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Lamb, Bloomsbury

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user reviews of the Lamb, Bloomsbury

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First visit here for 4 years. Still a very atmospheric , and busy, old pub.
Beer not ridiculously expensive considering the location, but I feel the beer was better in the days when all you could buy there was "proper" Young's Bitter and Special.
Aztecgoat - 10 May 2019 10:56
Charming, attractive pub that was heaving on my Saturday afternoon visit. Efficient & friendly service despite the crowd, which included lots of children. Something to do with the nearby children''s playground? The beer (Lamb''s End, presumably a house brand) was fine, & reasonably priced (4.50) for central London.
Queenslander - 13 Sep 2017 00:14
One of London's classic pubs replete with its famous snob screens but Young's merging with Charles Wells has been a hammer blow to its reputation. Gone are the days when one could wallow here of an afternoon, slowly getting pleasantly sizzled with a few pints of their 'Ordinary' - rising standards across the UK in beer production - both craft and real ale - have seen Young's left on the side lines like a lapped runner. Still a good pub but the average standard of the beer and its general busy nature make it a less essential stop off than before.
BoehmBawerk - 5 Mar 2017 12:29
Visited for the first time in many years. The beer range was the normal Youngs and was in excellent condition. The place was starting to get a bit tatty and one serving area had been taken over by (wine?) boxes which reduced the space to order from. It's not really been the same since Youngs stopped brewing and changed its focus but still one of the best pubs in the area.
Sussexcrawler - 13 Jul 2016 07:54
Good beer, good service, interesting unspoilt decor and reasonable prices.

Can't fault it though it is usually very busy.
mike_s - 28 Apr 2016 17:21
Long time since I've been in here and pleased to report its exactly as remembered. Vanity screens in tact. Very, very busy.

Managed to get a seat on this visit and on noting they did food and I was starving, thought I would give it a ok.

Really good service and the meal was excellent value. So, pleased with that.

Beer was decent - £4.05 for Youngs Special.

Worth checking out.

Some photos on my walking blog -
Mappiman - 22 Jan 2016 12:10
A traditional pub with that rarity, snob screens. Rather busy and noisy when I was three on a recent Tuesday evening, but otherwise OK and the beer was fine.
16jamesdoc - 14 Jan 2016 19:28
The beer quality did not survive the demise of Young'.s despite the best efforts of the staff
ALBEERT - 20 Apr 2015 15:23
An old fashioned lived-in feel to this pub which makes a pleasant change. Nothing trendy about this place.
The barman was friendly and knew his stuff and the beers tasted good. I had Sambrook Wandle and Deverell's Redemption. Sambrook Junction. Brains SA & a couple of Young's beers were also available.
The price at £4.30 was less friendly however!

outtamehead - 7 Apr 2015 08:54
Pleasant if unremarkable pub. Has a shabby feel to it but a decent pint of Adnams and reasonably priced. Small quiet patio at the back.
AlistairVonLion - 26 Aug 2013 17:14
A nice, old-fashioned place with well-kept beer. Credit to the barman, who obviously knows his stuff and was keen to discuss other good pubs in the area with visiting customers. Price s are no higher than anywhere else in central London.
djw - 24 Feb 2013 00:17
I have been visiting The Lamb for decades. It's a delightful pub physically although, on occasions, it has been let down by the staff. I was there in the week before Christmas on a very busy night and was told that the Ordinary was off! Can you imagine that happening in a Youngs house when they were a brewery!! Their cellar management leaves something to be desired.
Tewin - 30 Dec 2012 19:56
Too many pumps on my most recent visit - the prices are now high as Youngs are clearly milking their captive customers, and I would expect better quality as standard strength beers are around the 4.00 mark...

This remains a must-visit pub for the architecture but it isn't a patch on what it was a decade ago.
meurglys_iv - 21 Oct 2012 21:22
3.75 for Purity Pure Gold!! Taking the mick or what? And not vey good condition either.
elsie_pop - 11 Oct 2012 16:52
This has always been a great pub - just for the look and feel of it alone, as others have mentioned. It always feels like stepping back into Victorian London whenever you walk through the door.

And Youngs too - what more could you want?
Keef_Peacock - 4 Sep 2012 20:05
Let me be very clear - I love this pub. Been here many times, never reviewed it because others have done it better in the past.

About two hours ago I nipped in for a swift pint. Had an Aspall, cider.



Lovely pub, utterly extraordinary prices. Conflicted, I've given it a 6 - with normal prices, it's an 8, but 4.55 for a pint of regular cider is on this day in July 2012 the most expensive pint I've had in a pub in London.
cid - 20 Jul 2012 19:41
Bloody expensive beer. Redemption Hopspur 3.95 a pint!!!
Have to mark it down for this.
rpf1955 - 26 Apr 2012 19:38
CAMRA Good Beer Guide pub, great pub architecture complete with 'snob screens'. Youngs' Real Ales, augmented by other interesting ales from breweries such as Sambrooks. Beer was in reasonable nick, busy pub with reasonable, if a little pricey, pub food.
Abteilung - 15 Jan 2012 15:12
I have been in here a few times and allways found it too be a good pub for a quiet beer and a chat with friends, no TV or Muzac
and you can always get a seat. All with good Youngs beers and a guest ale.
rpf1955 - 6 Nov 2011 18:06
A good, honest old-fashioned pub, though perhaps not in the best hands at the moment. I did like the lack of music though, a refreshing change.
catbert - 22 Jul 2011 20:01
Still a good pub, but no longer great, pork pies were good beer was good, service average
littlecon - 12 Jun 2011 10:28
Visited on a crawl the other day with friends having not been there for many a year and was sadly dissapointed.
Was served a very short pint by quite possibly the surliest barmaid in Christendom and upon asking for said pint to be topped up I was given a look that would have turned Medusa to stone and had the pint topped up by no more than a few microns.
Whilst beer was servicable I think the service and general demeanour of the Pub lets it down.
Shan't be returning any time soon.
DoctorFunk - 6 Jun 2011 22:12
I've been here before on two occasions in past years and fancied a re-visit. I think the quality has definitely gone down both in beer quality and general ambience. I took an instant dislike to the guy behind the bar who was directing the rest of the staff - no smiles, no please/thank you - just bustle all the time, clearing tables, moving condiments about, etc. You can't beat hard workers but he just gave you the feeling that you were inconveniencing him by dirtying another glass!! Very unwelcoming! How about a smile?*!
JBGatelad - 13 May 2011 10:27
A fine pub, good Youngs beer and no distractions such as TV, fruit machines etc. just the sound of conversations which makes a nice change.
Floyd - 20 Mar 2011 19:25
Full of characters and a few posh characters. Yep beer quality was average (youngs gold). A pub to treasure but look after the ale better.
rob372 - 23 Jan 2011 20:45
Lovely decor and feel to the pub. However, on a quiet friday lunchtime there seemed to be one bloke serving everyone and the service was very slow.

The food was shoddy. My Ham & Cheese sandwich was plainer than plain, the chips were poor as was a pastie we also ordered.
DanMatthews - 15 Nov 2010 09:20
Used to come here years ago, now and again, and it's definitely gone downhill. Appallingly long wait to get served on a quiet Wednesday evening. Menus were on tables in pewter tankards, but when we went to order, we were told they'd stopped doing food (at the arbitrary time of 8.45). Why hadn't they removed the menus, then? Poor organisation, unfriendly staff. The place generally looking a bit dirty and dishevelled, too, though the beer was fine. Cider offering was poor, though.
Verdict: resting on its laurels, p*ssing away the goodwill of customers with complacent attitude. Times are hard, Mr Lamb. Time to sharpen up your act.
Pub_Bore - 9 Sep 2010 17:55
Good looking pub inside and out, no particular problem with the service but the youngs ordinary was nowhere as good as the previous pint of the same sampled in the calthorpe arms earlier. A pub worth a look but the beer quality needs to improve.
Picasso09 - 15 Aug 2010 20:38
Good looking place, decent beer - but the service is awful! Loads of people behind the bar but none of them seem to get round to serving drink.
billyjohn - 24 Jul 2010 00:19
Called in here for a couple of pints after hearing good things about it. Nice old interior, decent pint but awful tartan carpet everwhere. Would go again if in the area but wouldn't go out of my way to visit.
Didn't eat there so can't comment on the food.
Sidders - 30 May 2010 23:14
The Lamb has a classic pub interior with lots of wood panelling and snob screens on one side of the bar. Service was a bit haphazard on our visit last night. Although the pub was extremely busy. Sambrook's Wandle was a welcome guest in addition to the Young's London Gold and Special. The toilets were not particularly pleasant.
blue_scrumpy - 22 May 2010 16:24
Interior is lovely however food was a disgrace. The mince in the cottage pie was fatty and of very poor quality and the tikka masala tasted suspiciously like a ready-meal. At 10 a pop the food was also hideously over-priced.
mattboymx - 31 Mar 2010 16:01
Went in here a couple of weeks back, on a Wednesday evening about 18:30 with 4 friends for a quick drink straight after work. Although only half-full, after 10 minutes we had still failed to "attract the attention" of either person behind the bar - after being ignored for the umpteenth time in favour of someone coming straight in off the street, we left.

What a complete and utter waste of time - who knows what the beer is like - the utterly rubbish service put paid to finding out....
MPF2000 - 19 Mar 2010 16:47
A great London pub, that could be indeed the one of the best, with a slight improvement in staff. Well worth heading to for a drink besides that.
TALLTORQUIL - 1 Mar 2010 18:03
Never been the greatest fan of Young's, not even before the merger with Wells. Even so this used to be a pretty good pub a few years back. However, service have gone downhill the last couple of years. Seems now to be largely staffed by disinterested student part-timers. A shame really.

Billy4 - 19 Feb 2010 01:18
Just popped in for a pint and maybe a bite to eat. Only 3 people in here. Ordered a Directors which was ok and then made the mistake of ordering lunch. The menu had today's date on it, so cause for optimism wasnot unfounded. Ordered roast pork. It came stone cold.A revolting thick gravy clung to the meat. The roast spuds looked like they'd been cooked last week and the vegetables likewise. Asked for a refund and got my money back.
The east european barmaid looked a bit non-plussed, as if this was a daily occurrence.
So, to sum up: Lovely old fashioned boozer, no music or tv or fruit machines. Bliss. The food though, pure hell !
KOTB - 19 Jan 2010 15:19
Worth a visit for the rather splendid interior, especially the island bar with the etched glass reversible screens. The seating either side of the bar has seemingly hundreds of old actor/actress portraits. Otherwise there is wood panelling to the walls, red boarded ceiling, cushioned bench seating. The rear area is set at a slightly lower level. A door leads out to a tiny rear courtyard.
There was an impressive (for Youngs) guest range, with Titanic Iceberg, St Austell Tribute and Deuchers IPA supplementing the Ordinary, Special and Bombardier.
One minor grumble again noted by others was that only one person was serving leading to a bit of a queue building up.
One can only hope that The Lamb will remain untouched by The Wells/Youngs interior design team.
Maldenman - 22 Nov 2009 09:29
Most recent visit was perfectly acceptable - possibly because, as an earlier reviewer said, Saturday evenings are now very quiet. It's much less special than it used to be, indeed verging on the ordinary, although I was able to enjoy Titanic Iceberg as an expensive guest beer.

Not sure where this pub fits into the strategising for the Youngs estate - too small, listed and quirky for the stripped pine makeover. Next visit will be interesting.
meurglys_iv - 19 Oct 2009 07:57
Have been to this pub a few times before and found the beer and the staff very good and always lots of customers, alas this time the place was pretty empty and we got a seat straight away which was unusual for a saturday night. My husband stood for an age at the bar only to be served by some disinterested staff serving a disinteresting pint.
What has happened to the guys behind the bar dressed in black and sooo speedy serving.
Dont mind paying 3.48 for a pint but not anymore here.
polly45 - 24 Sep 2009 16:10
I hate to say it, but I think the Lamb is going downhill fast. been coming in here for ten happy years, but the last couple of trips have been a big letdown.

First, they had a really great barman who's left - he looked a bit like Dobbie the house elf - but was incredibly efficient. You barely had to move from your seat and a bottle of Kew Gold/ Champion would find its way to the counter ready to be opened.

Secondly, someone deliberately installed a new tartan carpet.

Thirdly, the new Eastern European barstaff at random at best. Set out a drinks order and what you get, the measures for spirit drinkers, and what you pay seems to vary throughout the evening.

A terrible pity, as it used to be a great pub.
nk74 - 27 Aug 2009 15:01
Another fine pub let down by Woung's increasingly erratic offerings. Used to be a preferred venue but not a destination as it once was.
meurglys_iv - 16 Jun 2009 18:56
A nice enough pub tucked out of the way. Not good that they ran out of Youngs, baring in mind it is a Youngs pub you would think they would have some in reserve.
However, got served quickly and the pub seemed popular and worth a visit if you are in this hidden bit of London
TheGP - 3 Jun 2009 13:12
Decent enough, but after reading umpteen gushing reviews I was expecting the Holy Grail of London pubs. Young's and Deuchar's were OK, but nothing special. Ho hum - deserves another visit.
Albert_Campion - 28 Apr 2009 12:03
There used to be seating outside (see the photo above). Perhaps it only appears in the summer months. Hope it hasn't gone for good.
earlydrinker - 7 Apr 2009 13:16
I was hoping that I was going to like this place after reading some of the previous reviews before venturing in and I wasnt disappointed. I found the staff to be very friendly and the Deuchars and Ordinary were very good. Directors, Bombardier and Special were also available alongside Heineken, Fosters, Kronenburg and Guinness.

The walls are adorned with old sepia photos and there is a polyphone in the corner of the pub that can be heard with a small donation to charity. The actual bar is pretty big for the pub, but I liked the layout. There is no seating outside, but there is a shelf running along the outside of the pub that you can put your beer on.

I liked it in here and will go back again.
Strongers - 7 Apr 2009 07:09
As per previous poster. Finishing point of a crawl and good one to finish in. Will go again when more sober.
TheHorsesMouth - 5 Mar 2009 13:00
Good pub, though it gets busy. Good Youngs ale. Nice original decor.
pshuggard - 13 Feb 2009 14:14
Popped in for a pint lunchtime for the first time a few days ago; Winter Warmer and Discovery I think was on...The Warmer was ok, not brilliant.
Typical pub of yesteryear with some nice features but didn't try any lunch from the predictable menu as nobody else was, usually a sign...!
I think its just a drinking pub but pleasant enough...
KOTB - 30 Jan 2009 10:13
A proper pub in all senses of the word- every time I visit this fine establishent it's like stepping back in tie 30 or40 year.

A poignant reminder of what central London was like when it was still civilised.

Well recommended

murgatroyd - 25 Jan 2009 22:53
A proper pub, not spoiled (yet) by the Youngs makeover team. Many interesting, original features. Well-kept beer. Really rather good, and thus recommended to all those who fancy a walk since it isn't very close to any Underground station.
rpadam - 24 Jan 2009 00:45
Honest enough pub. Plentiful ales on, clean, clean glassware which is getting harder to find, lovely looking pub. Nice.
camraman123 - 24 Nov 2008 01:47
I had my first couple of pints of this year's Winter Warmer in The Lamb last week. The beer was excellent, and with a far fuller flavour than the last couple of years. The pub itself, while packed with punters spilling out onto the quite Bloomsbury street, was a joy to drink in. Our group managed to grab a small table near the back of the bar and enjoyed our pints balancing precariously on the small stools that are dotted around the pub, while surrounded on all sides by others enjoying their own pints of Young's dark seasonal beer. It remains for me one of the pubs that defines drinking in London.
Misk. - 21 Nov 2008 23:53
Good choice of ale (Youngs Bitter, Special, Winter Warmer & St Austell Tribute) on excellent form. Food is not great value though.
oftenscore6 - 16 Nov 2008 23:07
Great pub - great beer. One of London's finest.
Dan137 - 6 Sep 2008 20:23
It dont get better than this. This is what a proper pub is & what the other London pubs should aspire to.

Love the snobbery boards & the black and white pictures of the Victorian prostitutes (according to the guvnor) around the walls.

Nice to know that my old grandfather drank here in the mid 30s but dont know if it was a youngs house back then.

Well done to Youngs - keep this pub how it is.

ThePewter - 5 Sep 2008 17:03
arguably the finest pub in london. i've been to most decent london pubs and i can honestly say this is one of the best. no poncy idiots in skinny jeans and fin hair. just excellent beers in the type of surroundings that only a proper english pbu can manage. seriously, if you like proper boozers, this place cannot be beaten
wlshwsl1 - 23 Aug 2008 20:50
A very fine London boozer. Ten years in the capital and I have found few better - possibly none better. I'm not a massive fan of Young's, but their bottled beers are good, and everything is well kept here. The staff are generally excellent, and while I would generally go along with comments about pubs being "made up" to look the part, it seems Dickens may actually have drank here (and nearly everywhere else); but Fred Basnett, author of "Travels of a Capitalist Lackey" definately started out from here to Moscow. Seriously underrated book. Properly rated pub.
pt1234 - 12 Aug 2008 01:22
Vistited on a very quiet Tuesday afternoon around 3pm, decent enough beer range, although nothing out of the ordinary. Lovely interior, excellent to see a full set of snob screens still in situ. Somehow actually seemed almost too pristine, almost like a reproduction rather than the original we know it to be.
Gristy - 30 Jul 2008 00:15
Lovely place, great beer. I hope they don't tamper with this pub, as it's a little beauty!

It would be full of "suits" on a Friday, it's in the City! And since many of them are working class lads made good, your not really a poshpeoplehater are you mate?
Si31 - 5 May 2008 11:00
It doesn't get any better around here, indeed it doesn't get much better anywhere. Let's just hope Young's bean counters and refurbishers can keep themselves away.
nickdavies - 4 May 2008 14:12
Should be slob screens to keep out poshpplhaters.
lyeemoon - 17 Apr 2008 19:42
A really handsome Young's pub packed with very interesting and attractive decor and artefacts. It was good to be able to sit down during an afternoon and hear an even and contented background of chat, interrupted only by slightly squeaky handpumps.

There's a little partitioned-off area which looks a bit like a miniature Western saloon without the piano player and a bar brawl.

Very much worth a visit.
Dave_the_Bee - 5 Apr 2008 19:19
aint my sorta thing...too many suits basically.
poshpplhater - 5 Apr 2008 01:55
A traditional Youngs house that I have been using since the early 1970s. It was one of the few places that you could find real ale in those days. Perhaps more importantly, it has what appears to be a set of original Victorian snob screens set at around head height, which were intended to allow drinkers to maintain at least a degree of anonymity. A really great pub that is definitely worth seeking out.
RexRattus - 1 Apr 2008 09:45
Really? Seems improbable.
earlydrinker - 3 Mar 2008 18:58
Great pub. Great selection of Fuller's ales.
edrok666 - 26 Feb 2008 22:50
Good atmosphere for chatting with a couple of friends, can usually get a table in the evenings.
Akatrin - 23 Feb 2008 22:04
This should be, and in many ways is, a Rolls Royce among pubs. Visited Sunday lunchtime and enjoyed the excellent Bombardiers. Food was average to good.

I tend to agree with the previous reviewer who will be pleased to know that his beer fly is alive and kicking. The place was worryingly quiet though which was great for the lone males who were able to spread out their Sunday papers. Granted it was a beautiful day, enabling the fagashes and the alfresco maniacs to bask elsewhere in the sun, but can't help feeling it should have been busier.

There were 2 pretty efficient and pleasant barmen but no sign of any landlord which used to be de rigeur in the halcyon days. Maybe, only maybe, that's the problem.

lyeemoon - 11 Feb 2008 12:26
This pub is clearly on the 'at risk' register. Excellent decor with a theatre theme. Youngs range of beer, reasonably priced for the area. Still partially compartmentalised and with a three-quarters accessible central bar. Wide clientele including theatre people and local residents. When I visited recently, it was warm enough for a beer fly to have survived the winter to trouble my face.
BitterShurn - 14 Jan 2008 00:17
Traditional with a capital 'T'. I just hope it doesn't get poncified like so many of Young's once excellent estate.

Agree abot the Young's beer though, totally unrecognisable from its Wandsworth brewed heyday. Now simply brown, wet and er... that's about it.
Redriley - 23 Dec 2007 01:11
The Lamb is one of those iconic Young's pubs whose days are clearly numbered, like all the rest of these pubs under the new regime (look what they did to the Flask in Hampstead!) One of the pubs I have known and loved for decades. The Young's Special is just about recognizable - but is it my imagination or has it lost its edge?
The food is over priced. I remember we used to eat here when we were students at the Central School of Art around the corner. You would not do that now!
RAFsprog - 15 Nov 2007 20:25
truely a fantastic pub , not a big fan of youngs/wells , but i will always visit.
ginthedog - 28 Sep 2007 18:18
O how do i sum up the Lamb???
Well you cant this pub is unspoilt and orginal not just because of the snob skins or the polyphone which you can have played for a small contribution to a charity.
The beer is still great even many people have said its changed since wells took over. I tend to disagree on that the beer at the Lamb is still clear and crisp just like usual.
And if you do have a pleasure to visit this excellent pub in the heart of bloomsbury please try the food!!! If your expecting the Ritz dont go!!! This a tradional pub with home cooked food which is heartyand good, from choices like sausage and mash to fresh tasty salads and not to forget the 1729 pie which is yummy and great value for money seeing its in the centre of london!!!!!
After visting the lamb many times when in london i got to no the staff they are friendly and always ready to serve you even on a busy friday night, they are polite and no what they are doing even under pressure!!!

People can think what they like of the lamb but if you want a good pub in a good area with good food and good drink and great service give it a go and you will not be disserpointed and will end up coming back time after time
marcopeirrewhite - 19 Aug 2007 19:49
agree with Simon the editor, if you go for a walk in this area and I recommend you do, stop off for a couple. I do love those snob screens.
kenincamden - 2 Aug 2007 17:00
Still a great pub keeping a fine pint of beer, and definitely well worth a visit. However, for heaven's sake, don't eat here. The food is expensive and pretty ordinary - despite a fancy menu which is supposed to change daily. And when I was there on a recent Saturday lunchtime there was only one member of staff on, so service was very slow.
simontheeditor - 9 Jul 2007 09:18
Visited recently and the service was excellent and friendly- can't fault it. However, the food and beer were a disappointment compared with a visit 6 months ago. All the beer tasted like Charles Wells (this is the first time I've tasted Youngs from the new brewery) and the food was very poor value even for London. A small piece of flan for seven and a half notes has got to be a rip off. The sausage and mash was dreadful compared with the same dish on a previous visit - 'Happy Shopper' sausages and lumpy mash for 8.50! Will probably find another pub to frequent from now on, which is a shame.
anonymous - 3 Jul 2007 07:24
I continue to love this place and everything about it. I've never had a bad pint in 20 years, I've never encountered rude or incompetent service; I've never eaten there, so I've never felt overcharged for food.
So I've been lucky, and it's still my favourite pub in London.
earlydrinker - 14 Jun 2007 19:04
This is a belting pub. I've come here on and off for 30 years and it remains a classic. A remarkable Edwardian interior, in good nick but largely unspoilt, which is worth a visit on its own; and decent, well-kept Youngs ale.

It's true that it gets crowded. That tends to happen with nice places. It's also true that the food is unremarkable and expensive. But this is a jewel among traditional pubs and should be on anyone's list of the top ten in London.
chasm - 15 May 2007 12:36
The most striking thing about this pub is its interior, especially the snob screens. That alone sets it apart from other pubs in the locality, making it worth meeting here for a drink rather than somewhere else.

Once one has managed to get a table in this bustling pub, it's worth staying for the duration. The food is reasonable: solid, if unexciting, pub grub.
dawnage - 22 Apr 2007 20:46
Good beer. Food *not* good value (7.50 for a really bad burger with small portion of chips). Small patio area out the back, which is useful when the weather is warm because indoors gets *really* smoky. Smokers smoke in the 'no smoking' section and the staff don't care. Best when it's not crowded and smoky.
anonymous - 15 Apr 2007 19:09
A lovely pub, this - named after William Lamb who made arrangements for cleaner water to be brought to this part of the city from Holborn - hence the name of the street on which the pub sits. The bar staff still make use of the Victorian snob screens (originally intended to spare the upper classes from having to look at the lower classes) when punters get too annoying.

The downside is that it gets very busy in the early evening. My recommendation is to go there for lunch (get one of the tables without a brass railing - you'll see why) and stay until the crowds become too much for you.

There's a good chance that Dickens would have drunk in here which adds to the charm.
Gerschenkron - 12 Apr 2007 17:05
A decent pub, but hardly the best in London.
anonymous - 28 Mar 2007 21:41
Visited on Friday and although it was heaving, well worth the trip.
Jackietreehorn - 26 Mar 2007 15:57
Wonderful pub,great interior,good beer,good food. Well worth a visit.
tophatter64 - 26 Mar 2007 13:40
worth it for the opportunity of a ramrod special alone if you ask me...
lovethepubhatetheguv - 11 Mar 2007 23:48
Great looking pub in a quiet part of Bloomsbury. Beautiful on the inside. I was elated when I found the Winter Warmer was on cask, but soon disappointed when it didn't meet my expectations. I had had the warmer five years ago in London and my wife and I couldn't get enough of it. This time it was bland and tasted as if they put some caramel into the Youngs regular bitter. What a shame. Might have to do with the merger with Wells. Still worth a look see.
endoderm - 24 Feb 2007 16:30
I have to agree with Stonch's remarks regarding the quality of the ale since Youngs decamped to Bedford but I think his views can be applied across the whole range of Youngs ales and not just the Winter Warmer.

Pub is magnificent however. Reminds me somewhat of The Kenilworth in Edinburgh what with the snob screens and the way the seating is arrayed around the wall.

Didn't encounter any surliness from the staff.
johnkn7 - 23 Feb 2007 17:06
This has been one of the great pubs in London for years. Definitely worth a visit for anyone interested in good pubs.

seasiderMM - 19 Feb 2007 10:12
Excellent unspoilt interior and a good choice of Youngs beers (both the usual pumps plus a good range of bottles). Agree with the last comment though as the Winter Warmer I had wasn't quite the best kept I've had.

Never the less a fine pub and essential stop off if you're in the area.
OldRogue - 22 Dec 2006 23:57
Nice seeing some snob screens. The service was average. The Youngs, Youngs Special and Bombardier were all solid enough.

jorrocks - 19 Dec 2006 04:42
Seriously good beer here. Been using the pub for years when in this part of london. Good place to go for a relaxing quality pint.
AndySk - 17 Dec 2006 00:52
A very pretty heritage pub well worth a stop for pint, and it's Young's so expect something familiar.

That's about it, I didn't get the round in so I can't comment on the barstaffs customer service skills.
Quinno - 13 Dec 2006 22:46
Looks like a decent old boozer, and I suppose we should be grateful for that, but when I popped in here for a quick half recently I just found it a bit depressing to be honest. Four oclock on a Friday afternoon in Bloomsbury and the only customers looked like they'd just washed up there some hours ago and had nowhere better to go. I was the only customer standing at the bar to be served but the bored-looking woman behind the bar affected not to notice me while she polished a few glasses. When she did deign to serve me she did so in a manner just this side of rude.
Tweak_Head - 3 Dec 2006 16:04
A beautiful looking pub that harks back to the good old days of real ale establishments. Blighted recently by poor management from a 12 year old listening to his iPod whilst serving customers. Idiot.

Hopefully Youngs won't let another of their great pubs get run into the ground.
davefrom78 - 15 Nov 2006 15:17
Haven't noticed the staff being rude, personally. The posh woman I always take to be the landlady is very charming. And I don't normally like overtly posh people so that's going some.

Finally I've managed to have my first pint of this year's Winter Warmer, in here today. Not as good as it was last year - thinner body, flavour a bit more subdued. That was disappointing, as was the fact Wells Bombardier and now wastes space at the bar and moreover lots of people were drinking it - perhaps attracted by the "patriotic" / "pathetic" St George's Cross pumpclip design.

Still like this pub, but I'm disinterested in the "Young's" beers now brewed in Bedford.
anonymous - 5 Nov 2006 00:15
I did quite like this place, even if the beer isn't that great. Recently, the staff seem to developed a taste for rudeness - to the point where I'm never going back.

When there are so many good pubs in London, why pay hard earned cash to be treated like cr@p?
marktaylor - 6 Oct 2006 16:01
Very quaint pub far enough off the main streets not to be full of tourists! Reasonable food at lunchtimes only spoilt by being a Youngs Pub and hence serving the most insipid ale in London.
halfbee - 24 Aug 2006 17:02
A nice pub, full of quite odd people (escaped exhibits from the British Museum?). The beer is good, it is comfortable, and the staff are ok. Not a "must see" pub, but recommended if you are in the area.
anonymous - 18 Aug 2006 00:30
Vastly overrated. A substandard Young's pub, it's only redeeming feature is the "snob shutters", which are fascinating for.....oh.....two seconds, and then just become irritating when you're trying to get the barman's attention. If I was in the neigbourhood and desperately wanted a Young's beer, I'd jump in a cab and head to one of the options in Clerkenwell.

Very disappointed I broke my Young's boycott for this place last week.
topdog_andy - 8 Aug 2006 09:13
Glad to see this pub has kept its character over the years - first found it after an exam nearby many years ago. Excellent place to recover with good beer good company and good service
writtleman - 18 Jul 2006 13:10
The classic Young's pub. Enjoy the Golden Zest in the summer.
the.authority - 13 Jul 2006 12:12
Fantastic little place. Nice selection of beers of course. Good decor. Nice staff in contrast to the W$$$$ in the Perserverance!! What's the score with upstairs.
mitomighty - 11 Jul 2006 14:04
Definitely a fan of this place. Lots of the original fittings still intact, excellent Young's beer and friendly staff. Best of all is that even at the busiest times you seem to be guaranteed a seat as the non-smoking area is always spookily deserted. Hahaha.
RageofKlugman - 28 Jun 2006 14:25
Went there the other day and food and beer was bad with also very slow staff. Will not be returning there again!!!!!!!!
greatmate - 28 Jun 2006 13:29
A very good pub, although they seem to struggle with clearing tables when it gets busy and the toilets are basic.

Still, the best pub in WC1 and you'd have to go a long way to get better.
DPC2704 - 3 Jun 2006 20:45
Came here last night after reading the reviews on this site. It's a marvellous place - great guinness, friendly barstaff and laid back customers. Can't comment on the "best pub in London" debate as it was a nice night so we were all outside, but based on my few trips to the bar, the place looked excellent.
anonymous - 3 Jun 2006 18:16
It was relief to walk in here after the horror of being in the Perseverance across the road. Fantastic little beer garden out back, good beer and hard not to stay all night in the (early) summer...
extraordinary - 26 May 2006 10:35
Not the best pub in London - however it is the best poub in Bloomsbury and probably one of the top 10 in central London. Certainly a favourite of mine.

Beers are very well kept indeed here. I have never had anything but a great pint. They also deserve praise for having the full range of Young's bottles in the fridge, If you want to try something a bit different.
anonymous - 20 May 2006 13:31
No way is this anything like the best pub in London. It is an interesting design, but running a good pub is much more than just owning something pretty. The Youngs beers served in a mediocre fashion,
Gueuzefan - 20 May 2006 10:45
Simply the best pub in London, and probably in the world
earlydrinker - 24 Apr 2006 22:55
Took missus here for a little drink, she loved it, so did I. Totally, 100% unspoiled pub perfection. Sometimes the best things in life are slightly subtle.
anonymous - 11 Apr 2006 12:01
i'd heard so many things about this pub and was surprised how unspectacular it was , it was more unique. smaller than i imagined and much sleepier , still interesting though .
9ooner - 28 Mar 2006 18:24
Like being in a country pub in the middle of london, fab
Grinerine - 10 Mar 2006 16:20
Love this pub and have visited several times....but...had the odd experience last Sunday of walking in the place w/a friend around 7PM....and the place was completely empty, including bar staff! We walked around and surveyed the place a bit..thought about pulling one for ourself, then thought better (gotta be a CCTV in the Lamb) of it and went next door to an Italian Rest for dinner (so so: good food, terrible service). Tried going back after dinner but the door was locked. Headed down the street to the Calthrope Arms (another good Youngs pub) and had a nice experience: check it out if you are in the area.
chipawayboy - 21 Jan 2006 01:26
One of the very best pubs I have been to in London. Great Young's beers - they really do have the full range, and do offsales (four bottles for a fiver - bargain). Good friendly staff, good mix of people, lovely area. The Ram at its best!

One small gripe is that the food tends to be slow coming and a touch disappointing when it does - though if you are on a session here - and you will want to be, with beer this good - it fills a hole.
anonymous - 14 Dec 2005 14:42
Well Mr Silk Tok, this pub is "dull and ordinary" is it?

Please keep on walking past and leave this pub to people who appreciate it for what it is - one of London's classic traditional unspoilt pubs. Long may it remain so !

JohnBonser - 6 Dec 2005 16:25
Proper old pub with very modern prices - presumably an anti-student premium. Undoubtedly worth a stop, even if it's just to twiddle the wonderful glass windows at the bar, but not worth remortaging or selling grandparents for.
cardamom - 4 Dec 2005 16:59
I've never quite got the reason for the excitement generated by this rather dull and ordinary Youngs pub. Youngs beers are good, and this place does the seasonals, but the condition is not great. And the pub itself is so ordinary as to be very dull. Walk into any pub at random and you'll find as good as or better than this place.
SilkTork - 4 Nov 2005 13:39
Never quite managed to go here without spending the entire afternoon.

The food is exactly what I expected of a pub about ten years ago. Not sure if that's a good thing or not. It is a real pub, though - bizarrely inefficient central bar area, awkward tables &c. Sounds bad but is in fact good.

Good ales on tap and I can't normally be arsed with ale, so there you go.
gingerweasel - 26 Oct 2005 17:50
Cracking homemade food!

Proper old school boozer. One of those pubs that i hope never changes. Problem is that it's in a new media gastro revamp area but i have a feeling that this is a place that will stay untouched.
stoner - 23 Sep 2005 16:13
Splendid place, wonderfully kept range of beer, and efficient staff. Great place for a relaxing (mid-week) evening pint. Small courtyard out the back.
anonymous - 30 Aug 2005 14:47
Great pub for an afternoon drink. Always call here on my travels from Cumbria. Great beer. Great looking pub.
westcumbria - 16 Aug 2005 17:47
I really enjoyed visiting this pub. Quiet, cozy and great pints of Young's. Food was very good too and staff friendly. Worth seeking out for a quiet pint and conversation.
ale_brewer - 14 Aug 2005 14:46
I love the Lamb but the evening crowd can be a bit 'men in suits'. Great to go by yourself in the day as a single woman; avoid by night, unless someone on this site wants to invite me!
Boudicca - 22 Jul 2005 14:57
Quite simply the perfect pub. Not a bar, club, watering hole - a pub. It has everything from outside front seating to a small beer garden. Great food, great beer and a lovely layout.
Must say it does seem to go through staff, though.
PeterGoodman - 16 Jun 2005 21:12
Small, quiet, great decor and pretty much the full range of Young's bottled beers. The London Special Ale is highly recommended. Prices are very reasonable for the areas and, like other Young's pubs I've been to, the food is very good indeed. Overall an ideal venue for a drinking session.
kyle473 - 15 Jun 2005 16:12
I like this pub. It's great to fall into after a long meeting nearby (yes, I'm a Doc). I like the quirky split-level setup, and the beer is v good. It scores highly on my places_to_get_pleasantly_pissed-o-meter.
jcraf - 10 Jun 2005 17:46
I rate The Lamb a solid 6/10. Lots of pub guides rate this place much higher than that; the Good Pub Guide actually puts it in the top 3 London pubs, which I must admit I don't understand. It's popular with surgeons and doctors from Great Ormond Street and nearby medical organisations. Victorian old-style London pub; quite an expensive pint as I recall. Nothing special but ok.
rah - 2 Jun 2005 16:40
Been coming to The Lamb on and off for 10 years. Being a South London boy the Youngs and the wide range of other beers is always welcome. Small, intimate place with a good bunch of punters of varying types and the staff are always friendly. Most of my friends who have visited like the place and some are real converts. Always give it a look in when I am in this part of town.
rebelde - 15 May 2005 18:18
A wonderful place - great Young's beer, the St George was on top form recently. There is an atmosphere here that has not changed in the 25 years of my occasional visits. One of the great London pubs to hideaway in: sample the beers & consider the history
mally - 16 Apr 2005 13:35
Walked into this pub on a recent 'snow day' to meet a mate and went from feeling chilled and damp to feeling upbeat and warm. The size of this pub gives it a very cosy atmosphere and the beautiful smell of freshly cooked food that greeted me will not be forgotten in a hurry. The staff were very friendly and the bitter was well kept. However, its the decor that is truly impressive. So good to see a traditional pub with lashings of wood panneling, comfy chairs and (most notably) tables with bars round them to stop your pint being knocked off. Puts the bland design and unwelcoming atmosphere of many chain pubs to shame
palser - 30 Mar 2005 13:17
Adore this pub. Have been almost every week for several years. Discovered it while at university in London. Me & my uni mates managed to single-handedly change its review in Time-Out to include a reference to student clientele (of which we were the only ones at the time). Since then, a few more students visit, but mostly a blend of blue-collar and city types of an evening. Excellent range of draught and bottled Young's range, usually of superb quality. The Special and Winter Warmer rule.
Great decor, although pub is quite small so between about 6:30 and 8:30 is packed most evenings.
But have now started serving food again after a couple of months without.

Still my favourite Young's pub.
eccentric_man - 4 Feb 2005 15:21
Been here a few times during my visits to the UK. Excellent ambiance and decent enough staff. Haven't had food as yet but theYoung's Bitter is all right with me. Recently had a fine old session last week. One of my favorites.
zubov - 27 Jan 2005 17:08
good solid pub, decent beer, rammed on a friday
ahardy66 - 19 Jan 2005 18:24
best pub in london, absolutely unchanged in the twenty-od years I've been visiting-apart from the appearance of seats out the front! Comfy, great decor, with no music or noisy bandit. Colourful characters abound, and we once met John Hurt in the bar, amongts the pseudo literati that flounce in from time to time! Excellent beer, and now a guarranteed meeting place for those from my part of the world when "in the city."
sobs - 29 Nov 2004 14:29
This is the best pub in the whole of London. I had my Stag night in this pub, drinking lots of "Special". A Mixture of locals, students and people working nearby. I think what makes this pub is the beer, the interior and the seating arrangement. My idea of a perfect evening is getting to the Lamb at 5:15pm and staying till 11:00pm and watching the change of customers throughout the night.
Gareth - 6 Nov 2004 18:01
Love this pub so much its become our local even though we live nowhere near! Best selling point?- has to be the selection of Youngs ale (try waggledance you wont be sorry!. )If you cant bear to leave the ale behind come closing time they also do a carry out box of 4 bottles of youngs ale for a fiver. Great food, nice little outdoor area for summer time, a must visit in London!
Caroline - 16 Oct 2004 02:24
I love the Lamb. Food is very good, and atmosphere wonderful. On a summer evening the small outdoor space is great, in the winter the steamy indoors feels warm and comforting. Don't miss the dumb waiter!
sheila - 14 Sep 2004 23:04
a great favourite, with it's superb metropolitan atmosphere, generally good beers and wonderful victoriana. staff are inevitably australian, and very efficient. one or two oddball celebrities hang out - including alexei sayle. great place to earwig intellectual conversation, although expect the occasional drunk. can get drafty in winter and stifling in summer, but a great pub in the best part of central london
richard - 1 Jun 2004 13:24
A lovely pub. One of my favorites in central london.
As a bonus a superb Italian restaurant, Ciao Bella, is right next door.
Stuart - 15 Apr 2004 10:41
Simply sublime.
Jeff - 8 Oct 2003 00:18
Fantastic pub. An mhaith ar fhad!!
John - 22 Aug 2003 23:30
Great old school boozer. Worth a visit.
Darryl - 20 Jun 2003 00:33
What a cracker...if you can get in.
Dark wood, leather sofas, smoke-brown walls, sepia photographs and Victorian artefacts provide a bygone atmosphere.
Food is reasonably priced. Hot meals are available at lunchtimes, but only salads in the evenings. There is a carvery on Sundays.
The service is friendly and the Young's beers are invariably in top condition.
Steve - 17 Apr 2003 16:04
Ask for a pint of Ordinary - also nectar! A gem of a pub!
lad_newton - 12 Mar 2003 18:03
poke your head round the snob screens and ask for a pint of triple A....nectar
jacmac - 22 Jan 2003 18:44

got anything to say about this pub?

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