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Mulberry Bush, Lambeth

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user reviews of the Mulberry Bush, Lambeth

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Okay Youngs Pub with their usual range and a couple of guests. Bizarre make your own Bloody Mary with them supplying the cheapest tomato juice imaginable. It appears to like taking a large number of table reservations.
BitterShurn - 26 Nov 2016 20:47
Decent smart Youngs pub on the main drag behind Gabriels Wharf and the tourist honeypot. Beer is good being Youngs and service was decent.

Hang around kids and Bobby Davro might pop in.
terenced - 31 Mar 2014 09:17
A converted shop unit in a row of social housing. Smells of stale beer ground into the carpet, and the friendliest patrons are the flies that buzz around your pint if you put it down for more than 5 mins. Pricey by the area's standards too. Only a fool would pass by the excellent Studio6 or Thirsty Bear to get here.
TommyRogers1979 - 26 Feb 2014 17:12
A pub opposite the ITV studios where you might see the occasional celeb' (remember Ant and Dec calling in during their Saturday night show?).
I expected it to be quite plush inside but it seemed fairly basic.

All 5 hand pumps dispensing Wells and Youngs beers.
Only had time for a quick pint before heading for the studios.
The London Gold was a bit thin but still reasonable.
fugglehops - 2 Nov 2013 22:02
Cracking Pub with great bar staff and Beer. This was not our first visit but having got the taste for the Greenwich Brewery london lager this is my first port of call. The new team of Alex and Amy make a real effort to talk to the customers and Alex, Rhia and Deke behind the bar seem to remember what your round is and make eye contact to esnure that you know they have seen you. This is especially good when like last Saturday the pub was heaving with a fancy dress group who had decided to meet up in the MB before heading onto their boat trip. The team made sure everyone was served and the tourists who were making the most of the sunny weather were very complimentery on both the beer, food and service. Great pub and one that we will certainly be going back to for some time. Not easy when you live in 20 miles away in Kent but worth the effort if you are planning a nice night out!
Monkey_Harris - 22 Apr 2013 10:12
On the plus side the speed of service can't be faulted and the staff are nice enough. The beer is also well kept and a decent enough range.

On the negative side this pub is a bit like it's own decor. In that it's OK without standing out or being remarkable. As mentioned the staff are efficient and can pour a decent pint but they don't have character. That's not to say they themselves are dull it's just very apparent they're there to do their job and that's it really, which I guess is fair enough. The clientele are equally pefectly pleasant chatting to their own group and you won't find trouble but again they're not going to have you clamouring to come back thanks to the great atmosphere.

At the end of the day this pub does exactly what it seems to have been designed to do. Serve decent enough food and drink in a decent enough environment. There is no reason why you couldn't spend plenty of time in here with your friends but equally you could leave and have forgotten the name of the place in a couple of hours as it's completely unremarkable.
theoneandonlyjoe - 6 Jul 2011 16:14
This is a modern pub in a modern development, but well implemented. On my visit on a very cold night, place was warm and busy, with all seats taken. Service at bar was fast, and real ales were usual ones from Youngs and Wells, served in good condition. Toilets downstairs were like a top hotel, rather than grotty ones often found in 'heritage' pubs, and even featured hot water good grief. Worth popping in if you are passing, and only a few minutes from Waterloo Station, Southbank etc.
spikefromsurrey - 24 Dec 2010 09:36
Plain, bland, uninspiring and sadly the future of Englands pubs. With decent back street locals closing in their thousands throughout the land this is what we are left with. It has a wealth of history on it's doorstep and yet when you shut the door you could be anywhere. That said, the staff were attentive and polite.
nickthefish - 11 Nov 2009 08:55
Good Youngs pub outside the ITV studios and close to the quaint Gabriells Wharf and OXO tower. Cool in the summer thanks to the patio doors, cosy in the winter the pub is a welcome retreat whatever the weather. Beers always kept very well.
Oakman100 - 29 Sep 2009 18:35
Always very well managed,popular situated Youngs house across the road from LWT studios. Spacious,clean and bright. Very good selection of beers of the noble Hop and Lager. Landlord one of the best. Recommended.
DEPTFORDDUTCH - 2 Jul 2009 09:25
Wouldn't call this a typical Young's pub. Was exceptionally busy on our last visit due to Christmas drinkers, but the service was as always excellent and speedy. Staff are always friendly and the food some of the best on the Southbank. We were told there could be a restricted menu when we called to book, but the Manager made sure we were well looked after. If you are on the Southbank make sure you visit this little gem. Teskea, were you really at the Mulberry? We had the chilli and it was superb. Go back and give it another try.
parsnip53 - 20 Dec 2008 15:51
Typical Youngs referb jobbie. Plenty of shiny wood and staff in uniform.
Fairly large pub, with a fair amount of seating, not bad for a lunchtime pint I suppose but the place lacks atmosphere.
Can’t report on the quality of the beer, as I stuck to the black stuff on my visit. Needless to say the regular Youngs selection was on offer.

mrse1 - 13 Dec 2008 00:31
Typical Youngs pub, but the service leaves a lot to be desired. We went with a group of about 10 or 15 people, granted the place was busy, the first few of us were able to order food but due to excessive numbers that was all they allowed us! They then closed the kitchen, so the people without food had to watch those with food eat.

I opted for chilli in a bowl with bread. What I got was chilli "soup" which was basically chilli with lots of liquid and few pieces of warmed up baguette. Not very impressed
Teskea - 5 Dec 2008 14:17
When I went in here on 12th April there was a bloke dressed in a penguin outfit.
Noisy medical students. Even the media types ran for the hills.

If you want a youngs pub in this part of London head for the Founders Arms.
terenced - 22 Apr 2008 09:05
It isn't (and could never be) what you would call a local. OK for a few post-work beers though.
keyser_soze - 11 Aug 2007 14:10
Prime location but a bit bland and a bit dry to be honest.

Feels like a working lunch even if you're not at work.

Smart and clean and the beer's ok but nothing memorable or outstanding.
terenced - 20 Jul 2007 10:24
Nothing particularly wrong with this pub on my visit, but nothing particularly special either.

Is a bit small for a modern style pub, but there is the upstairs to redeem. Reasonable selection on tap.

Think it was just very dead on my visit. Nice to have a quiet pub, but maybe was expecting a bit of atmosphere?

All in all, worth a pop by, jsut a bit bland
the_original_rawnsleys - 14 Mar 2007 09:37
Media central
tufnellparka - 18 Jan 2007 15:31
Very average Youngs pub - good for a quick half.
mtaylor40 - 10 Jan 2007 21:34
Inexplicably popular Youngs pub on the South Bank midway between Blackfriars and Waterloo. Not worth going out of your way to find, The nearby Mad Hatter Hotel in Stamford Street ( Fullers Ale and Pie House ) is a much better bet in all respects - and, somewhat surprisingly, was much emptier than the Mulberry Bush last Tuesday night. If you like vertical drinking, try the Mulberry Bush - if you want comfort ( somewhere to sit down ) and decent beer to boot, go to the Mad Hatter. The choice is yours
JohnBonser - 7 Dec 2006 13:56
Harmless. I noticed they had something called Young's Smooth on one of the taps. Why would you want to drink that? I had a ram rod from the pump.
mitomighty - 18 Sep 2006 15:26
Like a good many other people I dare say, this is a pub that I only ever venture into when I'm waiting to go in to or gagging for a pint after a night over the road watching a TV show being taped.
That said I've always found it to be an agreeable place to spend an hour or so. Bar staff tend to be relatively urgent and intelligent and the beer is normally fine. Prices aren't great but given the location that's hardly a shock now is it?
Comfortable pub with a nice buzz that isn't normally too rammed. Best place to head for if you find yourself in this neck of the woods largely because of the lack of any worthwhile competition within walking distance.
Pleasant but unremarkable.
Mr.Monkfish - 11 Sep 2006 19:45
A Youngs bar that tries to be a pub cum wine bar, handy place for a stiffener if you're on route to the London studios.
Notasaffa - 7 Mar 2006 23:55
Typical Young’s pub on the South Bank. Had more of a wine bar feel to it but the beer quality was good. I was disappointed by the lack of Young’s bottled beer. They had a large selection of wines if that’s your thing. Wouldn’t hurry back.
Chief_IDIOT - 19 Feb 2006 10:55
Popped in during the afternoon okay for a quick drink. Bit on the expensive side £2-80 for a pint of winter warmer. The bar was clean and tidy, quick service. Would visit again.
snowdog2112 - 31 Jan 2006 14:35
Agree with Nick - Bit atmosphere-less at times but you do get to spot the occasional z-list celeb as its opposite the London Studios. My worst spot so far was the bloke who used to present The Premiership on Monday
monkeyDave - 5 May 2005 20:39
One of my local haunts after work. An okay pub, although the atmosphere can be lacking sometimes. One unfortunate side effect of being opposite the LWT building is that you get various C-listers in there drinking. Paul Ross is my worst spot so far.
Nick - 22 Jun 2004 16:48
Spacious Youngs pub offerting Ordinary Bitter, Special and Waggle Dance all in good condition. I had the Ordinary during my visit, @ £2.40 a pint. Extensive bistro menu featuring main courses from £6 to £8, with starters at £5. Very friendly staff. No music. Disabled toilet is locked. Families are welcome, and a function room is provided which they are encouraged to use. The landlord has done "relief" for some of London's finest young's pubs. Handy for the London Eye and Hungerford Bridge, as well as the theatres of the South Bank.
Lee - - 11 Jun 2003 18:04

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