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Grapes, Sutton

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user reviews of the Grapes, Sutton

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randolf7 - 20 Jan 2019 14:21
Enjoyed the Twickenham Mosaic Pale over the weekend.Hearing that this spoons is closing on the 5th August!
talesofthebar - 17 Jul 2018 12:37
Now called the GAPS, with 2 letters missing from the signage.Good quality pint of Titanic Nautical Mild yesterday!
Seems the power crazy staff have barred another regular,yet for years allowed far worse,very poor!
talesofthebar - 10 Jun 2018 11:10
Was in recently,beer in great condition,bit of a waste the lady tipping a pint over one of the bar managers head.
talesofthebar - 31 May 2017 13:48
Popped in on my way home from work, ravenous, a quiet Wednesday night, a smattering of old timers, two of which had no volume control but had an encyclopedic knowledge of motor racing, molley houses and riddled with prejudice. That said the fortyniner ale (Ringwood brewery)was well kept and very enjoyable and there was good range of beers.
scarr - 15 Feb 2017 20:40
beers on last night,oakham JHB,bingham galend,triple fff pressed rat and green jack trawlerman,all crystal clear and in good nick,getting back to its best beer wise!well done!
anonymous - 5 May 2016 11:47
after 2 months away from the grapes pleased to say the 3 beers I tried tonight were excellent,and the 3 staff that were working were great!top marks for lewis,always given excellent customer service in last 18 months,thanks!thanks also to Kim,always been great with us oldies for many years,good luck down in kent ,you will be missed!
anonymous - 26 Mar 2016 01:36
eaten in here a few times the last 2 months and every meals been excellent well done!unfortunately the guest beers can be very hit and miss!also the lager drinkers in my group wernt happy with the warm temperature of their drinks last night and wouldn't it make more sense to clean the lines 1st thing in the morning,rather than depriving customers of their favourite drinks!customer service has been good,always top marks for lewis,fiona and co!
anonymous - 28 Dec 2015 12:10
The Grapes was a smaller and far less crowded Wetherspoons than the Moon on the Hill. Service was much more efficient. My only criticism was a couple of the frustrating "Coming Soon" labels being present. The "available" selection was Batemans Young Henry's, Dark Star Hophead, Adnams Bengali, Twickenham Naked Ladies, Greene King Abbot, Ruddles Best & Sharps Doom Bar. They also had a couple of real ciders - Perry's Somerset Redstreak & Hunts Mary Maud's Medium. The better of Sutton's 2 Wetherspoons.
blue_scrumpy - 15 Nov 2015 18:09
had some good beer festival beers tonight,but the night was again spoilt by drinking up time.after the pub manager always said we would get 20/25 mins drinking up last march,was told tonight at 12.05 you've got 10mins to drink up,then at 12.15,"drink up and get out" in a rather rude way!now maybe the girl behind the bar had a bus to catch or maybe the shift manager told them to get us out,but to treat the regular customers like this is disgusting.ive been in 6 nights and eaten 3 times this week,well done you've now lost my custom for a while!manners are everything!
anonymous - 25 Oct 2015 01:10
last week or so,the beer quality has been excellent and crystal clear.even one of the ex grapes regular, has been in 4 nights in the last week and quaffed a few ales!great service too,well done all!
anonymous - 22 Oct 2015 13:35
beer festival started,purity MO was excellent and in great nick and the festival beers are only£1.99 bargain!.mr weetoes returned after 16 months and was impressed with the naked ladies!the commando style mad hatter still drinking his abbot,lol.
anonymous - 17 Oct 2015 10:52
only 1 guest ale on last night Ringwood 49er,bit frustrating when there are so many good beers coming soon on the blackboard.abbot wasn't on so graham the hat went to moon.know the manager is away,but need someone to get the beer ready and available when a beer goes.saturday the Exmoor gold was in excellent condition and clearest pint ive had for ages!thats the standard to reach to attract the ale drinkers back.service good.
anonymous - 6 Oct 2015 12:35
beer the last 8 weeks been good.service been good,food been good,everythings good!and I can visit every night this week,now someones on holiday.
anonymous - 24 Aug 2015 14:34
tempted back after 4 weeks by seeing some great beers on in their twitter feed.very good surreyhills shere drop and Twickenham grandstand!sevice was good.bit of a problem with bar fruit flies in here,can lay 500 eggs a day,best way to get rid is bowl of cider vinegar mixed with soap dish detergent made fresh each day ,will get rid of them.
anonymous - 2 Jul 2015 10:54
2 new posters with only the grapes as a review!!!hmm
anonymous - 23 Jun 2015 19:19
Been quite a few times lately its just what i need after a really crappy day at work, staff all seem really friendly and chatty and its not rammed so can enjoy a nice quiet drink. Really good selection of ales and craft bottles which surprises me being a spoons.
londonk34 - 19 Jun 2015 18:22
Only stopped in for a pint and ended up staying awhile nice ales really liked the display board at the end of the bar very bold and eye catching and atmosphere was busy .
IAMGROOT15 - 14 Jun 2015 19:08
to me the grapes beer seems to be 1 week good,then an average week followed by a few poor weeks.last 4 times been in only 1 good beer and that was hophead,been a lack of turnover with beers sticking around as bit cloudy and not best quality!so even ive been drinking more Guinness and ciders! the daytime trade is good,but the last month the late night trade has dropped off big time.would now understand if they shut earlier.i now visit the moon on hill or nonsuch for much better beer,as their guys in charge of beer know their stuff.
anonymous - 10 Jun 2015 14:25
Clearly a well reviewed pub !

My last London pub in the 2015 Beer Guide and not my best. Busy at 2pm ish and of the "all human life is here variety" which is great, but the Westerham was average at best. I think Spoons cask beer is suffering in some pubs due to the sheer size of the range of drinks offered.
mtaylor40 - 10 Jun 2015 13:03
sorry not the atlantic ipa,its adnams explorer that's the new keg beer.
anonymous - 22 May 2015 00:49
sharps atlantic IPA on keg about to be a regular in here.had some ok beers the last 2 nights,kelham island pale rider,naked ladies and a mild.,only gripe is the temp of beer could be a bit cooler.also mate who drinks lager says its not as cold as moon on hill.not too many people in late the last 2 nights,with some of my guys drinking up moon,which is making the atmosphere a bit flat in here!on the evenings ive been in service excellent,with thanks to Ally,Lewis and Kala!if you like good food and ok beer at great prices (real ale£2.15 a pint)give it a go.and on the nights im not in,you will find a professional salt and pepper filler on shift managers wages:-(
anonymous - 20 May 2015 16:53
Sadly hoppyal's latest post does little encourage me to come back to this place. The local branch of CAMRA are also shown up as being a complete bunch of buffoons for having this place listed in the current Good Beer Guide.
MrWeeto - 7 May 2015 20:34
now as we were promised the 20 mins drinking up time,why is charisma still bellowing and winding customers up to get out before If someone has been abusive to staff they deserve to be barred,but the catalyst in this is obvious!wasnt he told to stop barring people up the moon,its obvious he doesn't have the people skills to deal with situations.stop antagonizing loyal customers and there will be no flash points,read and learn the rules!not sure how he can be made up to a shift managers position!far more deserving than him!also why doesn't he go and count the tills like the others do at 12?seriously making the grapes a no go when he is working!as you can tell by the amount of grapes customers in the moon on his wonder the moon wanted shot of him!ive been drinking in wetherspoons pubs for 25 years and cant recall anyone as bad!
anonymous - 28 Apr 2015 01:44
was in last night,had surrey hills shere drop,which was good,also on 2 triplefff beers and twicks naked ladies which is now a house beer.temp on beers been sorted.guest beers are only £2.15 a bargain.surely mr weetos can be tempted back,with the good beer on show!
anonymous - 21 Apr 2015 12:58
not been in as much lately,when I have very good selection of beers,just need to get the temperature right.shame the new shift manager does so many closes,look forward to the day he is sent to the wallington spoons.
anonymous - 20 Apr 2015 01:48
beer been good,last few weeks,good twicks naked ladies and grandstand,triple ff beers,portabella chestnut and others.wetherspoons now have a Mexican Monday night.also starting Friday 13th the beer festival starts for 16 days,plenty to choose from.after 3 months the manager has now developed into very good one.and the staff have always been excellent,apart from the 1 new shift manager,who seems to rub a few of us up the wrong way!always worth a visit,get drinking!
anonymous - 10 Mar 2015 16:30
last week guest beers been very good,dark star hophead and the clarence and fredericks American pale ale the pick along with ranmore ale.and a few stronger ales that keeps the like of jack a pleasure to drink in here again!also looks like the grapes has hit the jackpot,if its true who coming down from the moon as shift manager,"oh dear."this will be my last post on grapes for a while,and would encourage the real ale drinkers to give grapes another go.
anonymous - 9 Feb 2015 16:10
excellent tonight,4 beers come on.twicks nacked ladies which might be the regular beer on.2 from binghams of which 2 friends tried the the black ipa and said was very good.and for me surrey hills ranmore,my favourite brewery and was so stunning I couldn't try the other beers.thanks to the guys in charge that got these very good beers in.cheers.
anonymous - 3 Feb 2015 01:15
selling some of the guest beers for £1.85 at the moment.from what ive been told ,seems there are some great beers in the cellar waiting to come on.i know ive been a bit grumpy about the beers in here lately so looking forward to posting some better news.its all about opinions!the staff and their service remains top notch.
anonymous - 2 Feb 2015 01:37
Wetherspoons run good pubs well (about 1000) - and will close early when profit margins are not being achieved.

They are not a benefit office/social club - although some may think so; the only reason they exist is to make money for their shareholders.....

randolf7 - 22 Jan 2015 23:21
looks like the old opening times are coming back Friday 23rd,but for how long who knows.seems from what I hear that new manager would like to shut all the time at this has never been anything personal against him,but why take a pub on if you don't want to work the hours that the grapes has been working too for 6 years.was in nonsuch spoons sunday and Monday with only 10/15 customers in last hour,and 6 of them were grapes regulars!so the grapes lack of demand is a rubbish excuse!anyway my friend tony and his wife were in grapes Friday and asked the manager why he was closing at 11pm.his reply was "lack of demand"my friend counted 38 customers still in the pub.i have missed the grapes staff and some customers in my exile.
anonymous - 22 Jan 2015 17:11
Beer crap!Shutting 11pm on a Friday,saturday night sucks!
On the plus side no smell and nice girlie behind bar!

cheamjack23 - 11 Jan 2015 16:46
mr weeto,the grapes isn't going to close,when tim martin came in during the summer he was upset the extension hadn't been done.and also think plans for a small hotel were in the pipeline.looking forward to having a drink with tim in Epsom tomorrow,few things I need to discuss!
anonymous - 11 Jan 2015 03:09
Why not just put the place out of its misery and close the place completely ?
MrWeeto - 10 Jan 2015 20:17
so wetherspoons customer service team have comfirmed in an email to me that the early shutting is down to an operational decision by the area manager.thanks dwain,no consideration for regular it goes taking an hour away does have a knock on affect as some customers wont turn up for previous 2 hours,which is part of the reason there was only 10 customers in at 10 pm last night so im this rate of thoughtlessness for customers you might as well shut at 9pm.thats my last rant on this subject.
anonymous - 9 Jan 2015 12:19
Rushed back from town thinking I would get a couple of pints in last night to find the grapes shut.Was in Saturday and there was no signs that pub would be closing early this month.Had to dash up the moon.Agree with the previous poster,pubs should be taken care of their punters.
talesofthebar - 8 Jan 2015 20:46
always tried to post positive things about the grapes over last 5/6 years,but tonight just stinks.walked in to enjoy a Twickenham naked ladies to find a notice on the bar (not there last night)we are closing an hour early till 27th jan.,WHAT, A LOT OF THE GUYS I DRINK WITH DONT COME INTO THE PUB TILL LAST 2 HOURS!seriously pissed off very regular customers that probably collectively spend 6/7 hundred pounds a week in here.was told later by others who met me in other pub that its the area managers decision,someone who only visits very little.what is the point of having January sales to entice customers in if you cut off the supply that is a constant it goes some of us a seriously thinking of other venues to drink,so could be a big loss over a year,well done dwain.and to the new manager you really need to up you game in customer relations and also serving behind bar rather than ignoring!
anonymous - 8 Jan 2015 01:35
been 2 good beers on the last 3 weeks,twickenham winter cheer,and old scrooge.the rest in choice and sometimes quality have been poor,taking 4/5 days to sell.lot of the guest beer drinkers are moaning and one been drinking Guinness the last few weeks.needs to hop the beers up a bit.oakham,surrey hills,triple fff.dark star always sell well here.
anonymous - 2 Jan 2015 14:33
fantastic pints of surrey hills greensands ipa last night and when that unfortunately ran out,exmoor exmas was excellent.been great this last month as a guest real ale drinker in the grapes,the clearness,quality of the beers have been so good.the temp manager has done wonders in improving the beer,thanks. here hoping when the new guy comes in next week,he can keep such high standards.he will be a lucky man to have such a good bunch of staff to work with.
hoppyal - 8 Dec 2014 14:00
just an update,westerhams scotney green hop,outstanding and clearest pint ive had for ages in grapes.also been in last 4 evenings and there has been NO SMELL from the drains,so hopefully previous posters will try grapes again.lets get the real ale turning over,couple of triple fff coming soon which always goes well in the grapes.oh and Christmas has started in here.
hoppyal - 13 Nov 2014 12:35
brilliant tonight,enjoyed the hawkshead red and the Caledonian Trojan horse.even the devils backbone had the correct gas and was good.someone like the guy in charge at the moment would be ideal for the grapes.knows and drinks real ale and with the extra importance of being in beer guide,this is a must.not sure if he has applied or wants the grapes,but would be so happy if he has.
hoppyal - 7 Nov 2014 01:27
as it comes to another end of festival,my favorites have been,okells IPA,sheps Whitstable bay,and harviestoun old engine oil.better than the last festival but wish wetherspoons didn't have such a love affair with American for the drain smell,seems to be getting better this week,they have had the drain guys in 4 or 5 times and think they have found the problem now.also thanks to Mark for the last 6 years,always been good to me,best wishes mate.
can I just ask the new manager if we can get the news channel back up on TV instead of the adverts please,and of course keep our 20mins drinking up time.thanks.
hoppyal - 1 Nov 2014 12:50
Drains still chucking up last night. Empty pub, I wonder why?
rpf1955 - 29 Oct 2014 10:33
Don't know what is happening with the drains in this place,but they sure do kick up.How anyone can eat with such a stench.Been in twice in last week and walked out!Rating of 3 till this gets sorted!
cheamjack23 - 15 Oct 2014 14:53
end of the beer festival,3 best beers I enjoyed most were,RCHchocolate slug porter,shepherd neame IPA and banks Czech we can hopefully get back to the triplefff and surreyhills beers and abbot for graham lol.also would like to say a big thankyou to Luke who left after 8 months last night,not just a super lad but one of the best wetherspoon workers ive met in 20 odd years of drinking in several wetherspoons pubs.thank so much from me and the others.
hoppyal - 20 Apr 2014 14:28
Tried the grapes twice during recent festival,beer I had was fair.Seems to have slipped a little behind the moon in quality.Food still good here.Some of the better staff leaving the last year is a blow as they treated my family very well on visits.
talesofthebar - 18 Apr 2014 13:15
enjoyed the beer this week,lymestone by the crows,dark star original and some brilliant dark star American pale ale last night.looking at the beers coming soon,the real ale drinkers are in for a treat.also a note that the mini London beer festival starts 24th for the week.see you all in may.arrivederci.
hoppyal - 12 Feb 2014 15:13
been in 4 times since my last post and drinking up time been perfect,thanks guys.enjoyed the salopion gold,moon dance,binghams twyfords,in those visits, all in great condition.the grapes have some fantastic staff,we as drinkers are blessed. a happy hoppy and the gang.
hoppyal - 29 Jan 2014 15:24
One of the best spoons around.Sometimes me and friends can be the youngest in here,but always treated well by the other customers.
The service at the bar is faster than most other spoons.
You should visit this spoons if you want good food and drink at reasonable prices.
As the grapes seems well run with staff that know what they are doing ive given it a well deserved 8.
cheamjack23 - 25 Jan 2014 13:11
some nights the drinking up time the last month or so has become a joke.give us back our 20 mins.truly pissing off the late night drinkers for the sake of 10 -15 mins isn't good.some of us will go elsewhere if this continues.(maybe that's what some want).guest beers lately have been great some nights and not so good other nights.mostly good staff,just give us our 20 mins please.
anonymous - 20 Jan 2014 11:40
Varied clientele - shoppers, retired men & the Benhill Benefits Brigade. Not a great selection of beer as it's a relatively small 'Spoons, but its always been spot on.
Wilson_MacDonald - 6 Jan 2014 17:03
Excellent xmas dinner in here,good value with the drink deal.Good service,we left stuffed and happy.
talesofthebar - 15 Dec 2013 13:08
I always thought wetherspoons had at least 20 mins drinking up time.1 member of staff seems to want to give us 5 to 15 mins max.which pisses off the regular late night drinkers.just because 2 abbots take his time clearing off,dont give the rest of us a hard time hanging round our table for empty glasses at 5mins past the last does ruin the evening.good triple fff I cant remember 6% last night.
anonymous - 11 Dec 2013 15:49
had a great leaving do in grapes tonight,good oakham jhb and triple fff moon dance.thanks to all the staff and customers that have made the grapes such a great place to drink the last 5 revoir.
hoppyal - 2 Dec 2013 02:17
Not been here since easter.
Different staff from my days.
Young polite lad poured a perfect pint of Guinness.
Me and sis had lovely meal .

rainbowian - 28 Nov 2013 11:18
brilliant start to the spoons beer festival,good pints of liberation epa,maxim ruby max,titanic cappuccino,ninkaski cream ale..thanks to the very good staff in the grapes for putting up with our madness,love you all.
hoppyal - 17 Oct 2013 01:56
well its no wonder several of us never renewed our CAMRA membership,when the moon on the hill sutton and wallingtons whispering moon get in the good beer guide 2014 but the better grapes doesn't,what a joke.last 3 days had very good oakham jhb,hawkeshead 5,and kelham island pale rider.sutton and croydon branch are a joke.members shouldn't judge on one nights visit,i visit grapes a few times a week and the beer and staff are 1st class on most occasions.rant over ,new food menu and food being served till 11pm.
anonymous - 9 Oct 2013 01:43
Was in with friends,beer was ok broadside and cocker hoop..Service was a bit slow.Always seems to be customers with bellowing voices,tone it down a bit please.
talesofthebar - 2 Oct 2013 15:14
very good surrey hills ranmore ale and triple fff beers this last boss was in and enjoyed the Thursday curry deals .new staff are good.had a good few days in the grapes.old or young great place to visit.
hoppyal - 13 Sep 2013 03:09
great pints of dark star American pale ale.pleased that my palace mate served me with his last pint poured in grapes.great bloke and we will miss him,good luck at much as I like the beer in the grapes most times,its the good staff that have made it for me over last 4 years, there seems a good few leaving after long service,hoping the new guys are as good and fun. im sure it will remain a great place to drink in.
anonymous - 5 Aug 2013 02:31
beer been very good the last week.last nights surrey hills ranmore ale was outstanding.bit of changing of staff at moment,good luck to those that have left or leaving,appreciate your efforts over last 2-4 staff seem ok.
anonymous - 29 Jul 2013 12:24
been a bit worried how the real ale has gone the last 2 weeks.notible ale drinkers drinking ruddles,stowford press and was great to see good beer on tonight.good pints of Twickenham vanguard,loddon ferrymans gold.and a 5% mordue beer(cant remember the name.)cider festival starts tomorrow for next 19 days.onwards and up.
anonymous - 10 Jul 2013 01:42
Listen black Gander or black dragon or black neck ...come say it to my boat me olde china..I will nut ya strait out..I have a bath once a fortnight ...whether I need it or not...... So'.
Don't go changing, trying to please me
You never let me down before.... I,ll take th good times .....I will face the bad times...I love u just the way you are.....
Thourburn147 - 14 Jun 2013 19:08
Pity the 147 child has to bore so many, so often. A better utilisation of its time would be a wash....
blackgander - 14 Jun 2013 14:51
i dont know why hes leaving,or where hes gonna-go
i guess hes got his reasons but i just dont wanna-know
ive just got to get use not reading , anything---frum,,,,,allannnnnnnnnnn!!!
Thourburn147 - 12 Jun 2013 21:47
The better of the two Wetherspoons pubs on the High Street, A good selection of ales on, beer well kept, the bar staff were friendly and helpful. The customers were mainly 50 + . If all you want is a reasonably priced decent ale and peace to enjoy it then this is the place for you in the town centre in Sutton.
Scotsaledrinker - 9 Jun 2013 10:42
A few bottles of nice and cold hooch yesterday, sat in the garden with a few friends, good day had by all.
blackdragon66 - 6 Jun 2013 09:05
What a day!!! Was busy between the moon the grapes and the good olde bank... Quality people but don't like horseys while I supp... Good atmosphere,,plenty of hot young men and the occasional old bad boy!!!
Thourburn147 - 31 May 2013 21:12
Nice pint of tuborg yesterday,.. Went down a treat..... Must try the Malden.... They have plenty of watchmen I'n the grapes and moon.... Mostly in the toilets..wink-wink!!
Thourburn147 - 31 May 2013 10:33
Was in here today the staff were working really hard,but all you hear is staff and customers complaining about the manager. The Hooch was good nice and cold
blackdragon66 - 27 May 2013 22:22
It's full of old boring codgers!!! Who do nowt but moan!!! Get sweeping that road Alan.. Shut-upp..... That's him ... U twat!!
Thourburn147 - 26 May 2013 16:49
Dragon66 - there is no need to type twice to make your point, and your spelling needs some attention.

As wealdman says, NO Wetherspoon pub has a pool table.

Or karaoke!

Or a juke box. Or a dart board.

croydonpeer - 25 May 2013 22:01
My advice is need, anybody new in area needs to know these things are not in this pub. I dont know who ask you to butt in anyway. So you sober up and shut up.
blackdragon66 - 24 May 2013 17:04
My advice is need, anybody new in area needs to know these things are not in this pub. I dont know who ask you to butt in anyway. So you sober up and shut up.
blackdragon66 - 24 May 2013 17:04
Dragon - have you ever seen a pool table in any of Wetherspoon's 880 outlets.

Sober up man; they don't need your advice.
wealdman - 24 May 2013 10:51
Mark now you have joined this site after being in the pub for nearly a year, i think it is about time you upgrade the grapes, as you dont have, pool table,karaoke on a Tuesday, and no sky tv the only tv channel you have is on a LOOP.
blackdragon66 - 24 May 2013 10:17
Tuna mind you language please.
blackdragon66 - 24 May 2013 10:10
Nobody likes a bully. Will you two piss off and leave this site for the grown ups.
Tuna - 23 May 2013 18:21
Would that be mark,,backs to the wall the belt for 40lashes??? I have a feeling hoppy might enjoy it..the beer was bit tawdry this afternoon..and put some sparkle into them glasses...spectacle wise!!
Thourburn147 - 23 May 2013 16:23
Mark please help hoppy on beerintheevening everyone is picking on him. loooooooooooooooooooooooool. While you are helping him could you see if you could find him a belt for him.
blackdragon66 - 23 May 2013 14:29
I've just come back from the isle of Skye,
I don't know then and I don't know why!!!
All the laddies shout ahoy,.,.
Hoppy wares the troouussssserssss!!!!!.....
Thourburn147 - 23 May 2013 08:17
hello. After becoming the manager of The Grapes just under a year ago i regularly read what people say on this site. i'm all for constructive criticism as it helps me and the staff better the pub i run. However the comments from a select few seem to be targeted at people rather then the service and products on offer. The comments below wouldn't make me want to drink in The Grapes if i was new to the area, i understand this is a public site but please can i ask them to stop. Thank You Mark
M8R3W15 - 22 May 2013 22:39
Dopey hoppy, have you and your friend Thorburn fallen out lol, was it over you showing his pal your bum. Have you brought a belt yet or still flashing. Who is cockney paul, as for family bitterness and cousin please help me hoppy. i think what is said hoppy gone potty is true.See your boring friend today outside the station after i got off the train.Might see you both tonight in the grapes talking rubbish.
blackdragon66 - 22 May 2013 19:30
Hoppys gone potty remember when he was spotty???
Thourburn147 - 22 May 2013 09:48
very good triple fff ramble tamble tonight,moon dance not as good as other times,enjoyable night with good trusted people .funny how its always me that get dug out on here in sutton.hatred,obsession,very peculiar.ive only tried to be nice to people and all I get is abuse. goodbye.
anonymous - 22 May 2013 01:35
Looks like hoppys cracked!!! Lolololol .. Dopey hoppy ..lost his poppy ,trousers down sits on potty..keep em peeled I'm around...Paul Simon..... You can
Thourburn147 - 21 May 2013 21:45
one wonders if the Chiltern wing is still open,probably not they all seem to be on last time thorburn,blackdraggon leave me out of your family bitterness.and cockney paul stop sending me personal messages.i aint interested in anything you lot or cousin say.grow up the lot of you.
anonymous - 21 May 2013 21:35
Don't panic!!! Don't panic!!!
Captain manwaring don't panic sir........I will stick this right up em!!!!! Don't panic!!!! You stupid boy.....lololololololol
Thourburn147 - 21 May 2013 08:52
Gentlemen never
Thourburn147 - 20 May 2013 23:07
Date with hoppy lol.
blackdragon66 - 20 May 2013 15:52
Black dragon,,and I bet u are an old dragon, y don't u do some worthwhile work?? Like laying down outside the pub and being run over by a 154 u are so sad it's unbelievable .. I bet u ain't got no woman,, your a closet homosexual that interferes with everyone's buissness, your a sub standard member of this community and that is why you haven't got life , and set out to belittle others which is sad... Watch out because lately wetherspoons have been chucking bad apples out,, if you still attend this establishment you could be won't be missed..haha if u still attend it in your dreamlike state..must dash got a date!!! and he's well cute!!
Thourburn147 - 20 May 2013 14:45
Boring. I dont care what you say i think it is funny that you have to keep putting comments on, Thourburn you need to read your comments before you send as they dont make sense.Hoppy you need to use the correct punctuation, maybe you two need to go to the library or back to school.Hope to hear from you both soon.

blackdragon66 - 20 May 2013 10:50
Hoppyal don't like it up him??? Captain manwaring!!! He doesn't like it up sir!!! Wat about cockney Pauline??
Thourburn147 - 19 May 2013 20:38
no more comments hoppy, u just cant stop yourself lol

blackdragon66 - 18 May 2013 19:19
been a regular in grapes for nealy 4 years.always enjoy it in here.the beer is most times good.low turnover of staff with at least 7 still working from 4 years ago,with a couple of additions from the moon.they make my grapes experiance enjoyable with friendly banter and cheeky fun.blackdraggon,you have earlier post of having wife with 3 kids,then you had a girlfriend ,now wife with 2 kids.perhaps to many fantasy books youve been reading.thournburn you are in the know,i still owe you a pint,introduce yourself to me.the last 3 post were funny,but now can we go back to talking about pubs and beer.
anonymous - 18 May 2013 12:50
Library bull s"@t
Thourburn147 - 18 May 2013 08:57
Lonely Bully Society?
Tuna - 17 May 2013 19:39
I am a man with a wife and two kids. i am not a sad bunch, it is only me putting my comments on here, and if you got a problem with them hard luck, I have alot to do as i work for the Lbs
blackdragon66 - 17 May 2013 19:18
Let me tell you I am not hoppyal. Is black dragon a man or woman?? I don't think even they know ..we all know they are a sad sad bunch and have nothing to do... Even remarking that they have been in and had food and what not?? What a load of bunkham..get back down the they must be avid book readers???? Lolololololilololol
Thourburn147 - 17 May 2013 15:10
RIP hoppyal again.
blackdragon66 - 16 May 2013 17:03
just had some brilliant surrey hills gilt for blacktwat66 i havent a clue who thourburn 147 is.i wish i could write as good as them.ive told a lot about you,cockney paul,roger 47.and probably other alises to many people and pub could be anyone.any way its the last reponse you will get as im not interested in stupid can just do one.
anonymous - 16 May 2013 00:53
Hoppy has opened a new account to make it look like he has a pal, i wont move on or out i like to stalk hoppy, and now i got you to, and and as for the new name it is spelt wrong, maybe that is why hoppy is laughing but not sure if he can spell either. It is spelt Thorburn, Going back to the pub was in here today for lunch had the fish and chips it was very good my pals had steak and said it was very nice ,we only had soft drinks as we had to go to a meeting after lunch. service was good.
blackdragon66 - 15 May 2013 22:36
great beer ,great staff, worth a visit.and thanks thourburn147.i will buy you a drink .introduce yourself ,much appreciated .and your name made me lol.lets hope they move on.
anonymous - 14 May 2013 17:54
Good on you hoppyal!! Your views are welcomed informative and open..unlike the scuttling vermin with their cynical jealous can only wonder what their motives are?? Whether it be cockney Paul blackdragon or any other nonsense....move on,move out and go stalk someone else...hoppyals alright.. Time to leave him alone u cowards!!
Thourburn147 - 14 May 2013 10:15
good to see some twickenham beer on.smiler a new one for me ,but enjoyed as much as other twick beers.well done.
anonymous - 11 May 2013 03:10
hallelujah a very good beer from triple fff last night.
anonymous - 6 May 2013 15:02
Had a nice few pints of nice cold lager in here yesterday, sat in the garden with friends and enjoyed. Food was good, service still needs to improve, but good day had by all.
blackdragon66 - 25 Apr 2013 11:50
in for last 2 hours tonight,rudgate pursuit for hoppyness good,acorn barnsley ipa ok and the conwy riptide,a black ipa was very good.all i will say is ive enjoyed the pubs of sutton and other places,but im obvious boring people so its time to finish.its been emotional rip hoppyal.
anonymous - 19 Apr 2013 01:30
not so drunk tonight or boring,thanks for putting the skinners beer on pippa,top girl,and she keeps the beers so team here.
anonymous - 16 Apr 2013 01:11
Another late drunken BORING comment from hoppy. LOL
blackdragon66 - 15 Apr 2013 17:07
tried 4 boring ales tonight,the most boring being the orkney 1878 strong ale.found the staff very boring and the people i was drinking with most boring.what a boring place and to be fair,we were never being boring,we just are.blackdragon i just aim to laughter no gimmicks just bore.
anonymous - 15 Apr 2013 02:10
Was in here yesterday some good beers on had a few to many, the company was good we had a good laugh,
blackdragon66 - 14 Apr 2013 11:18
Boring hoppy
blackdragon66 - 12 Apr 2013 18:59
6 festival beers on last night,pick of them was brains willy nilly,shepherd neame new world pale ale. and a scottish stout.good company and good beer.
anonymous - 9 Apr 2013 16:43
blackdragon66 - 8 Apr 2013 16:11
Beer festival starting today but not dropping the price of the beer for it boo.
talesofthebar - 3 Apr 2013 10:55
The cosiest spoons in sutton.Older but friendly customers.Carling and ales always very good on my visits.rating of 7 for me.
cheamjack23 - 2 Apr 2013 16:10
Sorry al,was wasted.
We thought it was funny.
Big sis says your fuming.
You know its all about fun with me.
They did think we were the same guy after all.
Come to clapham tonight,answer your phone guv.
anonymous - 31 Mar 2013 17:59
very clever ian you prat,jo wants a word with you.
anonymous - 31 Mar 2013 17:17
early morning posts are after a few bevvies.dont have a wife anymore she ran off with a road sweeper.been watching every bald head in the pub.monday is my last drink for 5 weeks,so i may be a bit merry after the footy.looking forward to being proved wrong and meeting you guv.
anonymous - 31 Mar 2013 04:07
Hoppyal do you go on here the same time every morning, your wife must find you really exciting , i will be in to find out who you are on Monday. Find out is it true that you are the fattest drinker in Sutton.Good few pints in here today, service a bit slow.
blackdragon66 - 30 Mar 2013 22:55
as i said last night lets talk about the pubs and beer. if anyone wants to meet me will be in grapes monday night from 9.30 pm,and be nice please.will not be responding to any other postings anymore.was in grapes tonight pilgrim beer on and ruby winter warmer was on and nuns delight but not my cup of cider for me.
anonymous - 30 Mar 2013 01:40
Rainbowian no i am not ginger i am bald babe,as for Alan very brave talk @ 01:40, i would come up to you and talk to you but dont know who you are, you said the fattest drinker in Sutton that really helpful.Where would you like yo meet me. The road sweeper i dont want to talk to, i avoid him he is so boring.
blackdragon66 - 29 Mar 2013 08:20
ian,dont bring this crap up,i told you to stop posting about me or the shit ive had chucked at me for blackdragon im now sad am i.come and say it to me or alan"s faces,rather than on here if you are brave about the pubs and beers,not customers please.the grapes beer festival starts this wednesday and has some very interesting beers on.
anonymous - 29 Mar 2013 01:40
Ha,Ha,Ha,dont know any road sweepers.
If he is fit will give his broomstick a go.
Hoppy not talking.
Are you his ginger friend by any chance babe.
In tonight with my sister and some friends.
come say hi.
anonymous - 28 Mar 2013 20:39
You can have a drink with your mate hoppyal and his mate the road sweeper, i bet you really miss them. You never know i might pop in and see the sad two if i get back from London in time
blackdragon66 - 28 Mar 2013 17:34
Back for easter,get ready boys.
Fun,fun fun in the grapes.
Hope the main man is in.

anonymous - 28 Mar 2013 14:09
great night in grapes oakham JHB,and brilliant pint of piston broke from box steam. other beer abbot reserve too strong for me.had the best night with good friends and my favorite girl.were mad were crazy were mark the guvnors drinkers.
anonymous - 22 Mar 2013 01:03
nutters on here seem to target me on i care NO,just get a life.enjoyed good triple fff moon dance and salopian oracle.
anonymous - 11 Mar 2013 02:18
Oh,hoppyal you are so sweet.
Would make the perfect wife:-)
Miss you and the grapes.
rainbowian - 6 Mar 2013 20:47
So much better in here than the morgue on the hill.Service and beer so much better.And the wife enjoyed it in here.Thank the lord there is 2 spoons in sutton.
talesofthebar - 6 Mar 2013 10:52
i love the grapes,i love the staff ,i love the customers,i love the box steam piston all,hate none.
anonymous - 6 Mar 2013 01:57
mini beer festival in the grapes this last week has been very good well done to mark and pippa for keeping the beers in great for the last post,im good friends with that roadsweeper,who happens to be good company and good laugh,glad he is back in as are many others. surprised you aint writting in capitals or would that give the game away.grow up.
anonymous - 3 Mar 2013 01:44
Was in here last night,good service, nice few pints of ale,good company,had a nice night,the only thing is that road sweeper is back in here,i avoid him if i go in the moon,he is a pain.Leave him up in the moon
blackdragon66 - 2 Mar 2013 14:30
Lovely evening back in sutton with big sis.
Grapes just as i remember,fantastico.
3 real hunks behind the bar and lovely service and smile.
Curry was nice and spicey.
Love it ,the one place i miss of sutton.
anonymous - 1 Mar 2013 17:07
had some great beers on lately,enjoyed the surry hills beers,triple fff and tonight the twickenham grandstand was tops.wish the staff were not stopped from drinking in here as me and friends have always had a good laugh with them,and would like to have beer with them over the xmas period.
anonymous - 28 Nov 2012 01:41
beer festival about to start,great kelham island pale rider tonight.goes from strength to strength .the twickenham,surrey hills,hepworth and oakham have been outstanding the last wetherspoons in area by a country mile.staff are not bad too,infact they are brilliant.
anonymous - 22 Oct 2012 02:03
Was in last tuesday with a mate,tried the twickenham grandstand which was very good.
My mate enjoyed his hepworths pullman.He knows a lot about beer and says the beer quality is very good in the grapes for a spoons.
One word of warning,avoid the camp man at the bar,he tried to crack on to me and seemed a right nutcase.
Still a 7 for me.
cheamjack23 - 12 Oct 2012 15:38
Tried the steak club in here tuesday with family,and the food was very good indeed.Surrey hills ipa was excellent.Only down side was wife going on about the dirty seats,she sat on a magazine,which gave my kids great amusement.
talesofthebar - 20 Sep 2012 12:30
was told tonight of the sad death of bridie,who used the grapes most evenings.such a lovely beautiful wonderful lady ,and i and many will truely miss.may she RIP.
anonymous - 7 Sep 2012 01:13
Sometimes use this pub,and its always a pleasent experience.
Never takes too long to get served compared to the other spoon up the road,staff seem well trained,friendly and polite.
Fairly new to drinking real ale and enjoyed the twickenham hornet this week.
In all great selection of beer,lager and all sorts of bottled drinks,and customers seem fairly friendly.My rating of a 7 is well deserved.
cheamjack23 - 17 Aug 2012 12:48
Oh babes,we all know you like plums.

anonymous - 6 Aug 2012 13:32
beer been very good in here lately and the plumb cider was great at 1.49 a pint bargain.always enjoy the banter with the bar staff and customers in here.ive always enjoyed writing about the pubs and beer on here,but after getting hounded by crap from 2 fellow posters and now rainbow ian,im not on here anymore.
anonymous - 3 Aug 2012 17:33
Took my wife and daughter in grapes yesterday and we were very impressed by the lunch we had.Enjoyed my pint of dorking beer.Current guvnor seems to be bringing this pub up to scratch.Wife would like the seats cleaned.
talesofthebar - 24 Jul 2012 14:44
walked in and the manager put the oakham JHB on for us last night,top marks to him, doing a fine job in keeping the grapes one of the best sutton pubs.
anonymous - 18 Jul 2012 13:58
had the perfect pint tonight,oakham JHB a real jackpot beer.3 light beers on,you know thats what i like baby.
anonymous - 12 Jun 2012 01:02
very good pints of wj kings brighton blond and sadlers hop bomb last night,love my light hoppy beers.although the football is advertised in the wetherspoon mag,the grapes is not showing the football.local camra branch are in here wednesday at 9.30.
anonymous - 11 Jun 2012 12:06
The grapes is the best pub in sutton high st.
Always enjoyed my time in here.
VFM,service and food top notch.
Back up next month visiting,
HoppyAl,lost your number text me soon.
anonymous - 2 May 2012 14:11
milk street ! beer was in great nick last night.good to see a light coloured beer on after the 3 dark beers on last week.think its about time that my mate alan was let back in grapes please.good luck to adam and kai with the greece and cyprus working holiday.and vote for mark.
anonymous - 1 May 2012 12:00
Both JDW's - the Moon and the Grapes are very similar. Same food, drink and staff (who often overlap). Either and both are better than the other Sutton pubs which are very much below average.
wealdman - 30 Apr 2012 10:27
Went in grapes friday night and it has improved since last visit.If they get in a strong manager and could stop the smell in the toilets,could become maybe best pub in sutton,not much to beat is there.As for the hope,yes great beer,but very clicky,with too many self opinionated people.The railway cheam is better.The spoons pubs are the best for value for money,and my beer in the moon,has been spot on,as was the grapes friday.
talesofthebar - 30 Apr 2012 09:02
To "Cockneypaul" - 2 things.

1) Why are you shouting???

2) The best pub in the London Bouough of Sutton is actually "The Hope" (48 West Street, Carshalton). It has just been awarded CAMRA Pub Of The Year 2012 - 3rd time in 4 years.

Agree that "The Grapes" is much better than "The Spew On The Hill" up the road. Indeed, it is one of the better JDW pubs.
k0536006 - 29 Apr 2012 15:30
cockneypaul - 25 Apr 2012 15:01
Tempest and tradervic are correct. The two pubs are virtually the same.

In fact, one day I fell asleep in The Moon and woke up in The Grapes!

Just one example of the JDW excellent service.
randolf7 - 19 Apr 2012 14:22
I see no point in calling vic ignorant - for stating facts; The Grapes and The Moon are the same in almost all respects. And, as hopp says, vomating is no longer a problem at The Moon .
tempest - 19 Apr 2012 13:46
in tonight,had great oakham jhb,and skinners cornish knocker.agree with yummummy about tradervic,he can get lost, aint forgiven him for personal message he sent me.and by the way yummy,the moon on hill hasnt stunk of sick for over a year.
anonymous - 19 Apr 2012 02:03
Stupid comments by ignorant people like tradervic do absolutely nothing for this site. Go and get a life and post reviews about establishments you have visited not comments about other peoples's observations that make you look a total fool.
yummummy - 18 Apr 2012 09:59
'vomit stinking' ? yum, both are wetherspoons - with the same food and drink. often, with the same staff who share locations. get a grip woman!
tradervic - 17 Apr 2012 11:18
In Sutton on Sunday early and in search of breakfast, husband not a Wetherspoons breakfast fan and we most certainly wouldn't touch the vomit stinking Moon on the Hill with a 20 foot bargepole. Talked him into going into the The Grapes as looked ok. We were both really pleasantly surprised to see how lovely the interior was, clean and full of people eating breakfast and drinking coffee rather than the old soaks on their second pints as can be the case with many Wetherspoons at 9.30am. Service efficient and the breakfast cooked really well, a thoroughly pleasant experience and we will return. Normally the further down Sutton high street you go the worse the experience is but this is not the case here, long may it last!

yummummy - 17 Apr 2012 09:12
having been told that the lovely fran will be moving on to another wetherspoons pub soon,can i say thanks you have been a great manager and good for a new manager,me and several customers would love to see mark given a chance as new manager.he is great with staff and customers and would make a fine job of keeping this place as good as it is.on the beer front got some great beers to come on soon,jhb,pale rider,twickenham beers,just hope they are on when im in.
anonymous - 17 Apr 2012 02:12
Had nice lunch and guinness in here yesterday.
Was very busy, and how the staff worked.
As i return to the south coast will miss this place.
What a great team work here.
Bon voyage,love to hoppyal and cockney paulx
anonymous - 4 Apr 2012 13:14
cockneypaul - 30 Mar 2012 14:15
Well in the 6 months ive been drinking in here,never seen any trouble.
Even taken some family in here and they love this place as well.
The staff are great,may like a drink,but dont we all love.
Beautiful service,beautiful customers,beautiful staff.
And you wont find better looking lads behind a bar,gorgeous.
anonymous - 29 Mar 2012 10:16
as someone who drinks in grapes 3 or 4 late nights a week,i havent seen place go down hill as last poster says.yes their was an incident monday night,i walked in as police arrived and from what i saw the staff working delt with the situation very well.if you have issues with staff talk to the manager who is very approachable.anyway had some very good pints of o"hanlons flagship last night.
anonymous - 28 Mar 2012 15:58
Oh dear,this place seems to be going downhill rapidly.Been told someone took a nasty beating in here monday night.Not surprised.Stronger management is needed to stop the rot.need to chuck some of the crap out who have obviously drank to much.Some of the off duty staff need to learn to drink sensibly and 1 needs to stop swearing every other word after a few glasses of stella.Use to come in here most days,but very few nowdays.Up the moon more.
anonymous - 28 Mar 2012 14:15
wetherspoons pubs,might not be everyone cup of tea,but for me they do a great service promoting many great beers.was in last night for the current beer festival,and the 3 beers i tried,smuttynose murrikan mild,wadworth swordfish and brains clocktower were all very good,all at 1.99.good show i say.
anonymous - 19 Mar 2012 14:42
Oh yes a splendid lunch was had today,food is very good in here for a spoons.
Lovely chatting with the old couple on next table.
Best pub in sutton,i think for the proffesional service of the staff.
Will miss this place very much when im back in hove next month.
anonymous - 8 Mar 2012 16:42
Me and 3 friends had the steak in here last night,which we all found to be excellent.
Very good value on a tuesday.
Had good guinness ,one friend said the guest beer was nector(lobster think the name was.
As ever,service was great,thankyou.
Even managed to get a gorgeous smile from my fit lad behind the bar:-)
anonymous - 29 Feb 2012 15:56
had very good pints of old hooky and hepworth pullman in here last nite.,looking at the coming soon board,some very good beers coming on in next few days. well done to staff.
anonymous - 22 Feb 2012 14:47
Had another lovely night in the grapes with my friend,she love it in here.
The guinness was again very nice,,and the service 1st class.
The staff and customers are such a friendly bunch,love it.
Would like to just say happy valentines to the lads that work here,especially my favourite one.x
anonymous - 14 Feb 2012 12:22
very good yeovil stargazer the new blackboard can tick your favorite beers on weatherspoons lists and also write comments in book and recommend beers ,great idea.well done to all the staff,during last year,you should be in the beer guide,and thats coming from a camra member.
anonymous - 6 Feb 2012 01:27
guinness is great in here.would recommend it highly.the barstaff are always helpful and friendly,some of the lads behind the bar are so cute and so very hot,love you all.gets a lot of older customers here in the day,with some nice lads in the evening .
anonymous - 1 Feb 2012 17:06
cockneypaul - 27 Jan 2012 17:43
Not bad at all for a Wetherspoons. A good selection of drinks at the usual very cheap WS prices.

Of the 2 in Sutton this is the better 'Spoons in my opinion. Might have a different opinion if I was younger or on the pull, but this one suits me.

I've been in here quite a few times in the last couple of months and always managed to get served quickly and find a table although it can get pretty full.

The front part tends to be dominated by shouty older blokes, but it gets quieter the further in you go. Overall, one of the better pubs in Sutton.
Loki - 25 Jan 2012 14:56
cockneypaul - 21 Jan 2012 16:26
wold top wold gold,jennings sneck lifter,and the beartown beer have been very good in the last week well done keep the good work at rainbow ian,sure the boys appreciate your posts.
anonymous - 10 Jan 2012 15:24
i love this place,always a great pint of guinness and lovely staff.tried the curry club thursday,my friend had chicken korma,i had chicken balti,which was as hot as the barman working(he so cute),came with a drink and great friend says that its the best wetherspoons she has been too.they also have a backyard if anyone wants a fag:-)
anonymous - 7 Jan 2012 13:15
having moved to sutton a couple of months ago,have used this place a few times,seems to be a well run wetherspoons,guinness is always good,tried the odd pint of beer which has been in good nick too.the staff are friendly,and one of the lads behind the bar is so hot ( short black hair).if you are in the area worth a visit.
anonymous - 27 Dec 2011 15:06
would just like to say,how good the beer has been in here recently, hophead,jhb and christmas beers have been brilliant.couple of friends say the food is good too.thanks to all the staff for the hard work you do,and putting up with us.and to the fellow posters who are getting feed up with me,im off,no more hoppyal.merry xmas to all.x
anonymous - 15 Dec 2011 16:22
rickpat,it seems it was a load of bollocks,the 2 people who told me up the moon on hill got it wrong.sorry if this caused upset to the wonderful grapes team.was just so worried at losing this little gem.think im near a ban now,no more grapes postings 4 me.
anonymous - 26 Nov 2011 14:06
I agree with hoppyal, don't close the grapes and i don't think Tim Martin will,and why would Tesco want to open a shop in a place that small,and for that reason Tim Martin may close it as it's to small for a spoons to return a good profit so hoppyal drink up and enjoy as it's probable a load bollocks.
rickpat - 22 Nov 2011 14:47
was told tonight that the grapes will be closing next year to become a tesco express.i really hope this is just a rumour.come on tim martin ,dont let this happen,many people of different ages use this place.was told the grid in southfields has closed last week for a tesco as well.why close this place when tesco have the angel down the road.keep this place as it is,us customers love this place,get lost tesco.
anonymous - 22 Nov 2011 01:34
And there i was thinking the grapes was losing its x-factor,and then hook nortons old hooky and the alton pride were on and our favorite staff on,1 with his new designer beard.still love this about some dark star or twickenham beers please.some of us may be a bit critical about the beer choice sometimes its nothing personal,we are just passionate about our beer .
anonymous - 21 Nov 2011 01:59
Cockney paul you strike me as at bit sad and lonely. The ales in here are tend to be in good condition when I've been in i.e last night. Actually cocney make that "very sad"..
makemineacold1 - 4 Nov 2011 12:01
anonymous - 2 Nov 2011 14:52
COCKEYPAUL,YOU MAY BE RIGHT.wyndham is mr knowledge of everything for me im going to retire from writing about pubs,good day.
anonymous - 15 Oct 2011 12:26
cockneypaul - I think I will just ignore your comment!!
wyndham - 14 Oct 2011 19:58
anonymous - 13 Oct 2011 14:57
got in here for 1 pint late last night.enjoyed a brilliant pint of roosters last stand.the drink up staff were not working,so managed to relax with my drink.shame 3 of the usuall boys were not in,they got the hump with 2 of the drink up staff the night before so they went to the moon on the be honest there are only 3 members of the drink up staff,wish they would be on the early shift instead of ruining nice evenings.
anonymous - 10 Oct 2011 16:17
beer festival has started,1.99 a pint .tried the mordue red,thwaites daniel hammer and saint peters golden ale,all were in great nick.only thing that sometimes lets this place down is some of the staff getting the hump,when some of us drinkers drink till the 12.20 chucking out time.we dont need to be reminded to drink up at 12.05.if you dont want us in here,shut at 1 of the shift managers said it only takes a few seconds to clean a couple of tables.saying that i do love most of the staff.

anonymous - 6 Oct 2011 16:51
Was in Grapes last week,havent been around for a while.
Pub was not crowded but it was very difficult to get served,the staff would rather chat to eachother or what seemed to be regulars than serve other customers.
The tables were filthy & the 2 pints i had,the young man behind the bar was unable to fill on both occasions,the pub has become a shambles.
There was some kind of argument goin on & the lady manager was unable to deal with it,in the end she called the police.
anonymous - 14 Sep 2011 15:19
Visited this evening and was very surprised how this pub has gone downhill. Firstly only 2 guest ales on, both from Triple F, and personally not particularly good.

The clientele leaves a lot to be desired with a number of local regular, very noisy, slobs together with groups of stupid chavettes.

The staff regularly cleared the tables of glasses but as to wiping them clean, this seemed to be a forgotten art as far as this pub was concerned.

It is thought that with the opening of the beer garden has attracted the local bums who would normally be associated with the other JDW pub up the hill at the other end of the High Street.

I don't think I will visit again
wyndham - 17 Aug 2011 23:48
RamblinDen,the staff are also the best that wetherspoons have,as for the grim reaper he is normally playing the fruit machine late at night:-)well he smells like him.nice pub crawl by the way.
anonymous - 7 Aug 2011 12:48
I've heard this called 'God's Waiting Room'. Well, if you're going to meet your maker this isn't a bad place at all for a beer and a bite while you await the Lord's summons. The food is usually good, sometimes excellent, especially given the price. Beer is always well kept and a diverse selection of ales on offer. Can get very busy with plenty of kids running round, especially in the garden, so not ideal for a quiet chat. Well above the regular 'Spoon standard and usually a decent atmosphere. No sign of the grim reaper yet!
RamblinDen - 7 Aug 2011 10:26
was in last night,there is a mini local beer festival on,3 beers from ascot ales,alligator,posh pooch and penguin porter.westerham alfresco also on.tried all the ascot beers ,which were all in good form.
anonymous - 27 Jun 2011 15:46
beer festival on,had good pint of hydes plum treat.also on westerhams british bulldog,shep neame ipa,and a stout.also has a7.5% perry on.good beer,good staff,good company,and no roadsweeper.
anonymous - 28 Mar 2011 13:12
rickpat,alan is still barred, i was in last night,he walked pass pub pissed and swaying in the wind.i asked one of staff if he was still barred,they say he is.not sure if its only a 3 month ban or life ban now.if you met a road sweeper called alan in grapes last week maybe it was the other alan who supports chelsea.he is alright.alan thats him can be found at the moon on the hill propping the bar up most will know by his" thats him "catchphrase and everyone trying to avoid him .Had a very good pint of new moon from the leeds brewery in grapes last night.
anonymous - 7 Feb 2011 17:18
it's gone very quite on the old Graps vine since road sweeper Alan got reinstated,he's fan club,cockneypaul,rogos47,hoppyal,must have all gone tea total with shock when they saw Alan's dust cart & broom parked out side,i had never met him till last wednesday,but after half hour of being a good listener i now know where you guy's are coming from HELP.
rickpat - 7 Feb 2011 15:17
He is barred Rog coz i came back from hols last week and he was in the Moon well pissed and really annoying people and he was there the next night too.
He tried to talk to me on both occassions but he was slurring and making weird faces so i walked away.
Me and my cousin left and went to Grapes both nights,its nicer without him in there to be honest.
Alan Honey is a pest,i just hope the Grapes uphold the bar on him.
Two of my mates walked out of there the other night because he cornered them and they were trapped and they couldnt endure anymore of his crap.
He annoys everyone.

anonymous - 6 Feb 2011 18:19
Ta Hoppyal,weve been goin in since we read your reply.
Had some great meals & beers.
Even the missus is happy & thats unusal,just hope they dont let the roadsweeper Alan back in as its brilliant without him.
The food seems to better in here i have to agree withe the missus for once.
We took a group of friends down & we all agreed that The Grapes is a nicer place .
Did see Alan in The Moon he was dribbling & boring the hell out of some poor geezer.
anonymous - 28 Jan 2011 20:48
rogcs47,alan( thats him) was given a 3 day ban back before christmas,was let back in and told he was on a last warning.bumped into him on sunday 9th jan in moon and he told me he got barred saturday night.but didnt know why.spoken to a few of the staff in grapes and they say he is now barred.with no chance of getting back in.
anonymous - 13 Jan 2011 13:28
Hoppy Al you seem to be in the know.
Can you tell me has Alan Honey the roadsweeper been barred.
If he has we will be using the Grapes more regularly,he is the only reason we dont frequent it as much as we would like,his contstant dribble drives us all mad,think i told you that before.
My missus says the food is nicer in Grapes but he always seemed to be there early evening when we have food so we never go in .
A few of us were in the Moon the other night and he was there but thanfully he didnt spot us to be honest we went into hiding in the booths.
If he is barred can you let me know please,i see from previous threads this rumour was put round xmas time inncorrectly.
anonymous - 11 Jan 2011 21:14
I popped in here for one on the way home last night and I have to say my pint was good but my god It felt like a mix of Village of the damned and that bar from Star Wars. I managed to hide myself in a corner as not to attract attention. I felt with it being quite busy from looking in and a couple of the previous reviews that it was a good sign but no chance. It's blatantly a lot easier to be on the dole these days or maybe there's been a huge baby boom in our area. A hangout for the many gutless & souless spongers of town, first time I've ever left a beer and it was a good beer. Just like the Moon best to be avoided.
makemineacold1 - 11 Jan 2011 12:11
just like to say to all the brillant staff in this place,fran,craig,kai,jenny,aimee,ali,mark,richard and lovely pippa happy new year and this place rocks when you guys are working.brillant solopian twist hop on tonight.
anonymous - 2 Jan 2011 01:09
anonymous - 2 Dec 2010 18:37
was in last night 3 guest beers on salopian christmas rapping,nelsons jack knife and 1 from thornbridge.message for rogcs 47 and cockneypaul,it looks like THATS HIM ALAN got himself barred last night for singing and being rude to the staff.
anonymous - 30 Nov 2010 14:09
Interesting string of reviews and comments on ales available. Its true that sometimes there are two or three "available soon" but often there are usually four or five on whether they have a festival or not. At least you know what is available unlike some other pubs which just leave the pumps showing even if the beer isn't available. Was in there last Saturday evening and they still had three or four festival beers on albeit at normal rather than festival prices. Always found the beer quality consistently good and when a beer has been bad its been changed with no fuss.
beerwomble - 22 Nov 2010 10:34
christmas dinner now available,and xmas decorations up.looking forward to some nice xmas ales.wyndham,yes tim martin did buy a round of drinks.
hoppyal - 17 Nov 2010 16:27

You may be right regarding my being there on the wrong day. However, appearing somewhat cynical, it's a little strange that there were 6 beers available when Tim Martin appeared. I would think there was prior warning of his visit. Incidentally did he buy a round of drinks?
wyndham - 10 Nov 2010 20:03
have to say wyndham,that i think you have been unlucky on your visit as there has been between 4/5guest beers sunday and monday,and 6 guest on tuesday.shame because the grapes is a nice wetherspoons. its a shame that you wasnt in there on the tuesday as tim martin made a did spend 5 hours there,you could of visited the crap wetherspoons up the hill.hope you enjoy the rest of the festival.
hoppyal - 10 Nov 2010 01:42

I totally disagree with you. All the JDW pubs I have visited during this festival have at least 5 - 6 festival beers on. (To my mind I think that's what 'festival' means.). Some even get rid of the standard ones such as Ruddles and Abbott. My local one has even managed 12 on some occasions!

I would suggest that this is a commercial decision made by the manager as it's not exactly overflowing with real ale drinkers. This is despite that this pub and two other local ones run other small local festivals during the year.
wyndham - 9 Nov 2010 19:52
well done to all the brilliant staff in the grapes,beer festival beers have been very good and only 1.85.i know it can be frustrating that half the beer pumps have coming soon,but all wetherspoons pubs seem to do this.think the staff should get a pat on the back for putting up with us strange customers.mind you they should tell some customers to have a wash.shame the lads behind the bar dont support a good footie team like the manager:-)
anonymous - 9 Nov 2010 13:22
I was in yesterday for the current beer festival. I wish I hadn't bothered. There were only 3 festival beers available and another 4 were shown as coming shortly. We were there for about 5 hours and there were still only 3 beers.

It would seem that the management of this pub are not really entering into the spirit of the festival and treating the whole thing as a normal occasion.

Another noticeable matter was the fairly poor standard of the curries being offered. The presentation was poor as were the portions.

This is a pub that I enjoyed visiting in the past but I don't think I will be bothering in the future.
wyndham - 5 Nov 2010 00:31
Quite a pleasant Wetherspoons, if a little too bright in the main bar. The partitioned bit at the back is a bit darker & no need for your sunglasses here. The guest beers I had were fine.
Wilson_MacDonald - 27 Oct 2010 19:59
LOL hoppyal i can guess who your on about.
I must know you coz you frequent alot of same pubs dude.
The GRAPES rocks sometimes really depends whos working.
The food is superb.
anonymous - 17 Oct 2010 19:14
had some very good ales in here i have said before most of the staff are fantastic.all i wish is that some would read the jd wetherspoons general dispersal policy.which says"incorparated into the licence 30 minute drinking up time for purposes of the licensing policy2003 which assists with dispersal of all customers in the premises at end of evening."so if i buy a pint at 1 min before final bell,i dont need to be shouted at every 30 seconds can you drink up please,was out by 12.10 with hiccups.
anonymous - 10 Oct 2010 15:18
went in here sunday night,had a brilliant few pints of yorkshire terrier from york brewery,so good had to go back monday night.also won the sunday night quiz.bumped in to thats him,he only said it 2 times.rog,always enjoy reading your comments on pubs.
anonymous - 29 Sep 2010 11:11
Never been called a legend before hoppyal.
i use all the pubs & enjoy writing comments on them all.
tell me what pubs you use most & i will be happy to meet you.
anonymous - 21 Sep 2010 11:40
LMFAO rog "thats him"
the geezers such a nob
he gets up the moon sum times & everyone avoids him
he can get quite nasty when hes pissed
ive heard him several times being rude to bar staff in the grapes & moon
especially the young bar staff theres no need for it
the grapes & the moon are good pubs in there own way
"thats him" is a pain & hes a fellow palace fan too
anonymous - 20 Sep 2010 16:59
always find staff good here,beer and guinness,still ok,but my larger mates dont drink the carlsberg as its been crap,they would like to see carling put in.rogcs47 you are a legend,we are trying to find who you are,is that him?thats him alan:-)
anonymous - 15 Sep 2010 12:54
THATS HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
anonymous - 3 Sep 2010 12:32
Visited on a monday night and the pub looks great, a living-room type place and obviously renovated recently.
Unfortunately the staff on this occasion were pretty useless, doing their best to make a group of strangers feel like, well, a group of strangers really!
There was a fantastic range of ales, all 'coming soon' !! and the pint my friend tried was of very poor quality just going limp in the glass after a couple of mouthfulls and never quite clearing.
A game of 'catch' between the people behind the bar was interrupted by people waiting to get served a few times and the guy who served me was so bad i was speechless when i returned to my table ... no aknowledgement, he just raised his eyebrows at me and as i began giving my order he simply walked off after hearing the first drink and ignored the rest of my order so it was ONE.....DRINK......AT........A.....TIME (and he still managed to get one wrong!!??) then the price was said at me and change handed out without a word!
The manager was simply not a manager, letting the staff do as they pleased(if anything he seemed scared to upset them) and during a pretty long visit i only saw tables cleared twice (by him, i presume so as not to put the staff out) and not wiped the entire evening so no surprise that no-one was eating!.

I can't overstate how good this pub LOOKS but the feel is very much of a 'locals only' philosophy even though it is in the middle of town and customer service is as bad as i've seen. I certainly won't waste my money going there again, there are far better pubs to visit if your willing to look for them !
pubsnstuff - 13 Jul 2010 18:36
i wish the grapes was in wallington because the spoons in wallington is rotten.
since i moved to wallington ive ben in 3 times in 3 years & thats to much. id rather get train in to sutton then be a regular in there.
rogcs47 - 10 Jul 2010 18:22
great pub,no trouble & very good barstaff in general,althought the fat barmaid could smile a bit.watever time you go in theres always a few characters about.
avoid alan the road sweeper though he could bore 4 england.
anonymous - 10 Jul 2010 17:08
in here most sunday nights. good beer ,guiness and great bottle the usuall characters of most spoons.also has the best barstaff of any spoons ive come across.
anonymous - 3 Jul 2010 12:26
Not bad. For a Spoons.
Fart - 29 Jun 2010 11:22
Was in here lunchtime on 2nd Feb. Fine pint from Salopian. Food was fine, colleague with me said it was the best burger he'd had in a spoons. Pub well presented and clean. It was noticed that the reason for everyone being on the ball was an area manger type person at the table next to us. By the time we left the place was nearly full. I'm sure if the reported problems have been sent to JDW they have been dealt with.
Leicesterbeer - 12 Feb 2010 10:10
im am a white guy and i am discusted by the recent comments on here.
right 2 head office this behaviour is unacceptable
rogcs47 - 25 Jan 2010 17:02
Some African friends of mine were badly treated at the Grapes Sutton a few days ago , and called 'ANIMALS' by a waiter who didn't want to sully his hands with them.
If Wetherspoons tolerates staff behavior like this, why not just put a sign in the window : "BNP welcome here!"
Rochester2009 - 1 Dec 2009 09:34
A nice 'spoons - big contrast to the moon on the hill - which is more pants than apair of old pants
k0536006 - 26 Sep 2009 10:58
I am so pleased that this pub is now a decent Spoons. Open til 12 which is a bonus
Timbosxm - 12 Aug 2009 03:18
well done tim martin the man behinde JDW's revoloution
he's done more for the working man then any political party in power has done or will do ;TIM for No10
rickpat - 17 Jul 2009 16:52
Really nice art-deco interior from this recently converted spoons. Good selection of ales friendly service, nicer than the moon on the hill definately, 8/10
fat_beer_badger - 17 Jun 2009 13:46
As I pointed out to the managers of this site sometime ago the photograph at the top has been reversed!!
wyndham - 13 May 2009 20:17
popped in last Friday ,very busy had to wait a the bar for a while, lots of groups drinking ,really looks like a local , very clean and tidy, staff friendley what is going to happen to the local around most of the pubs at the bottom of sutton are to expensive and have got away with it for to long well done to wetherspoons cheap food and drink opening more
makeminealarge1 - 12 Mar 2009 11:44
Was in there last night havinabeer, noticed 'curry club'. Good selection of lamb, chix, beef & veggie meals for a bargain 5.99 (also get a drink with that!) The food was good, hot & what I asked for, it is what you would expect for instant meals, don't suppose Wetherspooons have bought tandoor ovens for the naan breads to be cooked on site! All in all a very pleasant experience, may pop back to try the grill club on Tuesday.
anonymous - 20 Feb 2009 12:29
As johnbabercomb has already pointed out this pub's name has changed back to "The Grapes". It is now owned by J D Wetherspoon and has been open since 12 December 2008. It is situated at the bottom of the High Street in Sutton.

I visited there to-day and was reasonably impressed. It's not your usual JDW's as it is quite modern looking although when busy I imagine it would become quite congested. There is not much room between the bar and the seating area and this is not helped by those who stand at the bar after they have been served.

The staff were very friendly and efficient and the food service was quick. However, a full menu is not available as there are certain items missing, eg rib-eye steak, chicken and ham pie, western combo to name but a few.

For once the toilets are on the ground floor but tend to be a little cramped. There is a separate function room upstairs

I would recommend this pub as it is a vast improvement from JDW's other one at the top of the hill!
wyndham - 15 Jan 2009 21:10
I think the Facilities listed above are now wrong, no pool table, no quiz machinces (i don't think), didn't see Sky TV.
Normal Wetherspoons, great improvement over recent ownership.
johnbabercomb - 13 Jan 2009 21:12
Paid my first visit last night since hearing Wetherspoons had taken it over. Usual selection of standard JDW ales on plus two guests - Tom Woods Lincolnshire Legend and Mauldon's Blackadder - both tried and both in top condition. Two further guests, Cotleigh Snowy Ale and Spinning Dog Border Ale "available sson". Very quiet pub which makes a change from the other establishments at the top end of the High Street. Maybe just far enough away from there not to attract the usual Friday and Satuirday night crowd. Worth a visit if in the area.
defrakev - 9 Jan 2009 13:42
This is now a JD Wetherspoons. Standard selection of ales on although they were ok, but nothing special.
sideshowbob - 3 Jan 2009 14:03
Without doubt the worst pub in sutton I've been to. Manky food, and the John smiths tastes more like watered down wembly stadium lager!!!
baldyboy - 20 Aug 2008 03:01
empty, rubbish, dirty
Fart - 7 Jun 2007 18:56
If your age doesn't end in "teen", then don't even think about going here.

Sutton's chav-central (and with some of the in-town competition that is saying something). Truely awful!
anonymous - 4 Dec 2006 08:53
I no longer do karaoke here.

New management wanted to cut my pay, and I'm worth every penny I earn, if I do say so myself!

Good luck to the new outfit that have taken over from me.
mandyb - 12 Apr 2006 03:40
rubbish atmosphere. Wouldn't accept a valid provisional driving license for Identification. Pathetic.
authentic - 6 Feb 2006 14:25
Bizzare beer pricing structure - The Newcastle Brown seems to be the cheapest option, particularly compared elsewhere
Wilson_MacDonald - 3 Feb 2006 12:45
The Stella's good. Bar staff are quick, but in a laid back sort of way (lunch times). I hope they are refurbing the toilets, no water, no hand drier, no flush?
I thought they did food, but bar staff eating KFC at the bar?
No one clears or cleans anything. Lots of TV screens, 3 pool tables, strange collection of balls, lots of different sizes.
johnbabercomb - 27 Jan 2006 00:02
i think the Grapes is the best bar at sutton along with litten tree.
it has great dj's who play anything you want to here, just go and ask. music is great and the atmosphere is really good. they do great deals lime 1 for vodka redbull on thursday nites. they used to do 10 shots for 8 but they obviusly had to stop that cos of the new law. but the shots are still 1 each. me and my mates go here almost every thursday nite and the doormen know us now and are very freindly!
please dont dis this place as it rocks!!!!
whale113 - 20 Jun 2005 15:38
Not that bad, and I think most of the other posts on here are a little exaggerated. It is not a bad pub, maybe not the best in Sutton but not exactly the worst either. Compared to the Litten Tree this place is far better. The beer is reasonably priced the punters are mostly young and in the 20's but are mostly friendly (no matter where you go you will get a few undesirables) and the bar staff and doorstaff are helpful and friendly. A Good venue if you want to watch football or Rugby on the big screen and they have 3 pool tables if you fancy a game. Great pub.
jonpalace - 10 Mar 2005 12:46
Eww, they have mirrors on the Urinals in the mens. Gaydar set to on.
andrewjames2004 - 30 Dec 2004 18:57
The doormen are wicked
lisa - 3 Dec 2003 13:49
'Teenies' hangout allways full ov little kids tryin to act older no gud at all Litten Tree much better
Chris - 17 Oct 2003 15:42
I had a drink in there, and had laugh but, that was a school night. At the weekends however the 15 year olds get tanked up in there before climbing in there lowered vauxhall novas with the blue dots on the wipers and head up to the litten tree.
Neil - 25 Sep 2003 10:34
First off, I think Steve must be thinking of another pub called The Grapes!

The pub itself is very tidy, the bar always polished, the floors always clean. It is very long, and has TVs and speakers throughout its length for maximum benefit to those that are going in to watch sports events. 3 pool tables in bright surroundings make this a very ambient place to be, and the drinks prices are very reasonable too.

I run the karaoke in there on a Tuesday night, and we have a good old time from 9pm til midnight..when everyone is pleasantly seen out by the doormen. The great thing about Sutton, is that there are plenty of other venues to then go on to.

I have been running karaoke there for nearly a year, and never once on my nights have I seen any trouble, either inside or outside the pub. The doormen are very approachable...not like some of these types that would like to bash you if you looked at them the wrong way!

The pub itself is also perfect for a mid afternoon drink, as if you have walked from the top of the high street to the bottom, it's there waiting for you like an oasis!
mandyb - 25 Aug 2003 02:34
very friendly, relaxed welcoming environment.resonabley priced. Recomended to anyone!
bell - 14 Jul 2003 19:42
A newly refurbished bar which comes alive in the evenings! Music is a lot better then legends with a live DJ on Sat night! Open till 1am and the bouncers & crowd are very relaxed! A mixed age group also.
There's three pool tables and loads of TV screens and drink and food prices are reasonable as well!
Kate - 13 May 2003 14:32

got anything to say about this pub?

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