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Miles Thompson, Kendal

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user reviews of the Miles Thompson, Kendal

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A decent example of a Spoons pub. Not a bad place to pass a pleasant hour or three, sampling various well kept ales at the usual great value for money prices. Why bust your wallet elsewhere?
dougdeep - 23 Oct 2014 10:12
A good weatherspoons pub. Had a pint in here. A few real ales on offer. I had one I wasn't keen on, but that was my taste. Hubby enjoyed his pint though. Building is very big. Nice area upstairs to sit. Toilets very clean and spacious/modern. Barstaff lovely & friendly. Well recommended. We went back for breakfast the next day. With was very good, and value for money
Beverleylass - 10 Sep 2014 18:03
Quite a nice place; not as faceless as your average Wetherspoons inn. On the two mid-week evenings when my wife and I called in, the beer was on very good form and the atmosphere was pleasant. One of the better pubs in Kendal.
E.L.Wisty - 5 Feb 2013 19:56
A big 'Spoons but somewhat unusual. Despite a long bar, and sign on it telling people to use its full length, people formed a checkout-style queue at the till in the middle!
The free wifi doesn't reach the big upstairs seating area.
Beer and food okay.
alexw - 7 Nov 2012 21:48
CAMRA discount much reduced on a visit in August and yesterday I was informed that "we don't do it any more". However, a nice pint of Hawkshead Red for £2.05 still seemed a worthwhile purchase and it was a handy place to avoid a heavy shower of hail.
Stamfordian - 7 Oct 2011 12:06
no sign of the camra discount as previously reported,eight handpumps featured four guests and and the usual crap (ruddles,Greene king etc)my pint of geltsdale ale was perfect(£2.05)barmaid was very friendly and welcoming 8/10
fat_beer_badger - 5 Sep 2011 16:56
Pretty good for a Wetherspoons, only the second one where I have observed an orderly queue to be served (the other is in Carlisle, so maybe Cumbrians have better manners than most). Beer fine, a selection of mainly local ales which when I called were in pretty good condition. A nice touch is that CAMRA members can get a pint of any of the 4 guest ales for £1.50. The Lancashire hotpot was OK, with large chunks of what appeared to be "proper" mutton rather than lamb. On the downside, it does seem to be pretty much used as a creche by the professionally unemployed - yesterday lunchtime there were more babies than I've ever seen in a pub before, but at least they were all upstairs.
Stamfordian - 26 Nov 2010 09:54
If you've ever been in a 'Spoons then you'll know what to expect here. I don't bother with the food anymore but the beer is usually kept fairly well. Seem to have Coniston Bluebird on as a regular now and the recent beer festival was worth visiting a few times. Every now and then one or two of the beers are spot on and a few pints turns into a few more. Staff are very friendly but not usually enough of them on at any one time. Once waited 15 minutes to get served and have on occasions gone in and walked straight back out having seen the length of the queue and the scrum by the bar.
KendalQuin - 24 Nov 2009 22:19
what can I say about the Miles Thompson. just what everyone else says really. As a Wetherspoons' pub it pretty generic, clinical decor and an attempt at having an interest in the local area as they all do (I'm from Barrow). That said, the pub always has a good selection of real ales on from both local and national breweries, well kept but sometimes a bit cold. Quite nicely laid out, airey and lots of seats upstairs. Beer cheap enough, but gets too busy on Saturday nights. Its one big advantage over the Furness Railway in Barrow is that its toilets don't smell like an army of incontinent tramps has been in.
killip_ian - 22 Jul 2009 14:15
Was in Kendal on business. Called in here for lunch. Pleasant enough place. Good selection of beers. Will call again if in the area. The car park has quite a few potholes.
ed_hill - 4 Jul 2009 21:41
A wetherspoons pub named after the local architect who designed and built it as a public wash house. Its 70 foot chimney remains a local landmark.
As wetherspoons pubs go it is one of the better ones. Most of the towns drunks can be found 20 yards down the road in "Last Orders". Usually has a couple of well kept cumbrian ales on.
Excellent air conditioning. Staff usually pleasant or perhaps unusually. They sometimes stay more than 2 weeks.
Par for the course 7.
anonymous - 2 Jul 2009 18:27
Donít forget the bald abusive old man sat near the bar!!!!
sootythebeerbear - 13 Sep 2008 16:31
Due to the pubs cheap prices and military style dinning area its popular with the out of work benifit junkys and acholic single mothers who near on live in the place. The food is ok and worth the the money. The few times I have been in I have seen the same crowd of woman and kids. Overall a great place to get cheap beer and food if you dont mind the crowd.
Nomadic1 - 9 Sep 2008 15:12
Well, I haven't been to Kendal since this place opened, but I felt I had to say something in response to the rants about Barrow! I have been there once or twice (born in Dalton) and there's not that much wrong with it! Don't knock the place. My wife was born in Glastonbury, Somerset, and the first thing she noticed on visiting Barrow was the absence of dogshit on the streets (she liked some of the pubs too!)
The_Final_Arbiter - 28 Jun 2008 12:56
No it isnít time to stop!
Itís alright but itís not a Quality pub & YES I do go else where and certainly not to Barrow!!!!!! As for toilets I take it youíre referring to the Last Orders next door!! Another quality pub, NOT!
As for the beer which isnít usually too bad, I recently went in had a pint of Jennings Sneck Lifter. It was foul!!!!!
The staff them selves arenít a problem they are all usually very pleasant. The problem is the small number of staff they have on when the place is busy. You can be stood in the scrum at the bar for ages waiting to be served. And as for being busy; itís only busy because people usually meet up there before going elsewhere and because itís cheap, besides the small area around the bar doesnít help matters.

sootythebeerbear - 17 May 2008 11:57
Time to stop going on about lack of this and that.This is a quality pub,if you don't like it,go elsewhere;suggest the toilet down the road.Damien and staff have always made me welcome,and the beer is excellent.OK,it gets busy,but that says something about the place.It could be worse,you might wish you lived elsewhere,and end up in Barrow.
delstefan - 8 Apr 2008 00:09
Itís all right to have quiet drink at lunchtime/afternoon but it gets very busy at night. It can be like a scrum down stairs at the bar after 19:00!!
The food wasnít too bad when it first opened but it has really gone down hill of late. But all in all itís a textbook Wetherspoons, not enough bar staff and itís route march to the bogs.
sootythebeerbear - 6 Aug 2007 23:41
Reasonable place but often suffers from the usual Wetherspoon's problems - indifferent staff and not enough of them, which is especially noticeable when it gets busy. Also, the design of the place isn't too clever, the main bar area is too narrow and they could've done with putting in an extra bar in the large room upstairs.
anonymous - 3 Jun 2007 01:14
Re. the abusive old man think I know who you mean, wears his trousers up under his armpits, we banned him from our place.
Drink here is good, and cheap, food is not very good, but cheap, bar staff are good (and certainly not cheap as far as I,m aware) but not enough of them. They are advertising for staff (there is a notice on the bar)but they are only offering the minimum wage which I think is a bit mean considering how hard they work there.
anonymous - 16 May 2007 16:02
Beer is nearly always excellent in this spoons. Unfortuanately the staff seem to tolerate an abusive old man who is always in there and is always abusive.
GeorgeXXIII - 7 Apr 2007 17:14
This is Kendal's Wetherspoons pub and shares many of the pros and cons of that chain. Thus the food is cheap but uninspiring and the beer is cheap but generally in good condition. Strangely, in the run up to Christmas I found myself one of only six people in the pub (which can house hundreds) at 10:30pm (the contrast a day later with the 'Spoons on Leicester Square was dramatic). More recently, however, it has been packed on weekend evenings and getting served thus a major task. There is a beer yard behind which is useful in Kendal where the sun cracks the flags most days.
drtimthornton - 25 Jun 2006 12:49

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