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Circle Bar, Clapham North

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user reviews of Circle Bar, Clapham North

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Now The Phoenix (The Circle burnt down in 2011, you see what they’ve done here). Only re-opened quite recently, and gives the impression that it is still trying to work out who it is trying to appeal to, and so doesn’t have any defining characteristics. Reasonably smart décor, small but decent selection of lagers and ales (including Staropramen, Estrella, Doom), lots of bottles of spirits, Sky Sports and a reasonably priced and varied menu.
Foghorn1 - 15 Jan 2013 16:21
Strange-looking building; single storey along the main frontage, but a much taller section further back which houses a function room. The bar itself is rather dark and characterless in a semi-modernised way, but there is a side area which is a bit more appealing. Badly let down by not having a single real ale so had to do with a pint of overpriced cider. However, the "secret" (as it tells you on the signs outside) beer garden isn't a bad spot, and there is also a Thai food menu.
rpadam - 27 Jun 2010 18:19
I'm Stewart the manager of the Circlebar, Thanks for your comments as you said yourself it takes time to build up a place, I have been here 4 months and I agree with you but we are getting there, I apologise if you have had bad experiences in the past at the Circle Bar. The problem you highlighted re: the mice is non existent and we have a good pest control company in place. Please come down and experience our atmosphere any time it is slowly improving. I don't want the bar to be like the ones up the high-street We are at the end of the day a good local. I want it to be a comfortable pub/bar that people enjoy going to, that throws a good night every now and again.
Circlemanager - 10 Jun 2010 16:01
Well said claphmmom. i totally agree with your original posting. Gills -if people are to be critised for posting their own opinions on here then that surely defeats the object of this website. also if someone wants to review 8 bars in 30 mins thats their choice, or do we have to abide by certain rules as to when we can and cannot review a pub?
In terms of the bar itself its ok, not great but certainly not poor. however there are better options for a night out up the road.
gumbo10 - 14 May 2010 16:20
However and when ever I choose to post on this site is irrelevant, I am a new member and chose to review some bars I could think of at the time, like alot of people on here have done if you go and look at their profiles. That doesnt equate to a sad life at all. I could also say there are first time posters on here making claims its the best place in Clapham....I see that as an honest opinion but I dont attack them like yourself gills.

The fact I chose to review a bar, which is what this site is for, and give some honest facts is whats important, I could go and say that your life is sad that you feel the need to stand up for this place and think all reviews that are bad are not important. So you didnt see mice, like they are meant to come out and introduce themselves???

I used to go into this bar with my girlfriends to eat and dance and yes on more than one occasion when visiting during the day we did see mice scampering around the place. I didnt say it reflected on the food in any way, your right the food is excellent, its the hygiene I would be concerned about to be honest.

As your your advertising sentence, the place has got better in the past 2 years, and it is relaxed its because it is usually empty and has no character. Nothing that cant be fixed and as I said "Sorry guys you seem to do well and try " But when it does have a few people in it, it is a great atmosphere but then you have to line up to use one of the 2 toilets it has. Not my idea of a fun night spending it in a line for the ladies.

A review site is to give a personal experience to a venue and I gave my honest opinion.
claphammom - 14 May 2010 15:52
I use this bar about three times a week, and have done so for the last nine months. It's a good bar, with a great atmosphere, no bad feelings like some other bars in the area. Yes it is just down the Clapham Road, but has a very relaxed feel about the place.
The review by "claphammom" seems a bit strange, I haven't seen any mice in all my visits. The thai cafe?, what does that mean!! The food is excellent.
I think that she wrote eight reviews in about half an hour, seems rather odd.
Still if it makes her sad life seem important, so be it.
gills - 13 May 2010 22:31
Love the advertising statements this bar always seems to get from "customers". I am sure my friends and I are not the only ones who has seen mice running from the "big comfy sofas" a bit worrying with a Thai cafe in the same bar.

Shame it could be a good bar with the right staff and if it could get enough people to stay open late. Sorry guys you seem to do well and try but your just fringe bar in Stockwell living off of the Clapham reputation.

There are just too many far better bars up the road.

claphammom - 13 May 2010 15:38
Well, what can I say? This bar is fabulous! I had a party there on Saturday and the manager Stewart and all the staff went out of their way to make us all happy. They were all very friendly and helpful, and this made it a very pleasant bar to spend time in indeed. The interior of this bar is lovely too - there's a great big fire, comfy sofas and the bar is very spacious with lots of different areas which is a nice change to most other bars in London when you're all squashed together like sardines. I think this would be a great bar for a mass game of hide and seek. So, in summary, great staff, great bar, great atmosphere. Go there now.
siobhanmgd - 11 May 2010 16:17
I'm the new manager of Circle bar, I've been here for about a month, I'm trying to bring about a fresh new look/atmosphere to the place. Please disregard the previous bad comments about the place and the old manager come down and have a great night with us. We have a great beer garden with bottle bar, a large function room with bar and many areas for booking out. As well as this come and taste our delicious Thai food and our new wine and cocktail list.
I would love to hear any ideas you have for the place
Look forward to seeing you.
Circlemanager - 29 Mar 2010 18:43
Ha, just got tagged in a load of photos from a few weekends ago from the Mad Hatter's Tea Party that was held at the Circle. Bloody brilliant.
Admittedly it was rammed but the live bands and DJ were pretty amazing, and they'd decked the whole place out Alice in Wonderland style - looked awesome. Didn't try any of the Mar-tea-ni cocktails (ahem, didn't sound like my sort of thing) but can honestly say that I danced around like a lunatic.
Will deffo return - thinking that it might be good for my party next year.
Sarah_C - 3 Dec 2009 15:18
Was in London for the past few days, went to the common for bonfire night. As the tubes were closed we walked past this bar, it was rammed. Don't think they expected the rush... Well done though, they got through it all friendly smiling, I got drunk happily. Well done

DublinDan - 6 Nov 2009 13:20
I have been to this bar a few times. I went there a couple of weekends ago and was disgusted at the service I received. It seems to get worse each time. The food is good but the attitude of the manager is terrible. The manager walks around in flip flops and speaks to customers and his staff with quite an arrogant attitude. I am not someone who would usually post on these sites but thought that I should say something as someone should really teach the manager a lesson on customer service. If you are a girl or one of his friends you get treated to free shots and drinks all night while the rest of us sit there and wait to be served. Its a joke.

tara456 - 25 Aug 2009 15:30
Blingalento. Went heer on saturday night buzzin man. None er them real ales but the lager was cool and fizzy like beers ought to be. Chavmendous staff. So if you like your beers cool and fizzy get yourself to heer man.
Jinna - 4 Jun 2009 11:01
I was down in London for the weekend, and went to the Circle bar. I thought it was a pretty cool bar, nice people, good atmosphere. I sat outside in the sunshine and it was really nice. The staff were friendly, and i would definetly go back.

LouBLou - 3 Jun 2009 21:47
Glad to see so many positive views on this site about this bar....its one of my favourite bars in south london. The important thing for me in any bar I go into is the that I mean, did they have enough bar staff, did I get served quickly, were the bar staff friendly and did they make me feel I wanted to go back? I have to say, this bar never fails. Now living in London, as my routes are in Nottingham, I actually go out of my way to visit Circle Bar and usually with a plan to start off there and move on to a club, but to be honest, I have never made it to any club as its so welcoming and has everythinkg I need to make my night fantastic. Love the beer garden too, makes such a difference
carolinep - 3 Jun 2009 17:54
Being Chinese myself and frequenting the bar regularly I echo that claiming this bar is racist is pathetic and shows that you have clearly never even been in.

Good beer, good food (FYI Thai food to the genius who claims racism), good friendly people, good music and im off to the beer garden now for a pint!
Blackers99 - 2 Jun 2009 17:49
I found the The Circle Bar about 1 year ago and I have become a regular since then. The staff are really freindly and more importantly the Thai food is brilliant and they have a good selection of beers. I only thought to make this comment and suggest the place because of a ludicrous accusation earlier from some poster named Becki_B... They were racist when you came with your Asian freind were they!? Hahahahaha what utter rubish, get your facts right before making very serious accusations against people. If they are funny about Asians then why is the kitchen a Thai kitchen run by a lovely Thai family? Yeah they certainly look like they out to be racist towards Asians, lol. Take your personal vendettas elsewhere please.

The Circle Bar is a great pub with good people working there and I would recomend it to anybody of all relegions and race as you'll all be welcomed with open arms from my personal experiences there. Bare in mind that is just my personal honest opinion.

MartyB101 - 2 Jun 2009 16:48
Come on this place isn't that good
HENDO - 2 Jun 2009 16:45
Hello there
I work round the corner from the circle bar so go there quite a lot after work. I always have such a good time. The staff are friendly, the food is lovely (the yellow curry is my favourite) and the garden is lush in the sunshine after a day at work.

The staff are always really nice and that's the main reason why we go there every work drinks (most nights), in my opinion beer is the same everywhere but the staff are what makes the difference.
kittynewman - 2 Jun 2009 16:43
What a great bar! I used to live in South London and frequent this place quite a bit. I now live back up in North London but always try and get down there as often as I can to catch up with friends and there isn't a better place in Clapham to start or indeed finish your night!

Hursty, N21
hursty8 - 2 Jun 2009 15:57
Stumbled across Circle recently after watching 20/20 cricket at the Oval. Popped in for a quick beer, left about 6 hours later, full of beer and cracking thai food and having had the best night for quite a while. Great atmosphere, really good service and fun staff.....everything that's good about a pub. Would love it to be my local but living in Bath makes that a little difficult.
Cappington77 - 2 Jun 2009 15:55
I have been going to the circle bar for nearly 6 months.

From time to time I feel it appropriate to comment on sites like this to give others an understanding of what places are like.

I appreciate London is very cosmompolitan these days and I have found the Circle very welcoming, friendly and fun. The staff, who are from all over the World have made me feel very welcome each time I go.

I enjoy a night out, music, good food and excellent socialising opportunities. I have run a company for 8 years and appreciate the stresses any establishment faces to operate, let alone a business in the service industry, like mine.

I would recommend the circle bar highly. Whether you wish a lunchtime business meeting, a night on the rassell with friends or to watch the sports they show and enjoy some great food and vast selection of drinks.

Top stuff Circle Bar.!!! 5 STARS

op_fontaine - 2 Jun 2009 15:53
I have been to Circle bar around 4 times in the last year or so and have been mainly to the Spreadlove promoter night, it is an awesome night and the music is brilliant. The Mananger was asking people to write reviews on the this site and as I have enjoyed it every time I have been to Circle bar I thought it only fair to write a review.

I must admit laughing out loud at the review by Becky_B, at my desk. Circle bar is most certainly not a racist bar and I think your review should be removed immediately. If you were there on Saturday night you would not have said that Circle bar was racist, anything but!

If you ask Junior (Head Doorman) if the door policy was racist, he would also laugh in your face.

Becky_B you are making very serious accusations at the staff of Circle bar and I feel they are very unfounded. I am so pleased I decided to write a review and I must confess that my rave review of circle bar and the Spreadlove night has been tarnished by your laughable accusations.

To finish I would like to thank all the staff for a great night on Saturday and I look forward to the next Spreadlove party.


Ps By the way I am mixed race!

juicy1981 - 2 Jun 2009 15:38
I'm a semi-regular at the Circle Bar and I have to say I can't recommend it highly enough. It's a fantastic bar. The atmosphere is always alive and varied; the Thai food exceptional and well-priced; and the staff welcoming and charismatic. Also, it has arguably London's freshest beer garden - when that place is heaving in the sunshine, it's like nowhere else. With the great weather we're having and the long, warm evenings, it's the perfect place to let go of your working day...
And in response to the earlier comment about a 'racist door policy' or something...I'm half Indian. I go there regularly. That the staff or establishment could ever be 'racist' has never crossed my MIND. Ever. It's simply laughable and a wildly irresponsible comment to make - which probably reveals that person's own vendetta against the place rather than being a truthful account of her experience. There is simply no place for damaging, unproven reports to be made against such professional and friendly people. Just ignore what she says - it's just not true and such an unfair thing to say.
And if anyone would like proof, come on down to the bar and take in the range of people that make up the clientele, bar-staff, door-staff, kitchen-staff - it's that very mix that keeps the place so energised and refreshing. Decide for yourself whether you detect any prejudice or, in fact, just find it an awesome and additctive place to hang out. I bet you the moon it'll be the latter...
12345abc - 1 Jun 2009 20:52
Took my missus there last summer actually, enjoyed the food especially. I like my Thai food myself so spent quite a bit of time trying the specials.

I enjoyed the staff too, there was a hot girl working there, fortunately I didnt make it to obvious as I would have been in serious trouble with the wife.

Overall had a good night, beer was nice and chilled and fizzy (VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!,) the outdoor area was great to relax in after the meal, it wasnt the most glamorous of terraced areas however it was peaceful and great for a chat and a cocktail after the meal.

I would recommend this bar to anyone really, its not pretentious, its very friendly and serves good food.

Enjoy I say!

Crispo - 27 May 2009 14:00
Great bar with really helpful staff especially the Aussie Bar Manager who had me in stitches with his jokes and banter. Would reccommend the Quiz night. If you like Thai food then check out the menu which is not only great quality but great value!
AdiH - 27 May 2009 12:09
I have been going regularly to the Cirle Bar lately. They seem to have a great vibe in there and it's always worth a stop off for their great Thai food which is also very reasonably priced. It's now become one of my favoured drinking holes and the staff are really freindly too, great bar...
Martyb - 27 May 2009 11:35
I went for friend's birthday party ... great atmosphere and good fun

Didnt have a chance to try the food but BBQ was raging in rear garden when I left

Worth trying if you are in the area

marcoc - 27 May 2009 09:46
I can't agree with turbotaffs point of view.
I ate here last evening with a couple of friends, the result was spending all the rest of the night on the toilet at home with very bad stomach trouble.
Health services will be informed.
berties - 16 May 2009 20:16
Love the new decor - really funky. Chilled during the week and early evening, lively on a weekend. Food still great and beer garden better than ever! Staff really friendly - will definitely be going again soon with a group.
CWoody - 12 May 2009 17:23
I came across this bar as it was the venue for a mates birthday. Couldnt resist the smell from the kitchen so got stuck into a Pad Thai, it was awesome , big portion and really reasonably priced. Its now THE place in Clapham where I go to for Thai grub. The only problem I have with the menu is deciding what to have there 4/5 dishes on there which I really love.
One youve tried the grub once, you'll eat there again and again. Great place to take a date too if you dont want it to end up costing the earth !

turbotaff - 8 May 2009 10:21
Plays some good music Friday and Saturday nights. The manager is a funny one can be quite nice, but also quite rude. The food is only so so.
Samantharose - 5 May 2009 22:31
My name is Dan and I am the owner of the Circle Bar. We bought the bar a year ago and after listening to our customers the one thing we have never changed has been the Thai food.

I would like to offer the person who had the bad experience the chance to come down and make themself know to me at the bar and i will happily buy them another meal on the house so they can see that our standards are still as high as our customers have always told us they are.

I hope the two reviews do not put anyone off dining or drinking with us, we do have competitors in the area who are aware how good our food is but as always we pride ourselves on the fact that our customers continue to return because we offer fantastic Thai food with friendly service at very reasonable prices.

danmoranuk - 1 May 2009 12:43
This was my last vist to the bar, I would pop in once or twice a week. The Thai food was very ordinary and nondescript. It has lost it's edge.
Pennywen - 30 Apr 2009 21:14
Having been a regular of the bar for a few months now, I have to say that the standard of the Thai food has changed, before it had a great taste. But on my last visit at the weekend, the food tasted rather plain and wasn't presented very well at all.
harrybarry - 29 Apr 2009 13:52
Love the circle bar!

Staff are great and feel at home in there on my own (sad I know)

Sue x
SueSW18 - 3 Mar 2009 11:46
Came here for the first time last weekend - I live in the Midlands - and was very impressed. It was packed but there was absolutely no problem getting served with plenty of attentive staff behind a big bar.

The DJ was brilliant and after a few downstairs we went up to the function room - we were here for a party - which was just right. The real surprise was outside; theres a massive beer garden thats almost as big as the bar itself. Having spoken to people that come here regularly there are BBQs and outdoor parties in the Summer.

I will definitely be paying Circle Bar another visit the next time Im back down South.
garyi - 28 Feb 2009 12:37
Great bar - they make you feel welcome and often give out freebies....

The garden is massive and if they increase the amount of live music they have as they say they're going to then outdoor parties down there in the summer could be wicked!

Very helpful when i left my coat in my drunken state.....
nikki83 - 28 Jan 2009 12:34
The Circle Bar has completely changed and we all had a great night at a friends Birthday Party the other Friday. I went over a year ago and found the place dirty and badly run, now it is completely different.

The Bar Staff were great and we all loved the Thai food.

We will be heading back to Circle bar soon.

OPh and it stays open till 3am on Fridays and Saturdays so we don't need to endure Infernos for a late drink.
thearm1975 - 21 Jan 2009 12:09
I was a bit sceptical about the two reviews below from turbotaff and googles (one-time posters who are full of praise about how the bar has changed), but actually, they're right. The bar staff are friendly and it's looks great. They even dished out free shots towards the end of the evening. I'll definately be back.

Mobey - 9 Jan 2009 12:07
Never visited this pub before it got redone but now can say it's one of my favourites this side of Clapham. Staff are friendly (and all the barmaids are pretty tasty too), beer is good, weekend nights are busy but not too rammed, promo nights are very busy, food is tasty and the atmosphere is really friendly and welcoming. Pub quiz is great fun too with a mad quizmaster called Rob who drinks Guinness (good lad) and shouts very loudly.
Definitely recommend for an evening of decent drinks and chat.
Goggles123 - 19 Nov 2008 13:08
What a turnaround, I used to visit this place some time ago, but only as it was a convenient stop for a late one on the way home. Inside its totally different, and its not just the asthetics either theres a real friendly buzz about the place.
Looks cool and has been oppulently kitted out. Great place to go and chill in comfort whilst being lively and upbeat at the weekends.
Its the atmosphere which has undergone the biggest change and thats largely due to the staff and Id imagine the new management, Like Cheers but without the fat yanks.
If you like Thai food then its the place to mange too, very reasonable, very tasty and they dont scrimp with the portions either. If you didnt think much of the 'old' circle bar, stick your nose in the door, you'll feel as if youve stumbled upon a newly discovered a little treasure.
turbotaff - 7 Oct 2008 16:52
Hi, my name is Dan and I took over ownership of Circle Bar in March 2008.

I know all the reviews on here seem negative and that's because the service and experience was poor. And that's why we took over and have put a lot of time and effort in to bringing Circle Bar back up to the standard of night out it once was.

To all you people who left a negative review, please come back in and let us know what you think now....see if we've done enough to win you back!

Please keep an eye out to see whether the next reviews on here show our efforts have paid off...

danmoranuk - 21 Aug 2008 17:22
Strange. Looks ok and nice back garden, off the road.
Very "local" went here for a quick drink last Friday night (about 6pm) before going out for dinner. Every head of the five or so people sat at the bar turned when we walked in. Music: ridiculously loud banging house music, given the time and the fact that there were about 8 people in the bar, eventually conversation became impossible, so we left.
Time before this, had some food which was surprisingly good. Drank Magners, so not sure about the draught beers. Although I seem to remember at least one of them was "off". Friendly staff.
edaj - 13 Aug 2007 15:48
Went here last Week for alot of drinks with 6 friends....

The Hidden Garden is absolutely great! We spent the whole day and night there and were looked after well by the sexy staff! we also had some ribs from the great and reasonably priced bbq (5.00 per head)

Not sure why there is all this talk about there being no stock....we had all the full range of wonderful beers on!

Recommended and there are not many in Clapham with a Garden like the Circle Bar!
anonymous - 20 Jul 2007 19:15
This place has got a long way to go before it becomes worth revisiting.
1) Food - probably the best aspect. Half decent bar food and good sunday roasts
2) Drinks - at least one or two of the draughts are always off. Occassionally sold out of all wine.
3) Service - awful. Tables not cleared, tables dirty, understaffed on a w/e.
4) Decor - awful. At a guess was cleaned a long, long time ago. Loos are among the worst.

This place could have so much going for it. Good location, lot of flats going up around it, but it just does not make the effort.
anonymous - 7 Mar 2007 18:24
Thursday: Went in with a mate. All draught beer off apart from Stella. Managed to persuade my body to cope with a couple of these, then went for another round. Aparrently this was now off. As was the Guiness. The reason proffered was that they had been inundated with rugby fans for the England game. Hmmm. Presumably a modicum of common sense would have foreseen this eventuality?

Sunday: Second chance Sunday, decided to go with same mate and his lady (mostly because you're guaranteed a seat, the reason for which should really have been obvious after Thursday). We actually rang to make sure the draught was on before venturing out. On arrival, we discovered that one lager was off, and the coke flat.

The only good thing to come out of this last visit was that we have all agreed to never go here again. Shame, because it could be so much better. Plus, whoever mentioned the incompetence of the staff was spot on, plus those who mention their amusement at their's and the pubs inadequacy. Avoid.
womble54321 - 4 Mar 2007 22:56
think they have sorted the staff out....has been a bit shaky last 2 months but is one of my favourites in the area. had my engagement here and was very well looked after.....
the owners are very hospitable!!!
anonymous - 14 Feb 2007 22:23
My gripe with this place continues came here last night with my missus ordered what I wanted !reply. weve run out! my next request!reply we've run out!
Got down to what have you got bottle wise?( the draught you will recall from my previous posts isnt great here)reply. Peroni or Corona! after very grudgingly odering the latter I dont think either are that good but thats what was left I then tried to order a glass of white wine for the woman in my life reply. we have no white wine tonight! to add insult to injury the incompitent bar person seemed to think this was amusing!I left before I strangled this extremely irritating person who wont be smirking when they dont have a job because people dont use the place and it shuts down I hold my hands up I was stupid enough to keep coming here not any more though and I give this place a big fat 0/10
juzza - 9 Jan 2007 07:54
Just as I praised this place for improving it goes and lets itself down I was in here yesterday with a friend it was fairly quiet there was about 10 people in there understanderble being in between chrimbo and new year to be honest but in 3 hours of drinking we had 5 drinks and did not have our table cleared by one of the 2 extermely clueless and miserable bar staff who were on duty at a busy pub you can just about grudgingly understand this but without trying to sound like a up my own ar*e git I really think thats unacceptable it does have potenial if they sort the staff out and get some more interesting beers in
juzza - 29 Dec 2006 11:36
Scratch that comment went in there last night and back to its very best of being crap
anonymous - 14 Dec 2006 14:49
Has improved slightly in since I last came in just needs some decent beers and it would be on of the better pubs/bars in the area
juzza - 12 Dec 2006 10:52
Wine is dreadful here - choose beer, choose life
yt22uk - 18 May 2006 23:52
I feel Ive got to comment on this place (a)I do appreciate that on a friday a bar/pub is likely to be busy.
(b)That despite drinking in here on a regular basis you dont have exclusive rights to getting served straight away.
(c)That staff will make a mistake with who should be served next.
HOWEVER I dont think that when it is steady that you should wait 15 minutes to be served while one of the managers/owners holds court with his mates on a self appreciation commitee Im not a complete berk I appreciate that sometimes you have to wait to be servred but not in these situations! this place has got to sort out problems like this or they dont stand a hope in hell of competing with the bars on the high street.
juzza - 7 Apr 2006 21:43
Not a bad bar considering where it is very good selection of wines and spirits and has followed the trends of the other bars and pubs in clapham but the staff seem to be at a funeral sometimes still its 10 times better than the railway
juzza - 28 Mar 2006 11:40
A group of us came here for drinks on the Friday night. It was dead and the service was less than friendly. I made the mistake of leaving my bag there and despite calling them upwards of 20 times at varying times always got a voice recording. They never responded to messages or emails. Disappointing all round and won't be going again. Apart from to get my bag!!
copelmic - 17 Jan 2006 11:17
Really lovely Saturday night/ Sunday lunch chill out bar. Hidden gem.
anonymous - 9 Jan 2006 16:58
An OK bar that's trying it's best at the wrong end of Clapham Road for a fair few years now.

Bit of an outpost that's gets a good crowd and shows the football.
Nice beer garden and one of the tiniest party hire rooms I've ever seen upstairs. (apparently do pole dancing lessons up there an all)
redrocket - 10 Aug 2005 17:32
This place was good once but it now pants. It is overpriced has rubbish beers (over 3 a pint of Guinness and the lager option is Stella, Pilsner or Carling) and has been painted the colour of excreta. Add to this the music at such a volume at weekends that you have to shout to speak to the person next you.
All in all I think it is trying to be something that it shouldn't and take notice that other establishments in the area are so much busier.

This place now sucks, I guess the only way it still in business is the after work crowd that go in there for the sole reason that it is next to their work.
anonymous - 2 Aug 2005 11:07
Not bad but nothing special
anonymous - 20 Apr 2005 12:41
Wine and service can leave a lot to be desired
Michael_Hunt - 8 Apr 2005 11:44
Patronised by Mike 'the streets' Skinner (see April '04's Observer Music Monthly) who lives down the road.
Jim - 3 May 2004 22:14
Circle bar was much nicer before the summer revamp. And it costs nearly 3quid a pint. Still, the beer garden is ok.
suzyplum - 1 Aug 2003 16:46
Brilliant place, just had a complete revamp and has huge garden with excellent BBQs in the summer....all in all - fantastic pub all year round
Camilla - 5 Jun 2003 13:23

got anything to say about this pub?

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