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Muggleton Inn, Maidstone

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user reviews of the Muggleton Inn, Maidstone

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Large box of a pub. Dark and gloomy in winter, not much better any other time of the year. Suffers from being a former fire station, the accoutrements and features of which have not been incorporated into the legacy and furnishings of the place, which is a shame, as it could have given a certain character to the pub despite the depth and unfriendly scale.
Main bar completely fulfils the Wetherspoons’ policy of providing a vertical drinking arena for patrons. Tables are located in sufficient number, but the considerable standing-room only space mitigates further against fostering a friendly atmosphere. A tall flight of stairs leads to a decently-sized upstairs bar, with sofas at one end, and more chairs and tables. This venue is better appointed with generous windows allowing in light, but distancing drinkers from a decent view of the High Street owing to the doubled glazing. Furthermore, the sills are coated in an inches-thick carapace-like blanket of pigeon shit, which has been undisturbed since the place opened.

Staff were usual vague ‘team’ of dull teenagers, competently dispensing drinks when roused from conversation and when they made fitful appearances from the kitchens.

Clientele at 12pm were hardened scattering of well-seasoned drinkers, finishing off their pints of breakfast. Thankfully, usual foul language to be endured in Kentish pubs from was at a minimum. Otherwise, a few groups and couples of elderly shoppers enjoying teas and coffees, the price and generous servings of which are one of the things Wetherspoons gets right.

Boring range of lager, a few ales and Guinness on offer, but I didn’t trouble them, opting instead for hot chocolate and toasted sandwiches. Have drunk before in here but nothing special about quality, serving or variety, certainly nothing that you couldn’t find it a branch closer to home, or in better, brighter condition.

Could be a really good venue, capitalising on its size and central location, but let down by indifferent, corporate and anonymous design, lay-out and management.
MutoBoxes - 1 Apr 2015 17:01
Standard wetherspoons. Cheap and cheerful! a bit grim inside.

Has a dance floor on weekend nights which seems to keep people happy. nothing special, but nothing bad.
tomwents - 6 May 2011 00:55
This is an OK pub during the day, but it has the potential to kick off at night. Reasonably priced beer
phonak - 17 Jan 2010 18:16
I suspect this place is very different in the evenings from its daytime atmosphere. I actually marginally prefer it to the other Maidstone 'Spoons - I rather like the slightly gloomy atmosphere - it still feels a bit like an old fashioned bank. No complaints about the service or the availability of the beers when i was there. The Everards I had was not great, but quite drinkable; the midday atmosphere rather drowsy and not overrun by the local youth, who are certainly best avoided when possible.
earlydrinker - 7 Jan 2010 21:22
I met my son in there at 9.30am on Rememberance Sunday. One barman, twenty thirsty customers, other bar staff moving trollies about. My Scottish beer was excellent but this excellent building had a tired and worn out feel to it, a bit like the bar staff. Asked for the sound on the large TV to be turned up - was was showing the parade passed the Cenotaph - but was yold it was Weatherspoons policy NOT to have the sound up. The standards have well and truly slipped here.
Paul_Rochdale - 9 Nov 2009 09:51
Oh dear! what has happened to Wetherspoons principles?

When they first came about they had strict policies regarding age, clientele, beer quality and service!

Today I found myself surrounded by young lager drinkers all shouting a swearing and generally being a nuisance, on another table a women has her baby on the table while her other children are running amok, whilst in another corner 3 men are clearly drunk and looked like they have been there since last night, tables have not been cleared and the whole place feels grubby!

I am able to survey all this as I am waiting at the bar to be served, the bar is packed and there only seems to be 1 person serving, ridiculous!

I finally get served and all the Cask ales i ask for are off so have to plump for a 1/2 IPA (not by choice) Its off, the smell of vinegar hits you before you even get to taste it.

I don't even bother to question the bar staff about it and I decide to leave.


alehead1 - 2 Nov 2009 12:34
I agree with nuckster1511. No guests on last night and loads of "available soon" stickers. When I asked when they would be available (in case it was worthwhile hanging about( I was told a week (!?!?)). Girl serving at the time didn't seen to have a clue. Go to The Society Rooms - much better. My mark is based on the fact that the Pedigree was very good.
paulbeckett - 20 Sep 2009 12:56
As always full of the dregs of my fair town...

No guests on(As usual!),loads of coming soon pump clips ,but(And this is a biggy...)the Pedigree was remarkably drinkable for 1.75!

Anyway you pays your money,you takes your choice with a 'spoons!
nuckster1511 - 20 Jun 2009 20:22
typical weatherspoons full of chaves and dossers..if on a weekend you get served within the hour u r lucky..the society better as your feet dont stick to the carpet
stacywalker - 24 Jan 2009 09:22
rpadam is right. Used to be able to get a different selection to that of Society Rooms but not any more. Don't get excited if you walk in and it looks like there are 5 guests on, policy usually dictates that ales that are off should not have their clip turned round. A joke.
Sharp - 29 Jun 2008 23:32
Continues to get worse - most of the handpumps are just there for decoration these days. The Wetherspoons near Maidstone East station (Society Rooms) is now a much better bet.
rpadam - 25 Jun 2008 23:10
id rather boil my head, than drink there shit beer
pisshead2 - 5 Feb 2008 20:06
full of pikeys and old folks. you could call it god's waiting room really. the onyl reason we used to go there was because we were all 14 and it was the only place we could get served! dont even bother is my advice.
alexboorman - 25 Nov 2007 17:20
shame this pub has gone down hill, used to drink there everytime i visited maidstone due to good real ale,now caters for heavy drinkers on the dole and tatooed chavs and their foul mouthed wives/girlfriends, c'mon tim (west)clean it up.
littlebob - 15 Oct 2007 20:22
cheap booze,thats it.dirty and shabby.dont bother.
petenalfiedog - 12 Oct 2007 22:55
I've been here a number of times before with no problems - I was therefore surprised and disappointed to find of 10 handpumps, 3 beers obviously off (despite pump clips still attached indicating that they were on), beer number 4 completely undrinkable - only managed to get a drinkable beer on the 5th attempt. This is just not good enough - needs to improve quality of real ale before I go back.
anonymous - 20 May 2007 22:21
Pretty awful place - despite fit-out to Lloyds No.1 still very shabby in places - toilet doors dont even have locks. Seems to have very junior management who haven't got the strength of personality to kick the drunks and chavs out. Got treated to a bunch of singing pikeys for an hour - management just stood and watched whilst they annoyed the whole pub. Whilst I was there saw three meals sent back - avoid at all costs my advice unless you have tattoos, burberry baseball hat and chav tracksuit outfit.
anonymous - 5 Mar 2007 14:02
Miserable satff, tired decor and the management need to know when to place an order. An appaling example of a chain pub.

The only redeeming feature is the cheap prices.
Sino - 31 Dec 2006 16:38
A huge disappointment. The building itself has huge potential, not least because it is so large and old. The fact it has been turned into a haven for kids who are looking to move onto ikon or moons has made it more like a wannabe night club when a traditional pub with real ales and wide ranging lagers would suit much better. It is also not a patch on Society Rooms which appears far more classy.
Leebs - 2 Oct 2006 14:02
Wafty pub full of tools warming up for Moons and Ikon. Used to be alright but now its crap. The "refurb" was a huge waste of time. Turned into a horrible Lloyds now. Awful music playing on Fridays and Saturdays at ridiculous volumes. Takes about 25 minutes to get served because of all the idiots standing at the bar.

Handpumps are off 90% of the time. Good range of ales otherwise, although all served far too cold and in dirty glasses. Only redeeming feature is a wide range of bottled beers and cider. Reasonable food.
Sharp - 2 Oct 2006 13:48
Now branded as a Lloyds No. 1 bar rather than a Wetherspoons pub, but not much else has changed. Quite pleasant for a meal upstairs at lunchtime, but you need to go back down to the main bar for the full range of beers.
rpadam - 25 Sep 2006 12:30
Better than the other Spoons, and that's not saying much! 3/10
5thearlofwimbourne - 14 Aug 2006 13:09
Quality place to start the night before moving onto Moons. I was here with mates Saturday night (12 August) and enjoyed the cheaper drinks to compliment the pumping tunes being played by the DJ. Not that I was searching for H-Files, but there was female talent about and there seemed to be a jovial vibe about this place. Dance floor as well, though it was empty when we were there. I imagine my experiences would be different if we stayed in here for most of the night, but this place did a job. They even sold Magners (unlike the Source Bar round the corner). Would certainly come here again when next in Maidstone.
Searching_for_H_Files - 14 Aug 2006 13:03
Of the several Wetherspoons' I've been in, this is probably the most neglected. I think I'd rather pay the extra 60p a pint and drink somewhere else, and the people that do still drink there seem to reflect their priorities...
flippincrikeys - 25 May 2006 17:20
I think the new pub manager there is fantastic.

It is a busy pub, i think this goes to show how good it is.

Well done Don Palmer
citysam - 3 Jan 2006 20:41
At first you think upon entry that this is a nice pub, but it has its flaws. Obvious wetherspoon bonus of cheap prices, but they advertise the diversity of thier world beer ranges but rarley stock many of them. The decor is chipping and in disrepair and there are loads of empties every wear and particularly on floors, under tables, everywhere.
donohueman - 10 Dec 2005 12:42
Monday nights are a good time to go. Relaxed and with incredibly low prices you nice seating areas you can't go wrong.
anonymous - 3 Aug 2005 00:33
Having used the place over the past few years, seems to work on a ratio of about 150 customers to 1 bar staff, who are always run ragged. Decor is beginning to show signs of neglect. Prices very cheap as you'd expect. Recommend you visit in very off-peak, as the haven't got a clue how to staff a bar - you will end up getting very angry waiting 30 minutes for a drink.
lobster56 - 26 Apr 2005 22:37
standard wetherspoons, dated decor. busy fri and sat nights. decent atmosphere. society rooms is slightly better
john dallas - 12 Jul 2004 10:40
Cheapest ale in Maidstone and definitely packed at weekends... and best of all they separate the kids by shipping them upstairs!!!
Alan - 29 Nov 2003 22:29
great pup But getting served on a friday or saturday night between 8&10 is bloody hard work.
sometimes the doorman will tell you on entry that there is a half hour wait at the bar
andy - 24 Oct 2003 17:22
its fantastic! wicked staff! great place to go and get plastered for cheap, then move on to icon. its a must go
stewart - 10 Jun 2003 13:59

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