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Wibbas Down Inn, Wimbledon

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user reviews of the Wibbas Down Inn, Wimbledon

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I'd read that this was a particularly large Wetherspoons. But on entering, it felt pretty small. It was only after being there about 20 minutes that I guessed there must be more to it. Following the room round, I soon worked out that the pub is actually a z-shape and there are bars at both the front and rear entrances. The place is very large. But its size and shape makes the middle section particularly dark. Ales were Surrey Hills Collusion, Adnams Bitter, Twickenham Champion's Ale & Black Eel, Thornbridge Jaipur, Windsor & Eton Windsor Knot, Dark Star Hophead, Greene King Abbot & IPA, Oakham Enough Rope, Wimbledon Common Pale Ale & Whistable Bay Red IPA. Unusually for a Wetherspoons, there was no real cider. Probably a decent option for Wimbledon, as real ale choice appears to be limited in the town. But there are better 'spoons than this.
blue_scrumpy - 10 Apr 2017 19:21
Very big wetherspoons which i've been to before. Only this time I came in a different enterance. It looked so different I thought i'd entered a different wetherspoons! But yes u can enter from either side, its a large pub, but the seating makes the pub a little more awkward than it could be. Too many of those high tables.
BestBeerBoffin - 23 Mar 2017 15:04
Very big wetherspoons which i've been to before. Only this time I came in a different enterance. It looked so different I thought i'd entered a different wetherspoons! But yes u can enter from either side, its a large pub, but the seating makes the pub a little more awkward than it could be. Too many of those high tables.
BestBeerBoffin - 23 Mar 2017 15:04
This pub is very large. It is so large that it is served by 2 bus stops. If you are travelling into Wimbledon you ban use the Wimbledon Theatre bus stop for this pub's northern end, or use the next stop, the bus station, for the pub's southern end.

The Wibbas Down Inn has two bars. The one nearest the Wimbledon Theatre I call the Country Bar, because it is small and has a fireplace and it seems to be where many of the locals drink.
The other bar I call the West End bar because it is very big and the younger people seem to use it.
I normally sit in the long corridor that links the two bars. There is lots and lots of seating in this pub, and it is popular at all times of the day and night. Sometimes it can be hard to get a drink, especially at Theatre intermission/curtain times. However, the staff are extremely good and I have never waited long at any time. There also seems to be many members of staff; and they are not fly-by-nights: they are experienced bar staff who know their jobs. Importantly, if I have ever questioned the quality of a real ale it has always been changed immediately.

There are two large TVs, one in a raised seating area, and one projector-scree type telly in the centre of the pub. There are two set of toilets (no stairs in any of them).

During Wetherspoon's Beer Festivals they often do something remarkable. The West End bar is extended and firkins of every single beer in the festival is put on sale. So about 50 different real ales all at once. A bewildering case of cellar management! Bravo!

I was in there once on the Monday morning after the Wimbledon tennis final. By 11am the West End side was crammed with Italian and Spanish 18-year-olds preparing to return home. It was a sight for sore eyes - better than the tennis.

There is wifi throughout via The Cloud.

In this pub I have always found the staff to be excellent. The beer is always in good condition. I have never waited long to be served and I have always found a seat, so I am giving it top rating.
offramp - 10 Jul 2016 08:13
Smart but ultimately forgettable pub in the Wetherspoon's tradition. Might be the best pub option if you live in the somewhat derelict South Wimbledon area.
strangetorpor - 19 Jun 2016 12:36
Ah the wibbly wobbly!!

Quite often the first stop in a Wimbledon crawl as it is is a good place to shovel a few decentl and cheap ales down before moving on to the pricier establishments.

Range of beer is particularly good here but service can be quite slow. It's sometimes pot luck as to which bar you go to as some seem better staffed than others but this chops and changes from bar to bar.

Very large L shaped pub where I have never struggled to get a seat. Can occasionally get some quite aggressive thuggish types who have probably travelled into the Don from neighbouring areas such as Morden of Mitcham. Doesn't put me off though!
BeerGutt - 6 Feb 2016 16:03
My last visit here was Easter 2014 when I was part of a group on my way to football and got hideously drunk in several hours of hard drinking! Not so on this visit as it was a quick pint while as I was early for lunch at a nearby restaurant.

A quarter full but still it took a little too long to be served, however I was kept occupied by deciding which beer I wanted from the large amount of pumps.

I opted for a pint of Ascot Ales Single Hop @ 4.6% and I got to use my 50p off camra voucher, a decent ale and a result all at once!

This is a decent 'spoons that is worth a visit

lezford - 23 Jul 2015 14:36
One of those annoying occasional 'Spoons which turns out to have no real cider.
jgurney1 - 5 Oct 2014 19:48
I have previously commented unfavourably on this pub on account of its clientele
who gather throughout the afternoon at the Wimbledon Theatre end and shout at each other in the most inane way. These old plonkers should be put out to grass or taught some manners, but another hazard of the Wibbas Down is when the theatre opposite has some tatty stock repertory company's performance of
some moth-eaten musical from the 1930s or 40s. The whole pub then fills up with an incredible array of ancient and largely female octogenarian coffee drinkers and the cacophony is reminiscent of a choir of pneumatic drills until, at 1900 p.m. they begin drifting across the road to the theatre to watch Top Hat or Annie Get Your Gun. Seeking to beat this monstrous regiment by going to the pub early, one then gets caught in the matinee mob leaving the theatre .
God help us all.

Padderborn - 12 Sep 2014 18:03
I haven't drank in Wimbledon since I lived in the area, reckon I'd visited the pubs enough during that time not to have returned anytime soon!

Off to football in Hampton so the Wetherspoon's was the pub of choice for our 11.30am meet up.

Extremely large spoons a short stroll from the station. I remember coming here a few days after it opened.

Fairly empty when I arrived just after 11am but it started to fill up, most people ordering breakfasts but the drinkers soon arrived.

In excess of 16 pumps across the 2 bars, a quantity of the beers left over from the recent beer festival....I was spoilt for my choices were Hilden Brewing Co Nut Brown @ 3.8% and Orkney Breweries Meridian Best @ 3.9%.

Decent pub but as with all 'spoons the service sometimes let's them down, this one is no different. Surely when you open you expect a crowd so you should have enough staff to deal's not fair on the few girls to deal with an ever growing & impatient crowd.

lezford - 22 Apr 2014 12:59
Large Spoons, with two bars & between them, three banks of handpumps - always plenty of choice. Agree that the main gents toilets are disgusting
Wilson_MacDonald - 9 Mar 2014 20:24
The beer in here on Saturday was so cold our teeth were on edge, a massive chill haze formed on my glass, I spoke to a regular customer who i've known for a long time and he was surprised as my beer came from a handpump on the middle bar usually the other bars have cr*p beer.0/10 and a nbss of one, I wondered why this pub was not in the GBG 2014 and that goes a long way to explaining matters.
slerpy - 22 Sep 2013 16:25
Disgusting toilets - filthy, smelly, gross.

Very, very slow service.

Some particularly and obviously over the edge customers left to continue to drink - noisy, particularly loud and left unchallenged.

Not a place to have a drink and a conversation - even for broadminded people.

Clearly some big problems here - third rate, really old fashioned worst kind of place.

Gross, nasty, don't go there!
Mostyn - 26 Jun 2013 23:21
A better than average Wetherspoons. It's a pub crawl in it's self at least 5 or 6 ales in the front bar, then move on to the middle bar for the strong ales and finish up at the Theatre end, night over! Good prices for a Wimbledon pub.
Scotsaledrinker - 8 Jun 2013 18:57
Keeping you on your toes Slerp, I read you live in a dark world,enjoy.
Dementer - 14 Feb 2013 20:58
A better than average Wetherspoons with eighteen handpumps, we had the Sunday roast the only mistake was a distinct lack of gravy which was rectified by a full gravy boat appearing after a short wait. Beer wise I tried the Brewster's Andromeda which was excellent and the somewhat overpowering Heather Ale( An American guest Brewer's beer). Not good enough to stop my next pint from being GFB in the Sultan.
slerpy - 4 Nov 2012 19:48
Average Spoons pub with a decent pint of London Pride. Had a chat with a rather enthusiastic local which was rather entertaining. Would visit again!
ng10 - 24 Jun 2012 09:46
Top top Wetherspoons. Excellent range and consistently well served beers. Eager and friendly staff. Clean toilets. Food a good as Wetherspoon gets. The atmosphere is to my mind enhanced by the mixed clientele. As a CAMRA member I cannot understand why this pub has never been considered for the Good Beer Guide....yet the cold empty no-beer Bricklayers in Putney is a fixture.
southfields - 30 Apr 2012 17:40
Dementer, you ignoramus, WETHERSPOONS does NOT have an "A" . If my son spelt like you I would ask for a refund!
slerpy - 23 Mar 2012 19:50
Old sleps has found his true mark in life Weatherspoons like him cheap but not cheerful. What a moron.
Dementer - 20 Mar 2012 20:14
The Wibbas has stated to take ales from the nearby By the Horns Brewery, i've tried some of their ales and they seem to be very good indeed.
slerpy - 17 Mar 2012 20:33
A large retail conversion Wetherspoon. So large that if you enter from the Wimbledon Theatre side you might not realise that the larger of the two bars is at the other side. When I went on a Monday night there was only one staff member and a queue at the small bar but more staff and no queue at the large bar. Small bar had six ales labelled and the large bar a dozen - not sure how many actually on - at least one pump clip was there to disguise a broken pump. However, the Butcombe Bitter and Exmoor Beast were in excellent nick. Food was as other Wetherspoon outlets - cheap, decent and speedy - handy for a swift nosh before the panto.
SimonM - 11 Jan 2012 17:18
Great beer selection, well looked after, but as with all Weatherspoons, the clientele are not as well behaved/refined as I'd like, but the food is well priced and exactly what you expect.
bloodylimey - 19 Dec 2011 17:06
I have finally stopped drinking in the Wibbas Down after giving it one more try. I don't say that it is markedly different to other Wetherspoons pubs, as they have a reputation for down-market hostelries, but in recent times the proliferation of old plonkers in baseball caps talking a lot of bollocks at the top of their voices has placed the Wibbas Down beyond the pale. When Wetherspoon first started opening pubs, they were a haven of tranquil drinking and good conversation until the pot-bellied plonkers discovered that the beer was cheaper than elsewhere; since when, they have converged on the pubs like a pack of Rab C. Nesbitts on speed. Nothing will return the pubs to their former glory except a reasonable dress code and an elocution test to be taken by all who enter.
Padderborn - 28 Nov 2011 22:21
Top notch JDW. Great range of beers in good condition. Sambrooks Pale was especially good. Strong management and eager staff make this one of the best Wetherspoons.
doorstep - 13 Aug 2011 15:47
YES it is a strange shaped pub and yes like all other Weatherspoons it does attract the weirdo's and looneys because of the cheap ale prices. I was in here around Christmas and on ordering my first of several real ales (great selection, kept well and good prices) got chatted up by a long legged, drunken Russian bird with lovely everythings. Sadly she was hanging round with a Klitchko brother lookalike and as much as I wanted to congergate her entire verb then my head wanted to stay exactly where it was on my shoulders and rather than chance it with Alexei the bloody hard knock I gave it a miss. I did contemplate getting her outside for a 5min against the wall 'quickie' but even that chance faded as she returned back to the gormless, passport cheat. Good staff and decent boozer otherwise.
Mcloj - 12 Jul 2011 12:51
I happened to be in Wimbledon and decided to have a pint in the Wibass down
which I hadn't been in for a year. As it was around 2pm there were only about 5 or 6 other guys in the Wimbledon theatre end of the pub. It was nice and peaceful and I was enjoying my pint when someone who looked exactly like the tramp that used to introduce Monty Python's Flying Circus emerged from the other end and took up position outside for a smoke. Then he came back inside, and inspected the beer pumps with a magnifying glass before ordering one and disappearing into the far reaches of the pub. I was relieved to see him go and was about to order another when I heard the barmaid say "Hello Charlie". Charlie emerged from the same direction as the tramp, and holding a pint took up position at one of the tables; at which point, I made a quick exit. You see, Charlie seems to spend all his time there and is the reason I hadn't been there for a year. Because Charlie is the biggest bore in Christendom and will collar anyone who happens to be having a quiet drink and belabour them with his totally uninteresting life story. And this highlights a basic fault with Wetherspoons pubs in general in that they invariably attract weirdos on account of the cheap beer. This is a pity, because if you choose the correct time of day, it would otherwise be possible to enjoy a couple of pints in a civilised atmosphere.
Padderborn - 20 Jun 2011 18:10
Strange shaped pub. Also, for some reason they like to keep the doors open which creates a bit of a wind tunnel affect. If you sit on the big tables in the middle of the pub, you can then easily get beer from both bars (& there is no wind blowing through!). As other posters say, very good beer range.
Wilson_MacDonald - 18 Apr 2011 11:31
Why is this pub not in the Good Beer Guide? All the pumps fully loaded. Friendly and enthusiastic staff - I find that if you are smiling and open bar staff are too. Food regular Wetherspoons...and nothing wrong with that. Lively and sociable crowd and fully functioning loos thoughout the day. The manager and his team have done extremely well in all departments.
southfields - 15 Mar 2011 15:56
1 in 10 staff have a smile on their face. Make you wait for ages at the bar and serve the nearest person to them not the next in the queue waiting. No atmosphere, big and unfriendly just like the staff.
dwite70 - 14 Feb 2011 17:59
A bit of a mixed view about this pub. On the plus side the range of real ales can't be beaten anywhere else in Wimbledon. At busier times they often have a different ale on each of the 18 (!!) handpumps. Visiting yesterday they had six Xmas ales alone on.

On the minus side, the food is nothing special (though good value for money). The pub is packed with teenies on Friday and Saturday nights and the toilets transform to natural wetlands by about 9pm. The rest of the week this place is well worth a visit though.
BarrySW19 - 28 Dec 2010 13:24
Nice pub. Friendly staff. Good breakfast. Clean toilets. Good range of beer. What more could you ask.

One moan - the tables often need a wipe down (not too much to ask)

Jenny79 - 20 Nov 2010 17:08
By sheer chance I happened to be in Wimbledon to-day and after over 4 years decided to visit this pub. I found it to be somewhat improved since my last visit. Still dimly lit, but the decoration was in good order. The toilets were not bad either.

The last time I was there it was a Lloyds now it has reverted to being a normal (if that's the right word) Wetherspoons. The real ale selection was very good although all the beers were priced differently with Fuller's ESB priced at 2.80!!!!
They also had Hogsback's T over A at 9% but much cheaper than ESB.

The food was served quickly and in reasonable quantities. The staff including the manager were quite friendly and helpful.

Despite my earlier comment of years ago that I wouldn't go back, I would now say that I most certainly would.
wyndham - 17 Nov 2010 20:51
i love this place, been drinking there on and off for a year since i moved to the area, ok i go there because its cheap, id love for it to have music but u make ur own fun right, staff are helpfull, even remember what i drink so all in all well done
bianca84 - 3 Sep 2010 19:52
Gods waiting room....full of tossers banging on about the war.....staff too be avoided.....toilets desparingly smelly.
mortimerfluff - 20 Jun 2010 11:50
Average Spoons serving a decent number of festival ales in good condition. Bar staff were helpful.
GuideDogSaint - 18 Apr 2010 19:42
Large, above average, (for real ale choice and quality), Wetherspoons, with 2 separate bars at either entrance.

Visited during the Autumn beer festival and found 18 real ales on handpump, and all the ones we tried were in good nick. Since then we have been back several times and the range and quality is generally very good, (one minor quibble is that the ales on the 'main' bar are a bit too cold at times).

wee_jock - 11 Mar 2010 14:26
Standard JDW joint - big, spacious, entertaining some 'characters' and cheap ale. Not much to say about this really, had a pint of Sharp's Nadelik which was adequate, although it took ages to get served on New Years Day with one member of staff behind the massive bar. Not very smart if you ask me, or other disgruntled punters.
ChrisP87 - 3 Jan 2010 10:55
Very unprepossessingly-looking building, and a fairly standard 'spoons interior with the ambience not helped by the low ceiling in the front section. However, with some 17 festival real ales on at the bargain price of 1.69 one really shouldn't complain too much. The beer was fine, the tables clear and the bar service was efficient too. The toilets were disgusting, though...
rpadam - 29 Oct 2009 23:50
As Wetherspoons go, this one is by no means the worst. I popped in last night and there was a choice of something like 15 real ale handpumps - that counts as a beer festival in some pubs.

I only had a half (of Burton Bridge Stairway to Heaven), but it was fine and cost just 95p. There were plenty of places to sit and it seemed reasonably clean and not too dominated by (to quote the reviewer below) "30-40 year-old oiks".

Perhaps it's a pub best frequenting earlier in the week, as I did. But if you want a pub that serves a beer range that's hard to beat, you can't really knock it. Apart from that, it's a bog-standard Wetherspoons, and you don't go in one if you want a quiet night with posh nosh.
Roodeye - 29 Sep 2009 12:05
I avoided going to this pub on on Saturday because I understand that at weekends it gets full of kids and is rowdy. However, yesterday (Monday) I went there only to find there was a quiz night at the end of the bar where I had arranged to meet someone. "WHAT KIND OF SHOP HAS THREE HANGING BALLS OUTSIDE ?" were the words I was greeted with on entering the bar, and similar inane questions were boomed out during the evening. What is it about the English that they cannot go out for a drink and a chat without some pointless distraction going on in the background, be it ...Pop m usic, television, quiz nights etc. Having said that, the service was OK and if you sit near the windows you have enough light to read a newspaper.
Padderborn - 21 Jul 2009 16:14
Bog standard and not very good Wetherspoons. In fact 'bog' is the word that comes to mind when considering this pub.
rainlight - 18 Jul 2009 14:40
Really not a good example of a wetherspoons. The food isn't very good and the tables are often dirty and sticky. It is a massive place and is popular but that is more to do with the pricing I think. Some weatherspoons are good, some excellent, this unfortunately is on the list of poor ones
wobble - 26 Jun 2009 16:39
Many years ago the building now occupied by this pub was a large sprawling Tesco (before Tesco went (sort of) upmarket).

Very dark inside. Service fairly slow on the larger front bar and you get the feeling that regulars when recognised are consistently queue jumped. Staff look very young, don't recall seeing anyone over about age 25/30 tops.

Food OK, drinks service friendly enough once it arrives.

Not a leading Spoons but not a disaster either.

So that's the dirty fork - but here's the dirty knife:

in at least one of the gents' there are what appear to be cameras in the ceilings.

One wonders if that is _really_ necessary, even nowadays. Management hereby invited to comment.
_grobag_ - 30 May 2009 15:14
One of the worst examples of a Wetherspoons, poor disinterested staff, beers regularly off, the management would do well to look in the nearby Spoons like The Edward Rayne or The Coronation Halls.
Maldenman - 30 May 2009 14:08
This has to be just about the most bland Weatherspoons pub I've ever been in. The beers are okay, but nothing out of the ordinary, whilst the grudging, unsmiling service is perhaps the only thing that sets this apart from other pubs in their chain.
Pubsignman - 28 May 2009 00:34
Typical town 'spoons. Bit dark inside. Purity brewery offering was ok.
Leicesterbeer - 25 Mar 2009 20:33
Huge pub with a good range of beers, and great prices. Greene King IPA at 99p a pint is a good deal by any standards. Unfortunately, beer in Wetherspoons pubs just never tastes quite 'right' to me. I had some kind of Winter Ale which was almost undrinkable. The 'Pedigree' was not too bad, but too cold and tasted metallic. The only one I enjoyed was the Abbott, and that was nothing special. Good place to meet and possibly get a bite to eat, but lacking in character and atmosphere.
nich52 - 8 Jan 2009 11:18
Enjoyed the Christmas beers last night, also found the bar service friendly.
Wilson_MacDonald - 24 Dec 2008 17:00
Poor service ,poor beer, a real disaster of a pub.
slerpy - 8 Dec 2008 19:16
Well run by very professional manager. Wide selction of well kept ales. Pleasant relaxed atmosphere.
southfields - 24 Nov 2008 11:35
Typical spoons. Unremarkable.
nickthefish - 16 Sep 2008 09:01
staff seem friendly enough. ales always tasty.
onehunglow - 10 Sep 2008 18:42
Had a decent pint and a nice snack here. Bog standard Wetherspoons - no complaints.
chick - 16 Aug 2008 15:35
Drink here on occassion.
Jason-nice guuy always friendly.
Emma-"one of the managers"-you are soooo hot...
and the rest of the staff are always cheerful and friendly as well.
beerinspector - 8 Aug 2008 20:15
After reading these previous review im not sure what people where thinking?

I've had many visit to the wibbas and found it a charming pub! The staff are courteous and well mannered, bend over backwards to help, food is available from 9am until 10pm! The real ale selection is amazing and i hear the pub is turning back to a wetherspoons rather than a Lloyds!

Brill Pub Brill Service!!
Mintos - 16 May 2008 03:08
Worse than football hooligans. Was in there last night 29/2/8 and seems like a mixture of cheap alcohol and simple minded yobs is the perfect recipe for fights. I dont mind if they want to go round killing each other but dodging the flying glasses puts everyone at risk. Doorstaff need to be trained better and a strict door policy is in need to keep out the trash.
bobarthur - 1 Mar 2008 14:50
Typical Spoons - but a vast one. Just what you'd expect - except because of its size, you can sometimes escape from the usual Spoons clientele. It has two bars, and the one nearer the theatre tends to be margially more upmarket.

One plus point is that it does have a good range of ales, sometimes some unusual ones. It's not really a place to linger, but can be OK to have a couple of pints before going on somewhere else. There are definitely worse Wetherspoons than this one, and they did have a decent ale festival in October, with two racks of casks on the raised area near the non-theatre entrance.
Roodeye - 6 Jan 2008 17:39
I used to go here 7-8 years ago and more. It doesn't see to have changed much reading the reviews, and I can't really add much more. Rubbish.
wbafc_beer - 2 Jan 2008 23:11
It is now indeed a Lloyds bar, which means they've added tv screens and music (and DJs on Fri/Sat nights). In my youth I had great fun in Spoons, but if I go there now for a swift (cheap) one I spend my time people-watching, and wondering if I would have looked so "samey" when I went in there years ago.
The clientele in there nowadays seem to all dress the same!
brionyot - 29 Jun 2007 16:25
Dreadful place, dreadful service, just dreadful.

On a recent early evening visit, the bouncers were busy blocking the front entrance chatting with each other(and a manager). Which considering that we had just walked miles from the back entrance where the trained monkeys weren't letting anyone in (no admission - you'll have to go round the front) was a bit much. Especially when the place was still half empty.

Has recently gained a DJ area and a dancefloor. Also lots of flat screen TVs showing Sky News with sound turned off, but with rolling subtitles
which lag minutes behind the video. Both of which have served to make the place look even more of a downmarket dump.

Service still deplorable, largely because of the the policy of using the minimum number of seemingly totally inexperienced staff possible.

Beer - well the draught Belgian beer was good, even if we had to use Google when we got home to decode the cryptic message on the pump clip to find out what we had been drinking. Will Wetherspoons start selling Stella as Luton lager I wonder?
anonymous - 17 Apr 2007 14:34
Very similar to the one at Kingston which is now a Lloyds. It was originally part of a supermarket but to me it's another one of JDW's conversion from a gallery in a coal mine. Dark and gloomy and not very inviting. The bouncers do not help matters as they were obviously not taught manners when they were in captivity at the zoo. It has certainly deteriorated overthe last 2 years or so. Would not visit again.
wyndham - 24 Sep 2006 00:21
I used to go there on late Saturday afternoon (the only decent time for a Wetherspoons) for a couple of decent ales (the only decent reason for aWetherspoons).

However, the last two times I went in there, the service was shoddy. I was waiting for ages to be served, to no avail, and walked out on both occasions (I gave it a second chance). This is nothing short of criminal for a pub and I've not been back since.

Now I go to the Hand & Racquet, which has decent ales served directly from the cask as well as good service.
AleKing - 20 Jun 2006 16:50
As with all Wetherspoons, the top-drawer selection of guest ales is the main selling point and the reason it gets a 6. There is always unique beers on to try, although despite this the majority of patrons seem to stick to their chemical lager.

So if you can put up with the smell, the sloppy service, the drunks, the tatty interior, the kids, etc, it is worth a crack, if only for a new pint of beer.
anonymous - 10 May 2006 16:53
I agree with the previous lot!
terfysgwr - 10 Oct 2005 19:04
Gone down the pan recently - i'm having trouble seeing my pint on a friday night cos it's so dark.

Why have spoons got silly coloured lights everywhere
anonymous - 4 Apr 2005 22:40
good food good prices ok drink thats about it, i hear this place use 2 b a tescos dont surpise me its massive, if you want a fight then this is the place except for yates of course
anonymous - 20 Feb 2005 13:47
typical weatherspoons, namely cheap food and beer, however the bar staff seem oblivious to the 14 year olds drinking in there making the whole place a chav palace.

if you want cheap, then this is the place, and thats the only thing going for it.
Venom - 2 Jan 2005 23:08
They might as well park the police van outside here on a Friday, it ends up there in the end. Has competition as the biggest fight spot in Wimbledon now Yates's is open.
Richard - 12 Oct 2004 23:12
The service is very poor, if you want a drink quick send your hardest looking mate. The cheapness though makes the wait almost bearable. It is the ASDA of the pub world, dirty but cheap.
mathew - 26 Sep 2004 14:29
Dreadful... the staff are rude, slow and always get it wrong... the management are useless... the tables are sticky and dirty and nobody seems to care... the food is soggy or stale... I only go there because it is cheap and on price it can't be beaten... on self pride it can be beaten almost anywhere...
A.A.L - 9 Aug 2004 14:26
i love it there...its good if u want to just go for a reasonably quiet night of drinks n chats with friends or as a place to kick a big night off at as its a lot cheper than other places in wimbledon!
sarah - 26 Mar 2004 16:33
much like any other 'spoons. the only appeal is the double g&t for 1.99. *re: Scotty's comment, well, that's wimbledon for you. they probably all came on the tramlink from croydon though.
johnson - 22 Mar 2004 16:57
As stated elsewhere - cheap but not cheerful. Weekends after 9 it turns into a creche full of pikie slappers and boy racers
Scotty - 15 Mar 2004 22:17
Nothing wrong with the place, it's busy every night and it's not just full of 'scum'. They must be doing something right.
sarah - 15 Feb 2004 00:08
It's rubbish. They don't clean the glasses properly. The clientle is almost exclusively Ben Sherman and Burberried up. Avoid like the plague
Joe - 12 Jan 2004 17:20
A massive pub with loads of seating. Usual Weatherspoons pub, and the beer is not bad and ok priced. Pretty good place to settle down for an evenings beer and chat. They do food, but I haven't tried - better off going to one of the millions of food places in Wimbledon.
anonymous - 7 Jan 2004 16:59
Cheap but not very chearful! A poor pub for poor people. Avoid if you're not on benefits.
anon - 27 Nov 2003 13:21
I used to drink here a lot. It's had it's ups and downs but in the end me and me mates gave up on it.On busy Saturday nights there was just never enough bar staff and those who were serving were totally inefficient and the organization hopeless. The length of time it took to get served became ridiculous.

It was a regularly especial pisser to see about 3 staff serving behind one long bar with 3 deeps worth of customers waiting, whilst there were 6 staff collecting bloody plates!

Better management needed here.

Bob V - 3 Nov 2003 20:49
door staff are definately on a power trip...probably of the sort who'd thump ya for 'looking at them funny'
cheap drink tho (what else would it be at wetherspoons?!)
anonymous - 15 Aug 2003 17:56
this is not a nice pub, but yet i'm strangely drawn to it. Been going there since I was 15. Scary customers - i went to school with most of them. At least it's unpretentious.
piglette - 1 Aug 2003 15:43
The beer ain't bad but it's too enormous to be welcoming. The bouncers on the door are a turn-off too and, a couple of weeks ago, I saw one of them being a little too 'keen' with an admittedly drunk but defenceless old boy. If this pub was a person it would be Shane Richie...which its regulars might take as a compliment.
Zak - 24 Jul 2003 19:11
cheap beer,but really homophobic staff.when myself and my boyfrend mark went in there we were made to feel totally unwelcome and made to feel uncomftable.
warren.bradshaw. - 7 Jul 2003 19:21
Full of Mitchamites itching for a punch up....and that's just the bouncers. The clientele range from 15 year old scrubbers to sixty year old wide-boys, the one common feature is all they sport large amounts of gold and have more than half their body covered in tats.
PC Spittle - 7 Jul 2003 09:41
Bloody horrible place. Awful beer, slow service, Doormen with attitude. Don't bother.
Andy - 4 May 2003 01:34
This pub is full of kids. The bouncers ID everyone, even if you're over25. And it takes ages to get served. Avoid at all costs.
FoxyChick - 17 Apr 2003 19:32
Huge, nicely decorated, friendly, very cheap! And they sell beer! What more do u want?
Pete - 26 Jan 2003 11:20
Cheap, when you eventually get served !
ritmic - 26 Jul 2002 12:51
Really huge (used to be a Tescos apparently). Cheep (obviously), take ID if it's Friday-Sunday. Gets very full during the school holidays.
Could do with more bar staff but so could every pub in the world.
Peter Bowles -

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