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Rose Revived, Hadlow

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user reviews of the Rose Revived, Hadlow

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Surely the basic principles of a good pub are good beer served in good condition by a friendly host in a convivial atmosphere,
I have experienced none of these here.
Vast amounts of money have obviously been spent here, difficult to see how a good return will be made.
As for "one post Kurt"... either he has not been anywhere else or i suspect he/she has a personal axe to grind.
Could do so much better.
kisstaker - 13 Sep 2010 21:34
I took an old school friend here last night who I had only just met up with again after 20 odd years. We took her 2 young children along too, seeing as we knew it had a play area. 2 staff on last night behind the bar and both were cheery and welcoming. Orders taken without any hastle and food arrived promptly. Fresh & hot. Kids were made to feel welcome too, which I thought was a nice touch. Overall, we had an enjoyable evening.

Seems to me that the main use of this website is to slag off establishments when the tiniest little thing isn't to someone's liking. Instead of whinging about it behind their backs, grow a backbone and dote some cajones and approach them directly. Trouble is with most of you, you'd probably prefer to be a gutless, faceless, whinger rather than ask for a pub/restaurant to address whatever isn't to your liking. If you don't approach them then how on earth can you expect them to sort things out for you so you can leave positive feedback? Totally beyond me!
KurtWilde - 23 Jul 2010 15:13
Recently visited The Rose Revived with a friend. Being a vegetarian, I found it very difficult to find something that I wanted to eat. I am not a fan of mushrooms so was very disappointed when I saw that mushroom stroganoff was the only veggie option on the main course menu. I had to go for two small things, so I got some garlic bread and 'soup of the day'. The garlic bread was very yummy. But as for the soup, If I wanted Heinz tomato soup then I could have gone to the shop and bought my own for 50p. It genuinely was Heinz. I also noticed that anchovies were on the menu with a "vegetarian" logo next to it. This is incorrect, as you probably know.

I found it very comfortable in the pub, it was nicely decorated and had a lovely garden, but I was just completely letdown about the soup. I also visited the website and found it difficult to use.

Also found barman quite patronising.

All together, I would give it a 5/10 - 21 Apr 2010 15:11
Let me start by saying if you are thinking of going to this place, do yourself a favour and do not bother! I can honestly say this is the worst pub i have ever been to in my life (and i've been to many)! Firstly, 6 of us booked a table for the 20th Feb 2010 a few weeks before hand. When we arrived at the pub there was no smile/hello or any acknowledgment what so ever. We had to wait to over 30 minutes to be served and there was not even a 'sorry' or 'thanks for waiting'! The pub was not even busy. They had one barmaid who just kept wandering off!
Finally after half an hour we finally got our drinks! We then had to pester the staff for a futher 15 minutes to show us to our table (by this time it was 8.00pm, the table was booked for 7.30pm). We were taken to the table, sat down and realised there were no menus. We continued to wait for another half an hour for the menus to arrive after asking numerous times, yet still they didn't bother. We then asked for the last time saying if no-one comes over within 10 minutes we would leave and suprise, suprise they still didn't bother! We ended up walking out after two hours of waiting and did not even get an apology!! I have been to some dives before, but this one really does top the lot by a long way, plus the drinks are well over priced!!! If your looking for a good night out for food or just a few drinks, do not go here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If i could rate it below zero i would!!

thepower12 - 25 Feb 2010 11:23
I took 2 german friends there yesterday, with 2 young children, it looked like a good idea, with the play area outside.
However, the garden was overrun, so we sat inside and waited...... and waited.....
finally a young girl came over, with the attitude of someone whoh just couldn't be bothered as time was short and she was very busy and important. Dressed in black, the sneer would have been more appropriate if the food was being served in much smaller portions and a lot more expensive somwhere in notting hill.
We ordered, kids food first please, they get cranky otherwise, oh and some drinnk I said as she turned to walk away.
The cokes arrived, 5 mins a beer appeared, and finally the kids drinks. 2 bottles of water please? they arrived quickly but no glasses. Glasses I asked? Sorry, 10 mins, I went to the bar, those glasses? oh sorry, and they finally landed 5 mins later.
Without going on and on like a dull dear diary, the food quality was ok, the service shocking, and being a local, I know there there are many better gastro pubs within a very shhort distance.
Try the Carpenters Arms, the Hadlow Arms, The Ivy Hatch in Tonbridge (which has just been refurbished) or for proper pub and large garden, try the Bush Blackbird and Thrush, half the price, twice as friendly.

scottie99 - 28 Sep 2009 15:39
I had the misfortune of visiting this place yesterday and I have to say it was the worst restaurant, pub with grub, gastropub or any form of food selling business I've ever experienced.

It went like this... 6 meals ordered - 5 actually ever arrived - 4 were cooked properly (raw mussels can be dangerous guys, come on... read a cookbook or something?) - 3 (carverys) were primarily fat, stomach churning and sent back - 2 meals (out of 6) were actually ok and 1 person was simply not fed because the kitchen 'Forgot' to cook their meal...twice...

Most of the staff were very young; which isn't a problem, and clearly not trained in what to do in a restaurant; which really is.

The management seemed completely disinterested in the problems around them, in fact they couldn't have been more apathetic if they were doing it on purpose!

The website goes on about a tantalising bistro menu served by knowledgeable staff when the truth we experienced was the complete opposite of this. Knowledgeable staff make sure that everyone who orders a meal actually gets fed - surely that is the minimum function of a staff member in a restaurant?

When we asked (for the n'th time) why onlt 5 of us had received meals the manager kindly observed that since everyone had almost finished that there wasnt a lot of point in her harassing the kitchen again!

Since when is a restaurant kitchen being asked to prepare a meal for a paying customer 'harassing' them?

I will admit that the whole thing was like one of those reality TV shows where they give a random group of no-hopers a restaurant to run and film the carnage that ensues... actually, I'd probably watch that show having tried to get a meal at the rose revived...

Just awful, please don't be fooled by the genuinely lovely building and grounds - this place is a joke; and not a funny one at that.
medici - 29 Aug 2009 16:10
Agree with your comments (corach 1 cymraeg) about the service being un acceptable for a restaurant; but, it's not a restaurant is it!

Instead of whingeing on about pub food, why don't you go and find a proper eating establishment to sate your appetite, publicans don't want to serve food, they only do it to suppliment the ever decreasing wet sales, and the ever increasing rises in rent, rates and beer prices.

"Amazing potential" what you mean like turn it into a gourmet restaurant, with perhaps like jamie oliver cooking the food, it's a pub damn it.

The pub trade needs people like you mate.

Most people who eat in gastro type pubs are tight fisted, and looking for a cheap night/day out
moncrief - 3 Apr 2009 09:25
The sign outside NOW claims that it is a friendly family pub (as opposed to a bar/restaurant as previously billed).
I went in to see if things had changed. Sadly, they hadn't.
earlydrinker - 19 Feb 2009 21:39
Used to be a great pub - now it's not really a pub at all (as, to be fair,the sign outside makes clear).
Why do they do it? And why, if they're going to do it, can't they at least do it well?
earlydrinker - 7 Jul 2008 22:47
We ventured to the Rose Revisited, a well-located countryside pub just off the main road into Hadlow, on a sunny bank holiday in May.
The exterior is very welcoming, with a lovely children's play area located in a beautiful beer garden, the interior is tastefully decorated in true "gastro pub" style and the place has quite a welcoming vibe. We therefore thought it worth a visit, so ventured in and placed our order of two main meals of steak and a steak burger.
As it was a busy day, we were forgiving on having to wait a while to place our order at the bar, however, we did not expect on having to wait nearly an hour for our food to arrive. Worse still, seeing people who were behind us at the bar having their food delivered to their table before us, was not the nicest of experiences.
After 40 minutes patiently waiting at our table, my partner politely enquired as to what was happening with our order. The waitress was very sorry and reassured that our food was coming in two minutes.
A further 15 minutes later, my partner asked the Manager and was reassured once again that our food would be arriving imminently. Again, another 10 minutes passed without any sign of food. By this stage we were hungry and starting to get annoyed.
I spoke to the manager for the second time, and told him that this was unacceptable and not what people expect when dining out in a restaurant. Although he was apologetic, I got the impression that he was making a lot of excuses (i.e it was busy) rather than apologising and sorting it out and assuming responsibility for the mess, as the manager. To be blunt, the manger was very young, completely inexperienced and over his head to be running such a busy pub in such a prime location on a Bank Holiday weekend.
When the food finally arrived, both meals were lukewarm and were returned immediately to the Manager.
Needless to say, we did not stay a moment longer and took our custom elsewhere. I would not recommend this place to anyone expecting decent food and service. Very poor show from what could be a place with amazing potential.

Corach1Cymraeg - 6 May 2008 12:23

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