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Extra Time, Barbican

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This is now closed and is a Pret a Manger shop.
iamspartacus - 17 Oct 2007 14:39
Smells of poo and wee and stale farts. So on the whole, i liked it.
anonymous - 13 Jun 2007 22:11
Is now called the MASQUE-something, but the dismal interior remains ever the same. This place makes drinking a very unpleasent experience.
anonymous - 28 Dec 2006 14:49
A complete dump - beer is lousy and as Topdog mentioned, there is a correlationbetween number of shooters and quality of pub - Walkabout take note. I wouldn't have minded if there was some decent tottie in there to put me off the fact there was no hand-pulls are draft bitter but unfortunately the local area seems to be occupied by crack-whores and tramps. Do not go here. Ever.
rampantwurzel - 20 Dec 2006 14:09
...point c should be "dressed appropriately". I'm not implying it's a bar for indifferent nudists.
topdog_andy - 11 Oct 2006 14:33
Terrible. There is no other way to put it. Was there for the footy last night. And I think the 'extra time' name refers to the 'extra time' it'll take you to get served. Only 2 barmen on the main bar for what was probably the highest profile footy night of the year.

The owner needs to realise that door staff are required for nights like last night. The place was overcrowded to point of being dangerous. And even overlooking the safety aspect his takings would have been down because once the match got started it was so packed people couldn't move to get to the bar.

Avoid like the plague.
bobzilla - 9 Mar 2006 10:04
In need of a face lift , but good fun , drinks were well priced for the area and always have something on special. Staff where friendly but not too overbearing , they leave you and your friends at peace , well hosted and got usefull info from the manageress about private hire. would be their advantage to get rid of the students though , get out of hand on a friday and they are rude to other customers and the staff.
anonymous - 4 Feb 2006 23:26
very void of anything , still i hear its for sale, hopefully new company gets the place rocking. as long as the football stays. look foward to visiting when the new company comes in
anonymous - 15 Sep 2005 12:25
Not impressed, to be honest. No atmosphere, bar staff were surly and it was expensive. I won't be back.
MikeyBee - 13 Sep 2005 21:19
Really not very pleasent or relaxing bar near Barbican underground. Too many TV's for its own good. Service poor and erratic. Its either packed with braying mobs or else its deserted, making you feel like its a Sunday night - depressing as hell. Much better nearby if you use yr feet.
anonymous - 31 Aug 2005 14:14
Poor.Bit Sanky and early tunes are arse. Downstairs footy is ok, but no big screens.Didn't even have coke on tap.Staff nice though.
anonymous - 22 Nov 2004 12:14
Only good for one thing - football
Rafael Benitez - 15 Sep 2004 13:18
On TX nights it does get quite packed!! so it would be a good idea ta employee a couple extra bar staff especially for da bar on da middle floor. da tunes on da top floor are realy cool an well mixed!! But da tunes at da start of da evening are not quite ma cup of tea!! But i av found this place ta b very friendly welcome!! But not every one is da honest punter!! So do look after ya hand bags girls!!!
Alyssa Da Totaly Bonkers Party Girl!!!! (31.03.2004)
Alyssa - 31 Mar 2004 17:22
A truly awful bar populated by city boys who like the sound of their own voices and taxi drivers taking a break. Either packed (student nights) or empty, never "just right". I once arranged to meet a friend there (his choice) on a Friday evening at 8pm. We were the only people there!

There are many many better bars in the area: Suttons Arms, Charterhouse, Smiths, Jerusalem Tavern etc.....

The only saving grace is the wall-to-wall sport. Shame nobody told them that a couple of bigger screens are better than 50 12" TVs! It reminded me of standing in Dixons on a Saturday afternoon watching the football results.
Andrew - 25 Feb 2004 13:47
Not actually as awful as the photo makes it appear, but not great. Neither a comfortable pub nor a happening bar. If you want trendy and jumpin' then go to Smith's. If you want cozy then bad luck, you're in London, but head to the Bishops's Finger in West Smithfield for a reasonable approximation.
Matt - 12 Jan 2004 13:35
Great value, great service (quick AND friendly... was I really in the city??)and great football coverage. They were showing 5 different UEFA games when I discovered it! I stumbled out at 2am! Definitely reccommended.
Nick - 30 Sep 2003 16:32
Great place to watch the football, or any other sport for that matter - esp downstairs with a bucket of beer

Seem to have sorted food now - if you like pizza!

Very friendly staff - which makes such a change for the City

Upstairs could do with some work but the bar staff tell me it stays that way for private party renting so fair enough.

Late bars make it a great after closing bar on a Friday and friends had great private party their with no room hire charge - in the City - are you sure!?
colin - 30 Sep 2003 15:42
This used to be quite a good laugh place, but the latest refurbishment (okay about two years ago) has given it something of an identity crisis. I don't think you get any serious City types in there anymore, other than to watch football and neither is it the random cocktail bar of yore. It's mostly populated by student types nowadays. I wish that they'd do something more meaningful with the upstairs. Scandalous that you can't get served draught beer upstairs - why?
Zed - 28 Jul 2003 17:36
great place to drink vodka red bull after a hard day in the city.
macho - 28 Jul 2003 16:54
Overcrowded, deafening. Huge crowds of loud macho City types shouting over the football, drinking vodka and Red Bull.
anonymous - 29 Jun 2003 23:56

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