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Good Companions, Brighton

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Flat warm beer and very very loud music. Too loud. So loud I had to get out quickly. Won,t be going back.
flagship - 29 Apr 2018 13:49
First visit to this pub and ordered a round of drinks including a HALF a lager. Bar woman brought over a pint and I said that I had actually ordered a half. She told me that no I didn't, I ordered a pint (I know full well what I ordered). I was quite gobsmacked and couldn't be bothered to argue with the woman as it was clear that she thought that she was right. Even if she had admitted that she had misheard I would have accepted the pint quite happily - as it was I accepted the pint very unhappily and needless to say I will not be returning. Extremely rude woman who obviously learnt her customer service skills from Basil Fawlty.
jojobongo123 - 29 Jul 2013 10:10
Nice pub, range of ales, decor, food etc but the glaringly obvious fault with the pub is the lack of available bar staff.
Numerous times I have been in on a busy lunchtime to find a stack of people waiting with only one person serving. There are other staff hovering around in the background polishing forks or pretending to tidy tables but none seem too keen to actually serve the punters.
So come on Good Companions, get some decent serving staff who know their way round a bar and you'll be laughing, as will the punters who get served more quickly!
chunkypetersplat - 12 Apr 2013 15:16
great staff, great beer and what a scotch egg :)

lovely stuff. keep it up!
DanLeyland - 12 Apr 2011 14:46
This pub has been refurbished to a high standard. My impression is that they wiould like to concentrate on food. Didnt eat here but it looked Ok but upmarket and priced accordingly. 8 hand pumps serving beersmainly from Sussex but all from South East including Arundel, Ballards, Dark Star, Hepworths & Ramsgate Breweries. All between £3.40 - £3.60. I suppose they need to pay for the refurbishment somehow! Worth a visit but I could not afford to spend a whole evening there.
foamy - 25 Mar 2011 11:41
Brings a quality pub to the area at last. I have seen numerous changes to this pub over the years, none of which have really worked, at least for me. The new owners seem to have created something that fits, and it's now largely a pleasure to go and have a quality pint in there.

Upsides: good choice of real ale; smart environment, both inside and outside; food looks good, plenty of seating; no football, SKY TV, gaming machines etc.

Downsides: ale is expensive; service is often slow and frustrating, especially when busy; music frequently too loud, oddly, some of the bench type seating lacks depth from front to back.....
BN3Local - 23 Mar 2011 17:02
OK for a chain pub. Pretty good range of real ales. I had Adur's Ropetackle which was excellent but expensive at £3.40.
WipersTom - 7 Jan 2011 18:55
As stated in my earlier post, this pub has recently been closed for refurbishment. It has been acquired by the Indigo Pub Company, who own other pubs in Brighton & Hove, including The Queen's Head, Temple Bar and The Wick Inn.

The pub has a similar atmosphere, pricing and beer range as the other Indigo pubs. Therefore, it is expensive - £3.40-3.60 for a pint of ale.

The Indigo website advertises a range of ales from Darkstar and the Langham Brewery in their pubs. This was not the case here during my Christmas Eve visit. There was only one offering from Darkstar (Old Chestnut), two from the Adur Brewery and three from Hepworth Brewery. I had the Hepworth Old Ale, which I found not a patch on Harveys equivalent.

Things weren't much better for lager drinkers. Only Grolsch, Carling and the £4+ Cobra on draft.

Overall, I can see this pub being a great success, as Indigo generally do a great job and the Brighton crowd seem to love their pubs. However, personally I'd prefer somewhere a little less polished where image is less important than the quality of the lager/ale range.
benz104 - 28 Dec 2010 15:33
This pub has recently been completely refurbished and now advertises itself as a "Food and Sussex Ale" pub, so the previous comments should be disregarded. Looking forward to popping in and sampling some of the sussex ales very soon.
benz104 - 10 Dec 2010 18:31
i recently started using this pub again after the company replaced the old manager. The pub is a completely different place, gone are the old moody staff and the old dirty beer. The place seems much nicer, the staff are actually friendly and the bitter tastes great again. The pool table has been re covered and the atmosphere is completely different. well done to the company for seeing the error of thier ways!!
leachy1975 - 6 Nov 2009 16:13
Even worse now that the brewery has allowed a foul mouthed aggressive drunk to take charge. These companies beggar belief.
zimmerman - 27 Nov 2008 03:13
visited this pub about a year ago. but i really did find the staff accomdating :) plus a very good pub quiz!

i take it from previous comments that the old man running the pub has gone? shame :(
msdoom - 14 Apr 2008 10:48
Not the first choice when it comes to local pubs for a pint.Staff are quite friendly though.
beersniffer - 27 Nov 2007 16:33
Decent pub that is ideal for watching football and has a decent selection of beers. The landlord and staff are attentive and friendly. The Elvis evenings are the stuff of local legend and after going to one last night I can see why. Great evening; great pub.
Dave1974 - 28 Oct 2007 19:56
It used to be a great place, with a mixed clientele and fantastic wood panelling but the new owners have ruined it by painting over it.

The chav barmaids are surly and only talk to other chavs. What a waste.
zimmerman - 25 Oct 2007 01:22
I love this pub!
Since moving down to Brighton almost 4 years ago I have become a regular and always enjoy it. It was the first pub I walked into on my first day in Brighton and am still going back.
I enjoyed it before the refurbishment which was 3 years ago and love it now.
Its well run, friendly landlords, great staff and 2 great sized beer gardens to sit in on those sunny days. There is something nice about sitting out front of the Goodies watching the Seven Dials population filter past even though its on a fairly main road!
For 2 years now they have had a designated area for non smoking and now they are just about to erect a outdoor smoking area ready for the july 1st.
Come and try the beer and enjoy the fun!
dubberd - 20 Apr 2007 12:54
I go to this pub every time im in Brighton as a friend lives nearby.
I love it. Its a proper pub. Good bar staff. I've had several all dayers there and always make a beeline for it as soon as I get to Brighton.
Its like an estate pub - but not.. hard to describe really.

If you don't like a pub where you get people drinking, smoking playing fruit machines and being loud then you wont like it.

herniator - 7 Mar 2007 14:09
Went back to this pub a couple of times recently after a gap of 6 months or so. Still think it is a generally good pub with a really good selection of draught lagers.
There are no pretensions here but it is well run and reasonably priced.There are a lot worse places than this.
douvres - 7 Dec 2006 20:10
The Good Companions is a good honest pub, excellent selection of drinks and friendly bar staff Ė whether you want a quick pint after work or watch the footy.

Itís not the sort of pub to go to if you want to sit listening to some ethnic pipe player whilst drinking organic kiwi juice however itís not for chavís either Ė just a generally decent pub!

The Elvis nights are legendry as well!

sammyf - 4 Oct 2006 15:00
What a hell hole! fom the outside it looks cheap and ugly but the inside is no improvement. Its a typical chav/football pub. horrible
TheWizard - 12 Jul 2006 17:50
Somewhat of a local for me. Well run with a mixed clientele. Leffe Blonde on draught at reasonable prices help to seal the deal.
douvres - 1 May 2006 21:03
A bit grimy and grotty on the surface but the friendly staff and atmosphere make up for that. Plus a bit of a selection of ales and the food can be pretty good too (typical English pub food really - burgers, omelettes, and other typical stuff served with chips)
Stoggler - 27 Jun 2005 14:38

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