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Star Inn, Lingfield

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Overpriced and under portioned food. Barely adequate beer. Short measures. Best avoided.
k0536006 - 9 Sep 2016 22:34
I like to think of myself as a relaxed and laid back person, who always write a good review, credit where credits due, but my god did I get the shock of my life today at The Star Inn, Lingfield!
Got there at 1:45, asked for 2 sandwiches, were told there was a 30 min wait. I said that's fine, we went outside as it was a beautiful day, the pub was pretty quiet, I would say 1/4 full, but understood that they may have had orders in front of ours. The bar manager popped out and said they didn't have what I had asked for (a Brie sandwich?????) so offered cheddar instead, which I said ok too, but said would it be the same £8/10 price for a cheddar sandwich and he replied "yeah why wouldn't it be" and turned around and went back inside! Was a little upset by this as I could have made a cheddar sandwich at home for 20p or gone to coop and got one for £1.20!
Anyway, At 2:30 we came inside as it was cold and we thought they may have forgotten about us as it had been 45 mins by this point, as for 2 sandwiches that's a stretch!
So kindly asked when we could expect out food, we were one of 3 or 4 people asking the same question.
The girl said she would go check, no apology, no offer if a complimentary drink whilst we waited, then came out and said "not sure" and then served someone else!
The manager was having an argument with a gentleman who had asked the same but had been there an hour and wanted to know what was going in and the manager said "we are so busy the kitchen was back logged" to which the man and I said there is hardly anyone here. The manager said "well there was earlier"
So another 30 mins go by and the gentleman from before still hadn't got his food neither had we, (I mean come in how long does it take to make 2 sandwiches, no cooking involved)said to the manager they are cancelling their order and leaving, the manager said" it's bring cooked so I'll have to charge you for it." This did not go down well with the gentleman and he said why should we pay for food we haven't had, the manager said "well if you'll just wait it will be with you and then your not paying for nothing" I literally gasped and as I did the manager looked at me and said "you'll have to wait too, we are busy and there is nothing that we can do!!" I said "how about an apology and a complimentary drink or at least act like you give a damn" the manager just walked off. The bar staff also chose to ignore it.
So it's now 3:15, still no food for us or complimentary drinks. The bar staff were avoiding eye contact and ignoring us completely.
So we got up and said we are leaving, cancel our order. The bar women said "wait I'll check with the kitchen" to which my partner said "No, we've waited long enough, please can you just cancel our order and close our tab?" She walked off with the tab fob (our card had been placed in a slot behind the bar ad we were given a fob to then get our card back and pay, so my partner said "can I have my card back or the fob before you leave with it?" She just ignored him, so we walked round the bar to follow her as she held my boyfriends debit card in her hand and was moaning about us to the manager obviously thinking we couldn't hear and the manager said AND I QUOTE "for f%$ks sake, what is wrong with them?" To which my boyfriend said "our problem is that we have been here 2 hours, we have ordered 2 sandwiches, a few drinks, asked politely where our food was after waiting patiently for 45mins, then a member of your team has walked off with my debit card and you are saying for f*$ks sake in front of us, whilst eating a meal!!!!!" The manager was sat down with 2 bar staff eating meals (not just a sandwich or wrap but full blown meals) whilst we were still waiting for 2 POXY sandwiches!
He stood up, took the debit card out if the bar staffs hand, went to he till with it, printed off out tab for our 4 drinks and put the card in the card machine before we had even looked at the bill! I said "excuse me, you can not do that, you need to show us the bill before presuming we are happy to pay" he said "what do you want then?" I said calmly " 2 and a half hours ago I wanted a sandwich, now I want to leave this pub with an apology from you and your staff, 1 for your attitude, 2 for the Lack of service, 3 for the lack if food, 4 for swearing at us and 5 my card back!" He said we owed him for 4 drinks. So I reluctantly paid him £10 for the 4 drinks (2 diet cokes and 2 largers!!!!!!!) and left, to the sound of about 2 or 3 other couples saying the same and asking for their money back or to just cancel their orders!

As it was gone 3 on a bank holiday Monday, it was too late to go anywhere else plus I was close to tears as it had got me so upset and I was absolutely dumbfounded by the whole thing. So we went to Waitrose, bought a baguette, pate, some olive, sundries tomatoes and nibbles coming to a total of £9.67 and within 6 mins we were eating this in our own garden!
What a waste of time and money! We have read reviews saying that this place has delivered its fair share of appalling service, FOOD POISONING, bad manners an long waits. How it's still open and has customers I DO NOT know!
I just want to forewarn anyone who doesn't like their weekend ruined to avoid at all costs!

I will be writing a letter to the chain management (not that it will do any good, also from reading other reviews now, a couple complained and were told to basically stick it and they didn't give two hoots!

Please go to the plough or even Waitrose!!!!
Foodie85 - 6 May 2014 00:13
The food was over 90 minutes. The manager was rude when we politely asked where the food was. Then we got food poisoning. I would not even write a review complaining but my email was met with a defensive and rude response. I didn't even get an apology for two of us getting ill!

Avoid this place at all costs - the other locals are much bette
samblondon - 27 Aug 2013 14:43
Finally experienced the culinary 'delights' of The Star today.
What a disappointment.
Very ordinary burger and chips (small portion - exorbitant price)
The pub tries to cater for everyone - tv/radio/pool/live music/food and in so doing does nothing well.
The toilets are an insult to the customer by the way - dirty and smelly.
Only saving grace is that they sell Harvey's - which is available a mile down the road at The Plough in considerably nicer surroundings.
ernie - 23 Jun 2013 00:20
a much nicer pub now under new management.
good atmosphere and a decent pint of harveys.
i'm told the food is pretty good now as well - it was abysmal under the previous tenancy - will give it a try when i next visit.7/10
ernie - 20 Nov 2011 16:02
Large open pub with a nice eating area. Their weeknight events are always fun. Food is perfectly pubby and perfectly priced. My dog likes it too.
amillion - 30 Oct 2010 14:42
Fair's fair - I criticised the staff in this place in my last review, but places change and this pub has improved dramatically recently. Now the staff are friendly and attentive which makes it a much more desirable place to visit.
ecksact - 13 Aug 2010 03:34
Harvey's Sussex (excellent) and two pumps with London Pride clips. GK IPA turned around. As described below spacious pub, flagstones in the main bar. Decking area and large garden out the back. Ok
GuideDogSaint - 4 Jul 2010 13:16
Popped in on a day out from Brighton to watch the races, after a couple of beers started to head towards the course by foot, was offered and accepted a lift in the courtesy van.
After the races returned for a few more drinks & evening meal before heading back to Brighton, again given a lift to the station.
Bar staff & management could not do enough for us out of towners will definitely pop in again when in the area.
As for the beers & food all of our group certainly enjoyed themselves.
mickygp - 11 Jan 2010 12:04
fullers,gales,harveys & smiths beers
anonymous - 4 Dec 2009 13:40
I've popped in here a few times - the last time was just the other day and, though the pub was almost empty, I couldn't get served .That wasn't a one off either as the staff seem to find rearranging a cushion or serving the regulars at the end of the bar a more pressing task. When you finally do get served, prepare yourself for the prices. Garden's great, though, especially if you have kids with you.
ecksact - 23 Sep 2009 15:12
A typical 1930s "roadside" style of building, which seems somewhat incongruous in a quiet residential side-street in a village. However, the pub is none the worse for this, and its large capacity - both in and out of doors - makes it a venue that is very conducive to larger groups, and families. There is a large car-park at the front. Children are catered for via a large play area in the garden at the side of the pub, but the interior has various seating areas and a large bar, so if like me you don't want your experience to be marred by unruly kids, there are plenty of areas here where one can escape them!
There was a mix of classes here, and I imagine that brickies can rub shoulders with bank clerks without any difficulties. It certainly seemed to be serving as a local for residents, which is an encouraging sign in these days of "use it ior lose it". It's the sort of pub that is a jack-of-all-trades, albeit that it seemed to be a master of none, but maintains a broad appeal through this approach. Food looked to be popular but nothing unusual was on the menu; up to 4 ales were offered but again nothing adventurous was seen (I should say only 2 were on on my recent visit although the Harvey's Best was in excellent form); the decor is faux-trad but comfortable and none the worse for this really.
In sum, a perfectly acceptable boozer, if one that perhaps won't live long in the memory (unless of course it is your local and you use it regularly!).

TWG - 17 Aug 2009 10:29
Best approached from the station down a long footpath as the pub then appears on your left. Nice comfortable pub with decent ales and big enough to cope with the hoardes of lager drinkers down for the racing. Had 6 pints in here so couldn't have been that bad.
nickthefish - 31 Mar 2009 19:25
Located close to the train station & the racecourse, a great place to kill some time with a pool table dartboard and real fires.
anonymous - 2 Dec 2008 15:13

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