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Alma Tavern, Wandsworth Town

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user reviews of the Alma Tavern, Wandsworth Town

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Pleasant, friendly pub right opposite the entrance to Wandsworth Town tube station. 3 pumps: Youngs Ordinary & Special and Proper Job available.
Trev - 5 Apr 2019 20:11
Pub crawl of the area - Pub 1

£15.86 for four pints of ale.
Ale on offer Youngs Ordinary & Special. Harveys Sussex & Bombadier.

Pub looks great from the outside and they have done an OK job of the interior.

Expensive but we found out this was normal for the area.

My beer was good. But something didnt feel right about the place. Maybe im getting old. Saying that I wouldnt walk out of it either.

TheHorsesMouth - 8 Oct 2013 13:31
Made my first visit today for a swift four rounds with a mate, have to say impressed. I had the Aspels cider which was great, my mate tried a couple of different beers including the Pale Ale which all very good.

It was a Sunday afternoon so the pub was constantly busy, sky sports was being shown in the corner with the sound off so it was not intrusive.

I can't comment on the food as we didn't eat but certainly the food that did get served looked good. Sure the pub is gastro but then you have to do what you have to to survive in the pub business, certainly prefer that to a pub going bust and becoming another supermarket.

Having said it's gastro they certainly welcome drinkers and I have to say I found the bar staff very good. I do agree with the comments about the beer price, I know it's London but £9.40ish for two pints in Wandsworth is taking the piss a little.

Have to say the yummy mummies in the pub were rather easy on the eye.
kevmac - 1 Sep 2013 21:20
We had a late Sunday lunch and I have to say it was one of the worst we've ever had. Portions were really small, we were given a tiny plate of vegetables to share between 5 people so we had to ask for some more. There was a minuscule piece of crackling that came with the pork (which was also a stingy portion) and the beef was served cold. The roast potatoes were stale and rubbery and the rest of the veg was over-cooked. Worst of all were the desserts, the 'passion fruit Eton Mess' was a small bowl full of cream with a tiny amount of meringue sprinkled on top (which tasted like sweetened chalk) and a teaspoonful of passion fruit. When we complained to the manager about the lack of fruit and general lack of resemblance to an Eton Mess, she just kept repeating that it was a passion fruit Eton Mess, as if this excused an appalling dessert. I don't understand how there can be any good reviews of the food in this place and I would never go back there again. The Alma is charging prices for food that you would expect to be cooked to a professional standard. Unfortunately, the chef is clearly not up to this task and we felt well and truly ripped off after having to pay for such shocking food. Rip off prices for sub-standard food, avoid this place like the plague.
Moojico - 15 May 2013 11:23
This pub is located right across the road from Wandsworth Town train station so it's very convenient for a pint and that is about it. What we have here is another pub trying to enter the Gasto-Pub market, which I do not mind as sometimes I do enjoy a nice meal in a pub. However, this one has decided to go down the overcharging and under delivering route. I know this is a pub review site rather than a restaurant review site but I just I really do despise pubs that enter this market and think they can charge ridiculous prices because of the area that they are in and expect to get away with it by delivering mediocre food. I'm afraid that it's just not on. Either lower your food prices to the level that your food is worth or actually deliver good quality food for the prices that you charge. If you can't do either go back to being a standard pub and stop trying to rip people off! This pub gets a 1 out of 10 from me rather than 0 as they did do a good pint of Young's.
SuperHiroMikey - 14 May 2013 07:55
The first time I ever went to the Alma was over two years ago now. I experienced one of the most surprising lapses in customer service I have ever had, in that when my friend and I approached the bar together, the barman asked my friend what he would like to drink, and duly served it to him. Then he took payment and wandered off without even looking at me, and I had to actually call him back over from whatever he was doing and ask if I could order a drink too! Bizarre, and sadly quite representative of the level of service each time I've visited. Staff seem find it difficult to spot customers waiting at the bar even though it's a very open, exposed bar, and every time I've ordered food there it's taken just long enough to come out that I've always been just on the point of going to ask where it was. In fairness I've never yet actually had to enquire if my food was coming, but the wait times are uncomfortable and the staff don't seem interested in what they're doing. You'd be much better off going to the Ship which is 5 minutes away and a hell of a lot more fun.
beerdrinkingtart - 1 Jan 2012 20:30
Overpriced New Labour Gastro pub for the local Nathan Barleys. Usual Youngs fare at Soho prices - walk on to the Royal Standard
Wiccaman777 - 31 Jul 2011 18:10
Nipped in for a quick half and to ask for directions.Very friendly barstaff tried there best to help me,one of them even taking out his iphone to look at a map for me.Have to mark them down for not having any Youngs ordinary on.Surely a Youngs pub should always have there ordinary bitter on ?
boundsgreenboy - 14 May 2011 13:46
After waiting nearly 20 minutes for a bus here, I gave in and popped in the Alma for a swift one and more importantly to use the toilets. However, at 4.10 a pint, it was an expensive toilet break. I think I also missed my bus whilst in the downstairs toilets, meaning a taxi fare set me back another 5 on top! The Alma has changed very little since my last visit several years ago. Beers are from the Wells & Youngs range - Youngs Ordinary, Special & Winter warmer, plus Directors. Cider is Addlestones. The interior is open-plan with a large circular bar. Rugby was showing on the TVs. Handy for Wandsworth Town and a toilet break whilst waiting for the non-existent local buses. But you're likely to spend much more than a penny.
blue_scrumpy - 6 Dec 2010 21:42
Not a bad pub and a good location. Quite pricey, bitter was a bit stale, but no one really drinking it! What is that smell in the toilets?
Oolybel - 2 Jul 2010 10:20
Or 'Henrys' I should say. Or maybe even 'Henries'. Who know? Henry doesn't.
richakn - 24 Jun 2010 21:25
Nice looking pub, some good ales, full of hooray Henry's. Pricey
richakn - 24 Jun 2010 21:24
good atmosphere, food looked decent but over priced. a pint of cider and lager came to 8. so they re making some profits, local choice is royal standard 50 yards away or up the hill, theres another large well heeled pub/ gastro dining bar.
popeye321 - 11 Jun 2010 15:51
Alma Tavern is supposed to be a good pub. You know, good beer range, very good location (just in front of Wandsworth town station) and the price isn't that bad comparing to Waterfront which is now my local.

My recommendation is to keep away from a american bloke called Ken, which is a gray hair American bloke (Boston), that is seriously a very good friend of the pub ( if not the partner of the pub owner).

This person approached me and a friend of mine in a Friday after work with some rather peculiar subjects . Try not upsetting him at all with his all ludicrous conversation, otherwise he will suggest the pub manager (which is never is the bar) to not sell you anything else.
The bar staff is actually very friendly and polity.

Be very careful, they can be very racist. Apart from that, I was quite happy to put my card behind the bar every time I've been there.
leolebkuchen - 1 May 2010 00:52
The Alma!
A decent cold pint, and the layout makes it easy to get a drink.
Certainly dont enjoy getting a plastic cup forced into your face and told to transfer your guiness into it asap! (that happens when standing outside on summer evenings).

Sunday lunch is great.
mrloftysson - 23 Oct 2009 16:58
Having lived in the area for the last couple of years and had some exellent times ad some ok times in The Alma but recently went back in for some dinner with my partner as had been told by a close friend that they had a new head chef and that the food was good. After looking at the menu I was recommended the Pork Belly and found this to be even better than expected. I did not think that it was expensive either. I must say that we will be back again as we normally go to The Ship but I think this will now compete for our choice as my partner says she prefers it here. Well worth the recommendation.
Tonslyes_are_us - 16 Sep 2009 14:36
Not too bad but I'm getting a bit fed up with Young's pricing/food strategy. All style, no substance / no direction except for in the best outlets.
parrygon - 5 Sep 2009 22:26
very nice and friendly pub!!! it can be pricey and clickey but its worth a visit!!
GVF - 22 Jul 2009 16:11
DEAR MOTHER OF GOD!!!! what have Youngs done to this pub. Now that Gotto has gone the beautiful pub remains. A prettier pub in South London is hard to find. However, this is where anything positive stops. The beer is well kept (another positive thing ok) but if you put it in warm glasses whats the point?! staff too busy to get a drink as they are chatting up the bar girls (young short haried blond bloke in a black t-shirt) -

the food used to be superb. we had a charcuterie board with all the ingredients having been pulled out of a plastic pre sliced pack bought from sainsburys. the chicken and chorizo burger served in a horrible bun. the fish and chips with a dried up piece of lemon and frozen deep fried fish.

get a new chef and a menu. train your bar staff to serve people. but i have a feeling you wont as it was packed and always will be. you could serve dog turd sandwiches in this place and people will still turn up!
Didi - 6 May 2009 12:41
The first thing that strikes you about this pub is the startlingly green tiling that covers all sides of the exterior. It would be hard to walk past this pub without noticing it. In fact the exterior is so impressive that one is almost obliged to go in to have a pint, and who am I to fight against such an obligation? Inside it retains some of its original Victorian features, including some superb etched and gilded mirrors at the back. The central bar is a more modern hideous addition, however. Its now a bare-boarded single room pub in the Youngs style, but with some seriously solid wooden tables.

Its a Youngs pub with Bitter, Special and Deuchars IPA on. I didnt eat, but noticed the separate Express Menu (all on it at 5.95) with some pretty basic stuff on it for those lacking the luxury of a long enough lunch break, or lacking the inclination, to sample the more expensive, more gastrofied stuff on the main menu. Definitely worth dropping in to have a look at the dcor, and perhaps have a pint, if youre in the area.

RexRattus - 20 Mar 2009 19:16
I recently visited the Alma on a Saturday evening and found it an enjoyable experience. The pub was busy but there were several tables available around the large central bar. Beers available were Youngs, Y.Special and winter warmer. Also Bombardier on tap.

Good atmos, friendly bar staff and a draft beer takeaway service which frankly rocks and is perfect for post-pub, match of the day drinking back at home.

Thumbs up.
London_Calling - 12 Jan 2009 13:12
anonymous - 25 Sep 2008 10:04
Best Youngs pub in their old hometown in my view; gorgeous building makes up for usual open-plan format, and Ordinary very good indeed.
mtaylor40 - 11 Apr 2008 23:07
Not so friendly for the foreigners as the other pubs but lovely decorations and old beauty here. But Ship is better.
Oskar - 23 Jan 2008 07:43
What a beautiful little pub, great decor! Food a bit pricey, but the draught peroni is great! Very lively and trendy crowd.
dalglish - 21 Jan 2008 14:37
Not a very impressive show at all last Saturday morning I'm afraid

Entering the pub at approx 11.20 am, I was clearly the first customer of the day.

" A pint of Youngs Bitter please" I said, pointing to the appropriate pump.

After about 2 or 3 minutes of pulling vigorously on the pump, the barmaid managed to produce approx 1/3 of a pint of rather murky and cloudy looking beer.

"I'm sorry, sir, but we've only just opened up" she offered up apologetically, " I'll go downstairs to the cellar, see what's happened"

Several minutes later, she reappears - cue more vigorous pulling on the various handpumps, but still no liquid appears.

" I'm sorry sir, I dont know what seems to be the problem, can I get you a cup of tea, instead ?!!!!"

At this point, I made my excuses and left, telling her I would pop in again, some other time

I dont think I 'll bother

I'm scoring this visit a massive 0 out of 10 - well we aren't allowed to give minus numbers are we ?
JohnBonser - 10 Dec 2007 13:30
good bar food and great food in the restaurant. quite busy in the evenings with lots of loud people.
anna_spanner - 3 Jul 2007 23:31
Had Sunday lunch here last week very good value good service.Very popular (2 sittings for lunch speaks for itself)Beer still good especially Bombadier very nice staff, will go again.
nightfly - 31 Mar 2007 17:39
The bar area has hardly changed since I lived here in the early '90's, definitely one of Youngs better pubs. Friendly enviroment, never any trouble, good beers, very popular during sporting events and right next to station. A big jumping off point for the internationals at Twickenham. Didn't try food this time but would recommend a visit.
BarnesXV - 13 Feb 2007 13:18
Baffled by comment that it has gone down hill since Youngs took over, it has been in the estate since 1866! Became too much of a foodie place for my liking so change may be for the better.
wandsworth - 15 Nov 2006 17:58
Busy pub, even on a Monday night. Nice pint of Ordinary. Ideally located next to the station.
nich52 - 31 Oct 2006 15:23
The Alma is my favourite London Pub. Great selection of Young's ales. Excellent food as well.
Fakenham - 19 Oct 2006 12:55
The pub itself is best enjoyed with only a few people in it. That way you can look around at a nice place, enjoy a pint and have a quick chat before moving on. They have Young's Pilsener which I've been noticing less and less these days.
mitomighty - 3 Oct 2006 17:49
I enjoyed it. The sound of conversation dominated, which is always a good sign. Decent enough pint of ale. Didn't try the food, so can't comment. Nice big space.
joegreen - 20 Sep 2006 16:26
Not sure why "theCat" feels like she has to defend the alma, dont you think people keep bringing up the Gotto time cause it was great then. However must say the food is not good and the menu, Are you ever going to change it???? Please get better
anonymous - 19 Sep 2006 16:35
Very nice pub, beer very good and service efficient but not terribly friendly. Can't feel quite comfortable here. Lots of public school types braying away. Maybe it's just a bit too clean for me or something. Menu looks good.
ThomasB - 19 Sep 2006 13:04
Hear hear the Cat. The Alma is nicer and busier than ever. Food is really good too. Top pub.
Joe90 - 16 Sep 2006 14:18
I really like this pub, as I have said before and I am really getting sick of upset brewery employees and hangers on of the Gottos complaining about the past. Anna and Dan are doing a sterling job here, and as for it now being a managed house, you would never know unless you really went out of your way to find out. The menu and food here are excellent. Check out and have a look at it and make up your own mind whether its a disaster or not. As for you Oxforddon, if you only ever slag off Youngs pubs on this site, why do you use them. Perhaps Wetherspoons might be more up your street. Catman.
TheCat - 16 Sep 2006 14:11
what can I say yet another corporate makeover and the menu is now a complete disaster.
oxforddon - 16 Sep 2006 09:23
Very decent pub. Went in on a Thursday night. Great atmosphere. Efficient, friendly staff. Good punters. It is a little pricey but it is also in London and only to be expected unfortunately. Very comfortable and pleasant surroundings. Will certainly return next time I'm in the vacinity.
jinx - 17 Aug 2006 11:24
Interesting style of bar, unlike your usual pub setup. Bar in the middle of the room with the sitting area around it, the range is a bit typical of most pubs though. still think it is a place which can be very entertaining. you'll have to take a bit of a walk to find the lavatories mind you. 7 out of 10
aleman - 11 Aug 2006 17:24
Even under Gotto the prices ar eridiculously expensive. Now under Youngs the Staff are inadequate, the atmosphere is nil & prices have risen. Give this & other ex-Gottos pubs a swerve
Prium - 2 Aug 2006 12:37
To LeBooze. The Alma does not care. It is a "cash cow". Under the Gottos and presumably Youngs they are following the LLoyd Webber approach to business. Let me explain. Lloyd webber musicals do not want to have stars in their musicals,they wanted to produce a product that was the same,but did not involve them paying "star wages". So they got interchangable lead roles. Gotto did the same with managers and staff. Managers were always sacked after 2 years or so,and barstaff lasted 3 months or so. As soon as they asked for more money...goodbye. He got away with it,because the pub became known to the rugger buggers as a place to drink after Twickers,where you would not be told off for getting long as you bought lots of drinks
JCA - 23 Jul 2006 01:07
An overpriced echo chamber. The pub was gutted many years ago,and they did not anticipate the disastrous acoustic effect that resulted.
In Gotto's day they had a high turnover of staff-every 3 months ? They were usually inexperienced,and did not keep their wits about them to see who was next to be served.
The beer has always been indifferent and inconsistent.
JCA - 22 Jul 2006 22:09
Was in this pub on Wednesday and I can honestly say that the staff had absolutely no idea what they were doing. Waited ages to be served - although there were people at the bar who had waited a lot less than me.

Also - this pub seems really dark and the furniture is way too big for the place. It was also really expensive.

Won't be coming back!
anonymous - 23 Jun 2006 17:05
I was in on Saturday night and The Alma is back on top form! it was packed but the service was the speediest it has been in ages.
After a few too many glasses of champagne I was starving and I had the best and biggest burger ever. Fantastic!! I'll be back
asmith - 5 Jun 2006 14:29
I went to the Alma for the first time yesterday as I had heard great things aobut the food. 9 for a salad nicoise with tinned tuna???? There is a sign outside that says 'Award winning food' - What on Earth?
anon23 - 5 Jun 2006 09:36
Well I was there for a meal 6 months ago and the staff were so far up themselves they didnt care about customersBUT visited last week and it was much cleaner, nice food and better service!The new landlady
couldn't do enough for you, very friendly and chatty.It was full but not too noisy AND had great beer.Youngs is one of the best pub chains in the south
I will still visit often.
nightfly - 25 May 2006 17:46
Can't find fault with this pub myself. Good beer, great atmosphere, nice staff. Amazing mirrors and beautiful decor.
TheCat - 23 May 2006 16:56
Unfortunately since Youngs took over this place most of the staff have left. I have been drinking in the pub for about 10 years and I can honestly say that the new management couple have made zero effort in finding out anything about the place.
In response to the food comments - it is amazing that a place which was only one of 4 london pubs to win 2 Egon ronay stars in 2006 can have gone down hill so quickly. Yes, the Head Chef has left and they have no way near the same quality of meat as before.

A real shame!
anonymous - 23 May 2006 16:52
It's not a bad pub, but 2.58 for pint of Young's Ordinary is too much.
anonymous - 20 May 2006 19:50
I was in the restaurant friday night after high ratings from friends,(and a must to book table), well no need to book table, almost emty. Food was ok, not great. But the wait to get it, about 25min for risotto!! Im a first time visitor and i wont be back.
Where does the good reputation come from???? To me it was just one more Youngs pub with no individuallity.
mumin - 15 May 2006 13:28
I cant agree more with Dr_will. just like to ad that not olny has the ones great pub gone down. The restaurant and food is going for my rating towards Minus. Why? Have youngs changed headchef or is it to do with suppliers???? And sins when did Alma turn in to a sport pub?(we all know about Rugby) . Was ther on Saturday to try to have some lunch with my family had to leave from the screaming croud of football fans. Must find a new local, what a shame!!!
anonymous - 15 May 2006 11:39
I live on Alma Road and have watched the transition of this pub over the last few months...

A very regular haunt, it has become something of a shadow of it's former self in terms of atmosphere. From the various conversations I've had with the barstaff (most of whom used to work under the old owner and were charming then) they are finding the new management distressing and therefore don't enjoy their work as much.

The new tables don't allow for as many standing customers. There used to be a deluge of smart commuters stepping in for a quick pint and a chat each evening before retiring home... now we find the demographic is evolving into a combination of unpleasant bar flies and fat secretaries sharing a bottle of wine...

Still a good boozer, though...

I hope they don't do the same thing to The Ship which reverts to Youngs on 2 July 2006...
Dr_Will - 11 May 2006 12:24
This place is a beauty. I've been passing by for years and finally ventured in last Saturday night. It's great to see that the Victorian mirrors and other original features are still in place following, I believe, a significant refit; glad to see renovations can be carried out sensibly and sensitively. The lighting is subdued and atmospheric; one of my main gripes with pubs in this country is a tendency to use 200 Watt bulbs in light fittings, creating a drinking experience akin to standing in a lighthouse.

Interestingly, in the light of previous comments about the staff, we did have a rather extraordinary exchange with one of the barmen.

The pub was busy and one of our group left his pint, approximately half full, on the bar next to where he was standing whilst he visited the toilets. When he came back the pint was gone, and he asked the barman had it been cleared away. The barman replied that it had, adding with irritation "do you expect me to leave every half empty pint lying around?".

With much bad grace, the barman poured half a pint of guinness into a pint glass and left it on the bar by way of reparation, leaving us all, I have to say, with a feeling of insult being added to injury.

Bar managers too often do not realise that securing repeat business means increased revenue, even if a pub has a good turnover of passing trade.

I wonder do pub managers read these posts? Given the tone of the last few comments, it would be nice to hear what he has to say.
LeBooze - 9 May 2006 11:10
Having been told that the pub has recently been taken back over by Youngs, my partner and I decided that we would try it out to see if much had changed. Having added more tables and a fresh lick of paint the place deffinatley looks spruced up. The food is great and having read some of the comments I was worried about the service, but found it to be friendly even though they were busy.

I will definatley be going back as the atmosphere was great and have been told that they are going to show the world cup on the big screens and on some mirrored lcd tv in their function room.
dannada - 4 May 2006 12:54
I can't agree more with the comments about the rude staff.

Food was good beer good side of average but the attitude of the staff amazed me.

They're service was slow and plates were banged down on the table and orders totally forgotten.

When we payed the bill I waited for a good 15 minutes before taking the bill & two cards to the waitress. I asked her to split the bill (90) but she basically told me to go away and work out exactly how much on each card! Err 50/50!

When we didn't tip they became very arsey to the point where one waitress informed is that she felt it wasn't the sort of place for us.

Well it certainly won't be any more. I wouldn't bother.
danielhall - 2 Feb 2006 17:52
I very nice pub serving Youngs beers. The food is def recommended and is slightly pricey but above average for local pubs these days.

The only downside is the South African Manager. Anyone that tells a group of 15 people (locals) that their custom is not welcome especially when he has wronged two of the group and failed to apologise then he won't get a lot of custom in the future. He sarcastically said he had enough people in the pub to lose our business (3 times a week we go there).

Good luck!!!
Frothy1 - 5 Dec 2005 11:26
Definitely a pub for lovers of the oval ball this one. "Trousers down man.... you must skull an anal pint!!! RAAAHHHHH!!!!"
shw500 - 23 Aug 2005 10:35
Very crowded whenever I've been in there - standing room only unless you're very lucky/early. Good if you can get a table - known for good food.
rah - 2 Jun 2005 15:32
Moody staff, Overpriced Lager and gets very crowded.At least its a chav free zone and no bloody Juke Box. Also near to the station what can be handy.Why does the owner walk around the place as if he can walk on water?
TheWizard - 15 Apr 2005 17:01
Decent if slightly expensive pub, with good Young's ales. Nice looking marbelled exterior and interior. Popular with council staff from nearby town hall.
oneoverthe8 - 7 Apr 2005 19:34
good pub spoiled by the local rugby-shirted bobsters and their pony-tailed girlfriends. sorry, but oakley sunglasses are just lame.
tanderson7 - 6 Apr 2005 16:18
This is a really nice pub, and worth making a detour from the town centre or Clapham Junction to visit.The beer is well kept and the food is really nice and very good value. It is a rugby pub, so be prepared on match days for the toffs, but they are friendly toffs and it doesn't get rowdy. They are currently making a principled stand against the vast fees Sky make pubs pay for England games, and good for them!
vic_of_india - 22 Dec 2004 16:17
At least hoorays reduce the number of football wannabes and chavs, making it a great place to have a drink and watch sport
Martin - 20 Oct 2004 09:09
Had a good evening in here recently, plenty of drink to be had. Didn't have any food but it looked good. Yep, it did seem to have a few Rah heads with their up-turned rugby shirt collars. As long as I don't have to listen to their rubbish I don't mind.
Jack Knight - 23 Sep 2004 15:50
Good pub. Always busy (sometimes too busy). Nice beer. Only gripe is the Turbo Rah's that insist on singing Jerusalem at any given opportunity. They make a non-rugby playing punter like me very nervous!
Andrew - 27 May 2004 16:28
previous comments about hoorays, rude, excellent food and top pub all apply. There are plums in any pub - but it's a top place with top beer
ip - 30 Apr 2004 15:56
The pub isn't too bad but it's full of hoorays, so take a large stick with you.
the grim reecer - 15 Mar 2004 17:26
A great pub, with great food!
anonymous - 9 Dec 2003 19:31
Visited on Fri 21/11/03. Pub is good but gets extremely crowded; at 9pm the pub was heavin with punters there was standin room only (this can only mean it's a good pub) but not too keen on heavy crowds so had to crawl round to some of the other Youngs pubs in the area. It is still worth a visit, but I would avoid Friday & Saturday nights if you don't like crowds!
lad_newton - 24 Nov 2003 17:28
food is much improved on last time i went there -shame it is wasted on some of the most arrogant and rude punters i have ever rubbed up against
anonymous - 23 Sep 2003 22:56
I once visited this pub when doing the "Youngs 135" tour in 1992/1993. If it's still the same then it's a great community pub attractiong not only locals but the odd individual or group on a crawl. The Youngs was well kept then - hope it remains so.
lad_newton - 12 Sep 2003 16:37
i think that the anonymous bloke below is a mis informed coward. i used to work with the owner and although i agree with his 2nd observation on certain matters i do happen to know that his food is organic. he almost invented the gastro pub. he has his own farm and started out as a butcher. food ok. will the landlord please train his staff to not put youngs beer into glasses that have just come out of the dishwasher! it kills the beer immediately and tastes awful.
Dan - 1 Sep 2003 13:09
This is one of the best boozers south of the river and the food is great.
Chris - 7 Apr 2003 16:34
Great Pub - excellent food and beer
anonymous - 4 Apr 2003 12:40

got anything to say about this pub?

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