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George Inn, Bathampton

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Having walked for several miles I was looking forward to good food and a drink or two. Rude staff made it clear that walkers were not welcome. Other pubs nearby welcome walkers. Avoid the George Inn.
winequaffer - 30 Jun 2013 00:11
Having walked for several miles I was looking forward to good food and a drink or two. Rude staff made it clear that walkers were not welcome. Other pubs nearby welcome walkers. Avoid the George Inn.
winequaffer - 30 Jun 2013 00:10
As others have said, this pub is awful, and would surely be closed if it weren't for the nice location. I came in after having Sunday lunch at home, and wanted to just have a desert and a drink, but was turned away rudely and told I would need to order a main course! I have NEVER experienced anything as ridiculous as this before. I have stopped in here since on the way home, and the beer is mediocre at best. I feel sorry for the staff because this could be a half decent place if they replaced the manager.
terrynutkins - 12 Jun 2013 14:17
This is a crap pub. Amazing location, ruined mostly by the manager, who couldn't manage his own shoe laces. Microwaved food, bland beer and appaling service by incompetent staff. The manager of this pub needs to be nominated for some kind of award for worst pub manager ever.
pr9spk2 - 4 Sep 2012 18:51
The worst pub experience I've ever had. I came here with my girlfriend for a drink before going for a walk. We ordered a coffee and orange juice and a bowl of chips to share. Despite the chips being on the menu for £1.99, we were refused them. When it came to ordering the (Costa) coffee, we were told we would have to have a table number before we could order. After overcoming these obstacles, I was told I couldn't pay by card for anything below five pounds... Hardly reasonable for such a busy chain pub! We paid with our remaining change and sat down. After waiting for ten minutes for my coffee to arrive, my girlfriend had finished her orange juice and I ended up asking for a refund for my missing coffee. The bar man demonstrated fantastic disinterest, handed over the change and have a brief 'sorry' before we left for the Mill down the road which was about a million times better! All in all, a big fat 0!
fishfishfish - 15 Jul 2012 15:10
Despite having said I would never return here, some friends arranged to meet here and I couldn't really say no.

Sadly I wish I had. Once again, dire beer. After 1 pint of lukewarm sour beer, we quickly headed off to The Mill

Avoid this pub like the plague. There are many better pubs within 10 minutes drive from here who deserve custom far more than this dreadful chain experience. Dire Dire Dire. This time they score 0.
pubscouter - 4 Apr 2012 18:34
I have just returned from a ghastly Sunday lunch experience. Firstly, every last bit of character has been knocked out of this pub which I used to enjoy visiting. Secondly, my husband was told when he enquired about going on the waiting list for lunch that the list was closed. Funny that, as I asked five minutes later, and was put on the waiting list, as was every one else who asked at that point, but then, I am white and he is black.

After about a fifty minute wait we were found a table, but we were not made to feel welcome, and I can honestly say, Iíve never felt more unwelcome. We ordered large Sunday lunches, which according to the menu included two yorkshire puddings, as well as extra beef, roast potatoes, mash, and vegetables. We were given two yorkshire puddings, TWO roast potatoes each, and most possibly the most dreadful beef I have ever eaten-hardly edible, stringy and tough.
The young waiter who served us was most apologetic when I pointed this out, and he himself admitted that if we had received the large dinners they would have come on a large, oval plate. When he mentioned this to the manager, and fairly deducted payment I heard the manager say, ďWell, at least weíve got some payment out of them.Ē The inference was that he expected us to run away before paying or something like that. I would like to know why we were not told that we could not have the large dinner as advertised, but it is clear that if I had not queried it, I would have paid the full amount.
I do understand that places are busy, and that it is always sensible to book, but in the present economic climate I am surprised that seven people can be treated so shabbily. Normally, I wouldnít think race has anything to do with it, but as there were three black people in my party, and we were basically told to go away in the first instance, I have to say, that I think this certainly goes some way to explain why we were treated so badly-I would hate anyone else to suffer the same experience.
I own two homes, one in Bath and one in London, and I canít remember the last time I had such a dreadful meal experience, and felt compelled to write this review to warn others.
Bathresident - 8 Jan 2012 17:27
Comments below are spot on - beer = average, service = poor, food = dire. Have been past for a beer once before and shouldn't have come back to try the food - it's a plastic pub dressed up in a beautiful building and great location ... buyer beware!
sfb - 8 Jul 2011 15:47
Tried to have Sunday lunch here, we should have been warned off by the very full (and enormous) car park.. Having said that; having such a large car park implies they are used to getting a lot of visitors. So, having to queue for 10 minutes and then being told 60 minute wait for a meal, implies greed management- on the basis that people were unlikely to move on, and would tolerate the wait - we didn't. Note the comments about the Mill 200m away - by the river instead of the canal. Better staff, and a solution was found
Andylk - 13 Oct 2010 21:29
A few years ago I was out walking with friends and we got to this pub, asked for chips, and were told that we couldnt have chips without a meal. The staff were not amazingly friendly about it, and I remember thinking "i'm not going there again".

Well, this weekend I was once again out walking, this time with my girlfriend and another friend. Having called in at a couple of other pubs en-route along the canal to Bath we stopped at the George for a pint or two. The first pint, speckled hen, was drinkable, but the second, a pint of Adnams Broadside, was sour and watery.

My friend had bought the round and took them back to the bar, only to be told by the barmaid and a colleague that the samples they'd had of the beer were fine. They refused to try the pints that they had poured and did not offer to refund/replace.

I have never before been to a pub where, when one takes back a bad pint, the staff attempt to argue. I felt that the service offered at The George was absolutely appauling and will not only be staying away but will be advising everyone to stay well away from this awful pub. They do almost all their business from tourists, who go for dinner (and probably only once at that) - they do not care about people who are just popping in for a quick pint or about customer service.

The only reason for giving a "1" rather than "0" is its canalside location. If you're ever in teh area walk the 200m up the road to the mill instead!
pubscouter - 29 Aug 2010 22:43
We'd walked from Bath to the George on a summer's evening and fancied a drink and a portion of chips before walking back to Bath. No such luck, they wouldn't serve us with 'just chips' so we left without giving them any business.

Clearly full food orders is what they want and not casual drinkers. Certainly, the inside of the pub was all tables set for dinner with nowhere that felt welcoming for a quick pint.
geojay - 22 Jul 2010 12:19
This is ok for what it is - a touristy pub. A lovely building in a great location, and a pleasant stroll from Bath. The beer is ok. Tho' I wouldn't go there to eat myself the food is perfectly alright. The staff are pleasant.
It is a bit pricey, but then so is a lot of Bath. Gets very busy at weekends, and as there is only the 1 queue for food and drink be prepared to wait for your thirst quencher
MrBlue - 13 Jul 2010 17:21
This is a real Tardis like pub, massively bigger on the inside than it appears from the outside. Itís always been a great pub with the quintessential country pub feel to it. Lots of different rooms, some flag stones, plenty of wood beams, candles on the tables, etc. A really nice ambience.

Itís also right next to the Kennet & Avon canal, although itís a shame you canít really see it from the pub as itís up too high. A great place to stop for a pint though if youíre out for a walk. Thereís a number of outside seating areas outside as well.

Staff were polite rather than friendly, but they got the job done. Thereís an extensive food offering and lots of people seemed to be eating. A few beers on tap, albeit a slightly uninspiring selection - on this occasion they were Butcombe, Doom Bar, Bombadier, Old Speckled Hen and, according to the Blackboard, Gem, although there was no evidence of this on the bar. The only cider was Strongbow unfortunately.
Blackthorn - 12 Apr 2010 09:19
Close to being my favourite all time pub food is great although you will have to wait as popular mainly in the summer day time too popular. lovely old pub Good beer also.
beerinthedaytimeand - 12 Mar 2010 15:48
lovely old pub is a very nice location. food is mostly just reheated stuff. Good real ales but always a short measure. i think by 10% somedays.
petebeaumont - 23 Jul 2009 12:51
Stopped by on a walk to Bradford On Avon and as it was a very hot day got a couple of pints of iced lemonade for refreshment.... the cost of this pleasure? That's £6.20 please? said the friendly barman. WHAT? £6 bloody 20? Mrs Dandillus nearly choked on her pickled egg.
Dandillus - 15 Jun 2009 09:09
Definately a tourist's pub and as you might expect tourist's prices. Very pleasant location and could provide a suitable destination for canal trippers who are able to tie up alongside.
Avoid lunchtimes if young mums in bars with pushchairs annoy you. (The management appear unaware how this grates diners and drinkers alike).
I found the staff here very friendly considering the pressure they were under.

Drywillie - 9 Jun 2009 16:58
Pleasant location just outside Bath with a large car-park by the river. Food is quite good, and the pint of Bombardier I had was ok but nothing special. Very busy at linchtime, as you might expect for the location, and that spoilt the ambience a bit. It's worth a stop if you're in that area btu I'm not sure I'd make an evening of it.
ETA - 9 Jun 2009 08:36

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