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Lazy, Tower Bridge

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Looks like this place has actually closed now.
telephones_and_toliets - 30 Dec 2009 23:00
What's happened to this place? I walked past it a couple of times recently and it looks like it's been turned into some kind of dingy night club. It seems to be closed during the day now as well. If it has indeed been turned into a night club then it's really not the best location for it as I don't see the demand for it. Was a much better (and nicer) place when it was just a normal pub.
telephones_and_toliets - 1 Nov 2009 14:20
Went in to watch the football on Boxing Day. Nice interior, friendly staff and quite a smart little place despite it being in Bermondsey!
telephones_and_toliets - 11 Mar 2009 18:39
One of those trendy bars that feels obliged to charge you ridiculous prices for a pint. The atmosphere inside is ok, but nothing approximating bitter is on sale. Not my type of pub, but it was fairly full yesterday evening so clearly some people like it.
pubcollector - 22 Feb 2009 19:09
Got to agree with AirHairLair. The new owner seems nice enough and the place looks good, if a little unfinished. But at 3.90 a pint I won't be popping in very often when you consider the other good pubs in the area. Perhaps they aren't aiming for the afterwork crowd but in these difficult times they'll need that as there bread and butter to get through the week before their big weekends with DJ's and whatnot on.

Wish them all the best, cos it's a great space and could potentially be the best place to go in the area but I won't be paying the extra to drink there.
anonymous - 21 Nov 2008 10:52
I've recently been to Nine and it was pretty good really.
The guy who runs it seems pretty cool and the dark wood looks nice. I think he's got a chance to make it cool again. Although in saying this i'm over looking a potentially fatal floor...the prices. At 3.90 a pint and 5.70 for a glass of wine i fear this could put off the mid week crowd. In fact i don't think there is a more expensive pint around and with tighter times ahead it certainly won't become an every day kind of bar like the Lazy was.

Good luck anyway new guy, I'll be in for a couple from time to time
AirHairLair - 20 Nov 2008 21:11
I see that Lazy is being reincarnated as Nine Bar from 1st November 2008. Apparently it is a DJ and Liqour Lounge. Not sure about that, think if anything they should have gone down the food route but I guess time will tell. RIP Lazy - still miss it.
waxyohairs - 28 Oct 2008 08:23
Hi everyone! Many thanks to all of you who supported Bethan and I during our time at lazy. Mali Wyn arriving and of course unexpected demands cut our time short at the bar but we have fantastic memories and a shed load of friends. I wish every single one of you all the best for the future. We are doing well and enjoying having more time together although I do miss lazy and feel really disappointed that we didn't have a proper chance to thank you and say goodbye personally.We would also like to thank our lovely staff without whom I would look even worse for wear! LUV YA! Anyway time to draw a line under it and use the experience positively. We'll be around and if you'd like to stay in touch then facebook us and we'll meet up for a beer or 3, (not keen on the Wetherspoons idea though!). Take Care.
Lots of Love. Daryl, Bethan & Mali. X (P.S. I am definately from Tooting and not Australia!)
lazydaryl - 7 Sep 2008 21:20
Being one of the many parties that put in a bid for Lazy, i did have a chance to meet the chap that sucessfully bought the lease. I knew Daryll well and as dissapointed as i am to have my bid rejected, it's nice to know that such a quality venue will again have a quality operator. Having looked into the new guys company ( and application ) , it's obious that he has original ideas bar and having run a club in London Bridge obiously knows the area.

All the best i say !
se1john - 21 Aug 2008 22:06
Previous owner wasn't aussie, might dress like one,sandals in winter and that, but
from south london. Pal
freebird69 - 21 Aug 2008 19:34
As someone once said: time will tell (A.Einstein).
The future GM is also an aussie, knows the vibe and knows the business, some freshness and good PR and hopefully he'll get the old croud back, if not, he'll get a new one, not better, not worse, new!
Wetherspoons you say? good luck to you pal!
The_Bill - 21 Aug 2008 18:44
THE-BILL, if they rip up the old concept(which was all another crews ideas) and start again and put their heart and soul into it, people may give them a chance, on the other hand if they are just opportunistic and expect to carry on where lazy was cruelly cut short then i believe a bitter taste will be left in the mouth of many regulars who will not return there. To them Daryl WAS Lazy!
But hey! Give it a go.
Personally id feel better about myself drinking with the winos in wetherspoons!

freebird69 - 21 Aug 2008 17:40
dear freebir69,
just wait and see :) I know lazy and the old crew, and I also know the new guys, they sure know their business.
I'm certain that you'll all be surprised, all I ask is to give them a chance, I know I will.
The_Bill - 21 Aug 2008 16:42
heard the same rumour but think people are sorely misguided if they think they can re-open such an individual and unique place as lazy, with different management and expect it to be anywhere near a shadow of its former self. The new venue wont have the style/substance/commitment or vision of lazy. Or the driving force behind it that set lazy apart, the personal service, you can't bottle that.
Any rich boy can open a bar with daddy's money, its a different thing to run it properly or build it up from scratch.
Good luck, whoever it is, think they will need it.
For those that used to drink in lazy, head over to the dean swift across the road, a nice vibe and some familiar faces over there.
freebird69 - 21 Aug 2008 02:46
don't tell anyone, but as far as I know, Lazy will be reopened before the end of the month :D
new managment, new name, same good'all vibe and music.
Can't wait :)
The_Bill - 19 Aug 2008 00:50
Its all very sad, Lazy was a great place and unfortunately the area doesn't feel quite the same without it.

However we must remember the good times that were had, the sessions, the laughs, the music and the company, all the things that made this place great - and especially Daryl and Beth who were the main reason this place was so good.

Well done guys, you created a really great bar that will be sadly missed.

waxyohairs - 18 Aug 2008 21:59
Does anyone have a contact for Daryl. Have lost touch, spent many many nights in Lazy, am now back in New Zealand. Have just learned that Lazy has closed, unbeleivable. Am planning a visit to London and want to catch up with Daryl. Cheers Kiwi Dave
KiwiDave - 25 Jul 2008 02:19
I can't believe lazy closed! It was such a great place!
Claudia - 22 Jul 2008 14:36
Now closed! I was there for the closing night and it was a really sad affair. For those that knew daryl and bethan, (and previously jim as well) you would know the effort that was put into putting the place together and the what they were trying to, and did achieve.
The landlords that continually increased rents, council that charged criminal rates, they should be ashamed of themselves. But they wont be will they. It will probably be turned into flats. Thanks for all the memories.
rip lazy bar,
Gone but never forgotten
bermondseyboy - 11 Jul 2008 14:25
I went to this Bar for my Birthday on Saturday and had a fantastic evening! Had a great guy there playing an Acoustic set and they did not throw me out when I started shouting into the Microphone!!! Will certainly recommend this place to others and will go back again! (If allowed!) Great Decor, Friendly Staff, Nice Atmosphere!
Marctaylor - 6 May 2008 12:11
Favourite bar - bar none!
I have spent an alarming amount of time here over the past couple of years but have made some fantastic friends. The place transcends class barriers with locals happily mixing with suited professionals and friendships forged!
The music is eclectic-indie/funk/soul/rock n roll-you name it and im sure that its being played their- depending on the time and day.
They have live music from time to time and a monthly quiz which is really popular, my advice would be to book a table, many a time groups end up using the floor space as its so busy!
The point of difference between lazy and so many other bars is that Daryl the owner and the staff go out of their way to make sure you have a great time.
It really is "a place where everybody knows your name!"
Keep up the good work
Thanks for the late nights and bleary eyed mornings!!!
bermondseyboy - 10 Oct 2007 18:20
I love Lazy, Darryl the owner is always very friendly.
You can hire the place out, and they put free food on when the footie is playing, what more can you want.
A wicked bar to go to in Bermondsey.
anonymous - 6 Sep 2007 17:05
Lazy is without a doubt my favourite bar in London. Really friendly staff, great music at the weekend and they've even started doing Nintendo Wii tournaments which is a blast!
Rossco - 21 Jun 2007 11:33
Went here on a Friday night and it was alright, drinks were expensive but staff were lovely, get's busier later and the music gets cranked right up. Becomes the kind of place a young lady without a man on her arm will get hassled in by drunken city idiots after about 11.30. Not the best bar in London though by miles....
Bezmina - 10 Jan 2007 12:57
I'm telling you, forget the river and all the other average places in the area, Lazy is the place to be. And you must try their speciality, its a large double shot of "friendly service" which is free of charge!! How refreshing to go into a bar and be told to sit down and the drinks will be bought to your table. How nice to actually be talked to and asked about your day by the barstaff. And how cool that the owner and his lady will come and chat with you when they are working. Love it. Lazy puts the service into the service industry - keep it up guys.
waxyohairs - 11 Dec 2006 13:56
Not a bad bar, but they do tend to play loud music and it is quite expensive (6 for a large glass of non-house wine). Full of suits after work on a week night, but a bit more atmospheric at weekends.
richiemadano - 2 Dec 2006 09:11
Lazy has to be one of the best bars in london!!!
Go and see why.....
socket - 22 Sep 2006 22:37
Great bar, my only gripe is their range of draught beers, but I understand this is being sorted.........fantastic atmosphere and service with a smile, both very much a rarity in London.

I'll be back very soon.......
waxyohairs - 11 Aug 2006 14:46
First time in this pub since I moved to the area a couple of months ago. Was recommended Lazy as a good venue to watch the England vs Portugal game. Despite the result I really liked the place with friendly staff and customers alike.

Only been the once but so far the best pub I have been in close to where I live.

Badgers - 3 Jul 2006 15:43
Have to say, something has changed about Lazy and I cannot quite put my finger on it. Used to love it, they made you feel part of a family almost. But then a few of the faces drinking in there started to disapear and the vibe...has become something else. The two guys who run it are still there but the place doesn't have that same welcoming aroma to it. It's a shame, cos it is by far the best boozer in this area...don't make us go to the Kings Arms.
anonymous - 26 Apr 2006 16:49
I forgot to say that we used to live neardy and found Lazy to be the best bar in the area by far. We have since moved upto to the midlands, and missed it so much that we went back last Friday. It was great to be back in Lazy, and it was fantastic to see Dayly and Jimmy again. As usual they were the bests hosts EVER. We cant wait to get back down there again.
hoffo - 23 Apr 2006 18:40
best bar in London by FAR!!. Great decor, great music, great atmosphere, and the two best bar owners that we have EVER met. It is a must and you have to ay it a visit. Keep it up Daryl and Jimmy.
hoffo - 23 Apr 2006 18:20
A great example of how a bar should be run - brilliant service, great decor - it manages to be down to earth and trendy at the same time. There should be more bars like this in only gripe is the recent addition of a plasma screen but I realise I'm probably in a minority and no doubt it helps gets the punters in (& as I hope the bar does really well I guess that's a worthwhile sacrifice). Ladies are on the left and Men on the right fyi...
Hockers - 12 Apr 2006 09:23
Nice bar, very friendly owners. No M/F signs on the loo doors so exercise caution.
badgers.arts - 9 Apr 2006 17:24
Lovely place, great atmosphere, good people and a great dj set last Friday night. But why oh why the blue lights on the windows - enough to give a drunken man a migraine!!!!!!!!!
anonymous - 31 Jan 2006 15:34
This is a quality bar....two of the friendliest owners you will come across in London, top music, generously mixed spirits, friendly melange of locals and workers and you always enter and leave with a smile on your face. If they sort the door out (all you need is a big metal weight and it would close surely?) and stopped the exclusive hires on popular nights and you`d get a ten. Onwards an upwards.
anonymous - 20 Dec 2005 12:06
Great pub, with a great atmosphere. Fantastic quiz, but needs league table so consistant high-placers can get the recognition they deserve.
the_circle - 13 Dec 2005 16:51
Well I am glad to find a website that is giving this bar the credit they deserve - whenever I am in there the service is great, the music spot on and the very mixed crowd all seem to be "getting it"! Well done guys and see you soon
stewarte73 - 30 Nov 2005 21:38
Highly recommended. Friendly staff, nice atomosphere, all the roadworks outside must be driving them crazy!!!
Hope they've stopped wearign those darn ties.

bigmark100 - 15 Sep 2005 15:09
Whenever I visit London, I stop in and see what Jim and Darryl have done to continually improve Lazy. Hopefully the next time I visit, there will be food available....possibly Thai????
katfromvictoria - 17 Aug 2005 00:32
Best pub in Bermondsey, great staff, nice beer with Lime. Only 2 problems, No barstool and no plasma screen, but I'm working on it.

millwallsteve - 28 Jul 2005 17:14
my friends have dragged me in here at last and im glad they did. i thought it was a bit too exclusive looking or even closed from the outside but when you are inside you kick yourself for not trying it earlier. the service is unsurpassed definitely locally and not many bars in london come close. the music is fantastic, just ask them about tier 'jukebox' youll know waht i mean. check this place out, honestly.
sillytim - 27 Jul 2005 00:12
I was totally awe-struck when I visited this place - it used to be the Liam Ogs pub, a traditional kind of boozer. Now its completely changed beyond what it was before. The decor and style is sort of 60's minimalism, if you get my drift. Seems to attract a younger crowd now, whereas before it was anything goes. Check it out, and the Kings Head across the road. That's been re-vamped too. A warm, friendly atmosphere. Well done guys for transforming this place.
cider_murray - 20 Jul 2005 21:47
I've never had such great service in a pub in London before, I was offered a drink by the barman as soon as I walked in, before I'd even sat down! Even though it was busy the staff were regularly coming to collect our empties and offer us more drinks. The atmosphere is friendly and the music's good. Will definitely be coming here again.
Helz - 5 Jul 2005 10:52
Lazy is just about across the street from me and when I'm lazy that's where I go! Nice decor and high ceilings so the smoke doesn't bother the non-smokers too much. Lots of space instead (could use more tables?) Then again it gives it a cool spartan look. I think we'll go a lot more when there is food. I need food with drinks! (I'm anticipating a non-traditional menu e.g. there are enough bangers and mash about ;). Worth noting that I found the entrance a little difficult to pick out. There was no push plate, entry sign or even a window in the door, so I thought it was a private club for months.
yvonatron - 24 Jun 2005 19:19
Cool bar. Nice coctails and friendly staff. They serve beer too - what more do you want?
Timmychimp - 24 Jun 2005 16:54
Always worth stopping in!

Friendly and fun, good music, chilled atmosphere!
Frostanova - 9 Jun 2005 15:13
Hi Guys, having read the comments on the site I thought it might be worthwhile to give you all the chance to message both myself and Jim to help us improve lazy. I appreciate you all taking the time to comment on lazy & although its very flattering to have positive feedback I am more interested in hearing from those of you who for whatever reason found your time at lazy unenjoyable. If you think we are not worth going out of the way for let us know why and perhaps we can change something to make your time at lazy better. We only opened in January and still have quite a way to go before we are close to being satisfied with our efforts.
Thanks again, next time your in why not say hi to Jim and I, you never know we might even buy you a drink!
Keep On Truckin'
lazydaryl - 26 May 2005 16:33
Well done Mr Cardamon, I guess they must be doing something right if you've been back! I'll look out for you next time I'm there, you never know, I might treat you to a beer.
heinekenmatt - 25 May 2005 16:19
ok heinekenmatt, here you go. I fail to understand what an internet username has to do with my comment's credibility though. And I stick by my middle of the road comment, having been in there yesterday as well. Not great, not bad.
The past 3 comments sound very suspiciously like acts of self-promotion.

This place is ok, but not worth going well out of your way for. Better than Liam OGs for sure.

cardamom - 19 May 2005 14:55
Table service, polite & friendly staff, only one bitter but the atmosphere more than makes up for that! Clean bathrooms,great music, excellent evening. Thanks guys,see you soon. Mick
mickeyboy - 13 May 2005 19:04
The sheer fact the last comment is "anonymous" says it all.

This is a really nice, chilled out bar with great attention to service. The guys who run it are really friendly and its nice to go somewhere in London where you are recognised and appreciated.

Keep up the good work.
heinekenmatt - 11 May 2005 15:53
The past 3 comments sound very suspiciously like acts of self-promotion.

This place is ok, but not worth going well out of your way for. Better than Liam OGs for sure.
anonymous - 6 May 2005 13:13
I absolutely love this bar! The music's great, loads of soul, funk, and I love the pictures Bridget Bardot and Phil Daniels. The staff are really friendly without being intrusive and can make a damn good mojito. Only gripe is that I took my good lady there and now I can't go without her!
bobby69 - 25 Apr 2005 19:50
I've been drinking in the area for quite some time now & remember the establishment being The Dockhead stores & Liam Ogs but I must say LAZY is definiteley the best out of them with lovely decor & a good atmosphere with friendly staff especially a little stunner who attended to me & my friends - this bar has now taken over from the Kings Arms & The Circle bar as the no.1 trendy bar in the area.
Darren_of_Albany - 25 Apr 2005 16:42
Great Bar, Friendly and helpful staff. Great atmosphere, and amazing ceiling to floor picture of Phil Daniels from Quadrophenia at the end of the bar.
Will def be spending most of my life in this great South London bar.
Well worth a visit, jim and Daryl are highly welcoming and make you feel at home.
SARAHMA - 25 Apr 2005 14:33
Nice laid back bar. Recently opened in place of Liam OG. Very friendly staff, note the white ties/.
mark - 4 Feb 2005 16:47

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