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Surrey Docks, Surrey Quays

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user reviews of the Surrey Docks, Surrey Quays

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I'm not sure this is an area of London I've ever been to until yesterday. The Surrey Docks is a Wetherspoons a short stroll from Surrey Quays Overground station. It's a fairly standard 'spoons and as we often do, we took advantage of its early opening time. This branch was fairly busy with a mix of locals. A large group of cyclists were also trickling in. Service was fine. Ales were Ruddles Best, Sharps Doom Bar, Greene King Abbot, Alberto Pacheco Birra Armada, By The Horns Bison, Hop Stuff Renegade IPA & Truman's Original Porter. The cider was Westons Wyld Wood.
blue_scrumpy - 1 Feb 2015 18:43
F**k me this place, not many 'spoons let alone normal pubs left like this!

Tuesday tea time, the sun was shining and all of Rotherhithes finest were out in force both inside and outside.

The pub itself is fine with a cracking selection of ales on the hand pumps, the beer festival was on and the ales available were impressive. The service was quick & attentive, the pub is clean.....the clientele well what really can I say.

Being a local lad who hasn't lived in the area for over 35 years the people are well how do you say....local!

This really isn't a bad pub but you need to remember where you are if you're not from the area when / if you visit. I'm not giving the pub a bad review, actually the opposite...I'm just making you aware of the customers.

lezford - 2 Apr 2014 12:17
Average JDW pub, clearly used as the local. Meals and drinks served promptly and accurately - and surprisingly quickly for a Saturday lunchtime. Staff friendly, clientele no trouble. Outside "garden" is at edge of busy junction - should be renamed Smoking Area, as that is all that it is.
artieleblanc - 10 Mar 2013 12:36
Reading other reviews you'd think this place was the inner circle of hell. It's not. It is an average Wetherspoons with a mainly older clientelle. Food is fine and clientelle and staff are friendly. Beer well kept.
wrichard - 15 Apr 2012 18:53
A group of 5 went to celebrate my birthday, although the staff were friendly the tables were absolutely filthy and the service wasn't much better, we had to wait ages for our meals, 4 meals arrived, 2 of them were missing things included in the menu, the 5th meal arrived almost 10minutes after the rest of us had finished!!!. Will we go there again..... I very much doubt it!.
tumbelton - 18 Nov 2010 19:56
Quick, friendly service and a lovely pint of Ind Coope Burton Ale - didn't even know they still brewed the stuff!
ace1973 - 31 Jul 2010 08:46
I think that some of the reviewers have been a bit harsh towards the Surrey Docks. Its not that bad, there is usually a good choice of unusual beers, the clientele are generally ok. I haven't seen any fights and no one has ever given me any grief. Food is obviously your typical Wetherspoon's fare not very good but then it won't kill you either. Atmosphere is not exactly a strong point but at least it isn't threatening. If you just want to go for a drink and a chat with a mate I think you could do worse.
PeteinSQ - 30 Nov 2006 09:58
Pretty decent for a 'Spoony's, in my opinion. I often go here for a quick drink before catching a film, the service is alright, the staff have always been fairly efficient, and they serve Zubrowka vodka! What more can you ask for? It's good in that it's a bit more of a 'local' pub, not completely soulless. The only time I ever found any trouble was when these horrible little chav kids came in done up in Halloween gear (3 weeks before Halloween, mind you), and went up to people's tables and demanded "Trick or Treat"... putting aside the fact that I think trick-or-treating is a vile American tradition, me and my b/f replied, "but we haven't got any sweets". The child looked outraged. "Nahhhh, MONEY!" he squealed. Bloody cheek! Needless to say, they were turfed out by the manager fairly sharpish.
creature - 18 Jan 2006 16:03
What a dump. I went there today. I ordered 3 drinks and 3 meals. (Not all for me). The barman was so dosey he sounded and looked druged up. I asked for 1 meal with no tamato and 1 meal with no mushroom. So all meals come out with it all on even though we asked for it no to. The drink was good, but they cant go rong with that really can they. Then I needed to go to the toilet so went to go to the gents and the doors locked. I ask the dosey barman if he can open it up and he says "o theres 1 upstairs you have to use". So the bars downstairs and the main seating area is downstairs but you have to use the upstairs toilet. This Pub should be shut down or get new staff. I would never go back.
clintfurnish - 12 Nov 2005 15:39
For all I can see how ppl would find it crap I feel being a Bermondsey resident I should do my bit for the old place! true, its a bit crap but there are worse places and as for Dan's comments...I know most of the people who go in there and they don't fight for no reason. He must have caught them on a bad day coz I've been going in there for years and only seen a couple of fights. nuff said.
ST2004 - 27 Jan 2005 16:15
Its a wethers...cant expect too much really. Its not entirely awful.
VickieB - 20 Jan 2005 13:50
It's not that bad. Standard Wetherspoons really. As for Dan's comments - you're abit over the top mate!
gge - 31 May 2004 13:33
Usual Witherspoons. Cheap beer and bland food. Big "garden" out front, but it is nice to sit outside in the summer and watch the traffic go by. I've never had any hassle or seen any trouble here. Worse and better pubs in the area.
Steptoe - 14 Jan 2004 12:08
jesus mate what more do you want! its a fu*king whetherspoons. you go in there for the cheap pints and burgers and NOTHING else. and as for the punters-hey you're in south london now mate get used to it. Go back to the other side of the river if you cant handle it.
tough aussie chick - 3 Jul 2003 06:45
my girlfriend has worked here for the past couple of years, and it is without doubt the most unpleasant pub I've ever been in in my short life - if you enjoy sipping your (admittedly jolly cheap) pint while looking out over your shoulder for knuckle-scraping Bermondsey simpletons, then it's the pub for you. apparently, it's about to get a major refurb - hope it involves pulling it down (with punters inside), and not rebuilding it again. ever.
Dan - 16 Jun 2003 14:09

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