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Compton Arms, Islington

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user reviews of the Compton Arms, Islington

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Come here once or twice a year, and alternate between pleased and disappointed. Last time was the latter as they only had insipid GK on. Other times the guest ales will be decent
baggydave - 23 Feb 2017 20:23
The body on the blonde barmaid has to be seen to be believed OMG
mother123 - 29 Jan 2016 19:36
I went to the Compton Arms in Angel (located round the back of the Union Chapel) and I have to say it was a charming little boozer They had half a dozen or so ales including 'Old Nutty Hen' an autumn seasonal from Old Speckled Hen, which is a red version. I think it was George Orwell's local. Something of a football watching pub though.
Richard_ReadingFC - 27 Oct 2014 11:10
Visited for the first time tonight and found it quiet for a Thursday evening compared to other pubs in the area. Guess it helps being tucked away.
Five ales on tap - three Greene King and two guests. Tried a pint of each of the guest beers which were very drinkable and £3.90 each (no Camra discount available).
Food coming out of the kitchen looked nice and there was a sign by the bar saying all meals are a fiver on Monday to Friday before 3pm.
Unobtrusive music, no evident TV screens, and people relying on the old-fashioned art of conversation.
Would definitely visit again if I were in the area - although maybe not on an Arsenal match day as it apparently gets rammed then.
duchyjim - 3 Jan 2013 21:29
I have to say that this pub is a real hidden gem. There seems to be new real ales from different parts of the country appearing all the time, despite the Greene King tie. I have eaten here a few times now and been impressed every time - there is nothing frozen going on here - a pleasant change from the branded stuff up and down Upper Street. The garden has been spruced up for the Summer and its a great place to chat and sup the warmer evenings away. The other good thing is you can watch a game on the outside TV.
This is a proper pub, run as they used to be. No pretensions, no branding, unobtrusive music and great fayre. Worth seeking out down the lanes of Canonbury.
thepubdoctor - 2 Apr 2012 08:01
This is a really cosy, off the beaten track pub right in the heart of Islington. The real ales are varied and well kept, the food is generous and homecooked and the place appears to be the heart and soul of its community. There is big screen sports here for the main games, but essentially its just a great village pub in a big city. No longer do you stick to the bar when you lean on it or get a whiff of the gents every time someone goes in - even the bar flies are just a memory. Wonderful pub, long may it continue!
thepubdoctor - 3 Nov 2011 17:15
What has happened. This place was lovely. No longer so. Over priced beer and bloody tellies every where. Nobody watching of course.

No worries about showing the footy but in a, what was a characterful pub such as this, it should not dominate. There are pleny of other lager places suitable for this.

And as for the discussion from the Sunderland fans looking for a nice place to drink, a few years ago when I saw my lot, there were no issues about away fans coming in.

baggydave - 30 Jul 2011 13:39
This pub is great. It's like a little old country pub that's been transported from the countryside to the heart of Islington.
I have noticed some rather strange comments on here about a day when some Sunderland fans "visited" the pub.
To put the record straight, I was there that day and the Landlord did a fantastic job.
This pub is predominantly an Arsenal pub on match days because of it's location. However this is NOT a football pub as such.
About 20 Sunderland fans arrived en mass and there were probably already 25 customers in the pub. Within 10 minutes the number of fans had swollen to nearly 100. The pub's capacity is only about 75, as it is small, so you can imagine how packed the place suddenly became.
The Landlord did not turn anyone away and asked them to keep the noise down.
These silly fans became more and more raucous and all the normal customers were leaving. By the time the Landlord asked the fans to leave they were standing on tables banging on the roof, swearing like I've never heard and generally being ***holes.
The landlord was very restrained and did a great job.
Sunderland fans please stay away from this lovely pub and drink somewhere else.
On a lighter note, the Compton has lovely food, a good selection of real ales and is a warm and welcoming place to drink with great staff. Well worth a visit when your in the area.
BigVerns - 7 Jul 2011 14:02
The landlord appears to take great pride in displaying his tea mug with the slogan "grumpy old man". I can verify that the cap fits him - even his staff looked askance at him as went out of his way to turn perfectly reasonable punters away. He obviously believes that operating in the style of Basil Fawlty will make his fortune, unfortunately I doubt whether he disclosed this part of his business plan to his financial backers.

So, no longer will I make this venue a meeting place before attending the Union Chapel or a televised football match after work! But if you are attracted to the idea of being abused by someone who doesn't understand the concept of customer service, then this is the place for you!
SAFCDoog - 20 Mar 2011 19:49
I too had the unfortunate experience of being in this place before the Sunderland/Arsenal game on Saturday. A more unwelcoming manager/landlord would be hard to find.
The Sunderland fans there were middle aged men and women just trying to enjoy a pint.

And being told to sit down! What a plonker. I and dozens of others will never darken their door as long as this joker is running the place
dsftm - 7 Mar 2011 14:26
Soon after opening time yesterday some 20 Sunderland fans, mostly London-based, were on their first pints. Others arrived only to be told by the landlord that he wouldn’t be serving them because there were already too many away fans in the pub and that “this was an Arsenal pub”. There was no sign outside to this effect, nor were there staff on the door to prevent away fans entering. The landlord then suggested that we would not be served again and petulantly muttered that we were getting in his way and should all sit down as there were plenty of chairs! Unbelievable.

So, having drunk trouble-free in the Compton for years (including midweek and other non-football occasions), and having always enjoyed friendly banter with the Arsenal fans, I was not only being told to drink up and leave but also that before I did so I should sit down. Needless to say, I will not be going back.

We took our custom to the Hope & Anchor where we were gratefully welcomed by a landlord only too happy to accept what we estimate was some £1,500 of business by the end of the day. Perhaps the Compton’s landlord should have listened to his predecessor’s assertion that his most lucrative days had always been when Sunderland were in town.

Anyway, away fans take note – the landlord of the Compton does not want your business. Oh, and if he does let you in, you’ll be told to sit down.

beeristhefuture - 6 Mar 2011 15:52
Very friendly local pub (save for one dickhead attention seeker), compact and cosy interior with some interesting local history photos but as mentioned, it's expensive at 3.50 a pint. If you want to watch a football match in a pub I'd recommend it.
shand83 - 11 Jan 2011 18:37
This place was very expensive. A pint of 'propper job' bitter and a single G&T cost £8.20. I know London is expensive - I live here - and you might pay that in a West End tourist trap, but its too much for a pub like this. What’s more, the bar man was very rude. He wouldn't serve the bloke who came in behind me with his choice of beer, because it took too long to pour. ??? It’s a pub. You’re a bar man. Have you got something better to do? You're there to serve beer?!?

Maybe I caught it on a bad day, but this pub was a real let down and I will certainly not be going back. I have absolutely no idea why this place has halfway decent reviews.

anonymous - 9 Nov 2010 12:10
As others have said, a nice pub in a quiet area. But the prices will keep me away - £3.70 for Tribute? GK IPA was £3.35 and Abbott £3.50, which seems almost to be good value compared to the others.

Won'r be back purely because of the prices.
cheshirecat - 23 Oct 2010 10:04
Popped in here on Thursday night before going to the Garage, and the IPA & Bonkers Conkers were on good form. Nice friendly pub with a good mix of people. Gig finished early, so it seemed rude not to drop back into the Compton on the way home.
churchyboy - 26 Sep 2010 00:03
I went here last night with a couple of friends before going to a gig at Relentless Garage. It is in a quite side street. It has the ambience of a country oub which I like. It was a shame that one of the beers ran out shortly after we arrived. They served short pints which were topped up when asked but we found that very irritating especially as it is £3.50 a pint. I would visit again if in the area but would not go out of my way to do so.
lambethdoylee - 19 May 2010 11:25
Nice traditional boozer with a small but excellent menu, a nice selection of ales and a welcoming atmosphere. Bar staff were very friendly and accommodating. Other reviewers have commented about the price of the beer but it needs to be remembered that this is a pub in London and therefore the beer is going to be a little pricey. Recommended to anyone going to the Union Chapel for a gig as it is in the next street along. A great little find and well worth a visit.
LennyBanter - 12 Apr 2010 10:02
Nice little pub, with decent pints of Hare Raiser and Old Bob (both Greene King beers). As others have noted, this is tucked away off Upper Street, so retains an uncrowded local atmosphere, while still being handy for the tube and local restaurants. £3.50 a pint is a little steep, but still a great find.
Oktup - 5 Mar 2010 14:07
A handy little bolthole, close to Highbury tube, but feeling more like a country pub inside, thanks to the quiet mews it's located on, and the low beamed ceilings. As other reviewers have mentioned, it's qualities are slightly diminished by the rather steep prices, and by Greene King's ubiquitous branding. Greene King, if you want drinkers to like you, stop buying up decent breweries and then killing them!

mojo_moschops - 28 Jan 2010 13:30
Visited this afternoon after reviewing comments on this websiteb and was very disappointed. Wanted a Saturday lunch in a good Brit pub but unfortunately this place smelt like a toilet. Menu very limited and really could not have considered eating here with the odour. I think Islington is not the place if you want a decent pub.
gunnerphil - 2 Jan 2010 19:14
Yes, the beer is pricey, but it certainly is the most attractive option in Islington: a real pub, friendly, with character, instead of a bland, corporatised nightmare. Other than the Greene King beers, they had St Austell's Proper Job and Ridley's Witchfinder Porter, both of which were in good form. I'll be back.
red - 11 Oct 2009 14:07
Spent an enjoyable afternoon in this pub, yesterday(Sunday). Travelling from Whitstable to see a concert nearby, The Compton Arms was delightful. The busty barmaids were a joy to behold(Roxanne and husky Sarah) and went out of their way to make us feel welcome. The food had stopped by 3, when we got there, but Roxy produced a plate of roast potatoes, free ! I had several pints of Bonkers Conkers, very good. Watched the footie, Chelsea v Liverpool with a crowd of jubilant Gooners, (they had won 6-2 earlier). Great atmosphere here. One other thing- I am sick of people moaning about the price of a pint. You're in London for Christ's sake, what do you expect ?? Will definitely return some day.
KOTB - 5 Oct 2009 07:39
Probably the most visually appealing of all the pubs in the immediate area with a village feel to it although being a Greene King pub takes off a bit of the gloss. The quaint interior is fairly compact and navigating around the bar can be a bit of an ordeal when it is busy (and the pub usually is). The walls have several interesting old photos of the area (spot the Hope & Anchor in its previous guise as Rackstraws) and a selection of pump clips from the various guest ales. The low beams have plenty of slogans bigging up Greene King which may cause a few ripples among the breweries many detractors. Finding a seat can be tricky. There is a small room to the rear that looks twice the size thanks to a large mirror on the rear wall a but you will inevitably find yourself in the small decked, partly covered patio garden if you need any space. There are generally 2 standard Greene King Ales (IPA and Abbott) plus a seasonal Greene King (currently Royal London) and a “proper” guest (currently Everards Tiger). The major downside is the exorbitant prices. The guest ale last night cost a whopping £3.50 a pint (a Greene King guest ale at that!) and for that reason alone I can’t see myself hanging around in the future which is a shame as I have often made the Compton my default pub for the area. Should I return I think I will be supping my pint very slowly.
RogerB - 19 Sep 2009 09:46
There’s not much that I can add to the last few good reviews except that I found the staff to be very friendly and I had a couple of nice pints of Guinness.

Also, there is a small decked garden out the back which is well kept.

I will make a point of visiting here again when next in the area.
Strongers - 11 Sep 2009 09:10
Splendid place.

It's not really worth a long trip but if you are a local looking for a proper local, this place is spot on. It gets a wee bit busy on match days but is also a great place to watch the Arsenal games if, like most, you've been forced out of going to games by the Range Rover set that come in from the Home Counties. Whilst unashamedly an Arsenal pub, it's not a football pub per se, so you'll thoroughly enjoy a pint there without having to share your environment with yoofs or the normal idiots you find on Upper Street on any given night.
N1Chris - 19 Feb 2009 13:29
Hard to argue with the previous comments - a good simple pub with no real weakneses. Amazing how few of them now exist. Football is shown but does not dominate. As it should be...
whatbill - 6 Feb 2009 16:02
Scores highly for the presence of good-local atmosphere, conversation, locals 'nice dogs, well-kept ale (Bomber County guest beer), good range of bar nibbles, TV available but at low-volume and a range of interesting bar snacks - and the absence of lagered yoofs, piped music, fruit machines and stenchy 'pub grub'. A real pub and a must if in the area if not worth a long trip.
strongarm - 19 Jan 2009 11:56
Nice, even tough the pub was packed with people it wasn´t hard to order or find a place to enjoy our Abbot Ale, mainly because everyone behaved in a nice and friendly manner towards each other.
solidrock - 19 Nov 2008 08:09
If you're a history or literature buff, you might like to know this was George Orwell's local when he lived in London.
HK_Sojourner - 30 Oct 2008 10:55
A rare thing in Islington: Just a pub. A couple of decent well-kept beers on tap and friendly, unpretentious folk.
bitter_n_twisted - 2 Oct 2008 23:08
Agree with all the other positive reviews of this place. Nice atmosphere, good collection of ales, and friendly staff. Certainly sticks out from a lot of the other pubs in that part of Islington. Was perhaps a bit too blokey: there was only one female customer in there on the night I went!
FreeBornJack - 16 Sep 2008 15:30
Pleasant laid back local hidden away in a quiet back street opposite a more recent development of mews houses with seriously OTT ostentatious entrances. Welcoming and genuinely friendly, I had mixed feelings on arrival having seen the Greene King sign outside however it was pleasing to see a guest (Titanic White Star) on offer, good it was too. A calm comfortable interior with beamed ceilings and mainly open booth type seating plus bar stools. Old photos, brewery diagrams and information about the pubs nomenclator Lord Compton, who apparently died of a fit caused by bathing in the Thames after dinner. A decked garden area outside completes the picture.
The plasma was showing Wales' WC qualifier but with the volume at a low level.
Maldenman - 7 Sep 2008 11:20
A rather nice backstreet local which could be a million miles away from its location in Zone 2.

A fair range of beer (it's a Greedy King tied house) but I do recall them having a seasonal and a guest, which for GK pubs is always quite impressive. The beer was good, too.

Small and atmospheric inside, only sign of the 21st century was a TV with the football on.

Well worth seeking out if in the area.
Quinno - 25 Jun 2008 11:57
Lovely pub as all the reviews say but was quite dissappointed about the fact that I was told on the phone they showed both NL-Romania and Italy-France EUROS 2008 but once I got there they just showed IT-FR. It was not even technically possible for them to show two different games at the same time.

As the majority of my mates prefered to see IT-FR we decided to stay but as a Dutchy I was very disappointed to have dragged my mates here and not being able to see my men in orange.

As it won't happen that often that two games are played at the same time I doubt many people will experience the same, therefore I won't rate them for it as otherwise it seems a lovely tucked away pub.
Zalia - 19 Jun 2008 14:23
What an excellent little pub this is tucked away in the back streets. Went there pre-football and it was very pleasant. Still very acceptable 2 hours before kick off. Very well kept Old Hooky.
lyeemoon - 30 Jan 2008 15:02
The Compton Arms – I love this place they get full marks, the beer was real and fantastic, the service... wonderful, customers… friendly, this is a real pub, an authentic pub filled with authentic gooners.
wumpscut - 12 Dec 2007 19:23
Lovely pub, very friendly, nice and cosy too. A much better pub than I would have expected to find in this area. You have to know it's there because you'd never stumble across it by accident!
Kake - 9 Dec 2007 16:08
Fantastically down to earth back street boozer.
BobsHarmonica - 7 Dec 2007 12:34
Visited here on 16 October prior to seeing top acoustic artiste Kate Walsh at the Union Chapel. Very nice little pub serving Tom Wood's County Bomber in addition to Ridley's (aka GK) Old Bob and the usual two GK beers.

Food in the evening two and recommended if you are in the area.
GuideDogSaint - 17 Oct 2007 00:28
Considering this is a Greene King pub it's pretty good. The usual Green King selection plus one guest (a nicely kept St. Austell's Tribute on my visit). Overall, a nice, small and almost traditional place that is a welcome getaway from all the soul-less places along Upper Street.

Btw, JohnBonser, Olde Trip is now brewed by Green King, not Hardy & Hansons. It is a common trait that Greene King adopt in their pubs - not to update the pump clips to make it look like they're selling guest beers. If you think it tastes good now you should have tried it before GK got their hands on it - infinitely better!
The_Greene_King - 23 Aug 2007 12:27
Nice local feel here, ales good, friendly staff and food okay (well at lunch time anyway). Worth a visit away from the humdrum 'bars'.
Harlap - 20 Aug 2007 13:05
Had more than my fair share of Tribute in here yesterday - lovely. And in the sunshine outside too.
This is a lovely compact little boozer full of charming locals and local charm.
And for all those knocking the 'hell-hole' of Highbury Corner - the whole tube area is earmarked for development starting next year.
adeybaby2001 - 5 Aug 2007 10:45
Splendidly traditional pub in a quiet residential side street, could be a million miles away from the seedy hell-hole round Highbury and Islington Tube Station.

Pub doesn't open until 12 o clock, but the friendly landlady took pity on me sheltering from the summer drizzle and opened up 10 minutes early specially for me.

It's a Greene King pub and the Hardy and Hansons Olde Trip Ale was on and in good form.

It's a CAMRA friendly pub, well worth visiting.

Younger readers of this site may be interested to know that this was one of the first pioneers of real ale back in the 70's when it was part of a small chain of free houses owned by ( believe it or not ) the notorious Maxwell Joseph of Watneys / Trumans fame
JohnBonser - 12 Jul 2007 13:10
Down at heal pub with poor service.
jerry2 - 25 Apr 2007 11:18
Forgot to mention as said by ladnewton the batemans XXXB was wonderful, just right.
J.morgan - 14 Mar 2007 12:11
A PERFECT little pub, found out about it when going to a nearby gig and had a quick look in the good beer guide-delighted to find this GEM of a space, was a little too busy but this was probably due to everyone going to the band nearby. will 100% be returning.
J.morgan - 14 Mar 2007 12:09
Interior of pub unchanged since last visit a year or two back. Greene King IPA was on best form [for Greene King], but the Batemans XXXB was excellent.

Please note that under current management you are required to leave the premises promptly by 1120.
lad_newton - 16 Jan 2007 10:27
I have also moved further away from this little gem but when I get back nothing has changed, still same friendly atmosphere, great staff and decently priced drinks. So un-Islington its amazing.
celt7 - 29 Oct 2006 20:44
Agree with Mr. Monkfish, don't tell everyone. We don't go to this pub as much as we used to as we've moved a bit further away. I admit, every time I go in I expect the regulars to turn and stare/mutter, but it's not like that at all - it's friendly in a low-key way. Total relief from the hell of Upper Street.
And it will forever be linked in my mind with watching Liverpool win the European Cup in May 2005.
Catten - 28 Oct 2006 18:42
went in here for a quick pint and stayed for a few, friendly staff and locals, a real diamond away from the tinsel on upper st. felt like you were in some tiny village somewhere not a stones throw from highbury corner.

mralistair - 11 Oct 2006 23:24
Tasty grub, an ever-changing assortment of ales, comfortable "country pub"-style atmosphere, friendly staff and a welcoming local clientele. This is where the, "however" should make an appearance, but I really can't think of anything bad to say...
beansoup - 1 Sep 2006 20:54
tried this place and loved it , staff and beer excellant .... good atmosphere
9ooner - 28 Mar 2006 18:19
I have heard great things of this in the past, so popped my head in once. I must admit I didn't find it welcoming at all. Dull beers on hand pump (its a Greene King house I think, always a total shocker) and a bit too packed for my liking. But will no doubt try it again.
anonymous - 13 Feb 2006 16:54
Small, good beer. Not particularly welcoming bar staff.
keep_it_green - 13 Feb 2006 16:40
Ok, most of you that read this site are amongst the more discerning pub goers so I don't mind telling you about this place but please; check over your shoulder to make sure that nobody else is reading this and once you have read about it-keep your trap shut. Otherwise you will risk ruining this unspoiled paradise for beer drinkers.
Located about a two minute walk but metaphorically a million miles away from Upper Street down an innocuous looking side street/alley this pub is hidden away from the hordes of wannabe trendy drinkers just around the corner and is all the better for it.
Appearance wise it has more in common with a small village local pub than anywhere within a hours' walk of it. There are exposed wooden beams and old-fashioned windows. The furniture is of the classic dark hard wooden stools and benches with small cushions sewn on variety and look like they could have been manufactured at any point in the last 200 years. There are pictures of the local area in by-gone areas mounted on the wall and various titbits of information about the pub and the history of this part of North London written on the wooden beams. The only obvious concession to the 21st Century are the large flat-screen TVs showing the Football. There is no background music and no room to host any other entertainment, but the power of conversation creates a warm and cosy atmosphere.
The barstaff are excellent and take the time to be friendly and remeber your order whilst keeping the queue moving briskly. The beer is excellent and very well priced for this neck of the woods and although during my visit there last night they only had Greene King IPA and Ridley's Rumpus on, an impressive array of pump labels stuck on one of the walls indicates that this is a very strong ally to the CAMRA brigade and is a place to try something diffrent for the rest of us.
The food looked and smelled amazing, but unfortunatley by the time my friends and I considered the question of sustainance they had finished doing food for the evening.
Overall this is a simply brilliant pub that has only one major flaw; it's too small, hence my plea for a little discretion in who you let know about it as it would be very easy for this place to become unbearably cramped and uncomfortable thus ruining one of the few truly outstanding watering hole sin Islington.
Mr.Monkfish - 11 Feb 2006 12:22
Small often smokey and worth a visit.
MilkTheImp - 2 Oct 2005 23:28
Have passed this pub many a time, but only just got around to visiting it. What a pleasant surprise! A summer Saturday night in N1, and this place is mere yards away from the meat market that is Upper Street, and had 4 real ales on. Truly a rarity in this area. Staff were really friendly and welcoming - there were a few obvious "regulars" in, but by no means did this make us feel unwelcome. An oasis for N1 drinking.
scissorkicks - 3 Jul 2005 01:54
What a joy this pub is. It is mainly notable for what it *hasn’t* got – music, fruit machines, pool, always-on TVs, a ‘theme’, posers and yobs. Just a range of well-kept ales and a few decent wines, a low buzz of conversation and the kind of staff who remember what you drank last time you visited. Nothing special, you might think, except that in this part of Islington such a place is an oasis in a desert of chain bars – a country pub lost in the big city. Long may it continue.
barstool - 26 May 2005 20:25
Great pub. Rally nice landlord and customers who gave us visiting Norwich supporters a real welcome and even a football and video for the kids. 5 Real ales - tried them all. Friendliest pub I have been to in London.
Paul666 - 4 Apr 2005 20:31
A little gem.
anonymous - 4 Mar 2005 15:33
Possibly the best pint in Islington. Very impressed.
beer - 21 Feb 2005 09:59
Proper good old style boozer, good selection of ales, friendly staff and very handy to know about if you want to escape the media toffs of upper street. Just tell your closest friends about it.
DKavanagh - 10 Dec 2004 11:34
Sadly I thought this place was quite average, a bit of a letdown after all the recommendations.
Two main complaints: unbelievably smokey, and all their lager taps were broken. (I think it's great if a pub decides to serve only ale, but in this case it was just that all the taps were broken).
On the positive side the low ceilings did make the place seem cosy, the bar staff were friendly, and it's a great location hidden out of the main drag.

RJK - 8 Nov 2004 19:55
We used to drink fairly regularly in The Compton Arms when we were students at the old Poly of North London on Hooloway Rd and Ladbroke House Highbury Barn - 1976-1981. It’s so long ago that I only thought of the place the other day but couldn't even remember it's name! Kept on going their into the mid-80’s as well, introducing work colleagues from Hackney to the joys of Abbott Ale. Must pay it a nostalgic visit one day soon!!
Tony Macklin - Worthing, West Sussex - 29 Oct 2004 12:29
I didn't realise pubs like this existed in London. And not only that, it's inner zone 2 London. It's a tiny old pub with low ceilings and lots of charm, but it's not up its own arse, and will still have tellys for football.

The bartender actually came up to my table and asked if we wanted another round. I was lost for words. I thought you had to go to tiny villages in Kent to get this sort of genuine friendly service.

Absolutely fantastic, cannot wait to go again. It's only the second pub out of about a hundred on this website to get a 9/10 from me.
travis - 20 Oct 2004 14:18
The "Compton" was my regular when I lived a stone's throw away 35 years ago. Now, even though I live in Canada, any return visit includes the obligatory pint or two at this cosy, unique pub. Many happy hours were spent there with my two stalwart friends, Michael Stewart and Philip Davies. Any ex-Barnsbury Secondary School for Boys students (classes of 1957 to 1962), who may have also frequented the "Compton", are welcome to reply to me and reminisce about the old days.

- Barry Page
Barry Page - - 27 Mar 2004 20:52
Lovely old pub - good selection of beers and friendly staff
Dave G - 22 Jan 2004 14:50
this pub is hidden away and proves that Islington has everything. You can have a genuinly quiet drink here at reasonable prices (and I am a northerner living in London so that isn't said lightly). Big tv for footy. Unfortunatley (this is where the pub falls down- I am a red manc) it is a gooner pub, good to wander round there at the end of the 2002/2003 season though.
Matt - 7 Aug 2003 13:31

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