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Rising Sun, Smithfield

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user reviews of the Rising Sun, Smithfield

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We found this a very quiet pub on a second visit. A friendly member of staff served an enjoyable Extra Stout. Interesting pictures on the walls if you have the time.
Mona_Growser - 26 Oct 2016 18:02
The interior of this pub is only 30 years old. It was closed after WW2 and used as a timber yard until 1985 when Sam Smiths reopened it. The interior largely dates from then - the 'clock stand' separating the bar is from about 1989-90.

Don't understand how people are taken in by this modern crap that all Sam Smiths pub have suffered from.
UptheHammers - 12 Mar 2016 16:27
Good to see reviews remain positive. Sam Smiths presumably doing something right. Just as well, given (from 'London Drinker' Aug/Sept p.61) e.g.:

"EC1, SMITHFIELD TAVERN (ex-Punch). Closed, future uncertain.
EC4, WHITE SWAN (Enterprise), 1820 Farringdon St. Closed, future uncertain."
_grobag_ - 5 Sep 2015 20:21
Splendidly preserved pub close to Smithfield Market. Sam Smiths' so no beer choice but, very good value for money.
Aztecgoat - 8 Aug 2015 10:22
Another Sam Smith's museum piece in the heart of Smithfield. How do they manage to maintain and run these often empty establishments and charge half the price of surrounding pubs ? Retains the character of a proper London boozer - the Sam Smith's stout on draught was quite drinkable.
anonymous - 19 May 2014 17:29
Was really quiet when I visited on a Tuesday night.
Really nice interior with standard Sam Smiths ceer including hand pulled at £2.90 a pint.
tanky - 17 Apr 2013 14:51
Gloomy, woody yet atmospheric pub tucked away in Smithfield that was featured on 'Great British Ghosts' with Yvette Fielding and another programme on Victorian grave robbers (it was their favourite haunt apparently and literally). Pictures of nearby St Barts with the grim reality of life in the late 19th Century including a stern nurse who seemed to be staring me out. Stop it and attend to your choleric patients sister! It's a Sam Smith's pub so beer is fairly palatable but other drinks are cheap and cheerful. Had a lovely pint of Sam Smith's Extra Stout which was far better than Guinness. Also had a darts board which gives it near top marks. No music, no telly but books, dominoes and imitation Jenga for larks.
cookster101 - 22 Mar 2013 17:07
Visited twice during past month. Both times impressed with friendly helpful staff. Beer standard Sam's (at usual good prices) and food usual pub (came on a lorry) fare, basic and reaonable value but certainly not haute cuisine. Pleasant place with nice atmosphere.
Jimdee - 18 Apr 2012 14:51
A very nice pub in a great spot, but the assumed landlord was very surly and made us feel extremely unwelcome almost from the minute we walked in.

Would like to give the place another go, but I won't be back any time soon.
JonnyB78 - 16 Dec 2011 14:42
They might be on Holiday that might explain the beer.
Sunny1234 - 12 Jun 2011 13:14
oh dear, what's happened here? this used to be one of the best sams pubs in london. Not today OBB barely drinkable, one of our group ordered a wheat beer, served by a snarling landlord, about 3/4 full, that's the best I can do he said, we drunk up and left, a pity because it left a half empty pub
littlecon - 12 Jun 2011 10:39
I really like this pub...went last week, twice! It was empty the first time we went, but the manageress advised that it always was at the time of day we went in. Went back a few days later and it was busy inside and yet more people were probably stood outside as in.

The manager was great, they'd been there about nine months and they keep the best pint of Old Brewery Bitter that I've ever had.

The pub was lovely, interesting and clean...the floor was shining despite the number of people that had walked over it that day. Unusual short doors to the front of the pub for the drop...the actual celar drop was inside the pub, and these door would be opened to allow the barrels to be rolled into the pub and down the drop. The doors can just about be seen in Ian's top photo at the bottom of the pub in the second and third wooden section to the right of the photo (if that makes sense).

I was really impressed all round with this pub and wish the managers luck. I'll definitely be visiting this pub again....hopefully soon!

DarkieBoy - 2 Jun 2011 11:51
I have to say this place serves in my opinion the best Sam Smiths i have tasted, over the last three or four years i pop in sporadically but am always surprised by the quality, i am not a huge fan of Sam Smiths beer but this pub is making me change my mind. On my last visit i had a chat with the new managers and they are very friendly.
wellinformed - 14 Apr 2011 13:05
Been past this pub a few times going to/from Barts, but never been in, partly because the mob of people outside got me thinking it was packed inside. Noting the kicking this pub got on this site prompted me to check it out, once on a Weekday, and on a Saturday. I was always served promptly and politely with well-kept beer, and had a pleasant chat with a couple of medics from 'round the corner' Yes, there was one Suit in, effing and blinding into his mobile 'phone, and the landlady can be a bit sharp with those she considers time-wasters, but it's never worried me, and I don't tend to go into pubs just because the owners buy me drinks <grin>
ThLoneBoozer - 27 Mar 2011 14:19
Well Laz78, i agree with some things you say. I know this is a review site for pubs but in my eye a pub is as good as it is being run.
I dont agree with you about Andrew & Lisa at all. They are very false and loud.
The pub is a lot cleaner though i do admit.
As for the food it not good old pub grub. It is small portioned crap at an ok price.
And as for weekends i do agree with you there too as it does have a good old local feel.
But as for decent managers Samuel Smith's could do a lot better.
And as for other Samuel Smith's pubs Laz78 i go to often. I only use Rising Sun as some of my friends use it still, otherwise i would not go in there at all. And also Laz78 i take it your one of their so called friends that sit at end of bar with them buying them drinks! Bet it takes a long time to get bought a drink back.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oldbrewpat - 26 Jan 2011 14:10
Lol! Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't this site mean't to be about reviews of the pub not a slanging match for people who don't have the balls to say anything?!

I think the Rising Sun is a lovely and very welcoming pub. I have been frequenting the pub for nearly three years and have had no problems, although maybe the last managers were possibly not right for the pub. They keep there beer and bar very well and it's great news that they are doing Sunday roasts again and at a very reasonable price as is the rest of their menu.

Good honest pub grub!

Not only do the managers Andrew and Lisa and their team make you feel very welcome the regulars do to which in my book is good news all round. The pub has a real village feel especially at the weekends.

Keep up the good work!

p.s a note to oldbrewerypat...there are (as you may know) many, many other Sam Smiths pubs dotted around why don't you broaden your horizons and find another one to bitch about. You could start a book maybe...just an idea :-)
laz78 - 25 Jan 2011 18:25
Hello Northern twat followers & Arse Lickers to the Rising Sun.
I hope your comments have earned you a drink at least from the tight old gits. ( I doubt it very much though).
Well i have had a great night. Started off in Rising Sun but was same old, same old, so i had a good wander.
Great pubs and landlords ( Yes landlords ) not two a penny managers. Was made welcome and actually bought a drink in pubs in and around Smithfield.
Oh yes and the grub may be a bit more dearer but it is much nicer without a doubt.
Have a good weekend all, and Sunny & Roger get a life. Oh and also would like to welcome vinolady to our convo.
oldbrewpat - 22 Jan 2011 02:15
Oh dear what is going on here with Oldbrew, Sunny & Roger???
I do and i dont agree with some of what has been said. Oldbrew you have been a bit harsh i must say, though some of it is true. But not about the bar staff as they have allways been spot on with me and nice a friendly.
The managers have been ok too, though a bit over powering at times and yes they do like a drink, which a few of my friends have noticed too. But hey each to their own i say.
Lovely little oldy pub and i love a game of darts which is very unusual to find pubs with darts in now.
The food is rough and has a lot to be desired, and i wont be eating there again. But i do like the wine and the fact i have a choice of measures.
Pub gets 8/10, food gets 4/10, managers gets 5/10, wine gets 9/10.
vinolady - 21 Jan 2011 19:01
Oh Roger, Roger, Roger, how very wrong you are indeed. I am defintley all male, well i was last time i looked.
I have been using this pub for over a year now and i just like to sit and observe. My god they have had some twats running it over the past year (biggest ones there now).
I think i liked it better when there were kids running around! And when the ausie staff were on. Even the holding staff had a bit of fun in them.
I tell you what Roger me old mucker, i bet you buy 3 drinks to their one (tight old northern twats).
You need to get a life Roger and by the way sort out your nose, it puts me of me dinner !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oldbrewpat - 21 Jan 2011 17:53
The Rising Sun is a great little pub. ALL of the staff and Anthony and Lisa, the Manager and Manageress, always extend a very warm welcome. The Old Brewery cask beer is spot on. The pub is clean and well run.
I certainly DO NOT AGREE with the comments, posted on the 20th January, by the person calling themself Oldbrewpat. The is nothing wrong with the manager and manageress sitting at the other end of the bar with a drink, they only do this on the odd occasion when they have finished their shift. I do not know of any staff that are in need of soap. Indeed, I would suggest that if anyone NEEDS SOAP, it is Oldbrewpat. They are foul-mouthed and rude, they should wash out their mouth with a bar of soap. It seems to me that Oldbrewpat is a lady with an axe to grind. Did I say lady? Correction, Oldbrewpat is an OLD HAG with nothing better to do.
rogerbarbican - 21 Jan 2011 14:42
Oh get on you sunny1234, you seem to be a right little arse licker. I bet you are one of these Northern twats pals that sit at the bar with them !!!!!!
And as for racist, i am actually mixed race. So put that in your arse licking pipe and smoke it !!!!!!!!!!!
oldbrewpat - 20 Jan 2011 19:01
Just a not about the person who wrote the last review obviously is racist. And why should you be so botherd about where people go and what they do this site is about pub reviews and not what people do as you obviously have not got a life and just comment on others. If you were that botherd you wouldn't drink there !!!!!!
I think all the staff in the Rising sun are all nice people and you always get a nice warm welcome.

As for the froth that you mention just ask for it topping up as I do and have no problems what so ever.
As for the managers sitting at the end of the bar well I believe and appreciate that managers of a public house work long hours and never really off duty so If they fancy a drink then thats up to them NOT YOU!!!! and where they go out the pub has absoloutly nothing to do with YOU either!!!!! GET A LIFE !!!!! and if you dont like it DONT GO IN !!!!!!!

I enjoy ythe hospitality from the Rising Sun and will keep on using it.

Sunny1234 - 20 Jan 2011 12:58
I have quite a bit to say about this pub actually !!! I have been using this pub for a few years now and have seen managers and bar staff come and go.
The newest managers ( well since late summer last year i think ) are a pair of wanna be's. They sit at the end of the bar each evening whilst getting pissed if they have not been out on the piss in the local area that is !!!
They think they own the pub when they are actually just on a payrole from Samuel Smith !!!
The bar staff have got better though of late !!! The Scouse lad there is very jolly indeed and very helpful and polite.
Also a new lady ( very tall and elegant and smart and clean looking compared to most ) is very welcome there in my book. Very polite indeed and welcoming , unlike the already girl there who could basically do with a good bar of soap !!! Think her name may be Tasha !!! Her boyfriend also frequents the pub ( much cleaner then her ).
All in all this a nice pub but could be better with the right managers !!!. Very clicky though with each other.
And as for the lager's you could get a treble scotch in the glass let alone a double , what with the froth !!!.
Something has to be done as what could be and has been a lovely pub is slowly being ruined by Northern wanna be's landlords !!!
Please post your views, im so looking forward to see if anyone agrres with me !!!

Cheers, Oldbrewpat. x
oldbrewpat - 20 Jan 2011 01:08
Im Afraid I dont agree with the last review entirley I have recently found this lovley little pus as I am having to work in the area always a warm friendly welcome. I was actualy in on the Saturday night what the last reviewer faild to say was he actualy told the Landlord to F**K off thats when they were asked to leave and so they should be. I saw a chap from the group go over to the bar and thank the landlord and the staff for accomodating them at such short notice. Nothing wron with The Rising Sun Keep up the good work guys.

Sunny1234 - 11 Jan 2011 14:01
A slightly unusual review of a Sam Smithís pub Ė through an anecdote rather than general comments.

I was out on Saturday evening celebrating a friendís engagement nearby to the Rising Sun pub. After finishing at another venue, we moved to the pub and about 40 of us crammed into the pub and had a few drinks. My elbow inadvertently knocked over three glasses from a sideboard and I was shoved rather impolitely a dustpan and brush and told to clean it up, as I had made the mess. I was slightly surprised but nonetheless went about the job to keep the peace and on returning the full dustpan I commented that in future the glasses could be cleared away to prevent accidents like that happening. The landlord took exception to this, got extremely aggressive and refused service to us and anyone associated to me and then eventually told myself and a friend to leave the premises. Despite trying to reason with him, he clearly had no room for this and seemed determined to just get us out of his pub.

I found it quite an unprofessional attitude from the landlord and equally not something I come to expect from Sam Smith pub landlords, who've I've found to be welcoming for the most part. We were just honest people just trying to continue our fun evening with the newly engaged couple and werenít remotely aggressive to the landlord in any way. In his position, I would have he would have been appreciative of the extra trade on what would otherwise have been a quiet Saturday night in that neck of woods. He did even try to get an innocent bystander involved to comment on what had happened and agree with him but he just seemed not bothered either way! Iím not going back there again, and if anyone feels particularly compelled please feel free to join me. Iím taking up the matter with the Sam Smithís brewery to see what they say. Needless to say, Iím not going to let this affect my consumption of the wonderful Ayingerbrau!
SamSmithpublover - 10 Jan 2011 22:27
The Rising Sun has new managers since the summer. There is always a warm welcome from the fire in the bar and always a friendly smile from the managers and staff. The Lounge bar has started opening from wed to Saturday and Sunday Lunches are back with Proper Yorkshire puddings the best in the area. It's the place to go if you want a traditional Sunday lunch at a good honest price my beef was £6.95 and was great. The Old Brewery bitter is fantastic. All in All a great little pub clean and warm and some of the best prices in London well worth a visit.
Sunny1234 - 7 Dec 2010 21:42
New, new management, Sunday roasts are back, wonderfully located pub in the Sam Smiths style, the fireplace and darts set it apart, pleasant for a quiet drink after 22.00 fairly busy beforehand, only gripe is that time is called and no drinks served after 22.45 - perhaps a notice might help..
700_Cheeses - 25 Nov 2010 13:38
This pub is under new management as of July 2010. This results in a dramatic increase in service and more importantly, quality of beer when compared with the preceding months. If you enjoyed the Antony and Michaela era, but were put off by the dip in quality provided by the last landlords, then it is definitely worth another visit. Clean beer glasses, clean beer lines, using the correct glasses, replenishing beer mats, friendlier service, no baby paraphernalia, clean cigarette bucket outside. Etc etc, the list of improvements is endless.

Also more importantly, same great price!

maninabox - 6 Jul 2010 14:31
By far the most pleasant Smithfield pub. It's a Sam Smiths pub so you know the score re the drinks available, the OBB here is real, not keg. The lager here is £2.41 for a pint, and the stout around this price also. No food seen on my visit, but the dartboard with its electronic scoring was in use most of the time. Didn't venture upstairs so cannot comment. Many years ago when I first became acquainted with the area this was a Courage pub, and for some while it was virtually derelict. Nice to see it resurrected so nicely.
TiaMariaJim - 18 May 2010 11:49
One of the only pubs in the area with a dartboard and pub arrows (the Two Brewers and Hand and Shears both have one, but neither are set up to be played).

A Sam Smiths pub so its cheap yet average (or above) drink offers good value with limited choice. The staff and locals are friendly and the atmosphere just "feels right". Lunch is served 12-2, so be prompt - again good value and decent service.

Fridays sees this place get pretty busy, but there is an upstairs area with an unused bar where you can decamp if the weather's bad, otherwise the alleyway is picturesque and quiet. Hopefully they'll start staffing the upstairs during busier periods.

Rapscallion_1980 - 13 May 2010 12:25
I've been a fairly regular customer the past coupla years, as I used to work around the corner. It's a cosy place with a wonderful fireplace upstairs. Being a Sam Smith's pub, there are lagers, cider and stout on offer. It's decently priced though thanks to Budget duty increases, they've gone up a bit since I first started going there.

Unfortunately the owner decided to cancel Sunday roasts which used to be good there, but the food is still quite nice.

The place can get quite busy on Friday evenings when the nearby City slickers get off work but it tends to clear out by the time they move on to other pubs and clubs by 9-9:30pm. Thanks to no restrictions being placed on drinking outside, the punters overspill onto the entrance alley in fairly large numbers on Friday evenings.

The barman is a friendly, good-natured Kiwi. The location is fantastic, juxtaposed between the oldest surviving house from the Great Fire, the second-oldest church in the City and a former home of the Poet Laureate, John Betjeman that is now a restaurant.
mcgillianaire - 25 Mar 2010 05:06
Wow!...All the seats were taken, last time I called...Whats happened to the best kept underpopulated pub in Smithfield?....The pint was excellent as usual.The punters are a decent younger bunch and it has the feel of a slightly updated version of what a student pub looks like in numerous 1950's Brit Flicks.
I think that walking past John Betjemans old flat on one side and the ancient, sturdy , beautiful Church of St Bartholomews on the other (minus film crews-for once)- might have added to my Timewarpishness (or maybe it was just the amount of beer I'd consumed)....
EdgarBriggsMI5 - 7 Mar 2010 10:34
This is an idiosyncratic little time-warp boozer in the middle of Central London; but also strangely fitting given its location of Barbican/Smithfield, which has an altogether different feel to the more touristy areas. I liked it I must say, and think most people would regardless of their views on Samuel Smiths beer. Its an efficient, welcoming pub with a homely feel, a roaring fire and space for a dartboard, which members of my party appreciated. And with the beer as cheap as it is, everyone's happy.
ChrisP87 - 22 Dec 2009 21:14
Sam Smiths pub with (as is usual for them) a well maintained interior including a dartboard with electronic scoreboard.

Clientele and ambience were perfectly acceptable and it's a nice place for a drink as long as you like those that Sam Smiths pubs sell.
murgatroyd - 22 Dec 2009 00:32
I popped in here on Saturday. The previous time I visited was shortly after the current managers had started and I promised to return. However I took me 18 months to do so. It has been my loss as this is a lovely little pub with quality beer and excellent staff. I recommend it highly.
Bollinger - 13 Dec 2009 12:03
Best pub in Central London! great staff and the best bitter I could find in whole London! I will certainly go back everytime I'm in this area.
john33 - 5 Oct 2009 01:06
A group of friends and I were enjoying a pint at 10.25pm on a friday along with 20 other people in the upstairs bar when we were all told to move downstairs as this area was now closing! This appears to be a regular occurance to give them time to clean up! Obviously the downstairs bar was full and there was nowhere to sit..and they wonder why so many pubs are closing down when customers happy to stay and spend money are treated like this!

We moved 10 yards up the road to the far superior Hand & Shears.
mk.hornets - 17 Sep 2009 00:58
Old Brewery Bitter very well kept and at a fantastic price! Excellent interior, very friendly bar staff with prompt service. A first class pub all in all. The much inferior Butcher's Hook and Cleaver, just one minute up the road, is always packed leaving this place relatively free for the more choosey punter!

BothamsAshes - 14 Sep 2009 17:26
Looking down I see I reviewed this rather uncharitably back in 2004. Yes, it's a Smith's pub, so poor beer quality is to be expected (although they have managed to retain the handpumps here), but otherwise this is a decent enough boozer. The interior is not an eye-opener in the manner of some Sam Smiths interiors, although the upstairs bar is pretty well-preserved. On the contrary to my previous comments, I rather like the atmosphere in here - it's impressive when central City pubs build up a local following. There's a dartboard in here for those who like that.
grecian - 9 Sep 2009 15:08
Absolutely the best pub in London. We come here every Friday night and the place is packed full of people everytime. Cheapest beer - a great night out at half the price of most London pubs. Really friendly staff - I had only been coming about three times and they already knew my name. Recommend it.
stephenwaite - 11 Aug 2009 00:45
Agree with wellinformed's comments; the Sam Smith's in here is way above the normal standard.
gomezcat - 25 Jul 2009 16:45
Originally spotted this pub from the balcony of my parents' place in the Barbican some years ago and what a find it was - hadn't been in there for ages until a wedding yesterday at the adjacent St Bartholomew's church (well worth a visit in it's own right) and wasn't at all surprised to find the groom and several of the other guests enjoying a livener before the ceremony. Would definitely recommend if you're in the area.
tim_eyles - 17 May 2009 18:13
Last night i had the best pint of OBB i have ever had, really shocked me as i am not a great fan of Sam Smiths, last night changed my mind. Cracking little back street pub with great staff and firendly locals. Well worth a visit.
wellinformed - 21 Jan 2009 12:11
A nice, atmospheric little pub that I was first introduced to about 13 years ago. The quality of the OBB isn't the best that I've ever tasted but at the same time it's good nonetheless. Worth a look if you're in the area.
MINTYBOOM - 29 Nov 2008 17:37
nice interior, friendly staff, good range of beer and not too touristy. food mundane, though
mozzzzzz - 27 Oct 2008 13:18
A Sam Smithís pub, so obviously only expect the Sam Smithís range of beers. But they do have OBB on handpump. Full of what looks like original features, but could be modern replacements bearing in mind Sam Smithís record of sympathetic and tasteful replacements. As the RS doesnít appear in CAMRAís London inventory of heritage pubs then I suppose they must be modern reproductions. Interestingly they have gone for traditional lino flooring, and what appears to be recycled pews forming the majority of the seating.

This is a super little pub in a quiet-ish setting opposite St Bartholomewís church a few feet away from Smithfield market. If only they did a better ale than OBB (Iím not a fan)! But I still like the pub.

RexRattus - 31 Aug 2008 23:33
I have attended a function here also last Wednesday and I was very impressed with the service and especially with the fresh , tasty buffet we had.
I must say I did not expect such nice people to take over this pub after the previous people had completely ruined the image of the place.I strongly recommend it as it's a special place and very different from all the other pubs around it.
alice_22 - 29 Jul 2008 21:34
Attended a function in the upstairs lounge bar of this pub and it was tremendous. Finger buffet was very good, staff were excellent, beer great!
Great function room. Well done.
the_inspector3 - 29 Jul 2008 00:55
the_inspector3 - 13 Jul 2008 21:44
This pub has had a lot of improvements and it has become one of my favorites since the new managers took over .They do now excellent traditional food and the atmosphere is unique.!!I hope they will just get better and better. Well done!!!
martinos - 2 Jul 2008 16:08
Another few rounds of Samuel Smiths and the delicious bacon baguettes set us up nicely for the cup final. Landlord was cheerful and all in all a good boozer.
copnorsteve - 20 May 2008 20:57
This pub opened up early for us on the day of the FA Cup semi-final and proved to be a cracking little pub. Samuel smith's on at £1.86 a pint (yes , in London!) and fantastic bacon baguettes. Friendly service and a cheery landlord. I'm almost sorry we beat West Ham three days later as well!
copnorsteve - 10 Apr 2008 20:35
The pub itself isn't so bad, but the barmaid last night was the rudest barmaid I've ever seen. Grumpy the entire evening and gave incorrect change. Will never go there again.
urg - 1 Mar 2008 09:07
Another solid Sam Smith's pub. Didn't find the staff to be overly friendly but they were polite, knew their beer and could tot up resonably large rounds in their heads without tapping away at the till for hours ... always a sign of a good place.

Haven't tried the food yet though I've heard good things. The old brewery bitter is pleasant, inoffensive but unremarkable but makes for a welcome pint (as does alpine for lager drinkers) for the thirsty student with only loose change to spare.
TheCellarMan - 18 Dec 2007 11:45
A wonderful pub that is often overlooked in the Sam Smith's portfolio. The main bar has a working fireplace, and is a great place to waste away a Saturday or Sunday winter's afternoon playing darts. The upstairs resembles a Victorian study, and is a very relaxing place to sit around with the paper or a book. The place can occassionally resemble a flash mob scene when it's overrun by walking tours or escapees from weddings at the neighbouring Priory Church (of 4 Weddings fame), but they're usually brief blips in an otherwise enjoyable place.
topdog_andy - 4 Dec 2007 09:48
Visited a couple of weeks ago with a colleague and were served a good pint of OBB by pleasant staff. A nice little pub in a slightly out of the way location that's well worth a visit.
MINTYBOOM - 23 Jun 2007 01:41
The purpose of this site, as I understand it, is to give constructive comments? Banging on about the landlord you fell out with/barred you is well and good if it refects the true mood of the pub.
The "rude" Australian left over a year and a half ago - GET OVER IT! He turned it around from a losers hole that neede a damn good scrub into a pleasant little place to drink, play darts, do the quiz - proved by the rise in customers and profit alike.
Sadly, many of those barred for anti-social and theatening behaviour have now returned.
Whilst I still hold a fondness for this little place, there are many other good pubs in Smithfield to tempt the thirsty punter.

Seb - 17 Feb 2007 12:37
Great little pub, on entry great atmosphere, we went to the upstairs bar (friday night,02/02/07), good on the lay out,soft leather seating (great), i had old brewery bitter, partner had, pint pure brew, bitter is drawn from a hand pump, from an old wooden cask i was told by the barman,which later i found out to be the NEW manager (kev), i told him how much it had changed and became more frieldly in here now, and the drinks had improved, he was very polite and friendly, unlike the australian that WAS in charge before.we noticed they still do food but it stopped at 8pm,(good menu and cheap)i did ask if i was to late to order as it was 9pm (thought i would try)but to my surprise i was told by kev (manager)not a problem what would you like,EVERYONE must try the homemade STEAK & ALE PIE it is lovely, we left about 10.30pm. This is a MUST try pub if ever in smithfield.
anonymous - 4 Feb 2007 19:33
Great little pub, tucked away off west smithfield. Very historic in the shadow of St Barts - the oldest church in the city. Sam smith's so cheap.
HLC - 31 Dec 2006 09:25
Not a bad little place looks-wise, we popped in for a quick half but the stock was pretty depleted. Being a Sam Smith's too boot meant it was time to move on.

The barmaid was very good, and I guess for the area it's a decent choice.
Quinno - 13 Dec 2006 22:49
This is a great little pub, hidden away beside St. Bartholomew the Great. It's small, but does good food and cider at very reasonable prices (especially compared to other pubs nearby such as the Butcher's Hook or Bishop's Finger).
Well worth a visit if you fancy a pint in Smithfield.
anonymous - 20 Jul 2006 15:55
Its improved if only because the rude Australian landlord is no longer there.

Fairly basic pub with the usual limited range of a Sam Smith's house - fine if you like there range of course.

It was a better pub 10-15 years ago but that's probably more a reflection of the brewery's strange ways than of the current licensees.
anonymous - 9 Jul 2006 15:39
I love this pub! It's my favourite in the area. Open all weekend, great cider and choice of Sam Smith's lagers (and not too pricey), cosy seating, and they let you borrow the books!
Veester - 2 Jun 2006 15:52
Good. They didn't have any of their bottled beers though.
mitomighty - 31 Mar 2006 13:16
Went here last night for the first time and was very pleased. A nice interior, just grotty enough to have a really good pub atmosphere, but confortable and welcoming nonetheless. The front (or back depending on which way you approach) bar is used for darts playing, so sit at the back. There is a nice green leather banquette filling the back bar accompanied by two large refectory tables. Then you have a few nice round tables with chess boards inlaid.

The draught Pure Brewed Lager was great. I am normally an ale man but fancied something a bit fresher and was not disappointed. Would go as far as to say it was the finest English lager I have ever tasted (not saying much I know, but it was good!). They do have cask Old Brewery Bitter on hand pump, unlike many Sam Smith's pubs. You've also got the own brand wheat beer, cider and stout in kegs so drinks wise you can't go wrong if you like SS's own.

Didn't eat here and no one else was eating around us(arrived at 10pm) but the food menu looked cheap and fairly standard.

I will definitely come back soon, particularly as this is open 7 days a week unlike almost any other pub round here.

Agree with posters before that this has a very "locals' ambience" - but in this area, that's rather refreshing. And yes, the landlord seems to be constantly engaged in a game of darts. Again, a plus not a minus. The bar staff are friendly enough.
anonymous - 3 Feb 2006 10:16
This was greeeeeat on a saturday night, very quiet but greaat. I enjoyed the pumped ale. Yes I did.
mitomighty - 20 Jan 2006 17:42
Had an enjoyable time here on a Sunday afternoon. Sits right next to St Barts the Great. Staff was nothing to write home about but a nice enough place. The barkeep was playing darts with his mates but was helpful.
jorrocks - 3 Jan 2006 01:13
What can i say....friendly bar place to be.Always open when others around it close. Recommended....
simonbard - 31 Dec 2005 17:35
We really enjoyed this pub. Friendly host and customers, nice fire on a cold night, and excellent value. Draft cider, good beer, no complaints. Not at all "grotty" or unfriendly.
MissKitty - 4 Dec 2004 20:21
just found this site a few weeks ago so decided to see for myself as i live in farringdon and actually found the place quite nice and friendly, the staff made me feel rather welcome and the food was wonderful, If you enjoy good beer and dont wish to pay more than £2 i strongly recommend this pub.....p.s. order chicken caeser salad
geoffrey thomas - 3 Sep 2004 02:51
Below average for a Sam Smith pub I'd say. Rather grotty inside and I agree with previous posters there's a bit of a local's ambience and a slightly unfriendly attitude. Plenty of better pubs nearby.
Grecian - 18 Aug 2004 15:08
Great pub, beer was good and everyone was very friendly. The landlord made us feel very welcome and the bar staff were very efficient and helpful. I had a really good evening so I dont know what the problem is.
Tony - 13 Aug 2004 17:25
To Seb: Please don't randomly cast aspersions upon the nature of other posters, I do (and will), not drink in 'cocktail-bars', when drinking it is always in real pubs. I had been to the Rising Sun before my recent visit, about 5 or 6 years ago, and found it quite a pleasant pub. However, it has changed and has changed for the worse, I do lot like to drink in a pub where I'm not made to feel welcome. Only one of the other posters here was with me when I was recently in the Rising Sun so it seems that we are not the only ones to have received poor service in this pub.
Ian - 9 Aug 2004 12:42
Alright. Empty on a friday night and the Old Brewery tasted of ear-wax but I'd been on the beer a bit before hand so maybe it was me.

Suprising free of atmosphere considering the location and doesn't compare to other Sam Smith's pubs in London.
MrScott - 9 Aug 2004 09:21
The last few comments are absolute rot.I had not drunk in this this pub for about a year as I had finished my studies and relocated. Went back in recently for old times sake and had a thoroughly pleasent time with some old friends. The food was delicious, the staff were smilie and friendly, the beer is cheap - as ever - and as for the landlord - he was charming and chatted to us once he realised we used to be regulars. Have been back several times since and received the same warm welcome. He does seem to have dispersed the more unsavoury customers who used to clag up the bar in past times which makes it even more palletable in my book. One of my fave pubs in town and definately top service from all the bar staff. As for the last posters, all from the same drinking party no doubt, get yourselves back to the cocktail-bar and leave the real pubs for the grown-ups!
Seb - 8 Aug 2004 19:53
The Last 2 posters are absolutely spot on!! The landlord was unbelievably rude and arrogant. For some strange he didn't like us coming into his pub with our hard earned cash to drink his beer and line his pockets!! My advice is to avoid at all costs and to the landlord, go on a customer service course pal!!
Richard - 2 Aug 2004 12:21
Have to agree with the previous poster, when I was last there the landlord seemed to resent having customers in his pub.
Ian - 2 Aug 2004 11:54
The landlord seems more interested in playing darts with his mates than caring for the customers. Don't think I'll go there again.
Christian - 27 Jul 2004 14:36
Always go in here when down in t'smoke. Strange mix of legal types (near the Inns of Court), designery types and pissed Ozzies from the Youth Hostel down the road. Beer is good too,
Ticey - 13 Aug 2003 14:06

got anything to say about this pub?

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