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Plough, Hemel Hempstead

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user reviews of Plough, Hemel Hempstead

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cafeteria / feeding station - not a pub
Snarling_Mallard - 2 Jan 2019 13:13
whatever happened to that manager Toby, single fella Mediterranean looking, bloody good manager, anyone know?
the_secret_squirrel - 29 Jul 2014 01:57
Have a fantastic authentic Thai meal. The Tom young soup was amazing, you could smell the fresh lemongrass and the chicken panaag was truly delicious
Dale94 - 11 Nov 2011 00:02
Finally.......... What can say apart from the legacy of those two flaming idiots Graham and Maria is over. They ran this pub into the ground and destroyed a much loved local. Good news the Plough is Back to being a place where I can enjoy a meal and a drink. Long may the new management team be happy in this local treasure...
Silver_Surfer - 8 Mar 2011 20:40
This was such lovely local pub. It did have fantastic fresh food - the fish in particular. The atmosphere used to be lovely. Nice and friendly and homely and welcoming. Unfortunately not anymore. Boil in the bag food and cloudy ale. Very poor service. No not a patch on what it was. Very sad.
whacky - 28 Sep 2010 21:28
The new landlord has allowed families back in for dining in the restaurant at last (but still no kids in the bar) and there's a new fresh food/traditional pub menu.
Busy in the garden when we went and the food was good. I had cod & chips (made with fresh fish and you could tell) and the wife had a burger (it looked great but she wouldn't let me have any).
The Bombardier was an excellent pint and the missus was happy with her Pimms because it had a strawberry in it.
Keep it up and we'll be back...
Harthill72 - 2 Jul 2009 17:48
no you are not being cynical , just realistic, never trust a review from someone who has only ever made one review.
Henners - 29 Jun 2009 14:46
Am I being a tad cynical, but one or two posts below seem a little staged... in my opinion!

Saying how great the wine list is, saying the food is Fresh and the beer and coffee are the best in Hemel Hempstead. Just smells as if a few family and friends of the landlord are posting, me thinks, perhaps!

I will give the pub another go, based on these comments, and as a real ale drinker will give an honest opinion of the beer quality.

I suppose I will have to go without my 12 year old daughter though!
COLSLAW - 10 May 2009 10:59
I have been going to the Plough at Leverstock Green since 1971 - can anyone beat that? Yes - my Husband!

We've had highs and lows but I can never remember it being any better than right now.

The food is excellent. No kids running all over the place - and, I know that if you have a well-behaved 4-year-old, you will be as cross as I would have been, had my daughter not been allowed in there. Fortunately, in the years from 1980 t0 1994, the parents were responsible, so children were welcome. It is only recently (a few years ago) that parents became irresponsible. The pub was bedlam - kids creating havoc and adults effing every second word. It was unfortunate that the minority spoilt it.

However, enough of the past - if you want to enjoy a really good meal in a peaceful atmosphere go to the Plough at 6pm. If you want live music, go later - you will need to book, especially later in the week - particularly if you are lucky enough to get a table when "Elvis" is there.

Wonderful atmoshere and really friendly.

The Paso (Dry white wine) and Bombardier are to our tastes - the coffee is, in our opinion, the best in Hemel Hempstead.


I would recommend this pub, now, wholeheartedly.
jeannieobrien - 1 Feb 2009 00:49
Wonderful night of fun. Great music with the Elvis impersonator. Good value fresh food, nice wine list and very tasty real ale. All in all very good value for money and would definitely recommend this place and I will be returning again.
tiatwo - 31 Jan 2009 11:38
i just like to say what a wonderfull night i had last friday. Great food Great service Great atmosphere and the music was brilliant i have already booked up for next friday and there was no screaming kids there to spoil the evening
ashlywitton - 26 Jan 2009 16:59
I have two very well behaved children who I would remove immediately if they made noise. I would only take them into a pub during the day and always supervised. Please don't judge children as all the same , as just like adults they are all different.
Henners - 22 Jan 2009 19:02
A friend has just emailed me your website details and I felt I just had to put a factual point of view accross. I have known this pub for many years. I STOPPED going to this pub for the very reasons mentioned as negetives below. I did not want to have a quite pint surrounded by foul language, in a place over run by unsupervised children. The current landlord and lady have worked hard to ensure the place is a welcoming, friendly place. The food is fresh and excellent value for money. The beer is by far the best in Hemel Hempstead and the locals are friendly. The music evenings on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are great fun. We meet friends, have a meal and then a dance if we feel like it or not as the case might be. I for one of many extend my Best Wishes and continued success The Plough. Keep up the GREAT work 10/10
jasonastra - 22 Jan 2009 18:29
I was most surprised when my friend pointed out your website to me. I have frequented The Plough for the past two years. It is a lovely welcoming pub with a great atmosphere and friendly lovely staff. My husband and I spent New Years Eve there. And had the best New Years Eve that we have ever had. The food was advertisied as a buffet, but a banquet would be more accurate. The music by somebody from The Drifters was fantastic. The Place was full and I purchased the last two tickets in November!!. Not a pace going out of business as the person below has hoped!! On a personal note, I have raised my children and I NOT want to have my evenings interupted by other peoples ill mannered children for which I am grateful The Plough recognises. Full marks 10/10
JaniceDuffy - 22 Jan 2009 17:56
What a lovely pub this is. Wonderful atmosphere, fantastic fresh food AND child free. I for one do not enjoy dining in a place over run with loud, bad mannered brats. It is a pleasure to dicover a friendly local pub that provides the local community with plesant music evenings, great value food, an excellent wine range and good beer. Keep up the good work.
CMalo - 22 Jan 2009 17:30
Used to pop in with kids now and again, and regularly at lunch times from work.They obviously detest children now with the bolting off of the play area,and no under 14,S sign.The place has been terrible since Sue left who was the best bar staff they had ever had.You are going to go out of business,this is a poor pub with no atmosphere and no decent business ideas.Beer choice is tedious too!
Henners - 5 Jul 2007 18:38
I try to like this pub, and use it a bit, as its in walking distance.
I just don't know what it is about the place that does not have me come back, more often!

Someone below said it was 'sterile', and I think that is quite a good description.

You're not encouraged to sit at the bar, and the bar feels like it is a staging room for the users going into the pubs Restaurant.
The bar is quite bland in design, just a square shape with a smallish serving bar... its just so... eerrr 'Sterile'

Not had an issue with the quality of the Beer (Charles Wells), but it is pricey!

I will still use it, just not as often as I should to...
COLSLAW - 1 Apr 2007 20:18
I used frequent this pub quite a lot a few years ago and to me it embodied all the traits and qualities of what a good village pub should have, e.g. inviting, good atmosphere, friendly management/staff descent menu etc.

Visited the Plough recently and could not believe how different the place was from a few years ago, the place is so sterile and false it is apparent that the staff do not want to be there, zero atmosphere, this could have something to do with no one being in there on a Friday afternoon but got the impression the place is dead full stop!!

Some of the locals were nice only positive point about this Pub.

Very Very Poor Mr Wells must try harder much harder !

anonymous - 8 Mar 2007 19:52
Great food and service when we went for a birthday meal, will be back soon for a Sunday lunch. Staff are very friendly and helpful and the place is very relaxed and welcoming with reasonable prices and huge portions.
foodfan - 26 Nov 2006 13:03
what a crap hole this place is, this just shows you what happens when a pub that is doing well trys to do better by kicking out all the regulars and turns it in to a "fancy waiting area", most boring place i have ever been !!
I will not be going back, instead i will spend my 50p else where !

Thehood - 16 Nov 2006 14:31
used to be good little pub for after work on friday but now decided to ban workclothes so every1 has taken service elsewhere, unless change the rule it will go downhill fast,especially as summer coming and we used to fill the garden!!!
chrissyboy - 26 Mar 2006 16:40
used to be a really nice litte local pub but as per usal they have removed every thing that makes a good old pub and turned it into a hotel reception ! and it is very very very costly in there i got 1 stella and 2 double vodkas and redbulls and the bill was just over 18 which is a complete joke !
why do pubs feel the need to try and be some thing they are not ??? at the end of the day a pub is pub !! bad move plough !

Thehood - 11 Oct 2005 13:37

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