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Stage Door, Waterloo

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user reviews of the Stage Door, Waterloo

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Went here with the missus on a night out in town, nowt special.

Stayed in a hotel nearby, missus got A PROPER BONING WHEN I GOT HER HOME.

7/10 for the boning
4/10 for the pub
pissbehindthecupboard - 20 Jan 2016 17:38
The good: big screens for the sport. Pretty quiet at weekends. Friendly-ish staff. Expensive, but not as ridiculously so as some of the pubs in the area.

The bad: I wish I was making this up, but 3/4 of the way through my pint I found a metal screw in there. I went up to the bar and the barman said "ah, I was looking for that. Sorry.". What???

There's a pool table that is on its last legs, and a small roof garden, with an outlet pipe from the kitchen that occasionally pumps out the smell of gas or greasy food.

Better pubs in the area are the Kings Arms on Roupell Street and, a bit further away, the Thirsty Bear. Still on the hunt for somewhere decent and (relatively) cheap, though.
siouxjimmy - 16 Apr 2014 10:20
Beer is vile but the staff were friendly. Bit of a khazi to be honest.
nickthefish - 15 Apr 2013 20:31
Went here with the other half when we were staying at a hotel nearby.

A pint of Strongbow and a bottle of Peroni were around the £3.60-£3.80 mark.

I had the steak pie with chips priced at £5.95 and I have to say it was bloody good!!!!!

Would visit again if in the area.
Miker1234 - 12 Dec 2012 22:58
A nice pub with a fantastic roof garden, which is great in summer. Good ales: Doom Bar, TT Landlords and possibly others, all around the 3.60 mark, which isn't that unusual in this neck of the woods.

My only criticism would be that the food is so-so (although inexpensive) and the ketchup, to me, was of a very poor quality, which was a surprise considering the logo on the bottle. Sounds like a pedantic criticism but often it's the little details that people remember. Worth going for the roof garden alone, though.

Also shows sport - worth going if you want to watch a game.
noughtpointzero - 3 Sep 2011 08:50
TT landlord was very good. Unusually busy on this Tuesday night..... Every other time I have been here you can count the linters on the fingers of one stump....
Mappiman - 24 Mar 2011 22:53
A good find down the side street off Waterloo Road. Landlord, Doom Bar and Pride on; Broadside turned round - so 3 of my favourite beers made it a longer stay than intended and all well served and kept. Large central bar makes the pub quite small but interesting. Definitely one to revisit!
keith253 - 3 Feb 2011 14:47
Well kept beer, generally busy, food not too bad at all.
haighy - 27 Nov 2010 13:00
Adnams Broadside, Landlord, Doom Bar and a turned around Pride. Beers were ok as was the general atmosphere. Pool table a little cramped! Not great but not awful.
GuideDogSaint - 27 Oct 2010 21:36
Rather bland pub - more like a bar/cafe sort of place - no sightings of Kevin Spacey or anything! Glad finally been but no need to return.
adamwalsh - 26 Sep 2010 21:10
though this pub had a nice atmosphere, i found that the beer and ales were of poor quality. i have been here a few times and have found the owner to be rather rude and always drunk. the bar staff are good though, im not sure how they out up wit him..
rashmi - 20 Sep 2010 14:57
A really good pub;clean and welcoming.
Recently had a pint of vinegar poured (quite common these days in pubs), but no hastle changing it when told.
Good smoking and drinking benches outside too.
WaterlooWillie - 12 Aug 2010 17:49
I am surprised by Makavelli's comments below. I am a regular visitor to this pub and have never experienced any racist comments from the manager or his staff. I find the comment even more surprising as the manager and most of the staff are aussies. This is a friendly pub and a great place to watch sports. I have to agree that sometimes the beer quality is not what it could be.
lambethdoylee - 28 Apr 2010 12:05
Awful. Staff were unfriendly, beer was flat.
wyvernuk - 19 Feb 2010 14:30
Magic pub.
Princemonolulu - 2 Jan 2010 21:51
BoggieJim - 30 Dec 2009 17:24
A very decent pub, worth seeking out down behind the Old Vic.
Good beer and good, chained seating boards for smokers to sit. Recommended.
CityBobby - 30 Dec 2009 12:46
Very nice Broadside at the weekend, but nothing else on tap. Not at all intimidating and 3/pint normal London prices.
palealice - 23 Nov 2009 16:46
Although I wasn't bowled over by this place I'd consider a second visit to try it again. 4 ale pumps, 1 clip turned round, the others were Pride, Landlord and Adnams Broadside. I plumped for Landlord and was once again unimpressed by this pedestrian ale that baffles me in its popularity. Lager drinkers are better catered for - Amstel, Heineken, Becks, Kronenburg and Fosters all available.

I thought the lighting in this place was spot on, provided by some low-hanging bulbs which was a nice decorate touch. I rather stumbled across this place killing time before catching a train and in that sense can't see myself being a regular visitor.
ChrisP87 - 14 Mar 2009 21:38
Been a couple of times to the open mic Sunday music night, nice feel about the place, Beer (Landlord) was ok, will visit again.
beerandpaperman - 19 Jan 2009 16:38
I thought this was a fairly unremarkable pub. At the back of the Old Vic, it has been very quiet the couple of times I have been in there recently. It does have a pinball (Fish Tails at the moment), but not such a good machine as the Medieval Madness in the Hole in the Wall. The London Pride was OK not better than OK. I probably wouldnt go in there unless I fancied a game of pinball.
RexRattus - 18 Mar 2008 17:14
Corner pub in a side street close to the Old Vic theatre. Perhaps surprisingly, given the pub name and the location, there is no theatrical memorabilia on display, but some sporting photos - including one of Donald Bradman and the 1930's Australian cricket team. I gather the landlord is an Aussie

I find it difficult to assess where this pub is trying to position itself - one the one hand, there's a big screen for the rugger / footy and a pool table - but it seems to be trying to be more than just a locals local, what with the subdued candlelit lighting and the trendyish window blinds, and the food on offer.

Real ale does not appear to feature strongly - yesterday there was only a rather moderate London Pride to sample and Adnams Broadside, which was in the process of having the barrel changed during my visit yesterday.

I didn't dislike the pub particularly, but, taking the visit as a whole, I can't see myself rushing back here
JohnBonser - 27 Feb 2008 13:32
In for the Geordies v Boro match yesterday. Decent beer, good food, good service and a cracking atmosphere. It's the place to be for Boro on the TV!!
Alfnoax - 4 Feb 2008 12:48
Went down here to watch the Liverpool / Marseille match after watching a film at the Imax. It's a nice little pub and sufficiently hidden away that it wassn't completely rammed like the pubs directly around Waterloo.

Also i went with my smoggie friend who has a special passion for this place as a Boro fan. Considering the amount of times Boro is on TV his visits are infrequent so was nice for him to get reacquainted!
extraordinary - 12 Dec 2007 17:02
just want to say, great pub for live music and open mic nights! everyone is made welcome, gets to play no matter how busy it is!. I am also a supporter of the rugby, bring on the world cup at the stage!! last few matches were brilliant. food is tasty and well priced. great atmosphere!
ps...a note to andrewlines (3 sept 1:42 in the am) obviously you have nothing better to do at that time in the morning but slag a good place off, actually knew you when u worked at the stage door. Obviously the best thing THE AUSSIE did was to get rid of you! someone like you who holds a grudge for over 5 years really needs to get a life!! maybe there is hope for you too....HOPE YOU FIND A GREAT PUB, LIKE WHAT THE STAGE DOOR IS TOO LOADS OF PEOPLE.
melodymusic - 20 Sep 2007 22:48
I hae to agree with the previous comment abou the draft beer quality. Broadside does not smell like vinegar under normal circumstances. It had very clearly gone off but when we told the staff they said "ok, fine" and left the pump available.
newt - 21 Jun 2007 10:38
Vibrant pub without a doubt. A mate of mine lives close by so we often meet here. Don't stay long as the draught beer can be bordering on undrinkable. The last pint I had was the worst I can remember in years. Still the atmosphere is good so I could drink bottles i suppose.
AndySk - 26 Oct 2006 01:14
Just to re-iterate what reviewer big_andy says...if you're a boro fan and can't get back to the riverside...this is the place to be!
boscojancovic - 28 Apr 2006 14:21
Well, I went there last night for the Boro/Steau match and, indeed, it was full of Boro fans. The atmosphere was amazing (it helped that it was one of the all-time great matches we were watching) and I'll certainly be back in a fortnight for the final. I even got in early enough to try some of the food, which was good value and very pleasant. All in all a brilliant night and highly recommended, especially for anyone with an interest in the Boro.
big_andy - 28 Apr 2006 10:03
I heard that this is one of the main pibs for Middlesborough supporters south; can anyone confirm/deny?
big_andy - 25 Apr 2006 12:22
I really like this pub. The beer is good, the staff are friendly, there's a big screen for the footy and it has a warm atomosphere.
The open mic night on Sunday is quality and includes some real talent.
chris11 - 23 Feb 2006 01:49
Had hardly arrived and the TV was switched to the cricket, and a bunch of 'fans' started bawling and screaming into our ears. There was no escape other than by leaving the pub altogether. So had a nice (hurried) pint but couldn't try the food and shan't go back.
Trev - 4 Jul 2005 10:01
Friendly,sporty type of place spoilt only by the poor ale quality
mally - 4 Apr 2005 17:31
This pub is great, three cheers for Oscar the dog!
ThisMortalCoil - 25 Mar 2005 09:57
Well trained staff, good Pool table but v little room around it. Juke box is ok if you can hear it (TV + Criket in other bar conflict) I had a good night here & would recomended it. The OK Beer & genaral vibe led to a great night (& slow next day).
howard - 14 Feb 2005 22:49
Friendly bar staff. Place was packed on a Weds eve for a big cricket match (don't get that!) but they were very accommodating, turning the music up at quiet times during the game and the TV volume up at vital moments! Good few games of pool, which required some gymnastics as the table is tucked away at the back of the pub in a tight space. Good gin & tonic (my measure of a decent pub!). Generally friendly atmosphere and good fun.
maggot74 - 8 Feb 2005 11:01
The Stage Door is now hosting WEEKLY open mike evenings every Sunday from 7:30pm. I have been for the last three weeks running and it is excellent. Lots of players willing to try out there own material or play interpretations of the songs we all know and love. Nobody minds if you join in for choruses either.

Well worth a visit on these dark cold winter Sundays!
thorby - 22 Nov 2004 10:04
Good pub - I particularly enjoyed seeing Ireland beat South Africa in the rugby over a few pints of Guinness here.
robin - 19 Nov 2004 10:07
This is the best pub ever. That is all I have to say. It's a real pub. No posing allowed. I'll be back again and again and again.
Isabel - 8 Nov 2004 16:25
Run by Dingo Dave with the kind of passion for beer only an Aussie can have. Quality, especially when England crushed the Roos in the World Cup finals. Amazed he lets pommies in ;o)
Chimombe - 22 Oct 2004 16:29
Karaoke there is good fun - they let me get away with murder (singing/shouting/swearing/jumping around etc), but I suppose the Landlord knows me as I only live around the corner from the pub!
Crazy Al - 10 May 2004 09:54
Execellent staff, food and beer. Great boozer!
Anon - 29 Mar 2004 13:02
Do they still occasionally have strippers on a Sunday afternoon?
Stephen - 25 Nov 2003 17:39
So like a Melbourne pub it's scary. Top boozer.
James M. - 30 Sep 2003 18:05
Nice food, friendly staff and a good selection of beers. Shame about some of the karaoke singers though!
James - 17 Jun 2003 11:03
There are a couple of good singers down there on a friday night.
Granny - 28 May 2003 17:18
The hosts are true Aussie icons and are missed back home in Oz....
Matty Anderson - 26 May 2003 12:13
the Stage Door is great! It's got everything you want in a pub. Great, friendly atmosphere, top menu, the burgers are the best and the specials of the day are totally tasty! The beer is good and cold too!
racheal - 26 May 2003 10:42
''Aussie Burger" & a Crown Lager served by "Dingo" Dave. Great food & a friendly, entertaining atmosphere. Definitely worth a visit.
Joe - 23 May 2003 12:28
Great pub, great beer, great food and the missus really is a looker. Apart from that The Stage Door has a top atmosphere particularly during major sporting events.
Terry Anderson - 23 May 2003 07:57
A1 pub, nice beer food and the misses is a looker
jake - 30 Apr 2003 17:36
Aussie run malarkey. Home to impromtu live music and magnifient simple home cooking. Nestles cheerily behing the Old Vic Theatre.
Roger - 23 Dec 2002 16:44

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