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Station Inn, Ribblehead

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user reviews of the Station Inn, Ribblehead

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Grimey pub with two halves - one resembling the rundown lounge half of an estate pub while the other was like a greasy spoon caff. Ale was nothing special and London prices but if you are stuck here there are no other options.
anonymous - 13 Jun 2016 17:07
Pretty well exactly as lezford found except we managed to eat and the food was excellent. Lovely homely feel with excellent local ales. Two steam trains passed over the infamous viaduct as well that day. Normal trains run roughly every two hours from either Carlisle or Leeds and the pub is 2 minutes walk away.
Steamer1 - 6 Apr 2015 22:10
First pub of the day and as I've always wanted to visit the viaduct at Ribblehead it made sense to stop at the Station Inn.

The Station appears in the 2014 GBG and is certainly in an isolated spot on the dales.

The 3 ales on offer are all local ales, I opted for a half of Wensleydale Bitter @ 3.7%.

Two large rooms with the front room as you enter laid for food. We missed lunch by 30 minutes so had to settle for pork pies, which we took with our drinks and sat in the lounge where the pool table was, television was on showing the previous nights football.

Large rear garden that overlooks the viaduct and the bleak moors.

Good tick for me.
lezford - 5 Oct 2014 15:14
A friend of mine said that his "pie and peas" was a small microwaved poor-quality pork pie with a small portion of sugar sweetened peas. Costing £5 plus, he said it was the worst tasting and poorest value he'd ever had. He also said the beer and main meals were expensive.

GeofB - 2 Dec 2012 21:22
Couldn't help but feel that we were stopping the lad working at the bar from watching the sport on the TV on the day that we dropped in here. Even as he was pulling the pints he was looking over our shoulders. Good customer service....

Had the Station Ale - not sure who brews it for the pub. It was a passable beer as we sat and enjoyed the view from the back of the pub over to the viaduct and the snow-covered Whernside peak behind.
littledrummerboy - 7 Mar 2012 18:31
From my Yorkshire Dales Walk Blog....

Throughout the day, we had been deriding the ‘world famous cuisine’ boast that was a feature of the Station Inn’s website. Whilst the world famous part could very tenuously apply to the lovely Ribblehead Viaduct and perhaps only amongst railway enthusiasts I doubt whether someone in Honolulu would be aware of the delights of how truly unique chilli con carne and gammon steak was. I also doubt if someone could name any of the ‘world famous cheesboard’ options but suffice to say it was disappointing that out of a choice of 6 locally sourced cheeses they only had three available. The Station Inn has a rough and ready student charm about it with a pool table, dart board, jukebox and a very impressive selection of real ales. A student pub run by students it seemed. Our rather brash chef in an eccentric approach to dining had just popped his head round the corner to inform us that ‘You’re in luck lads, I’ve just taken the chilli off the stove’. Well, it was nice to know the choice that we had made were still available I suppose. Once we were tucking into the chillis he said ‘Are the chillis alright lads? Not too spicy? I just put a whole load of ‘em in and hoped for the best’. That said the chilli was just what the doctor ordered after such dispiriting weather. The beers included the first sampling of the Dent Brewery – the lovely Wensleydale Bitter, Station Ale and Resc-Ewe.

Overall a nice place for a beer but forget about staying in the bunk houses - these are positively third world!
cookster101 - 29 Sep 2010 17:05
Bleak but awe-inspiring location next to the Ribblehead Viaduct, and just down from Ribblehead station. The pub is pretty basic inside, but cozy with a wood-burning stove. Good choice of Yorkshire bitters, in OK but not great condition. Not particularly cheap either. Bar staff were efficient enough but not particularly welcoming. As with other comments, the gents is pretty basic, but then again probably acceptable to outdoors-types who must make up the majority of the customers.
Verdict: great place for a few well-earned pints after some hill walking.
JonRambo - 31 Dec 2009 17:11
Regular visitor as it's ideally placed if, like me, you use the Leeds-Settle-Carlisle rail line. A couple of minutes walk from the railway station (maybe 5 if you've just done the 3 Peaks).Owners seem to change quite often and it only opened all day everyday a few years ago. The pub consists of the bar area and the dining area (although you can eat in the bar). The bar is, well, your bog standard bar with pool table and TV (installed when the new owners arrived a couple of years ago). Beer & lager selection is fair and cooked food is readily available. Bar staff generally helpful and the stove in winter is most welcome. Decent beer garden at the rear. As other people have said what lets this pub down is the gents toilets (can't attest for the ladies). Whilst gents toilets in many pubs leave a lot to be desired these really are poor and need an urgent redec' which they don't seem to have had in the last 10 or so years I've been visiting the pub.
mac.hawk - 19 Dec 2009 20:47
A fantastic pub next to Ribblehead train station.

Yes the toilets could do with a bit more effort ,and the beer is expensive but the pub serves as a great finish to a walk up whernside and back.

Beers include black sheep and local dent beers plus a guest beer. Food is avaliable and there is a separate dining area fo those who want to eat in smarter surroudings. Pies and other snacks can be bought at the bar.

Clientele is of the 'outdoorsy type' but what else would you expect?

Great pub in beautiful scenery.

jimbob89 - 21 Nov 2009 17:58
Bit of a dung hole!
Great location. Hence the score of 1 for the view.
It could be so good with a little effort.
inkywebber - 20 Jul 2009 13:32
After travelling around this bank holiday we entered this pub where we were greeted with a cacophony of fragrances, from doggy smells to stale beer then there's that waft that came from the toilet area? After ordering my first pint of which had a head bigger than a vicars collar the guy with a beard started to wipe the beer he had spilt on the floor with the same filthy cloth that he then proceeded to wipe the bar and the sink area???? A conversation then started up with the Land lady regarding the local hostelries? As in telling clients that the Landlord of the "Hill Inn" (Great Pub) wasn't too amenable to tourists? (Strange to believe as there are only a few locals???) Then on to slating down the Wheatsheaf in Ingleton for its lack of abilities to deal with the customers needs??? To name but two. Then it's onto the "Loo With A View" ???? That's if you can see past your hand whilst holding your nose or in fact that if you can see through the window for the cob webs and dirt?? As my idea of cleaning is more than squirting green disinfectant around to try and mask the stink. Then on to the ultimate dining experience freshly prepared by the "chef", (That's the son in the chef's white's) if you like your mash that has been made from potatoes that the "chef" had forgotten to peel first before boiling and mashing, (Mash Ala'skin Nice) this is the place for you. Then if your stopping in the "Bunk Barn" I had the misfortune of looking in one that was open, If you like sleeping on a plastic covered mattresses then your ok here (God Knows what clientele they cater for). Then there is plenty of reading to be done with all the news paper clippings all over the pub, stuck to various places between the genuinely nice photos of the history of this once nice pub. Then comes the Pièce de résistance the landlord decides to make an appearance with his Bouffant to try and back up all the clipping's that have been placed around the pub. From the reviews I had read before going back to this pub I was very disappointed ??? Basically if you have an opinion don't call, if you don't support Bradford don't call and are not RIGHT WING don't even go there.

GoneFishing22 - 25 May 2009 17:55
Called after a round of Whernside in lovely sunshine but a howling gale (common in this gap I understand). Two Taylors Beers, Black Sheep and Old Peculiar on - I had the Taylors Best which was good. I can never make my mind up about this place - it should be somewhere near the top pf my favourite pub list but it isn't! The landlady seemed pre-occupied with the TV and together with the chef, more concerned about when the one armed bandit was going to "drop". Perhaps when they are busy, they are more welcoming but I felt as if I was intruding!
JBGatelad - 17 May 2009 12:03
Beer - Selection pretty low on the friday on my arrival (prior to attempting the 3 peaks in the worst weather possible) with Old Pec (from the wood - slightly sour but quaffable), TBB and Lancaster Red (very good). 3 more beers appeared including Golden Fleece, Copper Dragon and Tetley's. All very fresh. The Black Sheep had an odd taste about it when piped through.

Food - Very comfort-flavoured and very tasty. The small piece of plastic found in the mash wasn't. Sausages and pies are freshly prepared and worth the wait. Pork pies are available from the bar in a plastic cabinet - black pudding pork pies, mmmmmm.

Atmosphere - Something lacking when half-empty (rare) and buzzing when full (often). As with most Yorkshire pubs, rugby was playing on the TV. A mechanical pirate grunts and groans at anyone who 'tips' his tray - scary but a talking point. Lovely warm fire raged in the grate during most of our stay.

Service - The proprietors handled a power-cut with good grace and humour. Very few left the pub and a small hen-party with broken down limo arrived to liven it up in a good-natured way.

Overall - Toilets need a serious overhaul, they stank. A rather scruffy but agreeable inn. The neighbouring bunkhouse is a lottery but clean and secure.
paulio1966 - 8 Oct 2008 15:19
Perfect stop for a pint while doing the 3 Peaks walk. Serves the full range of Copper Dragon beers. Fairly basic inside but very atmospheric and some great railwayana on the walls.
5600wilson - 6 Jun 2008 21:14
A excellent pub in a very good location close to the train station makes a excellent finnishing point when out walking in the hills very good beer the black sheep top class food also very good pub gets a bit busy in summer time I normally visit in the winter months a warm and wellcoming pub
tench1230 - 1 Jan 2008 09:48
God knows why this pub was built where it is but it is a nice pub,only had chance for a breif visit-the gents toilet is known as "the loo with a view",looking through the open window the view is filled with the Ribblehead viaduct,but don't think of ringing your freinds on a mobile-no signals any where round here-about 2 miles away you can visit the "White Scar" caves or the other way the village of Hawes where Wensleydale cheese is made.
bagheas - 4 May 2006 21:52
Perfect for a warming beverage / refreshing ale after Christmas sledging.
extraordinary - 16 Feb 2006 14:33
Lovely pub, just a short distance from a public camping space. Very warming after a day on the snowy Dales before braving the cold night. Became very attached to the mulled wine, and the food was extremely yummy!
nellie_uk - 3 Jan 2006 15:23
Lovely warm and welcoming pub in the middle of nowhere. You can camp just over their back wall with views of the impressive feat of Victorian engineering that is Ribblehead Viaduct. Attracts lots of outdoor types. The beer is good, and the food is excellent. Try their delicious giant Yorkshire puddings! Rather nice.
Muzthing - 7 Mar 2005 13:56

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