliant night out there the other week, live band was amazing...
edglen - 12 Dec 2008 12:03
the only place in the WORLD where i cant get a signal on my phone...odd...

bar staff have had their humour senses removed...and offended by any form of tattoo going.... didnt bother covering them up as its against my principles...

doormen are your typical ex SAS wannabe's....shame as it all used to be so much better in here
MrKennedy - 18 Sep 2008 13:47
Not a real Irish pub? Well as far as I'm concerned the only real Irish pubs can be found in Ireland so no this isn't one. What it is is a fantastic pub in it's own right. The door opening on the Leicester Square side makes you think your going to enter a minute cramped pub but this opens up into a cavernous place with dozens of hidden side sections. The decor is great and whilst it is pretty pricy it's fairly typical for the area. It keeps me coming back time after time.
theoneandonlyjoe - 7 May 2008 15:22
This pub has about as much in common with a true Irish pub as Fosters has with a good lager, sweet fanny adams.Lets get back to the good old pub of yester year, just keep then cleaner than they were then.
Two hopes to that suggestion!!!!
Beersupper - 30 Apr 2008 15:43
The only pub I have ever been in where I've been asked to cover my tattoo!! Plastic tourist trap with no ale, would have left anyway, nothing to recommend this place at all!
mannyowar - 24 Apr 2008 11:30
I did like this pub when I first came in. But now I've been there a few times.. The bar staff is not particularly friendly and the atmosphere is kind of.. artificial. Prefer it's little sister across the street.
ohsusyq - 30 Mar 2008 17:49
Typical example of the plastic paddy pubs that were ubiqitous just a few years ago. I thought they had allbeen converted back to ordinary pubs but this one seems to have been forgotten.
Maybe it's being kept as a typical (i.e. poor) example of the genre.
chopin - 13 Mar 2008 11:53
Took my girlfriend here and she loves the decor, food (especially the waffles) and music (slightly too loud). Food was good sized portions and came quickly, found the steak slightly underdone for medium, but chips good and does get very busy. Never had a problem with mobile coverage, got a clear signal on o2 N95. Staff were friendly and observant. Recommended for an afternoon when not so busy. One of my favorite pubs and an instant hit with everybody I introduce it to... 8/10
RichLondoner - 27 Jul 2007 14:04
Fanatastic place when it's not too busy - it's like a maze of different bars and if you haven't been before you may get lost in there! Also the only pub I know with a tree in the middle of it (maybe to help the inebriated find their way out?). Turns into a hell hole come Friday/Saturday night tho as you can't move and it takes about 30 mins to get a beer. May as well have a beer on the tube in the middle of the rush hour for a similar feeling.
jimbowhu - 15 Apr 2007 15:04
superb bar... way too crowded and hot as hell... go by yourself as there is no point taking any cant hear a bloody word anyone says
MrKennedy - 1 Mar 2007 13:37
Large loud and full of our Southern Hemisphere cousins who like to slag the UK off whilst earning many multipoles of te wase they can expect back home

I have to say the staff here though are pretty good but if it's meant to be an Irish pub it must be the biggest plastic paddy joint this side of New York
murgatroyd - 11 Feb 2007 22:04
I like this place. Never really thought of it as an Irish pub. It has it's plusses. It's massive for starters. It's a convenient location for meeting up, although agree with previous comments about mobile phone coverage, ie there is none. However there is a plus side to that as well, ie you dont get irritated by the sound of people shouting into their phones all night. Nicely designed place, staff are OK although there arent always enough of them, does get busy in there. There isn't one overwhelming reason why I'd recommend this pub, but I will - 7 out of 10. Would be a 7.5 if there was that option!
jimmythefish - 12 Dec 2006 15:13
Why not watch sports somewhere else?
anonymous - 3 Oct 2006 16:34
Boss, the reason I go here is so that I get to see sports at the weekend.

Waxys is reliable for showing sport.
BarryMaher - 3 Oct 2006 14:50
The only pub I've found in central London that will show the Irish provinces games in Magners League rugby, so I'll forgive their Oirishness for that.
londonulster - 25 Sep 2006 15:12
Not nearly as desperate as the previous poster seems to think.

Barry Maher- why hang out here if it is full of w8nkers? The staff here are ruthlessly efficient and invariably friendly. Perhaps it's you?

anonymous - 6 Sep 2006 10:50
To be fair, this is not the worst option when marooned in this part of the world now that the peerless Lyric around the corner has been closed down.

Probably the most efficient bar staff in London. Decent Guinness and an endless supply of gullible foreign totty to charm with tall tales. I also like the fact they have a tree in the middle of the pub. Every pub should have one.

But it is ultimately a theme pub with your generic choice of beers and is hence not one for the purists.
anonymous - 16 Aug 2006 12:57
Was in here after work and on a date on Monday, this place seems nice, the barpeople who served me were pleasant enough, no smiles or chit chat or anything else, more business like but for a Monday night it was rather busy. Under 3 a pint in central London isn't bad either. The unusual decor is the main attraction and is much larger than first inspection from the Rupert Street enterance where it looks like a tiny hovel. Toilets were ok. I'd come back just because it's an interesting place to look at and it's unusual decor, unfortunatly nothing to do with the barstaff and beer served.
RichLondoner - 16 Aug 2006 12:18
Better than most plastic Paddy places, although the beer, including some nitro-keg Guinness and Caffrey's, is nothing to write home about.

The real selling point of Waxy's is the cavernous interior, which although a bit contrived, is spacious and quite unique in layout and layers.
AleKing - 12 Jul 2006 16:49
ok, its not great but its good CONSIDERING that its an irish theme pub in central london.

its the best irish theme pub ive been (ok thats not saying much) but its better than oneils and all the other "oirish" places.

at least the guinness is drinkable, they show gaelic sport and the bar staff (most of them) are irish.

ok so all irish theme pubs are shit (they are a particular pet hate of mine) but its the best of a bad bunch and if you are in central london you can do ALOT worse (oneils for example).

for a decent irish pub check out the quays on holloway road. i love it!
antmcguire - 8 Jul 2006 20:03
last reviewer seems to be on a mission to visit tacky irish theme pubs the world over.

this place is shit
anonymous - 30 Jun 2006 12:26
Good pub.

i went on a weekday afternoon so wasnt too busy and had no problem getting a seat but it started to fill up quite quickly as the evening apparoached. id imagine it gets absolutly rammed at nights and weekends. didnt have any food but the menu looked good. a wide selection of seafoods etc which makes a difference from the usual pub grub of burgers and sausage and mash

staff were good polite and efficient.

decent guinness.

decor is nice. they actually show gaelic sport and have irish newspapers (or i think they might be london based irish newspapaers, at the bar to read.)

alot better than other "oirish" pubs

(Oneils im talking to YOU! - just saying you're irish doesnt actually make it so!)

is a tad on the expensive side (but its in town so thats to be expected).

its a black hole for mobile phone coverage though (which is an absolute pain cos i was meeting someone there and had to keep popping outside to phone them and give them directions). so if you are meeting people there make sure you have your times and directions sorted out before you get there.

good overall.

antmcguire - 30 Jun 2006 12:18
May all true Irish folk condemn me but I do like Irish theme pubs for which I apologise :) This ones a labyrinth and has to be seen to be appreciated. Loads of floors, loads of rooms shooting off in all directions, fantastic Gothic churchy style furniture and a ruddy great tree in the middle of it which does look great. Theres a fine line between tacky and stylish when it comes to theme pubs but this one definitely falls on the stylish side. I love it cos it's so different and so well done. Gorgeous pint of Guinness too. Staff were nice enough but they could do with some help cos there seemed to be two girls serving about 40 customers and funnily enough, they looked a tad stressed!

Only negative is the surly women in the loos hoping to flog you crap toiletries and sprawling menacingly across the sink area bizarrely, they turn off the hand dryers so they can give you a piece of loo roll to dry your hands on. Ive never quite understood why this happens. Does anyone ever buy anything from them anyway?

Cleversaz - 8 Jun 2006 11:38
Central London pub with central London prices. A good place if you have a lot of money and fake plastic trees (wonder if they'd ever put that song on the Jukebox :D) but if you're a skinflint student then it's probably not for you. The main advantage is it's size.
man_of_kent - 28 May 2006 14:51
Fantasticly intricate layout inside but the times I've been in here it's been rammed full of neanderthals looking for a fight (granted that's not the pubs fault).

Nice food, over priced drinks but what do you expect from the area?
CLFINAL2005 - 3 May 2006 10:19
one of several plastic paddy pubs if i want to go to a irish bar ill go to ireland, but if i do stomach one, callaghans is the best out of a bad bunch.
juzza - 29 Mar 2006 12:26
Yes it's a plastic paddy pub, yes it's overpriced, yes it's touristy but you are in the West end so what do you expect. But I still like it. Absolutely huge. Great interior. Lots of nooks and crannies. Perfect for the area. Good for a mixed crowd.

TheHorsesMouth - 14 Feb 2006 13:40
i love this pub!!!
Mrs_Kermit - 4 Jan 2006 16:48
Large plastic paddy 'wannabe' Irish pub. Around 4 for a beer and 6.50 for a vodka redbull. It is huge so plenty of seats and different levels. Better than average due to the 3 areas but drink prices puts me right off
casual66 - 4 Jan 2006 15:38
Great bar just off Piccadilly. Good for drinking with a bunch of mates. Also good for a date, as there's lots of little places to sit/stand and chat.

'Come on Eileen' is played every time i've been there. We organise various things based on when it's played during the evening.

Huge place with 3 bars in different areas. Prices are a little steep, but good for the area. The nearby CC club charges 4.50 for a small bottle of 1664, so think yourself lucky
mystery_guerilla - 13 Dec 2005 13:11
Dreadful. Full of the sort of people who drink Double Diamond with egg and chips on the Costa Del Sol.
Albert_Campion - 2 Dec 2005 14:13
Cavernous Irish Theme Pub near Leicester Square/Piccadilly Circus that is not without it's charms. Extremely impressive decor with a huge tree trunk running through the middle of it and a Church-like ambience in the lower bar. Drinks are uniformly good and when it's quiet (daytimes & the odd weekday evening) it can be a lovely place to settle in for a few beers and the downstairs is always lovely and cool on hot summers days. Don't recall ever seeing any trouble either and the barstaff and punters are generally friendly enough.
But (and didn't you just know that one of those was on it's way) this place is horrendously expensive even in comparison to the other pubs in this "If we charge it, some mug will pay it!" area of the West End and whilst fairly good it's inexplicably over-popular which leads to it being uncomfortably crowded with alarming frequency. Worth checking out if you are passing and it's quiet, but unless you want to know what a rush hour tube would be like if alcohol was served on it, it's best avoided at weekends.
Mr.Monkfish - 10 Nov 2005 10:54
A good downtown venue. Lots of young Irish; gets very busy on a Sunday. Hard to get a seat but the beer is fine is a little pricey.
keep_it_green - 1 Nov 2005 13:26
Major 'WOW' factor especially if you use the entrance on rupert street.Stunning interior and nice atmosphere despite the scale of the premises.Good staff.Well worth a look.
Dere - 17 Oct 2005 21:01
I just love this pub... A bit expensive, but well worth it. Great night out!
Mrs_Kermit - 9 Aug 2005 16:27
Not a fan. Far too crowded and touristy for my liking. My boyfriend loves it, think he has some fond memories of nights out with the lads b4 he met me!!
Amanda_Fuller - 15 Jun 2005 12:21
Great interior, good music. Do not go on a Friday or Saturday night if you are claustrophobic (and if you are a group of more than 2 men). Little Sister is better.
Flatman - 28 Jan 2005 19:27
Went to this place for my work Xmas party. Had the pleasure of a very agressive and very public dressing down by a wasp of an Irish barmaid/mangager for having the temerity to help myself to a few chairs that were stacked up in a room off the stairs (the door was wide open, there were no signs and the large table we had managed to get had about three chairs round it). Them Irish eyes definitely weren't smiling. Possibly the rudest piece of customer service I have encountered, compounded by the fact that it's overpriced, full of a***holes and mobile phones struggle to get a signal in there (a pain if you're meeting people in such a big and crowded place). In short, give it a big miss.
DelmeJ - 24 Jan 2005 15:22
Tourists, but what do you expect its Leicester Sq. But a good bar regardless.
anonymous - 29 Dec 2004 13:19
Had an fantastic night last night. Green hot clover playing. They are legends. Dancing on the bar, just pure mayhem. Thanks Guys
clover fan - 12 Sep 2004 17:34
Okay if you like over-priced pubs full of idiots in Moshino shirts who've come up to town on the fast train from Croydon. If you don't then you've you've only got yourself to blame by going to a pub that's so near Leicester Square!
robin - 12 Aug 2004 16:30
Worth a visit to have a look at the amazing interior. I've always found it friendly with welcoming barstaff.

Excellent traditional musicians on a Sunday night.
Ellie - 15 Jul 2004 15:35
simply huge...!!!
a little bit expensive (3.2 for a pint ) but the athmosphere inside is really nice... More over the music is really good (U2, Cramberies, Franz Ferdinan ..etc)
Barny - 21 Jun 2004 16:48
Irish tardis is essentially what this place is. Huge underground expanse, 3 bars, a tree, resturant area but not enough sign posts to help you get around :) experienced bar staff, a range of alcoholic beverages, everything you'd expect or need to find. Clientele are mixed from suits to backpackers (not a lot tho) - great feeling in this gem of a pub in central london
nick taylor - 27 May 2004 23:18
Without a doubt my favourite pub in London. You can't help but be impressed by the decor and effort that has went into this place. The gorgeous looking female bar tenders always seem to make the Guinnes taste so much sweeter!
Damien - 29 Mar 2004 15:27
This pub has great beer and is a fantastic place to go with your mates; it even has a tree in the middle of the place, What more do you want from a pub, I ask you?!?!?
Dylan - 18 Mar 2004 13:29
Excellent on a Monday or Tuesday where a seriously excellent singer plays his latest covers to a large audience of people from all kinds of backgrounds.
The people who drink here tend to interact with each other well and occasionally very well so certainly worth a visit!
anonymous - 25 Feb 2004 09:51
loved this pub... good for getting to know all sorts of people.. and beer of couse...

daniela - 17 Feb 2004 21:23
If you want a drink and a chat go during a weekday otherwise it can get pretty noisy and crowded (Absolutely heaving Fri-Sun nights) You should be aware that this place is BIG and you can get lost on the way back from the loo's! Beer's are pricey but then again it's as central as you can get and there are a good selection. I would recommend it though, if only for the fact it feels like you're getting hammered in a huge pulpit type thing! Check it out.
Brendan - 15 Feb 2004 15:19
One of the few places I've been in on this side of The Water that serves pint bottles of Magners. Was a god-send on the hottest day of 2003.

I've got very fond memories of this place from when I used to come over to London from Belfast the odd time. Got horribly lost in there the first time...
Norn Iron Dave - 22 Jan 2004 19:18
Went last week for the first time. Too toooo crowded, did not enjoy. Give me a quieter place where I can hear myself speak and sit down if I please...geez do I sound old? I think so!
Debs - 10 Dec 2003 13:04
Fantastic - best pub in London. Great atmosphere
graeme - 9 Dec 2003 10:56
When I have been here I have felt like Jack Torrence in that bit in The Shining where he is talking to the barman and all them 1930's folk are there. Bizarre...
Good for: feeling weird
thenationofjames - 28 Nov 2003 14:08
this pub is a souless tourist trap. big, loud and annoying
oliver - 5 Nov 2003 18:19
This is a mad place packed full of lunacy and mayhem. The girls get prettier as the night goes on, thank God.
Pat - 27 Oct 2003 10:36
About as Irish as Jack Charlton.
It's one of those places that people say "Oh, you just have to go there". Plenty of people there, but doesn't mean it's any good though. It's a wonderfully designed bar, possibly the best in London, but beacause of the area it's in, it attracts a poor audience.
Jeffro - 17 Oct 2003 15:25
This pub is massive and quite good. You'd get lost easily due to all the connecting rooms & stairs. Always find a spot. not bad.
JP - 25 Sep 2003 17:23
Was there on Friday. Good atmosphere, nice people there, a real mix, not too many suits. Very good trained Irish barstaff, good food waiters aswell. Nice for groups.
Go early and you should not have probs.
anonymous - 15 Sep 2003 13:28
Party Girl..

Try the coach and horses in Clapham/ The Quays ( halloway rd nrth London ) The Claddagh Ring ( hendon ) or O donoghues Shepards Bush... Alternatively if you are feeling brave head to kilburn, but be warned, Scotland yard will be watching you up that way !!
anonymous - 1 Aug 2003 15:35
Just returned to London and haven't been to this place in 5 years but the last time I was there I pulled and ended up back at her place, so I considered this a great place. Seems like things have gone down hill though. Not into crowds and it was so busy when I went we had to wait on the street for people to leave before the "friendly" bouncers would let us in. Skipt it.
James - 1 Aug 2003 14:56
Anyone know any decent proper non-touristy Irish bars?
party girl - 31 Jul 2003 15:12
Strange ! I,ve been here regularly of late, and evry single staff member i have spoken too has been irish ! so i dont know what trev is talking about !
Its a decent spot, not cheap, great food, lovely decor ! Ok its a bit "OIRISH" eg hollywood irish,but its worth a visit or two or three ! Met Colin Farrell in here two weeks ago, he was p****D as a fart !
Rivers - - 25 Jul 2003 16:41
Does anyone know if they are showing the Gaelic match
Roscommon Vs Kildare?
party girl - 25 Jul 2003 12:41
i worked there a few years back when all the staff were actually irish! now theres even staff that cant speak english! i bet its fun at staff meetings and probably explains why none of them have any good customer services. puts shame on what was such a hot spot to be...
trev - 17 Jul 2003 15:52
Message for the G !
I presume you are heading there for the Dublin V Armagh game ?
If so, i'll be there too.
Is it any good on a match day ?

Do chara.
BK - - 3 Jul 2003 15:50
It's about as Irish as my left toe! I agree, it does get too busy and the staff are rude. I'm only going there on Saturday for convenience! If there was *ANYWHERE* else central showing the Gaelic football we wouldn't be in Waxy's!
TheG - 2 Jul 2003 09:30
Very original - well worth a look. Gets too busy at weekends for my liking, but a quality stop off on the pub crawl circuit.
Rich - 3 Jun 2003 16:41
Also found the staff bloody miserable. The girl who served me had a face like a wet decade. Like the decor though
Willy - 29 May 2003 10:14
A pile of shite with a tree growing in the middle of it. Gets to packed as the bar puts money over safety. Bar staff are rude and there are much better places to go for a drink.
anonymous - 21 May 2003 16:06
Tourist nightmare boozer - don't touch it with a bargepole.
Darryl - 5 May 2003 23:48
Excellent irish bar, lots of little places within. Intersting atmosphere. The people are entertaining and helpful. Very good Paddy(irish whiskey).....
Lucylou - 19 Mar 2003 14:17
Not done a weekend but Monday nights are cool, it's still busy you can still move and there's a cool Aussie playing so classic tune's on an accoustic!The staff aint Irish but the Guiness is good!?!
Rence - 17 Mar 2003 10:17
A staff member pushed past my husband, who tried to move to let him past but as the place was crowded this was difficult, the staff member then tripped up the stairs and told him to "move his f'n ass" while glaring at him. Never been treated so badly in a pub in my life. needless to say we did not stay
pussycat - 17 Mar 2003 09:22
i thought waxys was meant to be an irish pub. funny how the russian and south african bouncers seem to fail to let irish people in. very disappointed with why they wouldnt let four irish teachers who are living in london in for a drink last tuesday evening. quite appalled with the manner in which we were treated.
john - 20 Feb 2003 17:18
One of the better pubs around Leicester Square. Vert big with loyts of snugs tucked away. V good Guiness.
Gary - 17 Feb 2003 09:45
Excellent Irish Bar I loved it b bac in london for defs amazin .....!
Divagirl_Donegal - 4 Feb 2003 19:25
i even took my mother there!-that good!
kisskisskiss - 4 Feb 2003 12:42
You all say it's touristy, but it's full with a great irish crowd all the time - they wouldn't bother with the tourist crap. The only place to be if there's irish rugby on - unreal. Guiness is top notch too.
Tim Rider - 9 Jan 2003 18:33
Great London pub with strange decor and 'tourist' prices. But it does have a good atmosphere and I always stop in when I'm in central London!
DelBoy - 1 Jan 2003 21:37
excellent place! Always good to get a drink and chill out with the crowds!
sazz - 19 Dec 2002 15:27
Great place but very touristy and can be difficult to get served. Has several bars though so you should manage to get a drink somewhere.
Alistair - 28 Nov 2002 10:43
Whenever i' in London,i allways go to Waxy's...i love it.Good beers,nice guys behind the bar.Plus it allso looks good!!!
Frank - 5 Nov 2002 22:20
Tourist hell! Avoid at all costs! You're more likely to see Elvis than get served in this place!
Adrian Yorke - 8 Oct 2002 00:07
Its one of my regulars and I will be there next week to celebrate my birthday - coolest pub in town
Red - 5 Sep 2002 11:25
I went here once when I worked in Piccadilly - but I couldn't remember it's name - it took the comment about the tree to realise this is the place! Really cool layout!!!
Katie - 25 Jul 2002 16:16
Best pub in London. Nice, down to earth crowd.
Alice - 1 Jul 2002 16:46
I was in London with a friend, and tried to get in at Waxy's one evening, and the bouncer told us we couldnt get in if we didnt bring along our girlfriends. So I never got to experience Waxy O'Connors...
Svein Seterbo (Norway) - - 16 Jun 2002 19:14
Get there early if you want seats. Nice food, but can get a little confusing after a few pints of the ole black stuff
Greenboy - 13 Jun 2002 11:46
There's a bloody great big tree in the middle of the pub.

One of my favourite drinking establishments in London.
Phil - - 17 May 2002 09:46
Saw Kylie Minogue in there one evening.

got anything to say about this pub?

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