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Walkabout, Croydon

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Why this on here still this bar has been closed for years!
Barbon - 5 Oct 2011 00:37
This venue has now been closed by its parent company!
barmanjoe - 3 Jul 2009 19:19
how many of the letters outside the pub spelling 'Walkabout' have to fall of before someone wonders what the pub is called or worse someone gets a knock on the head by a giant letter!

a typical Walkabout. it's just what you would expect from a chain pub. it looks very quiet when i walked past last Thursday. i couldn't see anyone hanging around outside. it's weird that so many of what were very popular pubs are getting quiet now.
TheDaleks - 14 Sep 2008 14:58
avoid this at the weekends unless you want a fight.

Doorman are useless
MrKennedy - 23 May 2008 11:36
Sorry to hear that fugly-t, putting up with the British is hard I know. I did meet an Aussie girl in a Walkabout once, but I think maybe she worked behind the bar.. do'h! These places are better during the day when all is quiet and they have sport on etc., at night its just too rowdy.
christarrant - 1 Apr 2008 13:37
Been working for UK company for over a year, sent to Belgium for most of the time. Having trouble striking up conversation with the british. Sod it I thought I'll go mix with my own kind. Hah, you won't hear any antipodean accents in here. In fact you won't be able to hear any conversation. Crowd definitely under 30 and out for a good time. Covers band was tight and music was accessable (I was impressed to hear a Police song). Get's interesting after 12 when everyones getting jolly and you will be ushered out at 2am. Oh and kids no running in the pub the bouncers will notice and give you a verbal. I found it amusing but don't expect to meet any NZ'rs, Saffa's or Aussies here.
fuglytwatapuss - 30 Mar 2008 14:00
AVOID!!!!! AVOID!!!!!
anonymous - 26 Jul 2007 12:30
Why are negative reviews of this place being blocked?
anonymous - 26 Jul 2007 12:29
Wonderful place
anonymous - 26 Jul 2007 12:27
Skool disco Foam P_arty
Free entry B4 10pm in school uniform

stella1975 - 13 Mar 2007 01:24
Walkabout is like the milkman, it always delivers (thanks tito!), u can always have a wicked nite here whatever nite it is. The club is wicked, but def needs some decent air con as it can bloody hot in there, the bar staff are wicked and always raise the atmosphere, the dj is fantastic and there are always good bands on, drinks are reasonably priced , especially with an ox bod card!, i prefer the main room and def have a bit of a sing song, other is cool as well tho (bit dark), the atmosphere is generally good any trouble gets swiftly resolved by the bouncers / door staff, i love the klubklix gals (thx Jade) so u can have something to remember ure nite. I spent New Years there and am spending my 21st there as well :) Top nite out. 10/10
Gimpmaster - 5 Jan 2007 13:30
I've had kangeroo steak here, and it was like venison. Nice. I've also had crocodile steak here, and that tasted like a cross between pork, chicken and fish. Not bad. I've had dried vomit on the seat (someone else's vomit that is) but didn't try it. I liked the bottled foreign beers, too. However, I've come to the conclusion that it is a dirty place and I wouldn't risk ingesting anything there again unless I was suddenly to become a young thing with the constitution of an ox and fuelled for a randomly wkd Sat nite.
Codrotten - 14 Nov 2006 17:21
i love walkabout in Croydon, this is where i spend every friday night.....the bouncers are lovely and the manager is well safe!!!!! the people that go there are wkd aswel. There are loadsa people from Bromley(where i from) and you get to know everyone in there!!!! the back room, where they play RnB,HipHop,Oldskool Garage, Dance and Drum n Bass, it's the better room, the other one isn't my scene at all, Live bands and Cheesy music is so lame!!! there has been occasions where there is attitude but where isn't there. I dont understand when people complain about there being beer on the floor, hunny its a pub!!! and who the hell has the time to look at the decor of the pub, my god chill out and have fun, you aint there to look at the wallpaper, losers!!!!
if you want a good night i guarantee walkabout, i use to get there bout 11:30 but the queue is stupid so get there round 9:30ish, cheaper and quicker to get in!!!! Have Fun!!!!! xx
law69 - 16 Oct 2006 11:54
I have mixed feelings about Walkabout. The music is really good - especially on a Saturday night when they have live bands - but it's possibly the dirtiest bar I have even been into. The floor is always covered in beer - at one point when I was last there my shoe was literally stuck to the floor - and the girls toilets are absolutely vile. I've never had any attitude from anyone while I've been there but I have noticed that a lot of people get chucked out. The bouncers aren't very nice either - they just glare at you when you hand them your ID and they are very heavy handed with people, which I understand if people are getting rowdy but they threw this one guy out for just knocking a drink over and four of them dragged him out by his arms and legs. But despite all this I always have a really good time whenever I'm there and the bar staff are great, they really do try and serve you as quickly as possible. It's a decent place to spend an evening in my opinion, just don't wear your best shoes!!!!
lovelylady - 26 Jun 2006 16:30
In visiting Croydon after 8 years, I popped in with a couple of mates for a couple of drinks (Paid no entry fee as we arrived early).
A nice selection of alchol was availabe (higher price than I expected).
A proportion of the crowd infected with little "rude boys" and scummy so and so's (probably from local schools and colleges).
Different genres of music played.
Decent amount of space down stairs.
Quite a few good looking girls (Improved the evening).
Compared to other places in the area very, very average.
anonymous - 28 Apr 2006 14:19
I Love this place!!! Always guaranteed a good night. If you love a mixture of music on a night out... don't mind having a laugh and being around like minded people. Saturday is the best night. In the main room its recent music followed by a live band who rock then cheesy classics! Can't go wrong with summer of 69 and queen when drunk! In the other room its dance/trance/RnB/House and Garage... Soemthing for everyone! No bad entrance fee.. drink prices could be cheaper. Staff are friendly and so is the crowd, the majority of the time.
bubbles83 - 30 Mar 2006 22:35

For the purposes of this article popular equates to Arrogant, Diamond Earing/Fake Tanned, Cliquey, Wannabe's.

Ah mate! Anyone who has experienced an evening in Croydon will know how almost every club has at least one major flaw (usually an infestation of wannabe gangsters), so Walkabout can certainly be regarded as one of the better haunts.

Was brilliant when watching the Arsenal Vs Chelsea football match on a summers afternoon - the 'club' aspect in the evening doesn't really compare.

The place looks incredibly dated in the dark, particularly the R'n'B section. As earlier said, the DJ is awful and the room is an effective magnet for Croydon wide boy fighting. The other area is much better with easy access to the bar. If your record collection only contains the theme to 'Baywatch' and Madonna's 'Like a Virgin' you may infact be the main room DJ. The selection of tunes is so predictable I can often guess what is coming next.

If you are unfortunate enough to be employed in Croydon or the local area, it is guaranteed your t*sser work mates will be boozling their saturday nights away in Walkabout. On the plus side though its rare to attend without running in to someone you actually liked from school or college (this paragraph may demonstrate how popular the place is).

As an earlier post remarks, Walkabout is unfortunately half-filled with losers under the illusion that Croydon's finest club is up there with Ministry of Sound or any London bar. This is certainly not the case, yet the 'popular' Croydonians ponce around like they're in Leicester Square. If you do try approaching the women, expect an amusing but firm no from the snooty popular types, but a friendlier response from the 'normal' ladies.

Overall Walkabout can be a good laugh with a large group of mates. Try to avoid visiting more than once a month to keep your feet on the ground.
anonymous - 7 Jan 2006 21:15
The main room is ok and can be a laugh but the rnb/ dance room is rubbish the DJ is sh!te, he cant mix to save his life and you get little gansta wannabe's walking around thinking they're top dog, not my cup of tea
Lols - 18 Nov 2005 13:03
Another typical Croydon late night bar. Full of people who think it's a really banging place, but who have obviously never ventured to a proper bar in central London. Fairly poor layout, looooong wait to get served, and usually a queue to get in. What sort of idiot queues to get into a bar? Unbelievable. If you like the sort of place where it takes half the night to get a round in, badly dressed women, drink-fuelled men, ten minute queue, "no trainers" (don't even get me started on that), and a bizarre seating arrangement (benches?!) then this is the place for you.

I could be more scathing but I'm losing the will to live.
steve5312 - 30 Oct 2005 15:47
First time I was there on 26th of Jan.> it was Australian Day...
It was sooooooooooooooooo cooooooooooooooooool!!!
What can I say... If you are in Croydon, don't waste your time> come to Walkabout and The Black Sheep Bar:
akozlarek - 3 Oct 2005 23:21
Woooooooooooooooooooooo i love this place!!!! What can I say apart from bloody brill
lucieloo - 19 Aug 2005 14:40
sure its gd on a friday but don't bother going on a wednesday as its dead unlike Llyods wich was buzzing
skiman - 19 Jul 2005 11:42
This is the best bar in croydon its the only place where you really get entertained. eevery friday night there some form of competition on stage that any one can play. they give away prizes all the time. on friday the 5th August they are having some sort of modelling competition to win a trip to australia. so come on girls get down there and enter.
they also have regular foam parties which are the best night out and they seem to care how much foam they use it seems to last forever really its about 3 hours. on saturdays they have live music too. and to top that off from 1am you can buy a hot dog for 50p what a bargin.
and for those that really don't know when the weekend finishes they have karaoke on suynday night i won a dvd player last week cool.
best bar i have ver been to!
stella1975 - 18 Jul 2005 12:38
I attended a foam party, got foam in my eyes, attempted to move away from foam. the over zealous bouncer informed me that i couldn't stand where i was.(which was beside the machine harming nobody).
I then moved off the dance floor and was accused of swearing AY THE BOUNCER AND WAS ESCORTED. bottom line,the bouncers feel they are god and don't realise they are jumped up security guards. but before that it was truly a great night
anonymous - 1 Jul 2005 00:13
After the working week, a great place to go nuts on a Friday night! Went there a few weeks ago around 11.00. Service straight away (always seems to be huge open spaces along the bar devoid of other customers). Managed to get a table (standing, but what the hell). First move onto the dance floor resulted in getting dragged into an impromptu conga line with many beautiful women. Back to bar for a drink. Second dance floor experience interrupted by being dragged onto stage with four equally confused blokes. Grease music playing, so prayed it wasn't a Travolta lookalike competition. It wasn't. Won a bottle of champagne for drinking a pint of lager through someone else's sock. May not sound the most sophisticated evening to some, but it was a great laugh. And surely that's what a good drinking experience is all about!
palser - 26 Apr 2005 16:44
to the last posting. 3 of my friends are asian and they've never had any problems getting in walkabout and they find all bouncers v friendly! bouncers reserve the right to turn someone away without giving a reason! as for saying english people aren't tolerant of race, thats crap as there are more ethnic monorities in this country then oz. maybe the bouncers could tell u had a attutide as some black people might take the words 'some black man' as racist. If the bouncers thought u were swaying, maybe u should learn to walk normally!! you are the only person who had said anything bad about walkabout on the site
angel - 9 Apr 2005 13:45
Dont go in there if your asian, i was stopped at the door by some black man insisting i was "swaying" on a WEDNESDAY. how can one be swaying if one hadn't been drinking or whatever beforehand?! He was either bored or just a racist. didnt want to argue and just left, when will he realise the company is AUSTRALIAN? far more tolerant of race than the GENERAL english. take your business elsewhere. First time i've attempted to get in as well since it opened. Never been turned away from a pub in croydon, go somewhere else who dont give a rats ass what you look like.
anonymous - 7 Apr 2005 00:17
very good saturday night out, very good balance of live band with dance room out the back great concept.
fit barmaids aswell! always goes down well.
GaryLager - 6 Feb 2005 22:38
HEAVY place to go to start on a pub crawl, sick of lloyds its too social, u end up seeing the same people every week, walkabout is SO SO SO much better.
tiffanie - 15 Nov 2004 19:34
Great laughs, great times! Been there three times, each as good as the last. We love it! Loads and loads of hot rods! Bouncers are nice, its a pretty hot place to be. Fancy coming? Good idea!
Hal - 12 Nov 2004 13:40
Amazing night out. Great DJs, friendly staff. Cheap drinks before 9 - regular prices after. Great people there. Fantastic bands on a sat. Never had a bad night there and I go every week.
Tom - 8 Nov 2004 18:33
Walkabout is one of the best places in croydon. Music mix is excellent, bar staff are friendly and i personally find the doorstaff very professional. Q's arent any longer at certain popular times than any other popular club in croydon.
Mark - 8 Nov 2004 18:27
the band rock
ruth drury - 4 Nov 2004 17:29
i went to a hen party here and it was fantastic.plenty of cocktails to drink!it was very busy but im going again.
jodie - 31 Oct 2004 21:26
very odd little hole, been there about 20 times, every time see a fight kick off, not ever seen that in Tiger (2000 capacity)
do not like it, feel very unsafe, and under pressure, even when my other half is hanging off my arm, other men still wanna try it on, nasty nasty hole
anonymous - 30 Sep 2004 10:14
This place hosts hot food and hot chicks. Bouncers arent that friendly though. Ques can take a long and even to hang your coats and then to que up for drinks. Good selection of music though.
anonymous - 22 Sep 2004 20:37
Fantastic nite out any nite of the week. Great music in both rooms and fantastic food, with friendly barstaff and clientelle. Only downfall is the queues on a friday nite and it can b a bit overcrowded!
Amy - 1 Sep 2004 23:15
Walkabout is a great place for a big nite out with the girls Saturdays are the best in my opinion as you have two differents playing great music ! One downfall and one bad comment from me not much of a drink variety which is a bit of a letdown !Will
Wilhelmenia aka Will - 25 Jul 2004 16:14
What a sensational place for a top night out! Has two rooms - the main one playing cheesy party tunes, whilst the "Surfers" club at the back plays RnB and dance for the younger crowd. The friends I went with on Friday tell me that they have great cover bands on Saturday night as well. Sure we had to queue a bit to get in, but it was well worth it and there is no attitude inside, unlike many of the other late night places in town.
Rob - 26 Jun 2004 18:30
The best night out in croydon, friendly staff (including door staff), and a really great venue, prices a little on the steep side, but if you want a night out with minimum trash then its the place to be!
Adam O'Connor - 7 Jun 2004 12:38
Good place to go, it has two rooms playing different music, can get very crowded though.
Adam - 13 May 2004 15:09
Awful, awful place. I have never had a good night out here. You queue to get in, queue to put your coats in, queue at the bar, queue to leave the bar, and don't even talk about trying to leave. Walkabout is meant to be a fun place, but in the Croydon walkabout I always feel like I'm being shoved into a barn to listen to another band play Oasis covers, whilst having beer spilt on me and having some 20 stone sports fan jump on my feet.This place is a fire hazard waiting to happen.
Tasha - 30 Mar 2004 17:58
A good pub. The atmosphere is great and the staff always friendly. During the day it's a great place for a meal and a couple of swift ones. In the evenings, the place really takes off. Loads of people, but not crowded. Bouncers need to have a personality makeover though. Seem intent on letting 16 year old girls in but no males unless you are obviously over the age of about 50!! Aside from the difficulties of actually getting in, a good night out.
James - 25 Mar 2004 15:06
Love the place!! Only place in Croydon where people leave their attitudes at the door (bouncers soak it up though!) Lots of love to Laura the Walkabout Hottie
Alan - 23 Mar 2004 20:27
Great pub .. Great chain.

Unfortunately the only dress code an Aussie theme pub should have should be teh class "no fotty tops , No thongs"

with this place no trainers after 9pm

still nice mix of music .. GREAT beer ( crown )

All in all a great night ...

AND you can finish your night off with a VERY tasty Chicken Tikka roll fro m the spice cafe just round the corner ... TOP Night
Bobby Ball - 18 Mar 2004 13:34
The place is great and whats beter is theres a KFC opposite and it stays open after the Walkabout has shut, brilliant!!!
anonymous - 12 Mar 2004 10:02
This is the best club to go to in Croydon. I'm opening a bar called 'Coyotes' in Redhill and I've nicked a few ideas from the 'Walkabout' chains. Barstaff & Doormen are friendly. The bands are great. DJs are pucker. Go and have a hell of a night in Croydon
Trevor - 1 Mar 2004 17:30
This is THE best club in croydon, bromley and Beckenham!! If u want a goot night out and you wanna pull on the dance floor and your over 21 - get yourself to this club!! Bouncers are fine... great music in both rooms!! stage dancing is the best... drinks r pricy and all Austrialain but its worth it!!
Dan - 6 Feb 2004 11:56
Most probally the best club in Croydon as they dont let any pikies or riff raff type people in! MayB a bit pricy but worth it!
evil lyn - 6 Jan 2004 13:08
One of the best nights out in Croydon. No trouble or fights and everyone is just out to have a good time.
Warren McDonald - - 4 Jan 2004 18:30
What a damm lovely place, drinks are a bit much but im normally wasted before I get there, busy but damm worth it for the LIVE BAND on the sat night.
Andrew - 31 Dec 2003 17:21
I love Walkabout I think it's the friendliest place in Croydon. You can wear what you want and you get a mixture of ages. Nice and roomy aswell. Definitely a good choice for a night out
Gel - 17 Nov 2003 14:11
bouncers are c*nts. barred me for trying to get my **15 year old** brother out of there. wrote a letter but they just dont care. need reviewing by liscensing company. don't go there. boring anyway.
Pat - 31 Oct 2003 04:52
See male and female fronted rock and pop covers band 'Peach', play here on Saturday 27th September!
anonymous - 10 Sep 2003 14:47
WALKABOUT, it's probably THE best place in croydon, ok, it's a little bit busy, and the bouncers are idiots, but most good clubs/pubs are gonna be busy and most bouncers are idiots... if you're going to croydon, go to walkabout!! the place to be!!! good music, cheap drinks, and with KFC opposite it's in the perfect location!
Andy Mc Namee - - 20 Jul 2003 11:04
The bouncers oozed attitude problems. Went there with a large mixed group (16 people) and they turned the birthday boy away because of his shoes (which were NOT trainers, by the way) Also I was made to prove my age even though I am 28 years old and look it. I thought the Walkabout was a sports bar, but they acted like it was the hottest club in britain.
Richard - 6 Jul 2003 23:34
Good mix of people cheap drinks, 2 sections which caters for wide range of tastes, KFC just opposite, brilliant, just shame about the music
Luke - 11 May 2003 11:07
I think this place is one of the only decent places in Croydon! tho I have only ever been on a saturday nite - thursdays supposed to be good 2! The music is varied and I really enjoy going there! Its also opposite KFC which is cool. You also get a mix of people in there instead of your usual teeny poppers!!
devil's bitch - 27 Apr 2003 21:58
Lots of fun, but having a Walkabout in Croydon kind of stays away from the Australasian theme...Good to be able to drink New Zealand beer though
Lee - 10 Apr 2003 14:03
wicked on a thrusday night - lots f cheap drinks!!!
kat - 27 Nov 2002 03:45
typical of croydon, this place. it goes for a culture change having an australian bar. The chance of meeting an australian here is less likley than seeing Elvis racing shergar in the Derby. the drinks are reasonable, and after 11 the "greatest hits of the 70s" CD comes on. Try it if you havent pulled and you dont mind women with tatoos.
sparky the magic piano - 24 Sep 2002 21:01
Has a great atmosphere, and has two sections, so if you want old skool, you have the traditional Walkabout setting or if you want dance music go into the other section. Good for a group of friends to just have a good time.
Michelle Glaister - 23 Aug 2002 11:43

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