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King Arthur, Glastonbury

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user reviews of the King Arthur, Glastonbury

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Still a reliable source of Wilkins cider, and stocks some other real ciders.

Was not impressed by the 'music' which seemed more like a loud droning with repetitive pulses.
jgurney1 - 2 Jun 2018 20:35
A group of 6 of us went into this pub this Sunday (30-10-2016) at 14-40, and there was absolutely no service there whatsoever. We waited, and waited, but nothing. As we left we realised that the young man blocking the door way was the would be barman. The King William just up the road fared much better thanks.
proboozer - 31 Oct 2016 10:41
Still in good form.
Has Wilkins cider & occasional Gurt Dog.
jgurney1 - 27 Oct 2016 09:22
The Gurt Dog cider is back and has been joined by another local one as well as the long-established Wilkins.
jgurney1 - 23 Mar 2016 14:47
I knew this pub when it was called the 'Fairfield', circa 1985 (have been informed it was called the 'Railway' before that), it was a 'questionable' place then and it seems little has changed. The men's toilet smells disgusting!! However, the American barmaid is very polite and chatty, the traditional cider is to be praised as well. Seems to be a music venue that caters for 'space cadets', but hey, that's Glastonbury!!!
wolvesfan - 4 Jul 2015 22:11
One of those madcap pubs full of interesting locals.

Four real ales on - three of them turned the other way around. I didnt know whether to risk the fact that this is a high turnover real ale pub or they didn't care much for it.

Went for a Cornish Korev.

Best praise I give it, is that its more appealing than the Mitre.
Mappiman - 16 Feb 2015 16:23
The Gurt Dog cider has disappeared but it was good to see (and drink) Wilkins Dry which has been reinstated (along with some arriviste called Orchard Pig).
jgurney1 - 2 Nov 2014 18:05
The pub itself is nice and has a good selection of drinks on offer.
Also, the outside garden area is really pleasant. There is entertainment on most nights.
The only bad thing I have to say was that I found the clientèle to be either highly pretentious muso types or old crusties... a real pity.
somersetgirl - 5 Oct 2014 19:50
Went in during the summer,decided to give it one last chance, five real ales on supposedly, went in at opening time, two we were told were off, so we chose a third, which was obviously finished after attempting to draw the second pint. Left after young chap behind bar had no knowledge what was going on, nor how to go about what to do next.
rioathmusV - 16 Nov 2013 23:52
Yeah, seems pretty good at last. Love the new girl that seems in charge, and the never ending music seems way above average. John Dalton and his harp are even better than ever, one of the most talented musicians ever really, incredible musician. Stairway to heaven on a harp, and it was BRILLIANT. Unreal ! I do wish however that John didn't have this weird need to rush round to the nearest vegetarian restaurant to tell them that unfortunately I'm not dead yet !
Bill_B - 23 Apr 2013 10:43
Excellent Gurt Dog cider! A still dry straw-pressed real cider from a local farm.
jgurney1 - 20 Feb 2012 20:01
Amid all the general gloom, hopeful signs at the King Arthur.
The new management knew it as it was 15-20 years ago and want to reclaim that
and do more. Their aim is "an eco-sustainable community pub"
The key point for me is that they have restored real cider (although it
had run out and they were awaiting a delivery by the farmer when
I called in today). The overheard buzz was definately reminisent of the
KA as I first knew it.
jgurney1 - 14 Feb 2012 19:46
I like this "exarch" person. Really good, honest and accurate reviews so far. I completely agree with you about the Arthur, the crept back in bit unfortunately really puts one off, but, as you say, what can she do ? For what it's worth, the better customers will almost never trust the place if they even just hear about a hint of the usual crap in there.....
exarch, review the others.....The Mitre, Beckets, etc.....
hoonkerama - 6 Sep 2011 09:24
I don't often come here but it makes a nice change once in a while. The landlady is very friendly and runs the place with help from her family. They have regular music events.

It's a shame it's so quiet in there though. The landlady got rid of a lot of undesirables but unfortunately some of them are creeping back in and I don't think she can afford to turn away the business. She does keep them in check for the most part however, so kudos to her.

The drinks are reasonably priced and they have a good selection of beers and ciders.
exarch - 3 Sep 2011 16:59
Just keep hearing good reports about this pub now. Apparently more local beers are to be stocked. Good news about the Wilkins' cider too. Will visit soon.
beerpilgrim - 26 Jun 2011 23:00
Offered Thatchers Heritage cider when Icalled in, but I was told they may start stocking Wilkins' cider again as in days of yore. Passing cider enthusiasts please call in and show there is a market for it.
jgurney1 - 24 Apr 2011 14:56
Recently reopened now warm and friendly with regular live music events. They say they are going to be doing food soon. The beer available during my visit was Timothy Taylor Landlord which was very good.
the_duke - 23 Apr 2011 14:06
again lunchtime only me in. great drink of directors
forestwood - 9 May 2010 11:14
Very sorry to see that this house has given up stocking any local cider. When I first visited Glastonbury there was always Wilkins on, it seemed one of the best-selling lines & the landlord told me he made more profit on it than any other pint although it was the cheapest cider he sold, as well as the tastiest.. Seemed a win-win situation to me, but after an on-off period it now seems to be a confirmed chemofizz pub.
jgurney1 - 14 Apr 2010 18:10
This pub has had a patchy history and for years was home to the worst of Glastonbury's drinkers - real wastes of space.
The new landlord, Will, is making real strides at de-scumming though and deserves support. Its not posh but a good serviceable local boozer with real prospect for improvement. The only drinkable cider in town too. Good range of music events and real efforts to work with his neighbours to reduce nuisance.
I think that finally The Arthur has someone in there who can crack it!
torsteve - 2 Apr 2010 10:55
Haven't visited The Arthur for quite a few years. It was busy back then (and a fun pub) and quite busy when I visited this time. But in a totally different way. Lots of kids lolling around precariously to dub (?) music. It seems I had dropped in on the wrong night. I totally respect the need for pubs to attract their target market in any way they can in these difficult times, and fair play to them for doing so, but it felt like some sort of rave thing to me. Wandered around for a few minutes and left without ordering a pint. Very different.
legspin - 26 Nov 2009 02:08
It's on a, "getting better" phase again. They're alright. Very young, but they're OK. I'm going to try and stop swearing myself to try and set an example there. The scum seem to have gone, let's help out by reducing our own swearing, and we'll have a proper pub on our hands. Oh, and The music definitely seems OK as well.....a lot better than it was !
whatsgoingon - 29 Oct 2009 08:26
Slowly getting there. They had rolls for sale today. That's a start.
Catering plans are made, and bookings are already in place.
I'm impressed by the way things are going here.
The_Final_Arbiter - 10 Oct 2009 23:37
Well...young couple, full of good intentions. Good Luck ! Very hospitable, very welcoming. Keen to make a living. Beer seemed great, also a pin table !
Juke box is well good. Advice ? PLEASE feep the inevitable scum out !
hoonkerama - 15 Sep 2009 21:30
Due to re-open this evening at 1900, with "free jukebox and bar nibbles".
WOW! I wonder what sort of clientele that will attract?
The_Final_Arbiter - 11 Sep 2009 10:29
sometimes i see that hideous women so drunk she cannot stand up, she's a ghastly women with no regards for others, it is horrid to see someone so young being an immature girl. i have seen women with voices of angels but she was clueless about good singers if u ask me i'd rather see the munsters do rock and roll dressed as Evis, don't get me wrong it has very friendly people and staff, they were very friendly and made me feel welcome, but the kareoke lady made me sick. i'd die before i go there for kareoke again, but apart from that lovely pub. - 12 Aug 2009 21:47
Sadly I have to report the hideous young lady who did the Kareoke, did not sound like she had asthma and throat cancer she sounded like a crack whore lookin 4 her next fix... Very sad....
scumfromhell - 12 Aug 2009 19:52
No !
The "karoke" setup there is run by some hideous young woman that seems to think she can sing. She hogs the mike for herself, and sounds like she's got a cross between asthma and throat cancer.
The pub is without a doubt a hopeless sick dump. The latest "landlady" that's been there approximately from June 2009 is letting back in all the scum from hell. Even when some drug crazed animal thing kicks off threatening to kill some innocent drinker, she just grins, and walks off leaving a very serious problem to other large dodgy looking guys to hopefully sort out. Nightmare !
There is no doubt that many many people that go there go there for drug purposes. Summary:- Very dangerous place to go.....

whatsgoingon - 6 Jul 2009 16:36
Visiting last week, found there is usually Taunton Trad. cider but it had gone off.

Bring back the Wilkins that this house was once noted for.
jgurney1 - 20 Feb 2009 13:36
Now degenerated into a real rough dive with foul mouthed smokers crowding the doorway. Pity because landlord came with good intentions.It seems no one can sort out this pub!
steveg - 4 Jan 2009 18:53
This place changed a lot when new ownership took it over a few years ago--sounds like it has changed hands once again? It's always been a favorite pub of mine in Glasto; nice mix of people, great cider selection! I loved all the fresh ciders and scrumpies the cider is no more? That is a shame...
peg - 18 Nov 2008 04:35
Shame to see the King Arthur no longer does real cider, apart from bottled Green Goblin.
jgurney1 - 24 Feb 2008 00:31
Always worth a visit, I'd but it first on the pub crawl of the town, but not the best.
davelambert4 - 18 Jan 2008 16:45
Good Ale, 7/10
fat_beer_badger - 19 Nov 2007 13:56
"Scratch", guitarist/vocalist performing live Thursday 9th August from 9pm. If you like Virgin Radio,you'll love this!
ladyjaneg - 8 Aug 2007 08:34
Massively improved under new landlady, nice decor and now has atmosphere. Old dodgy clients gone and it actually sells a decent cider - Thatchers not bloody Blackthorn or dodgy scrumpy. Nice cumfy sofas, nice garden, often has live music on

Needs more decent customers to support them so come on down.
steveg - 3 May 2007 14:35
Good atmosphere and friendly staff We had a few drinks in the big trade garden and only had to leave to get something to eat. Lady behind the bar said they were going to do food and to book early for Christmas lunches.
MakmineAharf - 11 Oct 2006 15:12
Best pub in Glastonbury - good music beer and company
Pintandpieman - 25 Jun 2006 11:17
Just been back after a year and how this place has changed theres a really good feeling in this pub and the landlord controls things very well. fantastic range of beers are kept well this place is on my good pub list from now on.
OliverPynt - 23 Dec 2005 18:04
Really improved and has just got into the Good Pub Guide. Beer in good condition and has the best range in Glastonbury.
swiftandco - 27 Oct 2005 17:47
Great beer and a great crowd. Its nice not to get starred at when you walk into a pub. Open mic on Wednesdays and some really good bands on at the weekend.
Beerlady - 27 Oct 2005 17:25
Fantastic music at this pub. A real good welcoming feel and some weird characters like Big Ken.
Innformer - 27 Oct 2005 17:07
Great live music every Wednesday night! Its open mic from 9pm.
seamusherbert - 20 Oct 2005 17:23
Got to be the best pub in Glastonbury. Great music, good range of beers and a lovely garden! Landlords (Marianne and Ken) have turned this place round since they took over in March. I'll bring my guitar next time!!
vickyeastpond - 24 Aug 2005 07:26
What a fantastic venue, we have just had a great experience at the Arthur. A bit of everything with the live musice and Sky. The trade garden is now up and running, can't wait for the BBQs. Thatchers on draught and now four ales.
anonymous - 20 Jun 2005 12:01
Just been refurbished now has live music on weekends and a great buzz.
David E Hampton - - 9 Apr 2005 18:59

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